February 6, 2013

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  1. Pippa says:

    Hi. I was interested to see that you answered a question earlier about the location of the video for A Winter’s Tale being somewhere in Dorset. Bits of the video look like they could be set on Dartmoor or Exmoor. I present a radio show in Devon and would love to clarify this – so that I could mention it when we play David’s song this Christmas. Many thanks in advance.

    • Content Editor says:

      It was directed by the late John King and the brilliant film maker Simon King, his son, who was known for his nature films. Unfortunately David doesn’t remember where it was shot exactly.

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi I’m not a stalker I promise you but yet to no avail I don’t suppose you know anywhere else I may be able to get the cd/dvd from..david did send a lovely signed photo with some lovely words and she is so grateful thank you..David essex OBE you are one fantastic and 100pc popular man..thank you so much for your time and effort to help me much appreciated..

  3. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you are keeping well. I had to write this, when you do Elf the Musical in Cardiff in December, my nephew Kian Swainston is going to be one of the dancers, i’m so proud of him he is really good & its even better knowing that he is on stage with you David. Good luck with the Musical not that you will need it, it will be a hit. I’ve followed you since 1978, first time at Grand Theatre, Leeds & 45 times since then & enjoyed every show that you have done you are a true entertainer & gentleman.

    Love & best wishes

    Bev xx

  4. Katie Gray says:


    I sent a card into you for David to sign for my mums birthday, this was sent in over 3 weeks ago and i haven’t received it back. I just wondered if you had received it.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi, you sent it to the old P.O Box address I think. We did send one off today. If you don’t receive it, please let us know.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  5. Lorna says:

    I’m coming along next year after poor health. Watched 2 very different documentries 1 being the hype of Evita before it staged. I saw Evita as part of my history written exam It taught me more in 2 hours than 6+weeks in a term. I can thank Tim for that and the fact he states you were the best ever Che.YOU distant cad yourself.
    I sadly watched the cassidy documentry as he was on my 1st OIALT tour. I simply love your music. The poppy bits but the darker bits you listen to on your headohones

  6. Anna says:

    David , Your more the than welcome . Thank you for taking the time to read and replying to my messages

  7. Mary mullett says:

    Hi David,Just watched the documentary about Evita and some rare footage of you in this.I never saw the show but wished I had.The programme was very imformative.Well done for playing Che.Looking forward to seeing Elf.Mary

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi guys and thank you Tracey have done so again they have taken the money again but not received it yet waiting to see if they refund me again then I don’t know what to do thank you so much for trying to help me just gutted because I really wanted to give it to my sister she is in a bad place at the moment and I know how much much david means to her..our brother passed away and left all his collections of David lps to her and she won’t play them they mean so much to her will se what happens..thank you so much for your time

    • Content Editor says:

      I do hope it gets sorted. If you’d like a signed photo for you sister just leave your address on here and we can do that for you.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

    • Tracey shearing says:

      Jackie, last time I ordered from them it took over a Month to receive it.x

  9. Anna says:

    Hello David

    I love visiting this site after work lim fortunate and lucky to live in a 500 year old cottage on 6 aches with a lake in front , open fire in lounge and my lovely Arga in the kitchen keeping the winter chill at bay’s where I’m sitting right now with a hot cuppa. my 3 dogs curled up by my feet … it’s peaceful it’s quiet and perfect time to read all these lovely messages that are sent to you . Some sad others hopefull some happy but most of all the kindness and love all your fans send your way . How very Lucky you are, definitely a charmed life but how very Lucky are we all to have had you touch lives in such a wonderful positive way ….. and have you here in our life time …… you are truely blessed, and so are we ha ha and your humble and kind, thank you David essex ha ha as my neighbours , (local Irish travellers, ) say …ahh ther’ll be a place in heaven fer yer….. ha ha ha Xxx Anna

  10. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi Jackie the link is working for the DVD cos I’ve just bought one for a friend. If you scroll down the link & click ‘add to Cart’ then scroll & click ‘checkout’ the link will take you to where you fill in your details. Hope that helps.

  11. Jackie says:

    Apologies if you need to contact me then please use my email..sorry for the inconvenience…

    • Content Editor says:

      Not at all Jackie, will you try as the Tracey suggests and let us know if it works.

      Tracey Shearing:
      Hi Jackie the link is working for the DVD cos I’ve just bought one for a friend. If you scroll down the link & click ‘add to Cart’ then scroll & click ‘checkout’ the link will take you to where you fill in your details. Hope that helps.

  12. Jackie says:

    Hi guys I’m hoping you can help me I left you a message asking where to get David’s I’ll be missing you last night and you left a link for me to go there I’ve tried twice but apparently they haven’t any and are waiting to see if David releasas anymore..

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Jackie, not sure why they’ve said that, as it’s nothing to do with David releasing more. I’ll get in touch with them and forward your e-mail.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  13. Mark says:

    Hi David Essex where was the winter’s tale video location

  14. Fred Woodrow says:

    Basildon Operatic Society have just been granted the licence to perform the regional amateur premiere of Evita. It an incredible achievement for us and it’s going to be extremely expensive for us to produce this magnificent show. As you can imagine we are absolutely thrilled to have been allowed this privilege. We will be needing to promote this show as much as is at all possible. In short, with David’s highly successful involvement in Evita, we wondered if he could help in any way whatsoever with the promotion or publicity. Our production opens on 22nd May, 2018 at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon, Essex and if there is the remotest chance that David could attend the opening that would be totally amazing, or any performance come to that. If this is not possible perhaps a brief note of encouragement to our cast as this is the biggest thing and by far the most expensive show that this Society has ever put on. I hope this is not too much to ask, so please forgive me if this is so. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards.

    • Content Editor says:

      To the cast and crew of Balsildon Operatic Society,
      Every good wish for your production of Evita – go well
      David Essex

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi David I have to tell you how grateful I am for what you have done for pat.ive literally left her and for the first time in months she has sobbed with happy tears she said ” that’s it I will be going to see elf and legends tour” and ive surprised her with a booking at potters she is so poorly and sometimes finds it hard to put one foot in front of the other,you are a true legend and a pure gentleman, thank you thank you so much..

  16. Alfie Lawrence says:

    Hi David, it is my partner Janice 60th Birthday on the 8 December, she has always been a huge fan of yours, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send a signed photo with a birthday message on it to her. Her and her best friend will be coming to see you at Potters in April. Thank you for taking the time to consider this. I look forward ,to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Alfie, yes he’d be more than happy. Please leave your address, it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  17. Liz says:

    Hi David,
    So looking forward to next April! Booked to see you in Brighton for Legends(although I do think you should be headlining!) and now husbands booked up to see you at Potters! Unfortunately failed to get him to book Elf but it is a long way from us! My poor husband(Essex overload)So excited! Can’t wait!
    Best wishes
    Liz ❤️

  18. Jackie says:

    Hello David I’ve just realised I put my address for all to see I’m sorry but didn’t know another way to do it apologise for my mistake..

