February 6, 2013

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  1. judyg says:

    So disappointed that you will not be coming to Margate on your tour. Would have loved to have seen you on my home turf, so to speak.

  2. Sally says:

    Hi David, Is it possible to get the photo of you, from I’ll Be Missing You Tour? Thank you! Sally (Essex)xxx 70 Bryony Close, Witham,Essex CM8 2XF

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Judy, you can have a signed photo, but it’s not the tour photo. If you’d still like one please leave your details on here. (It won’t be published)

  3. June Chilton says:

    Can we have another one of your photos on facebook please David. They always cheer me up. Thank you xxxx

  4. June Chilton says:

    David and Admin
    Thank you so much for my mums signed photograph. It realy made her day. So many people have made the same request and you never say no. Nothing is too much trouble for you. God bless you all. X

  5. Imperial Wizard says:

    Hi David when will we finally be able to see or buy the movie, “The David Essex Story?”
    Any new material for the tour?

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello, Not quite sure of the date as yet but David believes the director is hoping to have it in cinemas and on DVD in October.

  6. June Chilton says:

    Could you please send my mum a signed photograph if Ieave her details thanks

  7. janie rogers says:

    Like Pam said what have we done wrong in kent.

    I was so looking forward to this tour.

    We are so loyal fans here. Feel very sad.


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Janie, As we said, it’s just the way the promoters have planned the tour with the venues that were available. Hope you can get to one of the many other venues that David will be performing at. Kind regards, D E Management

  8. Sally says:

    Hi David, Gonna Make You A Star, is my all time favourite song of yours, I know this will be top of your playlist, along with all your other good stuff!!! Looking forward to it! Have a Great Bank holiday weekend! Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  9. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi david thank you so much for coming to glasgow on tour (i would have came to england if u had not lol) really appreciate it 3 weeks to being a grandma so excited hope you and all the family are well take care love jill cassidy dundee.

  10. Val says:

    Hi David
    Have managed to get tickets to see you on this last tour, are you closing down completely from your fans, or will you be acting so we can still come and see you? like all the fun at the fair. or are you concentrating on writing books. what ever you do I wish you, Susan and family all the best and life treats you well.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Val, Thank you for those kind words, David expects to be still working in film or theatre in the future.

      • Val says:

        Dear Admin,
        Thank you so much for that information, I am pleased to hear that news, have been a fan of David for years and was upset that this will be his last tour, I am hoping to get a photo with him one more time so fingers crossed I am lucky.

  11. Pol Howard says:

    Hi David,
    May I ask as special request from a few of your fans? We were all saying it would be lovely if you wore your long black jacket and red waistcoat for the tour :-) Even if it was only for the Last one at Wolverhampton as that is a special outfit of yours that I know we all love xxx See you at Manchester xxx

    Pauline x

  12. sean elvin says:

    Hi there
    For many years my mum and i would go and see you when you came to Peterborough it was always a great night . its a shame you stopped coming, mum is now approaching 70 ( she will kill me for that ) , in the last 10 years she has had and beaten ovarian cancer and now has been struck with the Parkinson stick and a dose of the shakes, but she is my mum so will go on for ever.
    This tour because we can sit down we are coming again to see you, she thinks we are sitting right at the back but i have managed second row seats for Nottingham, where she will be able to see you eyes twinkle ( her words not mine).
    Because this might be the last time she gets to see you , i was wondering if there was anytime on the day for a pic of you and her please oh and she is half Romany from her mum.
    this is very cheeky i know but she is my mum and teh strongest lady i know
    Nais Tuke

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sean, It’s good to see you that you are taking care of your mother, regarding your request, touring is hectic and time is always tight, probably the best idea is to get the photo done at the stage door after the show.I always spend time signing autographs etc; so hopefully we can do it then, Best wishes to you both and I hope mum has a good time, David

  13. alan eason says:

    you seem to be missing out a lot of areas this time with the tour

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Alan,
      David will be doing 21 UK dates which I think you’ll agree is quite a lengthy tour. Hopefully you can get to one of them.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  14. PAM says:

    Sorry to see David is not in concert this year in Kent, What have we done wrong?

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Pam, It’s just the way the promoters have planned the tour with the venues that were available. Hope you can get to one of the many other venues that David will be performing at.

  15. Christine says:


    Very disappointed to have missed tickets to David’s latest tour.

    It is very disappointing for fans who do not use social media as we have no way now of knowing what is going on, apart from checking website every day, which is not always possible. The Newsletter was a much better idea. Again, not everyone uses social medial.

    Very disappointed fan, who has been to many concerts in the past

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Christine,
      Sorry you feel that way. All the details were posted on here first and there are tickets still available at most venues. Hope to see you on the tour.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  16. Nicki Freeman says:

    Dear David
    Please would you be able to send an autograph for ‘Lisa’?
    I work with clients with Dementia and Lisa is a big fan of yours – it would make her day to have your autograph on her wall. Her favourite song is ‘Hold me close’.
    We are making a scrapbook of all of her favourite memories – she would like to make some pages about her favourite star! I do hope you can help!
    Please contact me for my postal address, thank you,
    Nicki, Sixty Plus With Us, Brighton.

  17. Terri Fraser says:

    Went to see WOTW in early April and really enjoyed it, you were brillian as always, so sad that this year’s tour will be the last! I have tickets for the London show and can’t wait!
    I have been a fan since 1973, would it be possible to have a signed photo please?

  18. June Chilton says:

    David, A big thank you to you and your wonderful admin team for the signed photograph. It realy made my day

  19. val says:

    Thanks for the pictures, my friend was over the moon,
    looking forward to the tour.

  20. Mary Mullett says:

    David, Fantastic last day of War Of The Worlds. Looking forward to five shows in November. Can I request On And O n please ? Thank you.Mary.

  21. Elizabeth Holroyd says:

    Thanks so much for sending my friend Dawn a signed photo she was so pleased. So looking forward to November. Elizabeth x

  22. Kay smith says:

    Good morning David, I’ve had an idea for the tour, my daughter has just booked tickets for McFly’s anthology tour where they are going to play ever song over 3 nights from their 5 albums. So I thought you could do the same and you’d be on stage for ages, you know how much we’d all enjoy that. Seriously I’m sorting through all of your vinyls at the moment, so I’ll send some suggestions soon love Kay x.

  23. June Chilton says:

    Please can I have a signed photograph. I may not be able to see David this year due to health issues. I have been a fan for 40+ years. Many thanks

  24. Val Adamson says:

    Hi Admin
    I thought you said addresses wont be shown

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Val, the addresses haven’t been published on the guest book page. They’ll be in the post next week once David has finished War Of The Worlds and is able to sign them.

  25. Hi Admin
    Thanks so much for your reply yes I would love a signed photo. Sorry it has taken me so long to put my details down but I have been on holiday.

  26. Sally says:

    Hi David, just been reading a beautiful interview in the Daily Telegraph. Great hearing about your life, and what your five lovely children are doing! So funny hearing about Sonny as a toddler!! Never think of you at the age you are now, as you are always full of adventures, going for the next thing, that comes your way! To us you will always be David Essex with a true Gypsy soul! “Outside The Rain Is Falling”….. Love Sally (Essex)xxxxxx

  27. Judy says:

    Hi. Thanks a million times for the signed photo received over the weekend. It means such a lot to me as I can hardly hear your voice now but its deep in my memory! See you at Stoke. Xx

  28. Paula Allen says:

    You were stunning in the War of the Worlds live that i saw in London last night, spectacular show cant wait to see you live again


  29. Jane says:

    Have booked tickets for the November tour via gigs and tours. Have been advised that we will probably not receive the tickets until the week of the concert. Could you please let me know if this is normal practice when booking this way. Have always booked direct with the theatre before and received tickets within 3 or 4 days. Many thanks

  30. jayne.lambeth says:

    Thank you very much for the signed photograph, it was very much appreciated, it certainly put a hugh smile on my face on opening , also on my friends when i passed hers on.
    Thank you so much.
    Jayne Lambeth.

  31. Elizabeth Holroyd says:

    Hi been a fan all my life got my vip ticket booked for Nottingham and I am coming to Blackpool got row J with my friend. My friend doesn’t have a lot of money but is coming with me. I was wondering if I could trouble David for a signed photo her name is Dawn. It would make her a day. By the way would just like to say Thank you David for being such a gentleman every time you always take time to talk to all your fans. Being part of the DEGC has been a pleasure. I know you said it’s your last tour but I hope you keep doing a little something. Thanks Elizabeth x

  32. Angela says:

    Hi David, booked VIP tickets for your last tour. Been a fan since 13 yrs old 1973 would it be possible to have a signed photo please. Not sure where I leave my home address but my email should be on site for me to pass on my home addy. Thank for all the hard work put into this site etc.

  33. Cindy says:

    Been a fan my entire life! I’ve never had the privilege of seeing David live as I’m Australian and wasn’t able to see him down here. And now your last three is coming and I could never afford to fly to the UK ( though I’d love too ) I’m fifty on the 20/6/2017 and I’d truly love a signed photo from the gorgeous Mr E! Thanks for all the joy you’ve given me over the years.

  34. Frances lee says:

    Thankyou for my signed photo arrived today brought a a big smile to my face after a sleepless night with my little ones ! Can’t wait to see you in sheffield in november , and waiting to see if can get tickets for liverpool or blackpool as well x

  35. Cheryl Brown says:

    Very sad to hear this is your last tour. Good luck for the future. I have enjoyed every concert you have performed in Newcastle upon Tyne. What a miss you will be xx

  36. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Please could I have a sign picture of you, so looking forward to seeing you later this year, I would love to hear you sing Windows, but being that it was not well known, I dare say you wont sing it, enjoy the tour.

  37. Diane Pursglove says:

    Hi David,
    It was great to see you on Saturday, my sister and I have been fans for many years. we were lucky enough to walk down the road with you and have a chat, (that made my day) , We are coming to see you in November in London, can`t wait , such a shame it will be the last tour, but hope to see you in other things .
    You truly are a star, keep smiling .
    Best wishes

  38. Mary Mullett says:

    Da vid ,Thank you for letting me have a photo of you after War Of The Worlds on Saturday. I’m rea!!y enjoying the show .See you on 30th April for another breathtaking performance, Mary

  39. Janet Vardy says:

    Please could I have a signed photo thank you

  40. Jan says:

    1983 my sister, Karen, persuaded me to go with her to your concert at Blackpool Opera house. You allowed people to take photographs. I remember Karen being overwhelmed and going to the stage, with others, the others took their photos but she froze, you posed for her until she could takke the photo. Since then she has studied and loved working with and helping autistic children. Unfortunately one older child kicked a baseball and the result was Karen’s brain tells her she is lying down. Karen has to fight her brain to stay upright. Last year she lost her life long partner, last week i was told you were completing your last tour and managed to buy tickets for Blackpool,
    I am so pleased to be able to bring her to your last concert.

  41. Gill Gordon says:

    Hi David, I’ve got my tickets for Manchester really looking forward to it. How about singing On My Bike not heard you do that one for a long time. Since this is going to be your last tour a DVD would be lovely. xx

  42. Catherine says:

    Hi David, myself and my sister are coming to see you at the civic in Wolverhampton it’s a present for my sister as she was 60 in March and we both love co I got to see you it will be at least our tenth time. It would really finish my sisters special birthday year of if she could have a signed picture oh you. Cannot wait till November hope tickets will be her soon.

  43. Catherine whitehouse says:

    Yield and my sister will becoming to see you at Wolverhampton it will be our tenth time. Would be lovely if we could get a signed photo as my sister as celebrated a big birthday this year.

  44. Linda & Neil says:


    We saw War of the Worlds recently and were blown away with the music and special effects.
    Remembering all the lyrics to the Artilleryman role David had previously performed and was delighted that he still was part of it. He was great to watch and listen to as always. The whole show was spectacular.

  45. Christine Mitchell says:

    Got my tickets for Cardiff. I’ve a fan since I was a child so it means so much to be going to David’s last tour. Could I possibly have a signed photo?

  46. Julie Price says:

    A signed photograph would be amazing if there’s any chance it would be extremely appreciated Xxx

  47. debbie says:

    Could I please have a signed photo as a gift for my friend ** JILL ** as a surprise….we are coming to see you in Stoke….I’ve been following you since in was 13 and paid £1.25 for my first ever concert (still got my tickets ….1974)…… always it will be a fantastic concert but sad as it will be the last
    Thank you.and thank you to all your ,staff for many many years of hard work to bring us,your fans so much joy

    Debbie xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      All done.

      • debbie says:

        Thank you very much,it’s come this morning, she will be so chuffed
        .it’s not only David that works hard, you, his staff work tirelessly to keep us, the fans happy and up to date with what’s happening . So …Thank you all for your hard work xx

  48. Julie Peers-Jones says:

    Hi David/Admin my husband got tickets for your london show cant wait to see it.
    It is our Ruby wedding Anniversary on the same day( 20nov) but very sad it will be your
    Last tour good luck .

  49. Janet Vardy says:

    Please could I have a signed photo I have been a fan for 40 years and will be coming to your concert in Nottingham thanks.

  50. Kelly Whitlam says:

    I have front row tickets booked for Hull!! Yay!! My ambition is to meet David himself one day.. I have stood many times outside the stage door to no avail :-( Im thought of as a bit sad by many of my friends as im 34 and i have been an enormous fan since i was 13 when all my friends were into take that!! Could I please have a signed photo, as I really dont believe i will ever meet David to get him to sign one for me personally. I missed meeting him at all the fun of the fair for my 28th birthday in London by about 2 mins in the theatre when he held his q and a session, but I still live in hope!! My current favorite song is Dance with me
    Yours in hope

  51. Julie matthews says:

    Hi was asking if at all I u could plz send me a signed photo of David plz been a fan of him for many years thanksx

  52. karen vaton says:

    Hi David. So sad that this is going to be your last concerts and I am unable to see you. Have seen you many times before . You truly are a star xx is there any chance you could send me a signed photo…..would really appreciate it

  53. Sue Housley says:

    Hi, i know this is really cheeky and a big ask, but would it be possible to send me a signed photo. I have been a fan sine the 70s and this would be my dteam come true. Will be seeing David in Oxford in November. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

    From Sue Housley.

  54. Jenny says:

    Hi David,if possible could you sing Stay With Me Baby or Ships That Pass In The Night hope these are songs you would maybe sing take care love always Jenny (from Dorset)xx

  55. Lesley says:

    Hi David, still can’t quite believe this is going to be the last tour, even so I am looking forward to seeing you at London, Southampton and Southend and am still hoping that I have dropped enough hints that for my birthday I would like a ticket to Wolverhampton, I am sure my husband will not let me down, he knows how much I love the concerts and you, so much so that we had to change the date of our engagement some 29 years ago so that I could see you at Fairfield Halls. I am very lucky that I am able to come and see you, but I know a lot of people for whatever reasons will not be able to get to any of the concerts, is there any chance that there will be a DVD please? Look forward to seeing you in November and congratulations on the success of WOTW my Mum and I both thought it was great and are hoping to come again before the end of the run. Loads of love xxx

  56. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David thanks for the lovely signed photo which arrived today really appreciated love JIll Cassidy

  57. Judy says:

    Hi! Fantastic news but not so as its the last tout. Tickets for Stoke and can’t wait! Followed you forever and always will. Please can I have a signed photo? I am hard of hearing but sure be able to pick the songs out. Xx

  58. Julie says:

    Hi David
    All booked for your concert in Hull, can’t wait :)
    See you in November.
    Love and best wishes Julie

  59. Richard says:

    Hi David/Admin
    If this is David’s last tour will he still do one off concerts from time to time? Thanks
    PS would it be possible to get a signed photo?
    Thanks Richard

  60. Jill Cassidy says:

    Please can I have a signed photo from David .Thanks Jill Cassidy

  61. Val says:

    Hi David
    I have just brought tickets to see you in Leicester and Nottingham both VIP as like Lynne says and I agree with her for you to ask people not to stand in front of us.

    Could you do a show in York and Wavendon please? good luck with this Tour.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Val, We will inform security in all the venues to attempt to stop people running down the front, but of course this is not guaranteed. Hope you have a great time.

  62. Lesley Hough says:

    Just booked tickets for the Leicester concert. Can’t wait for it. I ”LL BE MISSING YOU X X X

  63. Jenny says:

    Just not quite quick enough to get the best seats in the house dammit!
    But I have booked for 3 dates now – how could I not? And I’m even bringing my new(ish) partner along to the BIC…
    It really doesn’t seem that long since I saw that handsome young man with the curly hair and the cheeky grin on the TV in Godspell! Where has it all gone?
    Well actually on loads of music, lots of concerts, fab musicals and books and rhymes – all done by the one man to whom I want to say a very big thank you – you have brightened my life with your talent and your music
    So enjoy your family and your “retirement” David – but I bet this won’t be the last we see of you as another project will undoubtedly grab you and you will be back to it again x

  64. kim says:

    got my tickets for Nottingham rock on

  65. Nikki Desborough says:

    Absolutely devastated that we will be ‘missing you’ this time. You aren’t coming to Peterborough and unfortunately, disability means we can’t travel. What are we going to do?

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Nikki, I’m sorry hear that. It’s not such a big tour this time but still 21 dates touring the UK is a lot. Unfortunately Peterborough is one that the promoters haven’t included this time and it may just be that the venue wasn’t available.

  66. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi David, my friend and i have just purchased tickets for missing you concerts at the Symphony Hall Birmingham and The Civic Hall Wolverhampton, we are upset that this maybe your last tour, we will certainly be missing you. We are looking forward to November for these concerts as it has been a long time coming.

  67. Di Evans says:

    Hi David I am so thrilled about your tour in November. Just booked the Regent theatre in Stoke. I first saw you in concert when I was 17, I am 53 next month and I have seen every concert tour since then. Thankyou for being such a wonderful entertainer. See you in Stoke x

  68. Lynne Simmons says:

    With the tour tickets at the VIP prices, please please please dont allow the other seats to run up the front when david comes on stage, or before. Make announcements at the start….. please. Thank you….

  69. Jill Cassidy says:

    Thanks for letting me know Glasgow hasn’t been cancelledcancelled did book via link and it took payment so all should be ok thank goodness I have telephoned twice and they told me twice it’s been cancelled I am going to phone them back again today so happy and relieved to know I am going to see David again in November.Thanks for your help.ROCK ON AND ON JILL Cassidy.

  70. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David your tour date for the kings in Glasgow has been removed from their website so can only assume it has indeed been cancelled .Will another Scottish venue take its place-please! let me know as I would like to book .Thanks. Jill Cassidy. Dundee.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Jill, It hasn’t been cancelled. Have you tried booking through the link on this website?

  71. brenda preece says:

    I was so disapointed when i tryed to book tickets for the tour at the symphony hall as i was lead to believe as a fan i could get them before they went on sale to the public but when i tryed i was told unless i wanted VIP tickets or a member of the symphony club. I could not have them. So now i have to take pot luck where i get them.

    • Essex Admin says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, I will get on to the promoter to see what’s going on. Did you click on to the link or ring the venue?

  72. sally says:

    Hi David, Really looking forward to I’ll Be Missing You Tour, we are sure going to be missing you! Love Sallyxx (Essex)

  73. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, I don’t think I could cope with another day like yesterday, what a stressful day, it was a good job my son was on hand or I wouldn’t have stood a chance to get my front row seats. I know it wasn’t your fault but g & it’s made it very difficult for those of us who are not computer savvy. Can’t wait for November, bring it on, love Kay x

  74. Viv says:

    Hi Is it possible to send me a signed pic please? X

  75. Susan says:

    David good luck your last tour all best be very sad . do cd or dvd its up too you David from Australia

  76. Sally from Somerset says:

    What a stressful day! took time off work and managed with the help of my wonderful Son to get tickets for Wolverhampton (my first ever concert in 1975), Blackpool, London, Cardiff & Bristol (2 VIP front rows, 1 front row circle, 1 2nd row and 1 end of aisle!) Hoping to add Bournemouth & Nottingham. Whole family will accompany me to Wolverhampton as I am sure it will be quite emotional – David there has been much criticism of the ticket prices but still we come ! You are one very special person and we will be missing you. It is hard to believe it’s 40+ years since my first concert so many happy memories from your music, theatre and books and lots of lovely people along the way – Thank You – Sally from Somerset xx

  77. Julie sheppard says:

    Have been a fan since 1974 and been to concerts every year and just feel so sad it will be the last – got tickets for Oxford and the final one – would so love a personally signed photo to keep with the last programme please

  78. lorraine says:

    tickets bought for London…..yippee!

  79. ros says:

    booked for a v.i.p. trip to bournemouth on the 18th nov i am really looking forward to it …the first concert i went to was 40 yrs ago how could i miss this one xxx

  80. Debbie Taylor says:

    Car,t wait to see your show in southampton in November love all your songs .have most of your cd and videos.

  81. Judy says:

    Hi! Just booked for Stoke in November. I am hard of hearing but want to see you even if struggle to hear! But sure it’s gonna be alright and at least we’ll be together! Xx

  82. Krissy Fielder says:

    In the vip area do carers have to pay for full price tickets also, even if they are with a disabled person, at any of the venues

    • Essex Admin says:

      I think that’s a question for the venue you’re booking through, sorry I can’t help anymore than that.

  83. Sue says:

    Hi David and all readers
    David did say this would probably be the last UK tour. He has not said he is retiring completely. Am sure we will still see him in other ways and shows, there will always be things he is offered that he won’t turn down ! So looking on the bright side.
    Can understand that lots cannot travel to venues. Impossible for David to cover every town and city that he has visited in the past. But why not make a little break of it and stay over. Someone is flying over (on their own and nervous flyer) from Northern Ireland and making it a London weekend break whilst over here.
    Good luck all !

  84. Julie says:

    Got my ticket for Oxford yeh !!!!
    Sorry to hear the negative comments about ticket prices and lack of venues.
    Tickets for concerts are dearer these days and David can only do so many dates. If fans really want to see David on his last tour they will have to travel and pay. Most concerts are in large venues in London or Birmingham now anyway.
    I for one are happy to pay to see the artist l have been a fan of since 1973. And to wish him well and to say thank you .


  85. wendy oakley says:

    Please can you help.Trying to book for David’s important last tour.need the ccv number to pre book which has not been sent to me & gigs & tours are not answering phonby e & See tkts can’t help.Been a fan & to all of David’s tours and don’t want to miss this on

    • Essex Admin says:

      So sorry for not getting back to you sooner, you can only do it through the link provided. Go on to the Tour page and click on the link and it’ll take you through to the booking page.

  86. carol says:

    hello david
    so upset there will be no tour near enough for me to get to.
    please record one of the shows for dvd so all us disappointed fans can see.
    love carol

  87. debbie says:

    LOL…….I’ve still got ticket stubs from 1974 to now…I paid £1.25 in November 74, £1.00 in November 76. …bit dearer this time !!!!!! Xx

  88. Gary clement says:

    Hi David, would it be possible to meet you prio or after your show in st davids hall Cardiff in november with my wife Kay (also a Plaistow ) born,
    We meet in the early 80 s at George Savvas club in Usk prio to your show in yourdressing room my wife said hello to you but could not speak again got about 30 mins, I did not tel her we were meeting the shock was to much for her to meet you.
    You invited my because I was the resident DJ at the Cwert Bledding hotel Usk where you and the band were staying ,
    The hotel manager asked me one night to stay on to entertain a V I P guest who wanted to party on late I agreed and asked who will pay me he said he would sort it out with you (has he done it yet) ?.I did not know it was you until you turned up, thanks for signing ” iam going to make you a star” for me I still have it in my would be a pleasure to meet you again if possible
    Regards Gary Clement

    • Essex Admin says:

      Unfortunately David won’t be able to meet up this time with a busy tour schedule but sends his best wishes to you and your wife.

  89. lorraine says:

    any idea of ticket prices for the gigs other than the 75/85 ones? are there any affordable priced seats?

  90. Donna says:

    There’s gonna be be a few tears in November ,
    But it’s gonna be alright , we’ll be altogether , but i’ll be missing you !!
    X see you in Nottingham ,
    Thanks for the chat and photos at dominion
    Ps my other half will be wearing his Tottenham shirt lol

  91. Louise says:

    My girls grew up listening to you as I did my housework to your numerous LP’s which I still cherish. Saw you many moons ago and hope to get tickets for Glasgow. Do I just click on the pre sale site when it opens??

  92. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin, can you explain what you get for the £75 tickets ? So we know what we’re buying on pre_ sale, thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      The Up Close VIP Package
      £75 all regional dates, £85 London
      Best seat in the first 8 rows
      Exclusive VIP gift
      Personally signed photo from David
      Souvenir laminate
      VIP check in desk with host

  93. alan eason says:

    would have thought that it being the last tour there would be more dates so a lot of fans could get to see him ,think a lot of fans will feel let down how sad

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Alan, sorry you feel that way as most artists don’t do nearly as many dates as David Essex

  94. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David-would it be possible to have a DVD of the last tour really hope so I am sure it would really sell and would be lovely for all the Jill Cassidy.

  95. Vicky Thomas says:

    Hi, it’s my mum’s 60th birthday on July 23rd. I’m going to try and get us tickets to see David Essex as a surprise. If possible could I get David’s autograph to put in her birthday card? She would love that! Thank you!!

  96. jo bowen says:

    I think you are fab. ive been a fan of yours since I was 14 and im now 45.

  97. Debbie says:

    Cant wait for sale of the tour tickets, seen you so many times, but its never enough. so sad its your last tour, but think you’ve earned a well deserved break. you are amazing David in all aspects of show business. x x

  98. Jill Cassidy says:

    David-thankyou so much for coming to Glasgow -I am so looking forward to seeing u in November at the kings.Thanks for bringing me so much happiness with your music-I opened the Jackie and fell in love before I heard your music.I will be missing you after novemberhowever you deserve a great retirement with your family . Rock on .love Jill Cassidy. Dundee.

  99. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Brilliant news of your tour, but sad that you say its your last one, so I thank you for your music over the years, I still think you are fantastic and hoping to see you on this tour, will you be meeting your fans before the show or you not bothered to do it? as I for one would love to have a photo with you as it will be special time. I have been a fan since you first ever started, and do wish you well in what ever you do.
    Kind regards

  100. Teresa says:

    David no tours booked for Kent so far, is this true so disappointed I wanted to bring my granddaughter. The Marlowe Canterbury or Lees Cliffe Folkestone or The Winter Gardens Margate or all of them would be really good thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Teresa, These are the final dates that David will be doing. Hope you can make one of the venues.

  101. Carol Coles says:

    Hi was wondering how you get to order on the fan pre order date it says go to link but just says can order on Wednesday instead of Friday. Do you need to be in any special cluub or have a special code to be able to order on Wednesday before they go on open sale Friday. Thank you for your help carol from Banbury xx

  102. Tina says:

    Really Disappointed that there are no dates for East Anglia, I am willing to travel to Norwich, Peterborough, Kings Lynn or Cambridge but none of these are on the list a shame for all the fans in this area. To travel to Ipswich would mean a 2 hour drive and would mean me taking time off work which being self employed I cannot afford on top of travel and ticket prices. So no tout for me and I would think lots of others as well a shame as I have been a fan since 1973 and being to many tours over the years.