  19. Liz Dyer says:

    Hi, I left my address but don’t know if you’ve seen it! Not great with computers so don’t know if I’ve done it right!
    If you could let me know that would be great!
    Thanx Liz x

  20. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi David & All,hope all is well, just to say another huge thanks for doing Potters again next Year, it’s all booked & my friend & I are thoroughly looking forward to it. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as this Year though,we all melted!
    Best wishes Trace & Lorraine.x

  21. Sally says:

    Hello David, haha! Nice interview on
    Lorraine! Looking forward to
    Seeing you in the Legends Tour! Also, you must have known Twiggy, just as my Aunt made her famous in the modelling world!! The Glitz & Glamour!! Love Sally (Essex) x

  22. Gill says:

    Another big Thank You David all over the moon!! xx…hugs to Levi and Pickle x

  23. steven drury says:


    Please could you send, a signed photo for me of David

    ” To Patty”

    All the best.
    It would be so much appreciated,

  24. Jackie says:

    Hello David do you know anywhere that I might be able to get the dvd and cd of the i’ll be missing you final tour and last sister pat wants it partly because we live in Wolverhampton..she has been through hell and back with her physical health and mental health so could I trouble you and ask if I send you a card for her could you sign it please? I’m trying so hard to give her a reason to fight all this and getting the dvds and cds Im sorry to ask you but I’m trying so hard to help her but every day is a battle for her..we have followed you for years way back to seeing you in top of the pops if you help I would be so grateful.m

  25. Judy Norton B.A. says:

    David’s music touched me when I was around 10 years old, his eyes used to melt me. Most of the kids I knew didn’t even know who David Essex was but I didn’t care, I really had the biggest crush on you and my heart used to flutter every time I saw those eyes. Well, I saw those eyes again for the first time today, I haven’t really looked into your career or what you have been doing for 30 years or so but I just wanted to see what you had been up to and wow you have been a busy man. I found my heart fluttering when I saw your website photo. So its good to know that you still make my heart tingle after 44 years. Thank you for all of your music, congratulations on your OBE and I wish I could attend your concert tour next year but I don’t live in England. Anyway, good luck with it all and best of luck. Where can I get copies of your early albums (the remastered ones). Thanks again for all of your efforts and you have aged really well. You are a very good looking man and I am sure that hundreds of women must tell you that every day. Thanks again. xx

  26. David de Roeck says:

    Hello David, I left a message a few days ago but haven`t received a reply.
    I am not very good at computers so I don`t know if you received it.
    Best wishes
    David de Roeck

  27. Denise martin says:

    Sadly my mum passed away Margaret, you sent her a signed photo one year and she treasured it, next Monday is her funeral and we are having A winters Tale which she loved.
    Thank you for sending the photo.
    And I will see you at ELF with all our family in Nottingham. And Legends Live Nottingham,.cant wait.
    My very best wishes Denise , from Loughborough.

  28. Lynsey says:

    My Mum is a (very) big fan of yours and it is approaching her 60th birthday. I woundered if you could possibly share what you where doing or a memory from 1958 as I putting together a gift for her. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Lynsey,
      David remembers being introduced to Rock and Roll by his cousin Eddie, Little Richard etc.

  29. Liz says:

    Hi David,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for over 40 years. Seen you many times over the years! Will be seeing you at Brighton Legends. Sadly I’ve never met you to get your autograph It’s my 54th birthday at the end of the month October! It would so make my day if I could have a signed picture of you! It would take pride of place in my house! I will understand if you can’t as I know you are a very busy man!
    Liz x

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Liz, please leave your address on here and we can do that for you. You’re address won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  30. Anna says:


    Nais Tuke

  31. Please come to Cincinatti, OH area for a concert!!!! I have Stage 3 liver disease and it has always been my dream to see you in concert!!!!

  32. Sally says:

    Hi David, Great to see you, looking well on Good Morning Britain recently. My Daughter asked last night if I had seen the advert with David Essex in his Christmas cardigan for Elf! I haven’t, as I live out in the sticks, and don’t get London adverts! Anyway, telling Mum the story, she hasn’t seen it yet! And then she says it will all be alright!!! What’s the song?! It’s Gonna Be Alright Mum!!!! Would love to see Elf at Christmas! Let’s hope Santa has got me on his Nice list!!! Love Sally (Essex) x

  33. Janet Hocking says:

    Hi i am wondering if it would be possible to have a message from David as its my birthday & i have been unwell. A message would cheer me up.
    Thank you.

  34. david a. COWART says:


  35. Angie says:

    Hi David
    Hope you and your family are well, it’s my birthday today and my husband gave me a great gift to go ahead and buy tickets for elf or legends or both…so after nearly 40 years I will finally get to see you live, and travelling all the way from South Africa (my parents wouldn’t let me come see you at sun city) can’t wait to be on holiday in the UK in Dec and see one of my idols.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  36. Pj says:

    Hi my step dad claims to be David Essex cousin can you confirm this?? It would make good reading on our family tree if it’s true

  37. Lee Jay says:

    Hi I am trying to make contact with David Essex management in the hope of recording an interview for broadcast on Radio 1 Malaga Spain

    Please could you advise an Email address


    Lee Jay

  38. Thank you so much David for your signed card received yesterday it made my Birthday very special :) xxxxxx Cheryl Williams, Nuneaton

  39. Anna says:

    Good afternoon David
    Thank you for your reply. Ha ha wow …you really did go strawberry picking ..
    Bet you were busy eating those big strawberries and your mum told you off… ha ha
    I only just read your reply and sadly my brother died on Sunday so couldn’t say ahhh you were right … How on Earth he knew that I’ll never know …
    He wasn’t a fan of yours he was mostly into Santana I drove from Essex to Peterborough in my fiat convertible with the roof down playing samba pa ti in memory of him . He did like you and always complained that his wife liked you too ha ha ha

  40. Gill says:

    So pleased to hear about the Legends Tour it`ll be 2 years since we saw you last and just cant wait….seems like forever for us , also bringing some new “Paws” fans with us to the local concert who have never seen you live and are so excited – Great to see you on Tv too looking fab and great Radio interview ……! Went mad and booked 6…..sometimes you just have to travel to see the best well worth it….(and will be great to see Suzie again .) Take care love to all… extra hug for Levi xxxx And Thank You ….Rock On and On x

  41. Denise Cave says:

    What a great 6oth birthday week I’ve had. Firstly they reprinted our photograph in the all our yesterdays page of the Coventry Evening Telegraph and then I saw you on ‘This Morning’. You have inspired me to embrace my age and look forward to my NHS pension this month. Thank you my friend xx

  42. Tracey shearing says:

    Thank you for doing all those interviews David, lovely to see you looking so well, you sounded like you were enjoying them too. Much appreciated.
    Best Wishes Trace.xx

  43. Lesley Edgar says:

    A new legends tour (2019) and NO Scottish dates again!

    What is wrong with Scotland?

    Do you know the additional cost of going to Newcastle or further south are
    prohibitive to many!

  44. Katie Gray says:


    My mum has been a fan of David for over 40 years, and i am also ! Her 60th birthday is coming up and i wondered if it would be possible to arrange a birthday card to be sent and signed from David ?

    Thanks in advance !
    Katie x

  45. Julie Harding says:

    Hello I posted a message yesterday about trying to get tickets for the Legends Live tour..Well I managed to get some this morning in Leeds and it is thanks to a fan of David’s who posted a link on fb. David has just the best fans ever and the support and help so many have given to me over the years and still do is exceptional xx

  46. Julie Harding says:

    Just want to let you know that ever since I found out that David was going to be on the Legends Live tour I have been trying to get tickets for it. This has been very difficult because I knew about it but the venues didn t. Or rather it was not on their websites. I spoke to someone on Sunday on the Leeds Direct phone number and he told me it wasn t showing on his screen . Now it has appeared on their website and I spoke to someone earlier who told me that to get presale you had to be registered on the legends live page a week ago. However a week ago this was impossible as it didn t exist. I am going to try and get tickets on Friday but I will be very disappointed if all the front rows are taken. This is not Davids fault but I just thought you should know that his real fans who try and get to see him wherever he goes are not always being given a fair chance.
    Lots of love
    Julie x

  47. Denise Cave says:

    It’s been 37 years to the day that you and I made headlines together on the front page of the Coventry Telegraph. I still have the large black and white photograph in my lounge that you kindly autographed for me. Happy memories indeed!