  103. Julie says:

    Hi David

    So excited you are coming to Hull on the 12th November, can’t wait!
    Thank you so much.
    Love always

  104. Julie says:

    Hi David
    Fabulous news to receive the tour dates. I am so happy you are coming to lovely Hull on the 12th November, can’t wait to see you on tour again. Hope you and your family are well and little Sonny is doing well.
    Thank you again for coming to Hull :)
    You have made me very happy.
    Love Julie

  105. Diane Woods says:

    Thanks for listing the tour dates, great to have something to look forward to now in the winter months, shocked that neither Leeds or Bradford are on there, why have you suddenly gone off us Tykes? Well looks like even more travelling, last tour so it has to be done, xx

  106. sue says:

    great to see u are doing a tour , cant wait to see you in London

  107. lorraine says:

    sad to see that us in the south east have been left out.
    normally david would play the Fairfield halls but as that venue will be out of action, I would have hope for a gig at the Churchill in Bromley.
    are any more dates going to be released.?

  108. Kay smith says:

    Hi david , a good start to a Monday morning, thanks for the tour dates, can’t wait to get my tickets love Kay x

  109. Jane says:

    Looking forward to your tour in November 2016. Hope you are coming to West Yorkshire. Hope the dates are published soon.

  110. Jenny says:

    Happy Easter David,hope we get tour dates soon love always Jenny (from Dorset)xx

  111. Susan says:

    David have nice Easter

  112. Joanne Hulls says:

    hi I was wondering (apart from nov 2016 tour dates??? when?? when?? when??) is it possible to obtain a signed photo of David please…ive been a fan for many years and the one thing ive never obtained is his autograph…if this is possibly the laast tour I’m desperate…how, where and how much ???????? I’m desperate

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Joanne, if you leave you details on here David will be more than happy to send you a signed photo
      (Your details will not be publish)

  113. Paul H says:

    Dates for 2016 Nov tour please..

  114. chris says:

    Probably the greatest singer this country has ever produced.

  115. Ann Gregory says:

    Hi David looking forward to seeing wotw in April and very excited about the tour coming up although sad its going to be the last one. Would it be possible to have a signed photo please. Ann xx

  116. Denise says:

    David I’ve been dreading this news for a while although we all knew it had to end at some point, you have given your fans so much pleasure over the years, your music has helped me through some tough times and I will treasure those memories forever, you are a true star, a real gentleman and none of this fame has changed you at all. You have been a star in my life for so long & I’m going to miss you so much, so looking forward to the tour, I’ll be at as many as I can as always, looking forward to seeing you soon love from Denise xxxx

  117. Gail Blackwell says:

    Before David retires, can you not ask the queen to make him a Sir, everyone else gets one and David has done a lot more.

    Please can i have a signed photo of him, i have followed him since 1973, been to many concerts when they come to the midlands my bedroom was adorned with him.


  118. Gail Blackwell says:

    when will you be publishing the tour dates for this year pleae

  119. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, how will I ever manage with this years tour been the last ! I’ve been to every tour since 1979, saw you in mutinity,boogie nights, panto,aspects of love , the dishwashers, all the fun of the fair and last week w.o.t.w. you are such a special part of my life, I’ll definitely be missing you,cause in your eyes I see such magic. See you soon love Kay xx

  120. Lesley Hough says:

    Thanks for the signed photo. It made my birthday very good.
    Love Lesley x

  121. del says:

    What a great career you’ve had and continue to have, you’re a proper star mate.

  122. Julie says:

    Hi David
    Your last tweet brought a massive gasp from me and I am sure all of your fans. I have been a fan and thoroughly enjoyed all your concerts for over 40 years. I am really looking forward to seeing you in November but it will be extremely emotional that this could be your last tour. Love always Julie (from Hull) x

  123. Linda Davison says:

    Great news about the tour. I have seen you perform at Newcastle City Hall on several wonderful occasions and have some fantastic brochures in my collection. So excited

  124. Joy Rose says:

    Am soo soo excited. Having followed David for more years then I would like to admit to, I didn’t think I would be able to get to London to see WOTW, but have managed to get a couple of days of work so will be there on 11/4 with my friend and fellow David fan. Any chance of a photo at the end of the show! Would really make our year,x

  125. Janet Simpson says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for a brilliant show on Saturday last (12th) . I came to the Matinee performance and you made my world by having your photo taken with me after the show. I have followed you for the past 40 plus years, been to concerts and shows by the dozens. You made my dream come true at long last. Thank you so much. Jan xxx

  126. Marilyn White says:

    I am absolutely fuming – it never says on here what is coming up regarding David’s tours/shows. I have just found out (too late) that he was appearing in London Dominion Theatre in War of the Worlds!!!!!!!!! I was in London when it commenced so could have gone. I live in Somerset .

  127. Lesley Hough says:

    Hi David, I can’t get to see the show , but love a signed photo of you for my birthday on the 17th March. I am disabled so hopefully I will be able to see the tour if one of the shows are near me.
    Love Lesley x

  128. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, so glad I made the effort to come to London yesterday to see wotw it was out of this world !! Thanks for taking time for a photo, love Kay x

  129. anne nash says:

    Hi David, Ed replied to my message in November that there would be a tour for me to look forward to but I was wondering if it was ever going to happen!! I’ve been reading your guestbook and I’m so pleased it could be starting in November, I’m so excited!! Lots of love, Anne, Cardiff xxx

  130. Andy Evans says:

    Hi Essex Admin,

    Many thanks for helping, mum’s name is Angela and it’s her 60th birthday.

    Kind regards

  131. Nick Oldham says:


    Please can my mother have a signed photo

    Many thanks

  132. Gill says:

    Just pre Ordered “Faded Glory” out in Oct , looking forward to reading it and looking forward to WOTW soon and a Tour too ……….Happy Days .x

  133. Andy says:

    Good evening,
    Could i request a signed photo to our mum (Angela) from David.
    She’s a huge fan, we were even dragged to see you in concert as kids!
    It’s her 60th in May and she’s having a very tough time caring 24/7 for her terminally ill husband (our dad), also called David.
    If you could oblige, i know it would make her day that extra bit special.
    Kind regards
    Andy & Jon Evans

  134. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, is there any dates yet for the tour? Or any news when the tickets go on sale? We’re all getting impatient !! Can’t wait,love Kay x

  135. Angie Webster says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in War of the Worlds on 12th March! Also looking forward to the tour!! Much love. Angie. Xxxx

  136. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David so excited to hear about the tour in November hoping u will be in Scotland but if not I will be coming down to England can’t wait. I am going to be a granny in June -so excited to be getting a grandson -life just keeps getting better ! Rock on love Jill Cassidy.Dundee.

  137. Jenny says:

    Hi David,great show yesterday really enjoyed it,great to see you afterwards as you always have time to talk and have a photo,look forward to tour in November love always Jenny xx(from Dorset)

  138. Alex N says:

    A great performance in War of the Worlds this evening – absolutely loved every moment of it.
    Any chance of a signed photo to put with the collection of leaves I seem to have brought home with me?

  139. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, Glad to see a tour at last, its been far to long,can’t wait to get my tickets, love Kay xx

  140. Denise martin says:

    Wow so pleased to hear you will be touring in November….can’t wait..all the best in WOTW…x

  141. Debbie Evans says:

    Fantastic to see a tour coming up …. Any Idea when dates will be posted please , x thank you

  142. Paul s says:

    Just read that a 21 date tour in November has been confirmed, and possibly the last tour. await details and booking info, good luck with WOTW,

  143. Zach Dorrington says:

    I would like to request an autograph for my birthday, would you be able to send me one at the following address
    Many Thanks

  144. Tracey Heath says:

    Dear David

    Just wanted to say how much a fan I am of yours and look forward to ALL your future work.

    Much Love,


  145. JULIE WALLER says:

    Hello David, I will be coming to see you on the Press night on Wednesday the 17th with a few other familiar faces. I’ll be the little one in the middle of the front row sitting on booster cushion!! heheh I just hope my health holds out after 10 hours in London. Have to say, not looking forward to getting the tube at 10.30 back to Vickys coach station! Got my can of Mace all ready (just joking) Julie

  146. Deb says:

    Hi David, saw the article in the telegraph yesterday and loved it. When will the tour dates be released please? x

  147. sue rudge says:

    Hi david just read your write up in The Telegraph and it says you may be touring in november is this true xxx good luck with war of the worlds sorry i cannot get to see it hubby had a stroke in 2011 and so i cannot travel that far now. We live in Birmingham xx could i please ask for a signed photo for me thanks xxx

  148. Linzi says:

    In today’s Telegraph it says there’s going to be a 21 date tour in November – when will details be available please?

  149. carol says:

    Looking forward to November now.I know it will be worth the wait. Hope you and your lovely family are all well ,love to you all,xx

  150. Diane Woods says:

    Well David this sentence ” Indeed, the very day we meet in rehearsal rooms in south London, he’s decided to go on tour again, perhaps for the last time. ” from the Telegraph article has got everyone talking, great news, lots of sadness that it’s the last one but I say be happy we are getting another. Fab news, hope it’s not too long before the tickets go on sale

  151. Debbie Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to see War of the World in London, it seems so long since I have seen you actually on a stage! I know you have been so busy, but am hoping that before long you would consider a tour. Really miss the atmosphere at a concert, please at least consider it. Hope all the family are well, Looking forward to reading your novel, hope it gets published soon, See you in London Love always Debbie xxxx

  152. Shirley says:

    Happy Valentines Day David, you will always be my true Valentine xxxxxx

    I cant wait to see you again this year when you go on tour, hopefully this will be soon as its been too long since i last saw you live.

    Love always


  153. Dawn Heron says:

    Hi David would it be possible to have signed photo for friend Jackie as she is going to be 60.Many thanks xx

  154. Richard Elliott says:

    As its my wife, Dawn’s birthday in May I am treating her to a weekend at Donnington park World Superbikes. Yes I know I spoil her.
    She was miffed last year to find out after the race that you were presenting the cups and we were stood nearby and did not realise.
    If you are there this year it would be great to say hello as she is a great fan and it would make up for missing you when you were ill and unable to perform All the fun of the fair in Bristol a few years ago.
    Many thanks

  155. Amanda says:

    Hi David how do I go about getting a signed photo please could you tell me please
    Kind regards Amanda

  156. Amanda says:

    Hi David Well done for the opening night at the Dominion theatre last night Cannot wait to see you in London next Saturday for the War of the Worlds going to be awesome .Love amanda

  157. Hazel says:

    Hi David, So sad to hear on Twitter about Frank Finlay, yes a fine actor. Hope War of the Worlds goes okay I gather last nights opening was cancelled? Sorry we can’t get down to see it. Love Hazel xxx

  158. Jane Butler says:

    Would it be possible for me to have a signed photograph of David please? It’s my 60th birthday in March and it would make my day. Have been a fan since the 70’s and have seen David perform in many different locations. Thanking you in advance.

  159. Janet F. says:

    Good luck for opening night of War of the Worlds, will be coming to see it on 17th.

  160. Dave Allen says:

    From one Dave to another, I love your music it touches me deep inside

  161. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David, i was sorry to hear about Frank Finlay, i was lucky enough to see you both in Mutiny 30 years ago at the Picadilly Theatre. He was a great Bligh! See you on the 5th March, can’t wait. Love Kay x

  162. Donna says:

    I received The David Essex Album on CD that I ordered a few days ago today and I’ve already played it. I purchased the Album for ” Rock On”, “Gonna Make You A Star ”
    and ” Hold Me Close” due to being obsessed with those songs when I was little.
    I love the entire album which consists of 20 songs, and the songs that I know
    sound like i’m hearing them for the first time all over again…… I wish you continued success in all you do in 2016 and beyond.

  163. Andy says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you.
    My Great Aunt, who is 102, really loves the show you put on at Christmas at the Meanwood.

    Much appreciated
    You seem to be able to appeal to quite a few generations, impressive.

    Best Regards


  164. Jenny says:

    Hi David have my tickets for war of the worlds,can’t wait Jenny (from Dorset)

  165. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David, i’m so gutted about the screening of your film in Birmingham, i’ve been looking forward to it for ages. Lets hope it can be sorted out soon. I’m happy now though, because i’ve just booked for War of the Worlds and will be coming to London on 5th March, i cant wait, See you soon, love Kay xx

  166. Debbie Evans says:

    Could I please have signed photo xxx please xxx

    • Content Editor says:

      If you can leave your address on here (it won’t be published) David will be happy to send you a signed photo

  167. Janet says:

    Can you please confirmation if David will be on stage or if it’s just his voice (as that’s the character’s name) – it’s a bit confusing! Janet x

  168. Julie says:

    Hi ,Just heard on Radio 2 that David is to play voice of humanity in War of the Worlds is this official Many Thanks

  169. Mary mullett says:

    Hi David,I don’t know if people are aware but Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds is at the Dominion theatre Feb,March time.I have a signed Cd of the one you recorded.I am going to the show .Mary.

  170. JULIE WALLER says:

    Hi David, I haven’t asked this question for a while,can you send me a signed photo please? xxx Julie


  171. Teresa says:

    That’s in Kent if possible many thanks

  172. Teresa says:

    Please tour soon if you can, I’d love to bring my granddaughter to see you, she loves winters tale thank you

  173. Susan says:

    To David, Have a Wonderful New Year from Susan & Lance x

  174. Sally says:

    To David, Have a Wonderful New Year! Love Sallyx (Essex)

  175. Jenny says:

    Happy New Year David love always Jenny xx(from Dorset)

  176. Edda says:

    Dear David, just listening to A Winter’s Tale on the radio, and I thought it would be great to see what has become of you. Admittedly, a man who has aged and become better with growing age … just like several other celerbrities I can think of.

    Thank for some beautiful memories and a talent you shared with many from all around the globe. Hope you had a great Christmas, wishing you and all your family a Happy New Year.

    Edda from Germany

  177. Auntie Betty says:

    Have a lovely family time this Christmas David, and eagerly awaiting your new projects in 2016

  178. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas David with love and best wishes from Jenny xx(from Dorset )

  179. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David and family,Happy Christmas and a good new Year.I haven’t heard Winters Tale in Asda yet! Have a merry time.Mary

  180. Susan says:

    Hope you and your Family have a Wonderful Christmas and the New Year Love From Susan & Lance x

  181. Sally says:

    Happy Christmas David and Family, and all good wishes for 2016! Love Sallyxx(Essex)

  182. Gill Gordon says:

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you lots of happiness. xx

  183. Deb Seward says:

    Wishing David and family a merry christmas and happy new year! Merry Christmas to all here, from Deb in Tasmania, Australia xxxx

  184. Di Evans says:

    Hi David I just want to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2016 x

  185. Susan says:

    David wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New year x

  186. Janet says:

    When are you next on tour!! :-) xx

  187. jayne. lambeth says:

    I would just like to thank you David for the photograph which you sent to my friend, it certainly picked her up and put a smile on her face.

    Thank you
    Jayne. Lambeth.

  188. Auntie Betty says:

    Christmas has begun for me as Ken Bruce played Winter’s Tale this morning as I was driving along past the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells where I’ve spent many a glorious evening in your company, David – altho’ not for ages as you’ve stopped coming here (was it something I said ?!!)
    Happy days

  189. Auntie Betty says:

    Ha Ha, Sav, thanks for the video, made me smile all morning. Still loving That Man xxxx

  190. Julie Waller says:

    Dear David. I’ve just listened to Footpump’s song – David Bloody Essex. It is brilliant. I ‘bloody love it’ too! I have the chorus as my ringtone on my phone heheh Love you – Julie xxx

  191. Tracey says:

    Hi just received a emotional phone call from my mum she has got your signed photo , you have made her year and day as we had just received bad news about a family member and this put a smile on her face, can’t thank you enough.

  192. Sally says:

    Hi David, Christmas is almost here! When you come downstairs with hands full of fairy lights, as you walk into the room, and Winters Tale starts playing! Ah Magical! How we love Christmas! Many Happy Memories of childhood Christmasses gone by! One being, dancing round the front room on Christmas Eve, with hairbrush as microphone, blasting out Gonna Make you A Star, and then santas sleigh comes along the road with christmas songs playing, salvation army sing carols round their lantern,lovely! EastEnd fun! Love Sallyxx(Essex)

  193. sav says:

    Dear David,

    Here is a silly track I did with a friend of mine based on a true story of taking my girlfriend to see ‘That’ll be the day’ and I was a bit fed up of her obsession with you. Especially as she had a poster on her bedroom wall too!

  194. Anne Nash says:

    Hi David, when I lost my mum 24 years ago aged 59 you kept me sane & I looked forward to your concerts to cheer me up, my good friend accompanied me & we stayed overnight at hotels.
    Sadly nearly 2 years ago my husband passed away a month after being diagnosed with cancer, also aged 59 but you haven’t held any concerts for us to attend.
    I’m hoping you do a tour next year, (even a mini one), but please could you include Cardiff?
    I hope you and ALL your family have acfab Christmas.
    Love Anne, CSS

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Anne, there will be a concert next year, nothing has been finalised as yet but it’s something to look forward to.

  195. Denise Cave says:

    Thank you very much for the signed photograph David.

  196. Denise Cave says:

    Hello. Please may I have a signed photograph?

  197. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David I have pledged to go to a Q and A screening of The David Essex story in London.Do we have a date set for this yet? regards,Mary.

  198. Linda Bayer says:

    Just took a little walk down memory lane with Hold Me Close and Rock On! Love your music…thank you!

  199. Chris A says:

    Hi. David
    I recently bought a vinyl copy of War of the Worlds. It’s the full story telling version and my 6 year old boy loves listening to it. The booklet appears to have your signature and I was wondering if you could authenticate it and if yes do you have any recollection on how you came to sign it. You have probably signed your autograph a million times so it wouldn’t be something you would remember but it would be great to tell my boy the that is actually the artillery mans’ signature.. Thanks Chris and Billy.
    By the way I’m 56 and Billy (6) is also into That’ll be the day sound track.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Chris, it probably is my signature but I’d have to see it to be sure – Billy sounds cool. David

  200. Jade says:

    Hi David
    Hope you and your family are well. Christmas is approaching and I will be spending it with my dear mum who is now unwell with dementia. Mum has come to your concerts and shows the last few years with me, the last one was in Stoke on Trent November 2012. I was very surprised when I told her that you hope to do another tour in 2016 that she would love to see you again.Bless her. I know its early but it is her 90th birthday on the 3rd of January and our family are hoping to give her a surprise party. I wondered if it would be possible for you to send her a card from you. Mum has supported me these past 43 years that I have been a fan of yours and mum enjoys and plays your music, having met you on several occasions. As I realize how busy you are and the time of year I hope this will be possible and can be sent via me..Looking so forward to seeing your documentary that we can both watch together. My love and best wishes to you and your family. Thank you. xxxxxx
    Jade (red carnations and yellow roses)

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Jade, If you send a stamped addressed card for David to sign to:
      D E Management, PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE or if you can leave your address on here we can send a signed photo. ( Your address wont’t be published )

  201. Peggy Thomas says:

    I’m sorry. My whole comment didn’t go through. Continuing…I have a British friend and we were discussing our favorite films. He mentioned “That’ll be the Day” and “Stardust”. So I watched them both and loved them. I kept thinking to myself “Who is this gorgeous guy?!!” Since then I’ve been looking up everything about you. I know your song “Rock On” and it’s a classic. I’m just appalled that I didn’t know of you back in the day for I can guarantee you that those posters of Leif Garrett and the like would have been replaced by you!!! (I’m just teasing, sorta ;)) I just wanted you to know that you have a new fan and I’m looking forward to seeing your documentary. Take care, David.

  202. Peggy Thomas says:

    Hi David! My name is Peggy and I’m from Nebraska here in the U.S. This is so crazy but until a few weeks ago I had never heard of you!! What a tragedy!! Seriously!! Please let me explain.

  203. Nigel Midwinter says:

    Hi Dave….Been a fan since 1974 (i’m 55)…Saw ‘Stardust’ so many times and then double billed with ‘TBTD’…I adore those movies!…Saw you at Hammersmith on the ‘BeBop The Future’ tour in 81′..Loved the first autobiography,must get the 2nd!…I could write loads but….fav’ album ‘Out On The Street’ those CBS years/albums..(nice to see they are being reissued..will be getting the CD’s to replace my vinyl)..Thanks for all the years of excellence!…Love ya mate!….Cheers…Nigel.

  204. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi David,
    just been listening to some of my favourite songs like, If i could, Lamplight, Hold me close and many more.
    I have been ill for quite a while now and find listening to your music picks me up a great deal, I hope with all my heart that you will be doing a tour next year as i miss them very much.
    would it be at all possible for you to send me a signed photograph.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Jayne, yes David will tour again but at the moment there are no plans as he has other commitments. If you can provide us with your address we can send you a signed photo. ( Your address will not be published on here )

  205. wal says:

    don’t get tired
    keep on rock’in

  206. susan grant says:

    Hi David. I miss seeing you at Skegness. We had some good chats. Blonde disabled lady in a wheelchair. I will always be a fan and your books are good. Love Sue xxxxxx

  207. Christine says:

    Hi David

    Any tour news for next year

  208. Anna says:

    Morning David Essex
    Just had a quick glimps at documentary soon to be released . Have just pre-ordered lookinf forward to viewing it and I’m sure it will be interesting as you are . Have to say what a good idea ………..

    Take care

  209. Julie says:

    Hi David
    I have just seen your tweet saying it wasn’t you on Eastenders last night walking up the staircase! It was your absolute double even down to your style of long coat, it certainly was the ghost of Eddie Moon :)
    I had hopes you were returning to Eastenders!
    Hope you and your family are well and really hoping you are planning a tour with your band next year and coming to Hull please :)
    Love Julie

  210. Ann Collyer says:

    Just seen David as extra on Eastenders – nice surprise

  211. kay smith says:

    Hi David, i’ve just ordered my film & q/a evening for Birmingham, i cant wait, i’m so looking forward to the New Year. Hope my Dvd isn’t to long coming ! see you soon Kay XX

  212. Cazz Mortonc says:

    Hi mate u looked very well and happy tonight although would have liked a personal word going to he’ll and back worrying about latest grandaughter by Essex Lyla need ur kind words of support

  213. josette says:

    Dear David, website is a fantastic invention. I’m French and a huge fan from 1975 (I’m 54). On those days, you made several appearances on the french TV. “America” was number one, as you remind it in “Over the moon”. But, please, don’t believe Frenches loved it because “ca ca ” in french means “poo poo” in english. We’re not anti American to that point! More seriously, the big success of “America” is due to its complete originallity (in my opinion it’s a graphic song: you have “musically drawn” Manhattan). France was (is) a musical desert, you came like a meteor. But one day you have disappeared and I really and sadlly thought you have given up the show business or were even dead: no internet to check this crucial point. So what a surprise and what a happiness to see you – via your website – more alive and creative than ever! And what a metamorphose as well! Hope you’ll come to Paris for singing (Olympia, why not?), but I’m ready to cross the Chanel. Anyway,thank you for all the things that you do (website and twitter included) and be indulgent with my english mistakes…
    Josette from Paris

    • Auntie Betty says:

      Apologies Josette, I realise that your comment was for David, but I would just like to say that your English is charming

  214. Paul s says:

    No mention on website of the re-releases of David’s first three albums that are coming out in November, including bonus tracks. Also, David featured in the Danny Baker BBC2 show Cradle to the grave last week (available on catch up). Storyline was that Danny Baker used to pretend that he was David’s brother. Lots of Essex music throughout the programme.

  215. Janet F. says:

    Stay With Me Baby is a bonus track on the CD Gold and Ivory which is sold as a double CD with All The Fun of the Fair.

  216. Jenny says:

    Hi David,have been looking through cd’s to find Stay With Me Baby ,I have it on single record but did you ever put it on CD ?hope you are well love always Jenny (from Dorset)

    • Content Editor says:

      David can’t be sure but he doesn’t think it was on any of his albums

      • Sally from Somerset says:

        Hi David / Jenny

        I think you will find it is a bonus track on the double CD marketed by Demon Music in 2004 all the fun of the fair & gold & Ivory (it’s on the gold & ivory CD)

        Funny I was only looking at this earlier this evening as I was going through collection to put something different in the car for the long journey to Wales on Friday !

        Sally from Somerset

  217. Sally from Somerset says:

    Hi David,
    I don’t do twitter or facebook, but just back from the fabulous musical “All the Fun of the Fair” this time performance by Chard Entertainment Society – a great effort by all those involved. As a lifelong fan really enjoyed the sing-along at the end. For a first night it was a brave effort as your unique style is not easily copied but they did you credit.
    If you can tweet or facebook a big mention for them as show runs till Friday it would be great. I may even go back again tomorrow, great way to celebrate 40th anniversary of Hold me Close @no1, – already had cakes at work to celebrate happy memories of 1975!
    Sally from Somerset

  218. Sharrie says:

    Hi David, I have been tripping down memory lane this week and very much enjoyed watching your clips and listening to your music….awesome stuff. Do you have any plans to visit the land of Kangaroos and Koalas in 2015 or 2016?

  219. Lesley Hough says:

    Hello David, I have just listened and looked at Travelling Tinker Man and other rhymes, I thought it was very good and I am glad I got it. I have also watched Guvners with my husband whom did not want to see it, but we both thought it was good. I cannot went for the next time you are in a play or on tour.
    Lesley Hough

  220. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Have you thought about doing another show like All the fun of the fair, I am sure it would be a big hit, I see that you may be touring next year fingers crossed it happens, I have met you many times and enjoyed the time talking to you, wish you and your family well, and look forward to next year, xx

  221. jade says:

    Hi David just watched u with Cilla heartbreaking love always thinking of u love 2 u and all ur family xxxxxx jade

  222. lorraine says:

    Hi David,
    Would just like to say how much i enjoyed your audio book of the travelling tinker man & rhymes. It was lovely hearing your voice, listening to your lovely rhymes.
    Looking forward to your next tour.
    Love to you and your family x Lorraine

  223. Lynda says:

    When are we going to get a tour pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.

  224. jill cassidy says:

    hi david great news about a tour next year-please come to scotland if not i will come to england lol billy was brilliant in ripper street hope to see him in other shows soon hope you and all the family are jill cassidy.dundee

  225. Diane Blackwell says:

    Hi David,
    Seeing you ( looking dropdead gorgeous) on the BBC tribute to Cilla Black recently led to my catching up with all those amazing hits, reading Over the Moon, and watching every video I could find on YouTube. A Winter’s Tale is my absolute favourite. What I admire most about you is your sincerity and enduring passion for your work. You’re an amazing talent.A ll the best with your next project.
    Diane , Blackheath, London

  226. Jenny says:

    Hi David,please pass on my congratulations to Billy on his performance in Ripper Street,hope all is well with you love always Jenny (from Dorset)

  227. Kay Smith says:

    Hi everyone, just thought you might like to check out David singing with Cilla Black at the BBC 1974 on You Tube, hope you enjoy it as much as i did. can’t wait for next years tour.
    Thanks Kay

  228. Jennie says:

    I have been a huge fan for over 40 years. Do you think you’ll EVER perform in the U.S. ???
    I’ve always wanted to see you live.