  48. Anna says:

    Dear David
    Just quick question please …and of course if you are able to answer it ….

    I went back to my roots yesterday from Wickford Essex to Peterborough cambs where I grew up …to spend quality time with my family and sadly my beautiful kind spiritual brother Salvatore who sadly does not have long to live … but in my attempt to entertainer him with one of my over exergerated funny story’s your name popped up I told him I’d stalked you but not intentionally ha ha that put a smile on his face as I was telling him I’d gone to watch war of the worlds couple years ago in London on my own and you passed me we both went to same tube station and I was terrified to look at you in case you thought I was following you and so I moved away to the next carriage and got on there I did laugh because there you were few feet away from me you looked so normal so relaxed as any other commuter I just couldn’t say can I have a picture with you or an autograph it was your private time you’d finished your job for the evening so my brother looked a me and Said ahhh you missed your chance and I replied no I never because I stood right near him that was special anyway and I get to tell the tale it’s a moment in time out of the ordinary for a laymen person and that makes it a special memory he then looked at me and laughs weakly, and said you know what Anna I heared he use to go strawberry picking in wisbeach like you did, when you were young with mum ,so there you go , your doomed, missed him again ha ha ha we did laugh but I was gobsmacked naaaaaah no way I can’t even imagine mr David essex doing that you are pulling my leg you might be dying but your not going quietly are you want to leave me pondering on that one ha ha

    I remember I was about 10/12 going strawberry picking with my mum in wisbeach (it was my only pocket money ,) we would all hurdle in the van very early in the morning then stop at the gypsy camp somewhere about there and pick up a few of the travellers/ Romany gypsy so there we were load of Italian immergrants and Romany gypsy. I made friends with a young Romany gypsy girl of my age she use to say can’t come to your house your not a gypsy ha ha ha and of course I couldn’t go to hers but I so wanted to the camp always looked welcoming and mysterious …. ha ha anyway you might have been there in that same place somewhere some time …
    if it’s true
    How mad would that be you of course weren’t David essex then ha ha ha
    So is it true did you really go strawberry picking in wisbeach ????????????

  49. Lee Jay says:

    Hi I want to try and arrange a pre record radio inter view with David Essex, is there an email address for DE Management please



  50. Angela Smith says:

    is there any chance of David Essex coming to Australia – it’s been a long time between drinks.

  51. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi all, just a quick enquiry, something showed up on my Twitter feed saying #rhithemusical alongside David’s name, it then went on to say David had signed up to play the part of Jonathan. Is this true? And if so what is Rhi The musical? Cos I can’t find any info on it!
    Thanks & best wishes Trace, xx

  52. Michael Weston says:

    Many thanks for signing my 60th Birthday card it means a lot to me

  53. Brian Shearing says:

    I have no idea if David has any concerts planned for next Year & if my Daughter knows,shes not saying anything,probably because of what I told her earlier. After almost 46 years of being driven mad by David’s music,films,books etc, (I had a brief respite when Tracey left home), I’ve now decided I want to experience for myself what all the rumpus is about! So at 78/79 years old,my Daughter has very reluctantly agreed to take me to a concert,so hopefully,fingers crossed David will do something next Year, my curiosity at this stage really is getting the better of me. But by all accounts, its something I should look forward to, so heres hoping.
    Regards to all, Brian

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Brian, there are no plans at the moment, but any news of tours etc will be on here.

      • Brian Shearing says:

        Thanks for your reply, as you can see from my Daughters reply,i put up with a lot! But happy to say, she is going to take me to the Legends concert in April & shes paying for the ticket,what one yet we don’t know but been told to ‘get my finger out & decide’ because she’ll be booking the tickets asap,so by the time April gets here,i’ll be 79 & going to my first ever Rock Concert,never thought it would be to see David Essex though! Wonder if I still have my white suit from the 70’s? No, Tracey would have me committed.
        Regards to all Brian

    • Tracey shearing says:

      OMG Dad!! I didn’t know you knew David had a website,much less knew how to post on here. I said you could come with me, not sit with me, oh no, you can sit at the back, quietly & in disguise!

  54. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for finding the time to reply.. You will never believe the happiness you have brought me and pat the arguing who had the best posters going to see you for the first time Trust me whatever you was doing we was there that was me and her shouting “i don’t think so” yep you thought it was the crouds no we have very big mouths lol.. Thank you thank you so much..xx

  55. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David ,There is a paperback book for sale on Amazon called Rock On.Is this an official book? Please let me know.Regards Mary.

  56. Sonia says:

    David thank you so much received my signed photo off you this morning thanks for Birthday wishes sonia xx

  57. joe goyer says:

    love your music

  58. Jackie says:

    Hi there hope to find David and family are helped us so much by doing a signed photo for my sister trying so hard to keep her happy she isn’t well at all…anyway could you tell me if David will be doing a meet and greet at the end of the musical elf at all doubt she will be well enough to see him you think David will ever tour again??..take care of yourself..Jackie..xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Jackie, As it’s Arena’s it’s very difficult to do meet and greets and unfortunately we can’t promise anything, sorry.

  59. April barker says:

    Firstly, Thank you very much for your response. I actually found out myself yesterday night when my boyfriend bought me the album! We looked up the wrestler too! How funny! Many thanks again

  60. Sonia says:

    David ive always been your fan but never been able to see you live i was wondering if i please could get a signed photo autograph for my birthday on August 27 i wont treasure it for life xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sonia, David would be more than happy. So sorry for this very late reply, please leave your address on here, thank you.

  61. Marc Harris says:

    Dear David,

    Hope you are well. As an amateur singer-songwriter-guitarist, I’ve always admired your talent, seen you in concert and loved your songs for many years. I wondered if you would be able to assist me please?

    I have been looking for sheet music for your wonderful song Myfanwy – one of my favourites! I have searched on many websites and sheet music sites but unfortunately I have not had any luck so far.

    I have recently noticed that it was released originally on the Arista Records label (according to the info from the cd single available on amazon), which I understand is part of Sony. I emailed Sony over a week ago but have had no reply. Is there any way it would be possible to find out please if this particular sheet music was ever published?

    I would be grateful for your help and will look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    All the best,


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Marc,
      With regard to the song Myfanwy, I don’t think there is sheet music published, the song was a poem by John Betjeman ,set to music by Mike Read, perhaps Mike can help,
      Kind regards,
      D E Management

  62. Phil Milsom says:

    Paul McCartney’s new song. Come home to me sounds just like you !!!!

  63. E donaldson says:

    I remember seeing “all the fun of the fair” on a Guide pack holiday in London back in 2010. My guide leader was a fan so we all waited at the stage door and I got a photo with David Essex just to show my mum. She’d been such a huge fan of yours as a teen and wanted to go to the show too but it never came to Leeds. Her adoration has never changed. My mum is terminally ill now and little brings her pleasure. But today for the first time in ages I cried happy tears as i watched my mum try to sing along to “hold me close” with a big smile on her face. I found this website while trying to find some more songs to play her tomorrow and I just wanted to thank you for making her happy all these years. It’s made such a difference to see her smile again.