  229. Christine says:

    Does David have any plans to tour in the not too distant future. I do hope so


  230. Kirsty says:

    Hi David.
    My aunt is going in for a hip replacement on September 2nd at only 49yrs of age. We are getting together this Saturday to throw her a party before her road to recovery starts.
    As she has been a devoted fan since her teens I wondered if it would be possible for you to maybe send her something, a note of best wishes or something? Maybe one of your staff could email me for her address.
    I’m sure it would make her year!

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Kirsty, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo. If you leave all the details on here it won’t be published.

      Thanks for the details, what’s your Aunts name?

  231. Fran carey says:

    Great to see you on TV last night, was watching Cilla at the bbc, on bbc4, and there you were, singing a duet with her in the 70s. You were singing a Beatles song.

  232. Ms Raven De Bonaire says:

    I have been a devoted fan of David for 41 years! Infact
    He was the first man I fell for at the tender age of 14 lol.
    Such a multi talented person who I greatly admire.
    David goes from strength to strength diversifying
    Whenever necessary. Still a massive fan of your work & you.
    Keep up the great work David.
    Rock on forever, love Raven xx

  233. Michael E says:

    Hi David,

    I have just discovered your music this past week – I picked up a compilation CD of yours in a Copenhagen record store that was running a nice deal on a large box of CDs.

    In these kind of deals I like to include some things that I haven’t heard before in the hope I might stumble across something good, and in this case I struck gold.

    The songs are not all to my taste but about 2/3rds of them hit the mark and I am particularly taken with the track ‘Stardust’. I watched the film on YouTube this week and very much enjoyed that too.

    Best wishes and ‘Rock On’!

  234. Denise martin says:

    Hi Julie Waller happy belated birthday, you share my sons birthday and little granddaughter August 2nd….hope you had a fab day love Denise xx

  235. sarah broadhurst says:

    Good morning to you all, just wanted to say had a very busy,bad working day on friday
    our weather over here is wintry cold at the moment but my day and weekend was
    made over the moon ( sorry hee hee!!!) when I opened my mail and there was a card from you which was fantastic. Thankyou so much for going to the trouble of sending it all the way to Perth, Australia, still as sexy as you were over 40 years ago when you first became part of my life, thank you wish you all the best in whatever you do xx sarah xx from macclesfield cheshire originally xxxx

  236. Susan says:

    Reading your book along with your voice on your audio book is so wonderful . My husband loves it too. All your works are wonderful. Thank you David x

  237. Deb Seward says:

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday David. I hope you had a wonderful day. Hugs from Tasmania, Australia xxxx

  238. Deb Seward says:

    Thankyou David for sharing your life and memories through your poetry. As we get older memories become precious. You have inspiredme, made me smile, cry and feel joy things that really mean the most in life. Wishing you and your family blessings in abundance.

    • Beverly says:

      Deb, I agree with your sentiments about David’s rhymes. He has also brought me much pleasure especially now I am in my 60s. It’s good to remember those early days in the 1970s.

      • Deb Seward says:

        Thankyou Beverley, right you are. Now in my mid fifties memories take on a special significance. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Love those who are close to you and keep those wonderful memories in your heart.

  239. JULIE WALLER says:

    Hi David, Verity and Sarah, it’s a bit late as my birthday was last Sunday (2nd) but could you send me a signed piccy as a belated pick me up. Thank you. Could you please let David know he made me so happy wishing me a happy 20th wedding anniversary. Love Julie

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Julie, If you can leave your address on here, which won’t be published, David would be more than happy to do that for you.

    • Deb Seward says:

      Happy birthday Julie, big hugs, hope you are well. From Deb in Australia xxxxx

  240. sally says:

    Enjoying The Secret Tour Live dvd – Lamplight….Heart Beats Like A Drum….. Magical times! Love S.D xx Suffolk

  241. Auntie Betty says:

    So sad to hear about the death of Cilla – I remember seeing you, David, on one of her ‘Surprise, Surprise’ TV programmes when you sang (I think) The First Cut is the Deepest for a young lady in the audience. So many memories. xxx

  242. Cazz Morton says:

    Hi mate x just checking in that ur OK devastated by the news of Villa Black’s passing and I know Paul OGRADY will be too so u sprung to mind as not heard from u in a week so let us know u doing well please x love Cazz and Soo xxxx

  243. Nancy Case says:

    Thank you, David. Deciding to finally ‘get it together’ and write my family’s history for my children before it is too late ( I’m 77) I began with stories my mother told me about her childhood. One story happens to have an accompanying photo of her family with an early model car in the background. I dug through my memory bank for days trying to remember what mother called the man that traveled rural Indiana in her childhood. Her family had five children with my mother in the middle of an older brother and sister and two younger brothers. This would have been about 1930. The family owned a Model T but her mother wouldn’t drive it…so one day her mother directed the two girls to look after the two younger brothers while she drove the buggy pulled by Old Molly into town for supplies. Well…mother’s sister thought it a good idea to crank up the car, put the two little boys in and drive to grandmother’s house just down the road because that was the day the traveling salesman came and he always had candy. I dug through my brain for days trying to remember what mother called the traveling man with the candy. Before I fell asleep one evening the word “tinker” came to mind. I wondered if the word could be correct so I googled it and FOUND YOU and listened to you read your poem ” The Tinker Man”! One never knows, do they, when they will make a difference? Thank you, David, for your words in The Tinker Man and for reading them for me to find and listen to.

  244. Sally from Somerset says:

    Hope you had a great birthday, was thrilled to see myself on the you tube clip promoting the forthcoming documentary by Alan Parker (fame at last!)

    How is the book coming along?

    Sally from Somerset

  245. Carol Kingwell says:

    Hope you had a Fantastic Birthday. Look forward to seeing you on stage soon I hope. x

  246. Cazzie says:

    Forgot 2 say New baby Lyla after her poorly start now 9lb 4 ozs .So all going well For Essex and Peter xSoo and I have r bad days but we have good fun filled days too hope u Sue Sonny and all the family +Levi do too xx

  247. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David, have a good one, hope to see you soon xx Kay xx

  248. Cazzie says:

    Hi Mate Happy Birthday sweet man .Hope you’ve had a lovely family day x miss ya love ya c ya x Cazzie and Soosie xxxxxx

  249. sally says:

    Happy Birthday David, hope its filled with fun and laughter! Love Sallyx (Essex)

  250. Karen Glynn says:

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday David, love & best wishes XXX

  251. Mary Mullett says:

    Happy birthday David. Ihope you have a great day.

  252. Lesley says:

    Happy birthday David, hope you are having a wonderful day and celebrating with your family love Lesley xx

  253. Janet Thompson says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous man. Have a fab day & hope you get spoilt!! xx

  254. jade says:

    Happy birthday David. Really have missed your concerts and so hope to see you soon. Have a lovely day. Love and best as always. Jade red carnation and yellow rose. Xxxxx

  255. Jenni says:

    Happy Birthday David, hope you have a truly lovely day.

  256. Julie says:

    A very Happy Birthday David!
    I wish you a lovely tea with your children and grandchildren :)
    I hope you will think about touring again with the band, it would be fabulous to see you again!
    Lots of love
    (From Hull)

  257. Ben Birkett says:

    Wishing you a very Happy 68th birthday David hope you have an amazing day !!!!

  258. Christine says:

    Happy birthday David. My husbands birthday tomorrow. He is in insurance and I was very lucky to meet you when you lived in Guildford. Hope you have a great day.

    Christine and Alan

  259. Ken & Ruth says:

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday David!!

    Have a great ‘Fun Day’ with all the family and grandchildren!!

    We know and respect that you have been very busy, but are all so very much missing
    seeing you ‘On Stage’!! It would be so great to see you doing just a handful (at least)
    of ‘Concert Dates’ in the not too distant future!! I know they would be a ‘sell out!’
    We all have our fingers and toes crossed!!
    Ken & Ruth (Trowbridge)

  260. Janet F. says:

    Happy birthday David, hope you are having a ‘beautiful day’ and being spoiled!

  261. Karen Day says:

    Would like to wish you a very happy birthday David and hope you have a lovely day with all your family

  262. sarah broadhurst says:


  263. Ros says:

    Happy birthday David lots of love and best wishes .it was mine on Friday and I had a lovely day with my daughter and granddaughters enjoy your day with your family XXX

  264. Jenny says:

    Happy Biirthday David love always Jenny xxx (from Dorset)

  265. Gill n Edith says:

    Happy Birthday David……xx Hope you have a great day lot of love from us two xxx

  266. Carol Leonard says:

    wishing you a truly wonderful birthday lots of love x

  267. Debbie Wilson says:

    Hope you have a great birthday, my birthday is on 22nd August and would love a signed photo. Love the trailer for the David Essex Story, can’t wait to see it on DVD. Am a member of the David Essex Girls Club, I am sure you have heard of us, we had our annual get together recently.
    Also just want to thank you, I lost my dear Mum last September, and as you know yourself the pain doesn’t go away but listening to your albums has got me through some dark days in the past year so thank you. Hope you , Susan, Sonny and Levi are all well and happy. PS Don’t know when Sonnys birthday is but wish him a happy 1st birthday. Love always Debbie

  268. Lesley Danks says:

    Will the movie The David Essex Story be shown in cinemas in Australia? Hope your enjoying your birthday today David. Have a good one. Love Lesley Melbourne Australia.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi Lesley, there are no plans as yet but there will be a DVD available after the release of the film

  269. Di Evans says:

    Hi David Have a very Happy Birthday on 23rd. Enjoy your day x

  270. Gill Gordon says:

    Hi David, Just want to wish you all the best for your birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely day . xxx

  271. Ruth Hogg says:

    David is getting a few mentions on Planet Rock lately. They occasionally play Rock On by Deff Leopard and this morning the fact that Herbie Flowers played bass on Rock On was mentioned. Joe Elliot himself mailed the station with that bit of info. All helps to raise your profile David!! Not that you need it !! Can’t wait for next tour. Hope you do Blackpool this time around? Maybe The Grand Theatre? Fabulous venue. In the meantime best wishes to you and yours.

    Much love from Ruth Hogg XX

  272. Jenni says:

    A very genuine, talented guy with a fantastic voice, mesmerising!

  273. Beverly says:

    Thank you so much for the YouTube link. Simply fantastic! David made himself a star and always will be. His is an incredible talent.

  274. ben birkett says:

    Dear David I was wondering when the film premier is and when the David Essex official documentary comes out.

  275. alan eason says:

    I think we are all missing david on tour hope you make your mind up about it soon

  276. Lesley Danks says:

    Dear David, Wishing you a happy birthday for Thursday the 23rd. Lots of love Lesley Australia.

  277. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday David 23rd have great day

  278. christina sheard says:

    Hi david it’s my birthday on 3rd August I was wondering if you could make my day and send me a signed photo I’ve followed you for 42 years and thank you for been part of my life.

    • Content Editor says:

      Please leave your address on here (it will not be published) and David would be more than happy to send a signed photo

      • sarah broadhurst says:

        Dear david, I am sorry but I need to let u know how dissappointed I am at this website.
        I have been an avid fan of yours for 43 years and even though I have moved to Perth, Australia I still send you a birthday card in the post and follow you asmuch as possible.Back in June it was my birthday and I posted a message on the website asking
        if it was possible to send me a birthday card for my day as I mentioned my friends had made comments had I ever received a card back. I looked at your guestbook website and realised my dream could come true, so I posted the message did not get a reply like
        recent message leavers have and my message isnt even visible. At the time the website did disappear for a while. I am hoping that people’s comments arent picked out randomly? I very much hope I hear from you soon

        • Content Editor says:

          Hello Sarah, sorry we did reply to your message on the 19th June. If you look on the guest book you’ll see it there. David sends his best wishes and hopes you had a lovely birthday.

  279. Doreen Whittle says:

    Hi if David goes on tour which i think may be the last one please ask him to come to Orkney as we have a new theatre which he could play at Orkney as been in the news and been on tv a lot in the years gone by he should come and see for his self how nice it is here i have ask him to come up twice before third time lucky best wishes Doreen

    • Doreen Whittle says:

      Hi David hope you are having a good rest I have sent you 3 message but can,t find the reply please please can you come to Orkney when you do your tour i still think that you and Rod stewart could be good singing together all the best Doreen

  280. Christine says:

    Hi David

    Any sign of a Tour or a Calendar this year. It has been a while since you toured with your music


  281. Doreen Whittle says:

    Dear David I would love to hear you and Rod Stewart on record together I think it would go to number 1 very easy . Hope you are having a good rest hope to hear from you love Doreen

    • Doreen Whittle says:

      Dear David Happy Birthday have a great day hope to hear from you soon about the other messages I put up have fun with your children on your birthday Best wishes Doreen

  282. Toni Murdoch says:

    Dear David, I was just wondering if there is anyway I could arrange for you to make my best friends 50th birthday year??? You are the only present I can think of which would make her year and actually probably be the best surprise ever in her life, you are the only thing that is going to achieve this, just thought you could pop by her door and knock and say you had a flat tyre and could she help!!!! I know you have been to Salisbury before cos she dragged me along to the city hall to see you years ago and that was her best thing that year!!! We also came to see you in “all the fun of the fair” at the Garrick and I am a musical expert and I have to say that was the best musical I have ever seen!!!! We met in 1973 at boarding school in west sussex and were brought up at “Smarts Amusements” fun fair down in west sussex where I fell in love with a waltzer car spinner so all the fun of the fair really struck home!! We have remained friends since we were 7 years old at a private prep boarding school even though I have travelled all over the world and weirdly we have both ended up in Wiltshire in the same town, this has to strike on your heart strings surely, oh my brother in law is also from the loveliest gypsy family in this area and he married my very posh, privately educated sister a few years ago, have I got your attention yet!!!!! This would just be the best story for Holly Willabooby on surprise surprise but I wanted to ask you not Holly xxx

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Toni, David wouldn’t be able to make your friends birthday but sends his best wishes.