  64. April barker says:

    “I never knew when, I never knew how I’d see your face again. Yours was just a face I’d seen in a magazine, no chance to meet but oh Wotta treat….. ”
    These are words from one of David’s songs. I think it was called The Boxer(!?)
    But I can’t be certain. I’ve looked everywhere online for clues but no joy. It’s driving me crazy
    Music I’ve had for years was all stolen so no chance to check from my past collection, sadly
    Many thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello April, sorry for the late reply, it was the “Zebra kid”. It’s on the “Hot Love” album.

  65. Gill says:

    Another Big Thank You David x ..your a star x

  66. Frances Melvin says:

    Dear David

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I’m emailing on behalf of my friend and colleague, Sue, who has just undergone a gruelling round of chemotherapy. She is on the mend now but is very tired. She is a super fan of yours and has followed your career throughout the years. Sue and I came to your concert when you were last in Oxford and had a wonderful evening (we both saw you previously a few years before that in Oxford) but Sue has seen you lots more times over the years too.
    I wondered if there was any chance at all of a signed photo to cheer Sue up at this time in her life? I totally appreciate how busy you are and how many requests you must get of this nature.
    In any case, thank you for all the years of music and for the happiness you have given so many people over the years.
    Very best wishes.
    Frances (on behalf of Sue)

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, David would be more than happy. If you can leave an address on here we can do that for you. Details will not be published.

      • Frances Melvin says:

        Thank you so very much for sending the signed picture for Sue. It has meant the world to her and will really boost her recovery. So grateful for your kindness. Very best wishes.

  67. Karen Good says:

    Wanting to thank you so much for meeting up with us after Garons Park.
    Amazing day of music entertainment.
    Your performance was just the best.
    Seen you at many venues but this my favourite by far.
    Thank you , hope to see you again soon.
    Love Karen x

  68. Gill says:

    Thank You so much David….”Paws” was over the moon! lots of love x

  69. Anna says:

    Well we waved our bithday banner At the concert, Although got bit fed up after 20 mins arm was aching so put it away. Good news a few nice ladies behind me asked who’s birthday is it , David essex I replied happily , his birthday is tomorrow . so off started something similar to Chinese whisper, I just about heared …

    its his birthday tomorrow etc etc ….

    Ha ha But what was really amazing ….was what happened at the end unfortunately had to leave as you ended your last song avoid the volume of people and cars exiting the park my sister and our friend had to get back to Peterborough and Wisbech as we got mid way to the exit. Heard every one singing you happy birthday I stopped turn back o look and just saw 100 100 of amazing fans both in the tent and outside the sourrounding area ..
    It was incredible and I laughed to myself thinking bet not even the queen has had so many people all in one moment sing happy birthday absolutely wonderful I wonder how that must feel can’t even imagine, most of us at the most will in one life time have about 10/20/50 possibly 100 people in one go sing it …. must admit I always feel slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable when I’m at the receiving end I usually shy away and want to hide ha ha ha ha

    It was a great day and my friend carlamaria who has never seen you live but always been a fan (was visiting from Dubai) loved it and thought you were amazing and so eloquent …so thank you for such a great evening in Southend

  70. Mary mullett says:

    Will there be a recording of David at Garon Park please?Mary

  71. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday David , hope you have a lovely birthday :)

  72. Lesley says:

    Happy birthday hope you had a lovely day celebrating with your family xx

  73. Linda Cooper says:

    Hope you’re having a Wonderful Birthday David,you well deserve it.Thanks again for all the years you’ve made us all happy …much love …Linda xxx

  74. Helen McCombie says:

    Happy birthday David, have a lovely day,

  75. Jill cassidy says:

    Happy birthday David.Hope you have a great day.Love Jill .

  76. Eric says:

    Happy birthday David hope your having a great day and thank you for your music best wished Eric

  77. Mary mullett says:

    Happy Birthday David. Great show at Garon Park! I really loved Picture This Sky! Mary

  78. Ruth Mansey says:

    Huge Birthday Wishes to you today. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Raising a glass to wish you many more. Take care. x

  79. Carol says:

    Happy birthday David. Hope you have a lovely day. Love carol xx

  80. Pauline Kingman says:

    Happy Birthday David xx

  81. Tina Henley says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday David, and many more to come, xxxxx

  82. lorraine bayliss says:

    Hello David,i would just love to wish you a very “Happy Birthday” hope you have a great day with your family.Look forward to seeing you again later in the year.All my love Lorraine Bayliss xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  83. Wendi says:

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday today David with your family and friends, have a wonderful day x

  84. Wendy says:

    Would like to wish David a lovely birthday we hope you have a fantastic day with your gorgeous family and friends all the best lots of love from The David Essex Past Present and Future #throwback70thbirthday group on Facebook ♥ #thebiggestinderpendentfanbasegroupontheinternet

    • Essex Admin says:

      Sounds good Ray, but I have no plans to record at the moment and I write all my own material. I wish you every success. Best wishes – David

  85. Marilyn White says:

    Hi David,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!! Hope you have a lovely day.

    Sending love and a kiss,
    Marilyn xxxxxx

  86. Jade says:

    Hi David
    Wish I could have been with you in Southend-on-sea yesterday it was my birthday but was unable to make it. Missed seeing you so much since your last concerts. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday today, hope you are having a great time. Best wishes to you and your family. Hopefully will see you in the near future. Love Jade. (Red carnations and yellow roses) XX

  87. Sallys says:

    Happy Birthday David! Have a Wonderful Time – Love Sallyxxx (Essex)

  88. Janet F. says:

    Happy birthday David and thanks for the great shows at Potters and Southend – hope you have a lovely day! Janet F. Xxx

  89. barry mitchell says:


    have enjoyed you work for many years. wondered what u were working on [musically] at the moment n in the immediate future?


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Barry, David is not working on anything at the moment, but maybe in the future.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  90. Faye Dodd says:

    Hello David, Have a lovely Birthday, Love Faye xx

  91. Lesley Jayne DANKS says:

    Happy birthday David, enjoy your special day with your family. Love Lesley Australia

  92. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Dear David with lots of love always Jenny (from Dorset ) xxxx

  93. Janice Prime says:

    Hi david just would like to wish you a very Happy birthday today hope you have a fantastic time with ur family you certainly deserve getting spoilt love forever Janice xxxx

  94. Carole Lawrence says:

    Happy birthday David. Have a fantastic day. Xx

  95. Karen Day says:

    Would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday David. Enjoy your day.


  96. Angela says:

    Happy birthday

  97. Susan Riley says:

    A very happy birthday David x

  98. Gillian Moreton says:

    Happy Birthday David, Hope its a good one – love Gill n Edith xxx hugs for Levi and Pickle too xx

  99. sharon prosser says:

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday,David,hopefully spent with family & friends. Xx

  100. Joy says:

    Great Performance in Southend David.
    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday x

  101. Happy Birthday to one of the most loveliest people hope you have a fantastic day and the concert you were at yesterday was amazing with you there I’m sure it was couldn’t be there as living now from Macclesfield Cheshire to Perth Australia came to see you 2 years ago on your final concert tour and as always made my day at Blackpool got to the front and you recognized me so amazing your a star been here for 10 years now but I have and always been one of your no 1 fans thanks for being in my life have a fabulous day Sarah Broadhurst xxx

  102. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday David. Another year older but still as handsome as ever. Roll on December when I’ll be seeing you in Elf at Cardiff Xxxxxxxx Pinion

  103. Sally Lowe says:

    Happy birthday David hope you have a lovely day with your family.
    I echo the thanks for all that you do and really appreciate all the photos
    and signings you take time to share with us. Potters was great, you and the band together on stage as always brilliant can’t believe it’s a week ago already – thank you. X
    Sally from Somerset x

  104. Susan says:

    To David Happy Birthday have good one from Susan & Lance

  105. Joe O’Connor says:


    Best wishes for tomorrow, long time ago now since I saw you at Hammersmith odeon coming down in that rocket, “ all the fun of the fair” !!!


  106. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow David have a great day.

    Love Denise xxx

  107. Angie says:

    Hi David

    Hope you have a great show tonight and an even better happy birthday for tomorrow…enjoy!!!

  108. Anna says:

    Dear David

    Thank you so very much for Caterina birthday card I recieved it today she is staying here for tomorrow’s event we all originally come from Peterborough where she still lives so this morning at breakfast I gave her the card and she was beside herself and so very happy it was pure pleasure to see something as simple as a card by a special artist make someone else so happy .

    Thank you so very very much and a very happy birthday to you for Monday

    Message from Caterina.
    Dear David
    Thank you so much for my wonderful signed card it made my day wonderful surprise
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow 70 concert in the park in Southend
    Many happy returns to you too

    Best wishes Caterina

  109. Denise Cave says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching your son Billy in recent episodes of Eastenders. Talk about a chip off the old block!

  110. Tracey Shearing says:

    Hi David & All,
    Thank you so much for a brilliant show at Potters, my Friend Lorraine & I enjoyed it immensely. Boy it was hot though! Really looking forward to sunny ‘Sarfend’ this Sunday. Forever grateful you still give us something to look forward to each Year, & if you didn’t,we still have fantastic memories from past Years. Please pass our gratitude onto the band as well.
    Again thank you so much for all you do,
    Tracey &

  111. Janet Morgan says:

    Hello David,
    A few years back when my late husband was working for BBC Essex, he and I met you in your dressing room at the Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff on Sea Essex. You were great fun and extremely charming and although I am sure you will not remember the occasion when he interviewed you, I still remember you signing a CD for me of which I still cherish. I am hoping to be able to get tickets for Garon’s Park next Sunday and to see late husband was Ric Morgan.
    Kind Regards,

  112. Sally Lowe says:

    Yay Friday night!

    This time next week (13th) I am taking my wonderful Sister Lynne for a weekend away.

    I have just calcuated that it will be a 722 mile round trip 13 hrs and 37 minutes driving time.


    Potters here we come – Rock on x

    Sally from Somerset

  113. Abby says:


    Please thank David for the birthday wishes to my mum. She was absolutely over the moon! It brightened up her day after a mini bump in her car this morning which knocked her abit.
    Send him our best wishes and I hope he has a brill rest of year.
    Look forward to maybe seeing him soon!
    Thanks again, Abby x

  114. Jenny says:

    Hi I am looking for a new cd of David in Mutiny as Amazon do not have a copy,thanks Jenny (from Dorset) xx

  115. Sam says:

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to David and the team for the signed card that came today
    My sister will be over the moon with it and I can’t wait to see her face!
    Many thanks again


  116. Lianne Fowler says:

    I have been a fan since “Gonna Make You A Star” but cannot remember the first time I heard it. I was born in 1968, obviously well after you came to fame, but as I was growing up, I remember seeing you in “Silver Dream Racer” and have loved it ever since. Would love to hear from you.

  117. Mark McStea says:


    I’m a freelance UK rock journalist and I’m writing a book on the early 70s glam era. I wondered if you’d be interested in an interview – could be by email or phone – whatever you preferred.


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Mark,
      Thank you for you’re message, unfortunately David’s not doing any interviews at the moment.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  118. Anna says:

    Dear David I just realised your birthday is day after the 70 concert in the park .southend on sea i will be there at the front and I treated my sister Caterina for her 60th so I’m hoping depending on my creative abilitity (not too good which is bad really considering I’m Anglo Italian and should be by blood quiet creative considering that heritage ha ha ) to make a banner with happy birthday to you and wave it like mad hoping you’ll notice it amongst the 1000 of eager faces trying to attract your attention ha ha . But what I really was writing to you here about before I got carried away was if you can and have time during you short appearance at the park concert wish my very special kind if at times irratinging beautiful sister a happy 60th please please and just to be extra cheeky please say hello to me too I’m Anna ….
    Thank you so very much if you can and if not then thank you for reading this slightly mad message and at least thinking about my words Kind regards Anna

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Anna, thank you for your message. I hope you both have a fantastic time, unfortunately David doesn’t do shout outs during concerts as he has so many requests. He’d be more than happy to send a signed photo for your sister if you can leave an address on here, it won’t be published.
      Enjoy the concert.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  119. Jan Simpson says:

    Thank you so much David and all your team for helping arrange for you to send me my birthday card that arrived in the post today for my 65th Birthday. I am over the moon with it. Has made my day. I was stupid enough to fall over last night whilst out looking for my lovely cat Spearmint, and am now very battered and bruised. Stupid person that I am , this really cheered me up. Lots of love Jan xxx

  120. Mary mullett says:

    David,just listened to your songs on radio2.The Evita special was lovely.Tim Rice says you are the best Che ever! See you in Southend. Mary

  121. Sam says:

    Hi,my sister Kim will be 60 in August and I was wondering if I could possibly get a signed photo for her?
    She is a massive David Essex fan,!seen him so many times in concert and I know it would make her day even more special
    Many thanks in advance


    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, just leave details of where to send it on here please. It won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  122. tony says:

    Hi my wife will be 70 on 29th june I was wondering if there was a way I could send a birthday to you and if david would sign it and send it to her, it would make her day. I would put stamp on it.
    thanks in anticipation


  123. Ailsa Denise Cave says:

    Hi David have a lovely Fathers Day (don’t forget the sausages!) Enjoy the World Cup and Golf coverage too.

  124. Jan Simpson says:

    I know this is really cheeky but can I request for myself a Birtday Card from David for my 65th Birthday on the 28th of this month (June). It would make my Birthday perfect and soooooo Special ???? I have followed David for more years than I can’t remember and seen him more timescale than I can remember. 3 years ago I got to have my photo taken with him after War of the Worlds and 2 year’s shows she lucky to have a few more taken when I went to his Book Signing in Reading. When’s he looked up st me and said ‘I know your face’ I nearly landed by his feet under the table, my knees trembled so much. Thank you so much and hope my 65th wish can be made come true. Love to David, Susan and all his gang from Jan xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Jan, David would be more than happy to send you a signed photo for your birthday. If you can leave your address on here, it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  125. Katie Brailsford says:

    Hi David’s team, my mum Helen is a super fan of David and has been listening to his songs from when she was a teenager and has been to so many of his concerts. It is her 50th Birthday in July and I am wondering if it would be possible to get a signed photo of David. I am her daughter and I know this would really make her day, if it’s possible to get a signed photo I plan to frame it alongside the vinyl of Gonna Make You a Star (her favourite David Essex song). I really hope you can help me with this special birthday surprise and thank you David for making my mum so happy through your music! Best wishes Katie