  283. vincent says:

    why is stay with me {baby} not available on or digital format anywhere……it is a superb version.

  284. Joanne Smith says:

    Hi David, I hope you get to see this.

    My mum sadly passed away on 19th June very suddenly and unexpected. We have lost a very wonderful person and life just won’t be the same. Her biggest love was you, always watching and recording you when on TV, went to your concerts everytime you toured and has also gone to the CD and book signings in Sheffield and Manchester over the years. I have also seen you in concert and think you are great, I also went with her to one of your signings in Sheffield a years ago. She was like a giddy teenager everytime she saw you. She has even requested that we play your songs n memory of her at the funeral which is due to take place on the 8th July. We will be playing “Hold me close” and “Gonna make you a star”

    The reason for me posting is to ask whether you can send some kind of memorial to us for her as this would make us happy. We are also going to continue to follow you in concert for my mum as I know her spirit will always be around when you are performing.

    Hope you can help, thank you for your time.
    Joanne xxx

    • Content Editor says:

      David was so sorry to hear about your mother and appreciates her interest in his music. His thoughts are with you and your family.

  285. Cazz morton says:

    Hi mate me and Soo having glorious time here in sunny Whitstable on Marine parade of to English’s tonight for a meal good.times x

  286. Bob Baden says:

    I have been a huge fan of several of your songs for about 30 years. I’m interested in getting permission to record Rock On for my debut EP this fall and I’m wondering how one might go about doing that. Thanks so much for the great music!!!

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Bob, it’s been released as a record, so you are free to record. You just need to credit the writer and publisher ( BMG ). David hopes it goes well.

  287. Nicky and Thuraiah says:

    Hi David you have given us forty two years of your time and talent (which we were lucky enough to thank you for at the end of questions and answers in Nottingham) and following you has taken us to many wonderful places and events, but although it is really quite selfish to say we just want you to know we miss you. Thuraiah and Nic (Swansea) xx

  288. Beverly says:

    Thank you for letting me know about there being no release date as yet for the audio rhymes and also explaining in reply to someone else why we haven’t heard much about David recently. Good to know he’s still working on other projects. I hope we hear from David soon. We all miss him!

  289. sally says:

    Hi David, my daughter Fleur is doing a sponsered walk today for her Dad, in aid of the british lung foundation, would it be possible to make a donation please?! Many thanks Sallyx (Essex)x

    • Content Editor says:

      David hopes the walk went well for Fleur. Is it possible for you post a link for donations?

  290. lynne says:

    Is David ever going to tour again ?

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Lynne, there are no plans at the moment as David is busy on other projects right now.

  291. Andree Battershell says:

    I have always loved listening sing back in the 70s/80s. Then you joined Eastenders, which I enjoyed watching until you left the soap. You seemed to have gone out of the limelight these days. What’s happening to you??

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Andree, David has been writing that’s why he’s not been in the public eye and is busy on a new project at the moment.

  292. Beverly says:

    Is there a release date yet for the audio version of the rhymes please? I am so looking forward to hearing them as you intended them to be heard. Thank you. Still a fan after 40 years especially as you’ve always remained yourself. You are still the boy from the East End. All best wishes. x

  293. Steve says:

    Hi. I have been collecting the various theatre and tour programmes for David,s performances and I have every tour programme except the 1979 tour, please can you tell me if a one was available for this tour. Thank you. Best regards. Steve.

    • Content Editor says:

      We suspect it was but we don’t have a totally accurate record. Good luck with finding it.

  294. Jason Green says:

    Dear David Essex, I am writing to you regarding a song that I would love for you to hear! Please listen to my song, I am a big fan of yours and would love to have feedback from you. Thank you for your time, Kind Regards, Jason Green

  295. Janet says:

    Just want to say followed you for 40 odd years and you still rocking.Well done David.x

  296. Susan says:

    To David great news the audio book of Traveling Tinker Man and Other Rhymes

  297. Sally from Somerset says:

    David – A huge thank you for first of the limited edition prints (It’s gonna be alright) A really special leaving gift from my lovely work colleagues after 27 years at the same firm! I understand various e-mails and twitter posts to your team by our receptionist Georgie, and now I am the proud owner of 1/50 (worth leaving for!) I can’t wait to get it framed and up on my dining room wall for all to see. Would love to know which charity(s) you are supporting with this project? Starting new job on Monday so wish me luck – “its just a matter of time, things will be fine” …..”its gonna a be alright” – so apt. I hope you enjoyed your day at the track with Billy. Thank you again, looking forward to the release of the DE story and your next book !
    Sally from Somerset

    • Content Editor says:

      We have yet to decide but it’ll be Cancer and Heart charities

      • sarah broadhurst says:

        Hi there David, hope you are well and congrats on becoming a dad again x I was wondering if I could have a birthday card that is signed sent to me please? I have been a massive fan for 40 years, I have moved to Perth Australia but that has not stopped me being a fan even though you havent been here, and religiously I have sent you birthday cards and christmas cards which some friends couldnt believe I did ha ha and my response was I never got one back but I have just been reading your guest book and noted that is is possible – Is It please xx its actually my birthday tomorrow and I know it would not be possible to get it for then but I would not care as long as I got one x

        • Content Editor says:

          Hello Sarah, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. David is more than happy to send signed photos or you can send stamped addressed envelopes to D E Management at the contact address: PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE or contact them at
          If you give us your address on here we can send you a signed photo as he’s missed your birthday and it won’t be published.

  298. Chris says:

    David, just wanted to say thankyou for signing my sons autograph book after you presented the trophies at the World Superbike UK round last sunday. True gent & legend…..thanks again…Rock On : )

  299. Cazz morton says:

    Hi mate cheers for answer can play it for her now x no baby news yet x

  300. Cazz morton says:

    Hi Mate need help Faith 5 yr old granddaughter who loves your songs loves “To me your a Star” which I sing to her cause she is my Star x now she wants to hear u sing it and I cannot remember what album it’s on ,I have everything u have ever done and know it was in last 5 Yrs .driving me mad can u help .Hope Donnington with Billy went well Hope Sue and Sonny continue to thrive . My Essex is being induced tomorrow for our next granddaughter pray with me all goes well please luv us c us soon end of June we will be your way x

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Cazz, it’s from the Album ‘Beautiful Day’. David sends his best wishes to you and your family.

  301. Mary mullett says:

    Dear david is there a date for the film premiere yet?i know everything takes time.regards Mary mullett

  302. Lance says:

    David book of poems is great Thank you David

  303. sally says:

    Hi David, nice little 1_0 win at Upton Park today! Coyi Sally (Essex)x

  304. Phil Milsom says:

    Hi David.
    Can you somehow get Silver Dream Racer released on Blu Ray and also the Silver Dream Racer Soundtrack released on CD.
    Could do a double Whammy DVD and CD in one package ?
    Thank you in advance.
    Rock On!

  305. Susan says:

    David Love the prints & website look awesome just like you David x

  306. Carol morton says:

    Love the prints speciallying the ROCK ON one xxxxx miss ya

  307. andy says:

    Being a fellow ” Towner ” ( Hermit Rd ) always had an interest in how well you’ve done . Just listened to” if I could “and made me think of the girl I used to listen to it with . Sitting in the car outside her mums flat vowing undying love to each other ! Turns out I could listen to you a lot easier than her,
    Rock On Bruv

  308. Gill Gordon says:

    Just finished reading your book, . I’m not normally into poems so was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Look forward to the next one. Have a good Easter. xx

  309. Den says:

    Hey David
    Hope all is good with you , I know you probably here this a lot, but I thought I would let you know, I am having “If I could” played at my wedding, It brings so many lovely memories. This is my first Marriage and I ‘m getting on a bit, 52years young lol
    I never thought there was ever a Mr right out there for me. But there was and I
    so thankful we found each other, and even better he loves your songs too.
    I waitied for the best :-)
    Love , light and peace, thank you for all the happiness your have given. xxxxxxxxxxx

  310. Amanda Freund says:

    Hi really nice to see you at bluewater on Saturday nice to chat and have my booked signed thank youxx

  311. Kelly says:

    Hi David,

    Just to say a great big thank you for Bluewater signing, you were so kind to chat to everyone like you did.

    It was great seeing you and your book is just lovely, instant therapy for me at a difficult time.

    Thanks again you really are a special soul x

    Kindest regards and respect.

    Kelly x

  312. Barbara says:

    Is there a list of book signings please? Missed todays will there be any more and if so will the info be on this website? Barbara x

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Barbara, there are no more book signings planned. If you’d like your book signed you can send a stamped addressed package to:
      PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

  313. chris says:

    Hi David

    When are you going to tour again and also have a new calendar out



  314. Arturo says:

    Dear David Essex, in Summer 1980 I was in London on holidays and one night I went to Dominion Theatre for David Essex “Silver Dream Racer” it was a marvellous musical happening.
    I waited a lot for David’s signature, so I lost the tube,..I got a night bus but it will stop at S.W.13 instead of S.W.7….a long way, so I decided ring to Metropolitan Police and I slept there until morning. The policeman gave me a cup of hot tea, great people and gentleman, indeed. A friend of mine lived in Fulham Broadway, my B/B, S.W.7.
    Best regards to you David,
    Arturo from Padua (Italy)

  315. Stephen Tyson says:

    Just listening to the original War of the Worlds LP’s (yes.. really) and oh man you were so cool in that, great voice, great music.

    Thanks so much! you rock man 😀

  316. carol says:

    Hi David, any plans to do book signing at lakeside essex.?

  317. Gill says:

    Great to see you on “Neil Mccormicks Needle Time” last night,………. if anyone missed it its repeated on Sunday 22nd at 8pm………We miss you, really need a Tour….Please,!! but hope to see you in May with luck!! xxx

  318. Carol morton says:

    Hi mate ! Can we have a list of book signings please!
    We can’t get to Blue Water as Soos youngest Daughter Sophie is getting Married then!
    And we r disappointed not to have the chance to be there! On and on Cazz and Soo x luv ya see ya x

  319. Susan says:

    David book on poems is great

  320. Christine O'Neill says:

    Hi David, so sorry I missed you on tv in February, I was on a cruise arround the Caribbean
    for my 70th birthday on 22nd February.I spent the day on the beach sipping Rum punches. My daughter bought me your book on poems which I love.Very meaningful.
    congrats on your new son. Love Chris.x

  321. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David, little did i know my daughter had organised a special Birthday card for my 50th, it was from you , i couldn’t stop crying , what a treat from a man whose been a big part of my life for 36 years. Thanks so much for taking the time to make me feel really special, Thanks again Kay xxx

  322. Cazz morton says:

    Hi Mate how’s it going x Soo and I r sitting in my house remembering good times and missing them lots and missing u more sweetheart . Still not long and us 2 will be off out again . C ya luv ya x

  323. sally says:

    Hi David, was in Essex,listening to bbc Essex, then David Essex came on singing Gonna Make You A Star! Happy sunny Friday!!xx S.D.Suffolk

  324. Beverly Treml says:

    Having been through a very difficult time healthwise in the past few months I wanted to say how much watching YouTube clips, reading your autobiography, Over the Moon, and generally searching out all I can about you, David, has been a help keeping me going. You are a big part of the best decade of my life , the 1970s. Don’t ever think of retiring! To a man who has never forgotten his roots and who has shown humility about his success which was hard earned but richly deserved.

  325. Henry Isaacs says:

    hi David heard you on radio other day,i had to write to you as i think you said you had
    a romany grandad.I am a romany gypsy from Cornwall down in the West Country.I live in Redruth surname is Isaacs,just curious have you heard of our family.
    Love Henry Isaacs

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Henry, having spoken to David he remembers a Tubby Isaacs, who sold shellfish in East London.

  326. ben birkett says:

    Hi David on Wednesday 25th of February it was my birthday and it was great to get a birthday card of you and I would to like to say thank you. I also heard about the new film and it says the premier is in may I was wondering if there’s any where to get tickets?

    thanks again Ben Birkett

  327. Lesley Wise says:

    I now live in Portland Oregon, USA moving here from London when I was 26. My husband just bought a record player so I had a chance to listen to all the albums that have followed me everywhere since, well for ever. The first album I played was Rock On. Firstly I forgot how great music sounds on a real record player with a real equalizer, (one my husband has had for ever too!) and secondly how I forgot how good that dong was and how in love I was with you all those years ago! :-)

    Then I realized I had no idea what you have been up too all these years and glad to see you here online. You look just as handsome! Think I might just have to reminisce on more music and some of your movies. Keep on Rocking On…

  328. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David , it’s my 50th Birthday on Tuesday 3rd March, my Dad brought me my first ticket to see you for my 14th Birthday back in 79, cost him £3.50 back then, i’ve been hooked ever since, unfortunately it’s been a bad 10 months Dads been really ill and last week he’s had to move into care, all of my time’s been taken up looking after him whilst he’s been ill I’ve only had a couple of days off, that was to come down to Ludlow last summer to see you, what a breath of fresh that was! anyway back to it, i was hoping for a tour this year so i could be transported back to 79 and those worry free days. LOVE Kay XXX

  329. Barbara says:

    Just been listening to you on Stephen Nolan BBC channel 5 from 20th Feb 2015. Though it was a lovely relaxed interview, really enjoyed it.

  330. tony coles says:

    Hi David..
    Have seen you recently on Mel & Sue..
    and again this morning on Matthew Wright..
    never been in to poetry, but listening to your poems they are not just poems but life stories..
    was wondering if you are coming anywhere near Cardiff to do book signing as i would come along to get one of your books.
    tony & carol coles

  331. Marc Attreed says:

    Hi David, I’m just looking into your fantastic career as I have been told that there is a chance you are my dads cousin (my second cousin) love the face you played for West Ham as a youngster too. If we are related or not you have had a wonderful career and I’m proud of you.

  332. Julie says:

    Hi David
    It was such a shame that you were not given chance to read the ending of your poem about your dad on ‘Mel and Sue’ yesterday. I thought it was rude to interrupt you and the practical cleaning session that followed could have been made shorter instead.
    It was wonderful to see you though looking extremely well. I look forward to seeing you on ‘The Wright Stuff’ next week.
    Your poem book is fabulous!
    Looking forward to the next ‘tour’ with the band in the future, I hope.
    Love Julie x

  333. MB says:

    Hi David I am a newly converted David Essex Fan (18 years) Thats because that is when I met my wife Jane 18 years ago- She loves punk- pop in fact any music – but always- always you are number one. We listen to your music-saw you at fun of the fair and she bought your poetry book this week.
    So this last year has been tricky- she has been ill and her mum and brother passed away within weeks of each other. Mothers day is coming up and I thought I would try a shot in the dark and ask for a signature- I know it would cheer her up a bit- I scored brownie points by borrowing the lyrics to hold me close and putting them on her valentine card!It made her smile! I am happy to send a stamped address envelope if you can let me know where. Anyway keep up the good work – we are hoping to catch you next time you are in Cornwall- you are looking fab- I hope I am that I am so fit and full of life later on .:) Thanks again

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Mat , if you can let us know you’re address on here (it won’t be published) David will send a signed photo for your wife, Jane.

  334. sally says:

    A sunny afternoon with the Secret tour! Ah lovely. “Walk on City Lights” love Sally(Essex)xxx

  335. Esther Houghton says:

    Hi David my sun Ben love you and your work we came to see you on the 10th of February for the book signing where you signed him the poster out of the window and we loved seeing you. On the 25th of February its my suns Ben 15th birthday and I was wondering if you could send a card or a letter wishing him happy birthday. He is a massive fan since 2008 when I took him to his first concert and this would mean the world to him to receive a card or letter of you. so please please please. If Yes please let me know where to send the address to. thanks again. And am very happy to hear about the new arrival to the cook family so a huge congratulations to you and Susan.

    kind regards Esther Houghton

    P.S please he would love it !!!

  336. Julie Evans says:

    Any chance there will be a DVD of David reading his poems? What a treasure that would be!

  337. Janice says:

    Hi David
    It was lovely seeing you in Manchester today, I am loving Travelling Tinker Man.
    Lots of Love xxx

  338. Julie Sheppard says:

    Is there anyway to register on the website to get an alert as soon as tour dates become available, I know there used to be and I used to get a newsletter but dont seem to receive this any more.

    Thank you

  339. Peter Gauci says:

    Hi David. Back in 1962/63 I was living in Forest Gate putting together a band. We had most of the musicians and singers but we were still auditioning drummers when you answered our ad in the paper. You came along, with your Dad driving you, I think, and played with us for an hour or so. And you were good. You had that Beatle/Dave Clark haircut too! But you were only 15, too young to drive and too young to play in pubs so, reluctantly we had to pass on you and we took on another slightly older drummer for the band. You then asked if we knew of any other bands looking for a drummer and we gave you the name of the band from whom our new drummer came from. Next we heard you’d joined them and the band’s name changed to “The China Plates” plus you were writing songs for them and getting some good gigs. Oh dear…what had we passed up? But great to know that you went on to having a wonderful career in music and the theater and movies, etc. I’ve followed your career over the years and just learned that you and your wife have had another child. All I can say to that is “Rock On!” I’m a few years older than you and have lived in the US since 1986 and still play in a band and have great fun every week. Once I strap on my guitar and play that opening chord it’s like I’m 17 years old all over again! Best wishes to you for the future.
    Peter Gauci
    Scarborough, Maine

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Peter, Thanks for you message. Good to hear from you and glad that you’re still playing and enjoying it.
      Best wishes – David

  340. sally says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful news! A beautiful baby boy Sonny. Love Sally(Essex)xxx

  341. jill cassidy says:

    Hi David-Great to hear the great news about Sonnys arrival.Congratulations to u all.Hurry back to bonnie Dundee.Love Jill Cassidy xxx

  342. Julie says:

    Congratulations David and Susan on the safe arrival of your baby son ‘Sonny’. It is fantastic news and a complete shock as the pregnancy had quite rightly been kept quiet. I hope Susan and Sonny are both doing well.
    I received your poetry book ‘Travelling Tinkerman and Other Rhymes last week. It is a fabulous read and brought a tear to my eye. It is very heartfelt and sincere and an extremely good read. My daughter Emma couldn’t put the book down and read the whole book in 15 minutes, praising it!
    Take care, you will have some disturbed nights and nappy changing ahead, every moment to treasure.
    Julie xx

  343. Karen Day says:

    Hi David

    Many congratulations to you and Susan on the birth of Sonny.

  344. Auntie Betty says:

    Hi David and Susan – lovely news for you both and your families – biggest achievement keeping it quiet until now.!!! He’s a lucky little boy to be joining such a supportive family (and Verity, you’re still Dad’s only girl

  345. jill cassidy says:

    Hi David-hope you and the family are well.I am recovering from a knee replacement operation-hope not to be hopalong cassidy much longer lol-loved ur book was that a misprint about you having 5 children or have i missed jill cassidy.Dundee

  346. Sue Lis says:

    Congratulations & very best wishes to you both on the birth of your new son. Lovely news.

  347. Debbie Wilson says:

    Just read the news about your new baby, massive congratulations to you and Susan, I am sure that Sonny will be a joy to you both. Glad to see that you were able to keep the news quiet, would love to be able to see you on tour this year but with a little one, maybe we will have to wait a little longer. Love to you, Susan, Sonny and Levi.

  348. Susan says:

    Thank you David (and Head of Zeus) the readings on you tube are really great . David is great news you Dad again x

  349. sally from somerset says:

    Thank you David (and Head of Zeus) the readings on you tube are really great, bringing life and warmth to your shared thoughts and memories.
    Sally from Somerset.

  350. Kirsten Hakes says:

    COME TO AUTRALIA and bring BCR as well!!
    lots of fans here!

  351. valerie says:

    Hi David, will you be doing any more book signing in any other places. I Live near Norwich.
    Many thanks valerie

  352. Mary mullett says:

    Dear david,I love your poetry book .i particularly like the rhyme about music and also the one about fairies. I am working on my own children’s picture story book,so I know how much effort goes into writing.

  353. Auntie Betty says:

    Hi David, I meant to mention the lovely illustrations in your book by Carlotta Christy. Fabulous, thanks Carlotta xxxxxx

  354. Auntie Betty says:

    Oh David, I absolutely love your book of rhymes, it’s so evocative of everything that has happened in your life whether it be about your family or your career and having followed you for so long, brings back wonderful memories. I laughed out loud once or twice (Bankers……!!), grinned and smiled and often had a tear in my eye. Your poems about your children and your parents are gorgeous.
    Your parents would be bursting with pride (perhaps they are..) with all you’ve achieved, but more importantly with how you have conducted yourself with integrity and dignity throughout your life. I also think that Derek Bowman would be so proud of his protege. A truly lovely book and one that I will treasure – it deserves to be a best seller.
    Thank-you my dear friend for all that has enriched my life by following your career.
    My love and good wishes always to you and all who you love.

  355. Polly says:

    Hi David. Thank you for the poems. I was very moved by them. I particularly love The Sprite and Providence. The illustrations are also beautiful and very evocative: a really good match for the verse. I find many of your songs very moving so was not surprised I enjoyed your book so much. I especially like E16, Gold and Ivory and the Forever, It’s Gonna Be Alright and Happy Ever After Albums. I first saw you in 1981 at Newcastle City Hall, and most recently in Dishwashers and last summer at the Newcastle Arena and always love seeing you perform. Thanks again x

  356. Gil says:

    Just read your book from cover to cover, could not put it down, love it!!
    hope to see you soon xx

  357. sally from somerset says:

    Oh dear, Manchester is a long way to travel (I remember from coming up to the lifetime achievement award night) I could buy a lot more books than train tickets – quite a dilemma! But David there is a solution – book signings in Somerset? Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy my pastime of always re-arranging “all” your books / CD’s & DVD’s to the very front of the display rack/shelf in all the shops I find them in. A great pastime that has led to some interesting moments! Sure to have increased sales over the last 40 years or so. More recently I have discovered in computer shops I can bring up your web page on all the display computers in a row ! However, my family usually desert me at that point ! Sad, aging but devoted fan, in need of a tour please, if you have finished writing for now? sadly can’t make it to Manchester but hoping for something a little nearer – Sally from Somerset x

  358. sally says:

    Travelling Tinker Man and other rhymes, such beautiful poems. From age 13 into my 50th year, all of your memories written so clear. A lifelong fan, it’s so true, David Essex, we are lucky to have you. To read about your family, your Mum and Dad, and Levi Leigh. When you take your bow, your curtain call, we love your songs we love them all.We have watched you succeed from afar, amazing with Love, the coolest STAR! s.d(Suffolk)xx

  359. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David. can we please have a book signing in Birmingham. thanks Kay x

  360. Debbie Wilson says:

    Just want to tell you that I have just got your new book and it’s brilliant . Would love to see you on tour this year, that is if you can fit one in. Can’t get to Manchester for the book signing, any chance of you doing any signings further North ( Cumbria). Thank you for all you do, I lost my Mum last September and although you don’t know it, you have got me through some really dark times, Love to you, Susan and Levi from Debbie

  361. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate ! Could u put up a list of book signings please so Soo and I can c if we can get to.any.of them please . Really not well at moment been like 3 wks with chest infection so hope to get better soon x Cazz and Soo x

  362. Angie Webster says:

    Hi David,
    Just wanted to say that I purchased The Guvnors this weekend. It is both awful and brilliant at the same time.
    Well done.

  363. sally says:

    Hello David, this one made me smile, delivered flowers for the late Jim Maclaine! Love Sally(Essex)xxx

  364. Abigail says:

    Hi David,
    Me and my mam are a big fan of you. I want to do something special for her 40th birthday as it is coming up. I know she would love a signed card from you and would mKe her birthday something really special. She has followed you all over the country since she was sixteen. I hope you will be able to do this for her as she thinks and speaks highly of you. I think you are wonderfull singer/ song writer and all round performer. I hope you do another tour soon.
    With love from her daughter Abigail

  365. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Do you have any plans for a tour this year?

  366. G Parris says:

    Dear David, my husband’s aunt is a massive fan of yours. She will be celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary in two weeks time. Would there be any chance you could write the golden couple a card pretty please? If Yes please let me know where to send address to. Thanks you And sorry for cheeky request.

  367. Dave Haylor says:

    Hi David
    My mum who is a massive fan, is facing her final days in a hospice and as a surprise it would be amazing to receive a phone call, visit if possible…..not to worry if not.

  368. Hello David I have been listening to your Audible Book –your autobiography Moo

    I am not one for reading but was interested in what an EastEnd Boy, made good, had to say so.

    What stands out the most is what a decent man you are,, and we all know, all too well, that there are not too many of them knocking about, you kind of gave me back my faith in human nature and living proof that decent people still do exist, which was nice

    I can relate to the Eastend upbringing that you had

    Best wishes to you David Cooke


  369. Jade says:

    Hi David
    Hope you Susan and family had a lovely Christmas. Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year. Really hoping you will be doing a concert this year???? Have missed your concerts so very much. I’ve been housebound bound the last three months after breaking my ankle in three places. Not good but getting better. Reminds me of years ago in Plymouth when I had a knee accident and came to see you on crutches at the Pavilions. All best wishes as always love Jade XXXX Yellow rose and Red carnation xx

  370. Kay Smith says:

    Hi David, I watched the Guvnors yesterday. what a punch!!! lets hope we all have a good New Year xxxx I’m 50 in March a tour would be great xxxx Kay xxx

  371. Gill Gordon says:

    Happy New year to everyone and fingers crossed for a tour this year.

  372. Jenny says:

    Happy New Year David with love and best wishes from Jenny (from Dorset)xx

  373. Mary mullett says:

    I was shopping in asda todAy . They played hold me close’ and it made my day.thanks for writing it. Happy new year mary

  374. Susan says:

    David Happy New Year x

  375. sally says:

    Happy New Year! Love Sally xxx(Essex)

  376. Suzanne Roche says:

    Hi David,

    Merry Christmas to you, Susan, Levi and all your family. Also have a fantastic new year and best of luck with everything and hope you do another tour in the future.

    Love from Suzanne xxxxx

  377. Di Evans says:

    Hi David A Very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015 to you and your family xx

  378. Gill Gordon says:

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to you and all your family .

  379. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas Dear David and family with love and best wishes from Jenny (from Dorset) xx

  380. Lesley Danks says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you and your family. Love Lesley

  381. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas

  382. Auntie Betty says:

    Ha Ha, of course I meant A Winter’s Tale !! xxx

  383. alan eason says:

    a happy Christmas david and family and to all his followers

  384. sally says:

    Coyi! Early Christmas present! Oi!oi! S.d Essex

  385. MRS.MIHIRI DE ZOYSA says:



  386. Auntie Betty says:

    CHRISTMAS has started……A Winter’s Day was playing as I entered the supermarket this morning – Happy Christmas to you and all your family, David xxxx

  387. Mary mullett says:

    Please can you give me an address so I can send david a Christmas card.thank you Mary.