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Katie, If you can leave your address on here, it won’t be published, we can do that for you. Can you let us know your Mum’s name please.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  126. Deborah Robinson says:

    Hi David,
    We share a birthday!
    Just to let you know, that we are having a jam at our caravan park near Whitby to celebrate my (our) birthday , with a barbeque and a few drinks, would be lovely to see you there if you are available to have a chilled afternoon with a bit of a sing along. No pressure! But would be amazing if you could! Saw you in Sheffield last year, I was the one with the album thrust under your nose that I got signed by you.
    Be there if you can, you’d love it!!
    Best wishes
    Debs. X

  127. Sally says:

    Hi David, Just been passed Garon Park, looking forward to 22nd July! Was on way to Shoeburyness to collect moses basket! I am going to be a Nanna! The family I got it from had a son called Sonny, and in the car on way home, “Heart Beats like A Drum” was playing! Happy me! “Crashing Like A Cymbol, Burning Like The Sun”…!x Sally (Essex)
    I feel like Silver Dream Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Sheila says:

    Hi David, I am not sure if this message will get to you but just wanted to say thank you as my daughter met you on Sunday at my grandsons football match. I know you must get sick of people asking for photographs but she knew how much it would mean to me so thanks for agreeing to have a picture taken with her it really made my day.
    I have seen you many time the first being when I was young and you were playing in Liverpool and the Real Thing were your supporting act. I came to see you in September at Butlins and again the Real Thing also happened to be playing, sadly Eddie has now passed away and this only makes you realise how we should grasp and cherish every day. I love everything about the seventies and the music from that time. I only hope you and all the other musicians from that time, who still perform know how much it means to people like me and that your music has helped me get through many a sad or dark time. So Thank you again because what might seem a little thing like having your photo taken is actually the world to someone like me. Also I hope everything works out well for lady and her sister who wrote in the last comment Love Sheila xxx

  129. Cazz says:

    Hi Master how u doing hope u enjoying the weather as we r . Good 4 the vitamin d Verity ,Soo and I r short of
    I would also like to add my good Wishes to Jackies sister below and hope all has gone well x

  130. jackie says:

    David thank you from the bottom of my heart for the first time in months you made pat my sister happy she couldn’t stop smiling and crying and then said as you say “it’s gonna be alright”she has told me when she is in ICU she wants your music on and photo by her…i could never thank you enough you are a true gentleman
    . Sir David Essex OBE

  131. jackie says:

    Thank you so much David you will never know what it will mean to her but I’m waiting till i get them…thank you sounds so silly but she we have loved you and your acting writing singing from our teens had so many rows who loved you the most..your a pure gent that has been in all thousands of fans life..thank you David Essex OBE…xx

  132. jackie says:

    Hi my sister has tried so many times to tweet David i know he is a busy man so I’m doing this for her to pick her up she has been so poorly.she isn’t just my sister she is my best friend we have followed you for getting on 40yrs she is due a major operation next week and she is so scared it’s going to be hard so i have downloaded ALL your songs to play them to her because if anyone can give her strength to fight its got to be you…all she wanted was for you to wish her good luck but i thought would there ne any chance for a newish photo of David with his signature on?? Long story I’m sorry..i love her so much so if you can please (if you got extra picture can i have one (the top of her bucket list is to see David solo tour just one more do you think it might happen?thank you just for reading this you are a pure gent..x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Jackie, yes of course, he’d be more than happy to do that. If you can leave an address on here we can get that done for you, it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  133. Rita says:

    Hi David – any chance u can bring ‘Elf – The Christmas Spectacular’ to London or Bournemouth – would love to see you in it, I know it will be fab.
    Hope yr enjoying the lovely weather.
    Best wishes – Rita x

  134. Patricia O'Shea says:

    I was shocked when I realized David Essex was you!!! lol! I lived in Manor Rd. buildings from about 1953 or 54 to about 1961. I remember when I was about 10 and my brother Robert 11 or 12 and you about 13 all digging giant holes and trying to dig tunnels over “the mems” (Memorial Grounds) and you always brought all the equipment; shovels, torch etc and you told us we were cousins. Ginny Cook was my nans sister (Eliza O’Shea) maiden name Holland. We moved to Canada in 1966 with our parents so didn’t know you as David Essex. I only found out recently that David Essex is a second cousin (or is it cousin once removed?) It’s funny when I first saw you doing “Rock On” on TV while holidaying in England I thought you looked familiar! no idea at that time you were David Cook:) Do you have any memories of these times? I’m pretty sure you were living with Ginny Cook at the time for a while. All the best, rock on! Pat

  135. Cazz says:

    Just a quick question
    Anyone going to Garon Park need to know best hotel to stay in 4 venue if u could help would be grateful cheers .
    We getting to knackered to drive home same night fans x

  136. Gill says:

    Just to say Thanks David xx

  137. Kathryn Palermo says:

    Lately, I’ve been buying my favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Luckily, I found your song, bought it, and looked you up. Apparently, living in the US has prevented me from seeing so much of your work. …ah, perhaps I will get a chance. Best, Kathryn

  138. Chryssi Stout-Yonkins says:

    Hello! I have a simple question…I recently sent David an email to the address on this site. Will he actually get to read it? I would be completely thrilled! Thanks so much for your time.


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Chryssi, I don’t seem to be able to find your e-mail. Would you be kind enough to send it again and I’ll make sure David see’s it, or post it in here and it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  139. Joanne says:

    Hi trying to find contact for Mel Bushould appreciate your help

  140. Tracey says:

    Has David got any tattoos

  141. Haley says:

    Hi just seeing if you can confirm that David is doing a charity event this May ? Thank you

  142. Anna says:

    Hi David
    May I ask, are you actually appearing in person on the 22/7/18 2pm at Garon park Southend . I actually overheard two ladies in Waitrose Billericay Essex talking about it near the veggi isle ha ha I didn’t want to appear rude eavesdropping on there conversation although i definetley was ha ha so I moved away pretending I wasn’t and may have mis heared that it could be a tribute to you and not you in the flesh
    I live in wickford so that would be great for me as practically on my door step .However I can’t see anywhere stating that you are . So I’m totally confused (not that it takes a lot to confuse me at the best of times) please can you clarify or confirm yay o nay to the above date . I would be very happy to know rush to buy tickets spread the word and stop scanning the internet in frustration trying to source info and tickets

    Thanking you and Essex admin in advance for any replies …. have a happy sunny Sunday


  143. Janette says:

    Hi David just a quick question are you only doing sun in the 70s and elf . It’s just that I’ve been told you might be doing a charity night in may so I thought I would just ask to see if it’s true ..Thanks in advance xx

  144. Hi Everyone vote for David in Smooth Radios top five hundred of all time, I just voted for Rock On at 1, Gonna Make You A Star 2 and Hold Me Close 3. Le’ts all vote and get David back on top!

  145. John says:

    Hi David

    A big fan since the 70’s when I first saw you on Top of The Pops. Loved all your films and the web site is great.

    Is it true you started out as a drummer In The Everons that later became The China Plates? I was wondering who else was in the band?