  388. Susan says:

    David Merry Christmas

  389. sally says:

    Wishing You,Susan,Levi and family, a Wonderful Christmas! Filled with Love and Laughter! Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  390. Mary mullett says:

    David,I enjoyed listening to you read at the vso carol concert.the evening was raised for this cause is so worth it.i take part as well by sponsoring a child in Ghana.mary mullett.

  391. Kay Smith says:

    H I David ,my Daughter Chloe is 21 tomorrow, shes been to see you on several occasions, we came down to Ludlow castle in the summer, if you remember you gave her a thumbs up, so any chance of a HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY message, thanks Kay x

  392. sally says:

    Hello David, On the juke box in the pub, I put on “Gonna Make You A Star”, on Paul’s funeral day. Look to the sky, and see the stars –
    Rambling free… Love SallyX (Essex)

  393. Lynne Edwards says:

    Hi David
    It is long time since i have been see you in show David.
    So hopeful when you do a another show nearest to me.
    I will come and see you all been well.
    At moment i out of work due too been made redundancy in july
    so i will do my best save up too come and see you a again
    Beat Wishes Lynne

  394. Janet F. says:

    Hello David,
    Do you know which night you’re going to see ‘Truth, Lies, Diana?’ as we’re holding off buying our tickets lol.

  395. Treeza says:

    Hello! Born in Stepney, raised in Barking, and a Hammers fan, I hope that gets me some brownie points! lol Saw you several times as a kid (The Dominion, Tottenham Crt Rd for one). Saw you, and got your autograph (be still my beating heart – LMAO) at the opening night of Evita. To the point …………. I’ve lived in the States for 30 years. Do you ever do any sort of shows over here? Will you? Thanks! Tx

  396. sally says:

    Hello David, when the song, it’s gonna be alright makes perfect sense. After losing my Dad last year, and my husband on Saturday, the night was as you describe in your song. Thank you, with love, Sally (Essex)

  397. Miss seeing you David, any concerts to look forward to? Xx

  398. Maria says:

    Hi David

    I know you are a busy man but I would be over the moon if you could take
    Two minutes out of your day and call my mother who lives and breathes
    You every day and has done her whole life.

    It’s her 60th birthday on November 30th and you have no idea what it would
    Mean to us if you could do this. Just a simple Happy Birthday would do.

  399. Michael Weston says:

    Are there any plans for the soundtrack to Silver Dream Racer to be released on CD
    Many Thanks

  400. robbie says:

    you bring up good memories/feelings… thank for a young at heart middle aged girl… and you did great on Eastenders too <3 Robbie

  401. Auntie Betty says:

    Dear David, it does my heart good to read through your posts here. You and your music have touched so many lives over the years. I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again – Thank You So much for sharing your love with us.

    Your Ever Loving Auntie Betty xxxx

    (Not really related – apart from in spirit)

  402. Carol says:

    Hi David, I was wondering if you can help me, I am virtually housebound due to multiple sclerosis and have a lovely friend/carer who is absolutely mad about you when I showed her a photo of you with my cousin she was really melting! Anyway my reason for contacting you is it is her birthday on 11 November, yes Poppy Day, and I have desperately been trying to find a card with you on as it would make her day or perhaps a signed photo of you it would really make her day and I so want to show her how much I appreciate her many thanks still love Winters Tale! Much happiness to you and your family

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Carol, you can leave a message with your friends name and address on here. (It will not be published).

  403. alan eason says:

    is see there is a growing number of people asking about a new tour how about putting us out of our misery please

  404. p.Cockley says:

    Also I thought this was private please delete my address
    After you have seen my message and sent me a signed photo

  405. Chris says:


    Is there going to be a 2015 Calendar. Also wish the email Newsletters would return, I like many do not have either a Twitter or Facebook account, and miss out on what is happening.


    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Chris, sorry there’s no calendar, David said he wanted to do his bit to save some trees! David’s twitter feed goes through this website so you can see what he’s up to on here.

  406. sally says:

    Hi david, nice win saturday against man c. Coyi!!!!! Have a great weekend! Let the sun come into your life, bring in the sun……. Sally (Essex) xxx

  407. Celinda says:

    I’m excited to discover this great site. I want to to thank
    you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and i
    also have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your
    web site.

  408. Janine Walker says:

    Just wondered if you will be touring in 2015. If, so when and where? Thank you Janine

  409. Terry says:

    Hi my wife is a big fan of yours and it’s her 50 th birthday in November would it be possible to meet you or have you go a new album or are you doing a tour her birthday is on the 18th November

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Terry, David has a book coming out but it’s not until early next year. There are no plans for any concerts at the moment but if anything comes up it will be announced on the website.

  410. Joe O'Connor says:


    Just seen albums this ones for you & the whisper due to be released in CD format on Amazon, excellent news, really liked “this ones for you” especially tracks victim & secret habit!!!

  411. PAUL S says:

    At last, The Whisper and This one’s for you are finally being released as a two cd set in November. Can’t wait to hear these for the first time in years. My LPs have long since been lost. This year just gets better and better

  412. Gavin Branson says:

    Dave hi, my name is Gavin Branson from Cape Town South Africa, I am a huge fan of your beautiful music and especially your lyrics, they are the best in the world, and only a true poet could write such master pieces, true works of art. Do you know that there is one song that brings tears to my eyes, and fills my heart with absolute awe and completeness. I love this song so much, but could not find this song any where, so I had to buy the record in America, bring it to South Africa and copy this very one master piece onto a CD in order to just play it in my car every day. This very rare song that took me all around the world, was called ( looking for someone ) off your Silver Dream racer movie. Why is this song not found any where, when it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life, and I am just so curious as to why I had to hunt this down all over the world first. Look forward to your Reply Dave.

    Gavin Branson

    • Content Editor says:

      David was pleased you liked the song, I know it’s one he’s proud of. Written for the soundtrack of the film ‘Silver Dream Racer’ and included in the soundtrack album.

  413. Dabu Patel says:

    As a 10 year old who grew up listening to your songs, I am so glad to have found them again and your website. I just loved Rock On and If I Could and would sing them all the time. Now I can sing them again!

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and a little girl during a time when all she had was music to comfort her!

    Please let me know if you are eve going to tour to come to Richmond, VA where I reside now!

  414. Dear lovely DAVID ESSEX !
    Let me call you so and the reason is that first I heard you in far,far 1973-s,when your disk ” Rock On ” ( Oh ! DAVID ESSEX ! ) appeared.I was shocked.I opened something new for me,something unknown at that it was unlike the other music,music which being unlike the other,impressed me,by it sinkere kindness.And when I saw your photo,can’t forget it till nowadays.Every time, having got your next disk with great difficully,as the prices were and remain today too high(but usually it takes a lot of time before we can listen to your next disk) I immersed in your music world and imagined as if,I were together with you. Unforgettable time!
    You had everything on your way:success and disappointment,but the time proved that your are “the qiants of music”! I am glad with to every you success still many ,many years.I always wanted to know about your as much.I’m interested in both:your life and work.Will you,please help me ,if it’s possible to know more about you not only as a musitian but as a person.We can understand music though the musitians thoughts and soul even if we don’t understand the words in English.I would like to speak with you about everything. But it’s a pity it’s not possible to write everything in a letter. A letter is the only means communication with you…The only hope to meet you and to speak with you it’s your concert. But in fortunately it’s very difficult.Heardly I when nor be able arrive in Europe and USA single hope if you will arrive in Russia,we without fall a meet.Dreams… It is difficult for you to understand as it was earlier in the USSR (Soviet Union), with what difficulties to us the nextn albums of you reached. I remember those times when each new album got with the big work. Now them it is possible the find – truth bad piracy copies from China. In expensive dear shops it is possible to order and buy original disks, but they cost stand even more expensively the present true price… Now much has changed, I could see you “alive” in video, but remained as before impossibility to receive the autograph of you. I always dreamed, if not you then though musician you which works I really love and with pleasure I listen when some day will come and in my small world of the admirer you as a photo with his its autograph. But apparently it only dreams – miracles simply do not happen, and if are that only for ” the elected public. But all the same, my love tomusic you remain with me for ever. And let dreams will not come true, but I trusted, and the belief and hope die the last… .My letter means you have reached,but I hoped to receive from your autograph-for me it is a limit dreams.With music of you I have lived the most part of the life and I wanted to have a part of this life having touched again by those unforgettable years of our youth by which part and were you.Forgive me,if I am too persevering.The you for me always was and will be that light with what the man lives.The thank for that you is.Let always success and our love will be with you.
    Dear lovely DAVID ESSEX ! I’m very sorry,but I have a request for you.Will you please send me your photo with your original autographs or just an answer on my letter.For me it would like… a present equal “the flight to the moon”! Oh,GOD!But it’s just a dream,I even can’t hope for it.There are no miracles in reality!? Having finishing my letter let me wish you everything a person can wish to his friends:a successful work and a lot of happiness in your life,and also to continue gladden your admirers with your songs.Thank the time thas has presented us such a wonderful singer and man. I want you to be happy and always young!We love and always will be with you.
    Ever’ your Helen.
    P.S.Excuse me,please my English.

  415. sally says:

    Hi david, hope you are all having a great time in New York! A local suffolk pub has turned its car park into wall of death museum! Read about it and thought of you! Love S.D Suffolk

  416. Lisa says:

    I have loved Rock On since it came out. I was only ten or eleven at the time! Sorry if it makes you feel old! HA! Best Wishes, Lisa Blackburn

  417. Alison Smorthwaite says:

    Hmm, from reading the comments, it appears there are no plans for a tour at the moment, I hope you will do one as I’ve missed out the past few tours and would very much like to come see you again.
    So please please do a tour sooooooooooon, I need a fix. Lol

  418. carol says:

    Hi David , are you going to be doing us a calender for next year ? also is there going to be more bits an bobs. mugs, pens, badges, t.shirts etc for sale once again in the shop for us to enjoy ? hope everyone is in good health love to you and your every growing family xx

  419. Alton Andrews says:

    Would it be possible for a radio interview, please.

  420. janice prime says:

    hi david hope you are well just wondered will the guvnerers be shown up the north east and will there b anymore tour dates aswell missing you always love you your in my heart xxxxxxxx

  421. Ingrid Neebury says:

    Can you please tell me why there was never a film made of Mutiny. I was unlucky because I never got to see it and would have loved to get it on DVD.

  422. Auntie Betty says:

    Would love to see The Guvners film but not being shown at my local Odeon cinema – very frustrating!!! Will there be a DVD at some time do you know? Thanks.

  423. Andy Vargha says:

    Legend. Love your work David. Looking forward to your next tour. Should it arise. Come on – give the people what they want!

  424. PAUL S says:


  425. Zelda Lithgow says:

    Thanks for the reply, I’m sad there are no plans for a tour at the moment – I’ll keep wishing x

  426. Zelda Lithgow says:

    Hi David, do you have any plans for another tour?. We all really need another David fix, please don’t keep us waiting too long – oh and please don’t miss out Edinburgh if you can’t do Edinburgh then Glasgow please.

    Zelda xxx

  427. which are your most noteworthy upcoming musicians you’ve heard about this year?

    • Content Editor says:

      “Good question, but I’ve been so involved with the play ‘The Dishwashers’ the film ‘The Guvnors’ and now writing a book I’ve not listened to much lately” – David

  428. Paula Fourie says:

    Must say – I do believe that this is the most sexiest man I have ever seen. As a teenager fell in love with him and going on 41 and still think he is sexy!! Good actor singer and writer.

  429. Julia Wise says:

    When are you are coming to Australia ?
    Specifically Perth ..West Australia
    You still have lots of fans here 😉

    Best Wishes

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Julia, unfortunately David has no plans to go to Australia for the time being, but it’s a country he really likes.

  430. sally says:

    Hi David, just home from holiday! “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”! Heard Cool Out Tonight in Doris’s restaurant! Magical times!! Love S.D Suffolk x

  431. gill says:

    HI David
    When are you coming back to Norwich. We are ‘ Missing You’
    Is the Facebook for real or am I stupid.x

  432. alan eason says:

    hi any ideas what david might be doing next ?

    • Content Editor says:

      David has been commissioned to write a book of poems/rhymes which will be published early next year.

  433. Anita from Essex says:

    Hi David,

    Enjoy the cricket and the sunshine today!

    Hope you had a splendid Birthday.

    Lots of love
    Anita from Essex xxx

  434. Frances McCourt says:

    Dear David,

    As long as I have been old enough to ask “what famous person do you like mummy?” the answer has always been David Essex! My mum is lovely human being who has dedicated her life to looking after and bringing up four children as well being a full-time carer to my dad who has been ill for many years. She is beautiful human being who always puts others first. Not far from your own birthday, next months sees her celebrate her 70th birthday on 11th August and I wondered if you’d be so kind as to consider sending her a birthday message in some way? I know she would be extremely thrilled. I can send address privately.

    Warmest wishes, Frances McCourt, 35, Highlands, Scotland

  435. kay smiyh says:

    HI David, hope you had a good one ! see you soon Kay xxx

  436. Jayne Cann says:

    Happy Birthday David hope its a wonderful day. Look forward to seeing you soon xx

  437. Kaz says:

    Happy birthday, David.

    You shine as brightly as you did when I first had your picture on my bedroom wall back in 1973! Many happy returns.

    Luv ya. xxx

  438. Julie says:

    A very Happy Birthday David, the sun is out for you! Wishing you a lovely day and hoping you are planning your next tour with the band soon.
    Love Julie from Hull

  439. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday!

  440. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday David hope you have a great day love Jenny xxx (from Dorset )