  146. Brian Shearing says:

    A huge thanks for tweeting Tracey this morning David. First time in over a week I’ve seen her smile!
    Best wishes Brian

  147. Wendi says:

    Hi David, I’m looking for the lovely song A shoulder to cry on and I know its on the very best of, is it possible for you to please consider get this fabulous album on Spotify or iTunes I would love to have it. Kind regards Wendi

  148. Tracey Shearing says:

    Hi David & all,
    Just a quick note to say Thank you for the time you all took to give us Davids Facebook page. It seems strange without it being there & i’m quite sad that it no longer is but realise how hard work it must have been but,onwards & upwards at least we have Twitter & the Website. Please don’t disappear completely though!
    Appreciative thoughts to each of you.
    Best wishes

    • Angie says:

      I agree with you Tracey it’s weird that it is no longer there, feels like something is missing and it’s a bit of a shame because a lot of David’s fans don’t use Twitter…But I guess there is a good reason for taking it down.

  149. Susan says:

    Hello David Has your Facebook page been taken down ? Susan

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Susan, David’s Facebook Page has been unpublished for unforeseeable future. You can still follow him on Twitter @DavidEssexNews and on his website.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  150. Janice Prime says:

    Hi david and all just want to say a Big thank you for my beautiful photo will go in another beautiful frame love you so much and have a lovely weekend lovr forever Janice take care god bless xxxxx

  151. Ailsa Denise Cave says:

    was that Billy Cook starring in a recent episode of Casualty?

  152. Diane Bruce-Jones says:

    Good morning y’all
    Could you please let us long dedicated fans what has happened to your “David Essex O.B.E.” Facebook Group page and is it possible to make an official statement maybe on Twitter so that it can be shared to your fan fb groups.
    Thanking you and enjoy your weekend
    Diane xx

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Diane, David’s Facebook Page has been unpublished for the unforeseeable future. You can still follow David on Twitter @DavidEssexNews and on his website.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  153. Susan Dove says:

    Hi, can you just tell me where the video for the song A Winter’s Tale was filmed? Thank you.

  154. Julie says:

    Hi just seen David is at Potteres Resort in July is this the only gig he will be doing or will David and the band be doing other things around that time Many Thanks.

  155. Sally says:

    HI David, Wishing you & Your Family, A very Happy Easter! Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  156. Karen Day says:

    Meant to put in my previous message that I hope David gets to sing Winters Tale along with some others.

  157. Karen Day says:

    Just managed to get my tickets booked for “ELF”, long time away but something to look forward to.

  158. Arora says:

    Hello David Essex I’m hoping to go to India soon volentire to help in an orphanage which belongs to mother meera however I’m suppose to bring something to the table ha ha have no teaching skills what’s so ever so really not sure what I can do apart from cooking cupcakes I would bring them prepackaged ingredients and imagine I’ll be using goats milk hopefully chicken eggs ha ha After all it would be something different a moment of pure fun . Hope I’m not cooking in those clay pots that definetly would be a challenge especially trying to get those cupcakes to rise ummmm. I read some years ago that you spent time in Africa within a similar situation and was wondering what did you do during your stay . And young wise one do you have any suggestions ? Please don’t say teach them songs as I can’t sing for love of money and I honestly think I’m toned deaf ha ha thanking you in advance for any helpful advice

  159. Julie says:

    Hi, been a huge fan for many years & attended most shows both tours & other projects like Mutiny, Robinson Crusoe, All the Fun of the Fair & Boogie Nights so very excited about Elf! But can admin explain to me how the offer of discounted seats would work?- would I need to be an official fan club member & how would payment actually be made? In this day & age of inflated prices & extortionate booking fees I think this offer is a really nice gesture, whether I am personally able to take advantage of it or not!
    Any information would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  160. Janice Prime says:

    Hi david hope you and your family are well would it be possible for another signed photo please to go with my collection if that’s OK loving you always Janice many thanks take care xxxxxx

  161. Valerie Dickens says:

    Hi David would love to see you in ELF but will you be coming to a london Venue as that is much nearer and not so expensive to travel too
    Many thanks Valerie xx

  162. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin i’ve emailed Jordan Conway’s link for fan tickets this morning. Do you know how long before we get a reply, only I don’t want to miss out on good tickets and was considering Pre sale tomorrow. Please help if you can, a very excited fan .thanks Kat

  163. Sally says:

    Hi David, Bit of spontinaiety on a Monday night! Daughter comes home, wine comes out, sounds get played, you had to be high for some of them!!! – Had our own little party! The best part was Rock On, Lamp Light and more… and when she sang, Queen: Moet & Charn Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love our parties!!! Gonna Make You A Star! Goodnight! Love Sallyx (Essex)

  164. Denise martin says:

    Can’t wait to see ELF the musical December, great news x

  165. Pamela B says:

    Hi David, just wondered if you had any shows or anything else lined up for 2018? . I’m looking out of the window at the cold snow and thinking how good it would be to have something to look forward to with David in the coming year. Pamela x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Pam, David will be in the Musical Spectacular, Elf. Details on the website.

      • Pamela B says:

        Thanks for that. I did post the message just before this brilliant news was released so I am pleased to say we have all our tickets sorted thanks to Jordan. Pamela

  166. Fran Muscato says:

    Loved the song Rock On

  167. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,I’m sitting here watching the snow come down and listening to A Winter’s Tale.Perfect! Mary Mullett

  168. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, I watched Casualty 10th Feb, I couldn’t believe how much Billy looks like you & sounds like you, he was very good. I also thought that if they ever did “That It’ll Be The Day” Billy could play Jim MacLaine. Take care Love Bev xx :-)

  169. Jeremy Hine says:

    Hi, can you tell me if Over the Moon is just an updated version of A Charmed Life or are they two completely different books?

    Many thanks


  170. Sharon prosser says:

    Hello,David. I watched ‘Casualty’ on Saturday and recognised Billy as Jamie/Darren.Excellent acting and can’t believe how like you he sounds!! Hope all is well with you and family missing being able to have one of your concerts to look forward to. Best wishes,Sharon,fan of 44yrs

  171. Cath says:

    Hi david just read your book. Faded Glory. Excellent vey well done. I’ve followed you from the age of 11(cringe) now 56 . So picked up a few hints of your life in the story. Excellent for a first novel. Love to you and your family Cath xx

  172. Anna says:

    Thank you very much for answering ……. and yes I did enjoy the book I read it twice just incase I missed something the first time round …….After I thought I want a charmed life too …. I absolutely adore that saying A charmed life it makes me think of beautiful things

    It has such a lovely ring to it when you repeated it out loud to your self hahaha

    Appologies for going on and of course no need to post this as it appear I’m having an on going chat here but wanted to reply .. thank you for your time Essex admin

  173. Anna says:

    Morning David
    Hope your well . I’m having a moment I remember well I think i do however I could have imagined the whole thing . That is I thought many years ago …I’d heared you or the presenter on the radio say that you had read his palm in Romany hahaha ….
    I was tiding my bookshelves deciding what to give away as I have kindle now came across charmed life , which triggered the memory and of course now I want to know if this is correct ….haha if you can answer me here I’d be grateful .If not well then thank you for reading this and I’ll just keep wondering hahaha

  174. Lorayne says:

    When will you be back in margate. There are a lot of people that want to see you back.

  175. Sally says:

    HI David, Great start to my Birthday today! Watching I’ll Be Missing You tour. Music is Fantastic! Trip down memory lane yesterday in London, Spitalfields market – My Grandad used to work there when meat market!!! Steak & chips near St. Paul’s! The Little Things In Life, The Memories live on – oh to be 53!!!! “Too Many People Dont Feel Like They’re Free”………
    Better practice my Guitar, if I want to be Like Gerry & Dave!! ha ha!
    Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  176. barbara says:

    Hi will David be doing any more one off shows in the future, really enjoyed last years one at warners Nottingham xx

  177. Jane says:

    Wondering if there are any plans for a Legends Tour this year?

  178. Anna says:

    Happy new year David Essex wishing you happiness healthy year 2018

  179. linda bors says:

    i must say u have aged nicely compared 2 other artist of 1965-1970 one can never tell lol

  180. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Happy New Year & a Happy & Healthy 2018 to you & your family & Admin Team. I wondered if it was possible David if a good friend of mine Linda would be able to have a signed photo of you, I know it would be a lovely surprise for her. Hope to hear from you. Take care. Happy 2018. Love Bev xx :-)

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, if you can leave an address on here, which won’t be published, I can do that for you. Kind regards – D E Management

  181. Janice Prime says:

    Hi david hope u are well hope you had a great Christmas and new year too would there be any chance of a 2018 calendar iam missing your calendars in my home if you could let me know sending best wishes to you and ur family all my love always Janice prime xxxxxx

  182. Sally says:

    Happy New Year! Love Sallyx (Essex)

  183. Jenny says:

    Happy New year David love always Jenny (from Dorset) xxxxx

  184. Sally says:

    HI David, Hope you had a Great Christmas! Is it possible to find out the guitar make you have with you on Reflections album? Or can “The Band” recommend an acoustic one? Im about to learn!!!!!!! Thank you. Sallyx (Essex)

    • Essex Admin says:

      I think It’s best to go it to a music shop to ask advice. Sorry we can’t be of more help
      Kind regards – D E Management

  185. David Champion says:

    Crazy notion on Xmas eve but I’m the son of one of your biggest fans… Unfortunately she doesn’t do crowds and has concentrated on raising her family over doing things she used to love like coming to see you perform again… Think my mum saw you last in 1970 something

    My name is David Champion (Guess where my first name comes from??? ) and I am the son of Christine Champion

    Like I mentioned she is amazed by you and on many occasions we’ve both sat up watching the dvd of yourself live at the Albert Hall and cutting back to ‘oh what a circus’ several times (which actually turns out to be quite rare apparantly… No sign of it online anywhere! Not that live performance anyway or any of that gig… So the dvd made me a hero of a son in her eyes)

    I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this message exactly…
    I just want the perfect gift for my mum this year because she’s an absolute hero

    I’m aware you’re a legend and legends have tight schedules but had to try regardless
    Obviously you’re not gonna pop over for tea and hobnobs but if you could do something like send a message to my email (she’s old school! Internet is the devil) but yea even something as simple as an email saying hi to her would make her year!!!! If not her life!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones
    I’ll be bringing her to see you next time you solo perform hopefully

    Thanks for taking the time to read

    Yours hopefully
    David Champion

    • Essex Admin says:

      Apologies David for not getting back to you sooner. Would your mum like a signed photo? If so please leave your Mums name and an address to send it to. Your details won’t be published.
      Kind regards, D E Management

  186. deb seward says:

    Dear David and family

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Big hugs

  187. Ann Baker says:

    Hello David, just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Love from Ann Baker xxxx

  188. tracey shearing says:

    Hi David, Sarah & all DE management,
    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas & Best wishes for for 2018.
    Thank you for all the info & continued hard work You do on the website, Facebook & Twitter, thus keeping us, the fans updated on all thats happening, its appreciated.
    Have a good one!
    Love Trace.xx

  189. Val says:

    Hi David and family,
    Happy Christmas and New Year,
    Val xx

  190. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas David love always Jenny (from Dorset)xxx

  191. Di Evans says:

    Happy Christmas to you and your family David and All the best for 2018. Love from Di Evans xx

  192. Carol Hawkins says:

    Just to say have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    lots of love Carol

  193. Susan o meara says:

    please come to cork rep.of ireland.nolLaig shona duit. xxx

  194. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New year David Love from Susan & Lance

  195. Sally says:

    Happy Christmas David, to you & your family! It’s going to be a Magical one! Mine has just been made! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…….
    Love Sallyx (Essex)

  196. Chris gandy says:

    Hi David,
    Just in pub with my girlfriend and a winter’s tail came on the video jukebox. A bit of an argument as to where it was filmed looks like Dartmoor to me. We both loved it.

    Chris Gandy aged 50 going on15

  197. Sally says:

    Hi David,
    It’s that time of the year again – When we Remember Christmasses past – “Good Old East End”!
    Christmas Eve, singing Gonna Make You A Star, with hairbrush as microphone, in the front room! Christmas tree lights on, waiting for the “Tinny” Santa’s sleigh, (Round Table), to come down the road – And, “Sally” Army to sing carols around the lantern!
    Oh, How I love Christmas! – Wishing you, and all of your Family, A Very Happy Christmas!
    Love Sallyx (Essex)
    “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”…

  198. Michael Weston says:


    Is David doing the work tour next year

    Many Thanks

  199. Christine Hoskins says:


    Can anyone help. David had a song with the line fishing in the wind, which I really liked, but now cannot find as I cannot remember the title of the actual song.

    Any help much appreciated

  200. Mary Mullett says:

    I was in Cardiff and heard A Winters Tale and it was beautiful.The lights twink!led and a windmill went round .Mary

  201. Joan Cross says:

    My mum says I went to Peggy o Farrell stage school with you and met yr mum? I don’t remember but I do like your singing. Good luck enjoying your new family 17 years age gap my son and daughter it’s lovely having late kids.

    Kindest thoughts

    Joan Cross
    From Essex but living in Cambridgeshire hoping to move back!

  202. Roman Mnich says:

    Hello, David…taking a moment to say I’ve been a fan for decades…saw That’ll Be the Day and Stardust in the theaters in New York..also saw you at the Bottom Line in concert…just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your music and continue to find it adventurous and exciting and holds up very well after all these years…wish you were a bigger presence here in America…but I’m glad for your talent and music…stay well

  203. Paul & Meg says:


    On holiday in Cyprus and watching ‘the river’. We think it’s the best thing we’ve ever seen. Will there be a season 2?!

    Much love!

  204. Mrs Rose Unsworth says:

    This is my mums computor and I am trying to get this for her for christmas…….could you please send a photo of Mr Essex to her, signed if possible please ? Her name is Rosemary but she likes to be called Rosie…Thank you

    • Essex Admin says:

      If you can give me address then I can get that done for you. The address won’t be published.
      – D E Management

  205. Anna says:

    Morning David

    I noticed somewhere haha can’t remember where but I came across a small trailer for documentary on yourself, however I don’t think it’s actually live to view the completed programme .can you please if you get time either confirm this is not yet live or if it is where can I view it . Really interested to view the path you walked and how it all lead to where you are today .peoples lives are always interesting but especially well know personalities because you look at pictures of anyone really as young children and in that moment they have no idea or the people around them how there lives are going to pan out ……And I suppose for those of us whom have walked a relatively sedentary life it’s always fascinating to watch or read about others much more eventful lives or should I say charmed lives ha

  206. tracey shearing says:

    David, thank you for an amazing concert at Cricket St Thomas last Week. You & the band were on top form. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was worth the epic journey to get there! And if you are ever at a loose end, job wise, the offer of a job still stands you’d make a great Counseller, my lads would love it!

  207. Sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all,could you tell me if there’s going to be a 2018 calendar please. Always have one for Xmas off kids!! Fingers crossed. X

  208. Lesley Anglin says:

    Saw David at Warner’s Cricket House in Somerset on Saturday a brilliant
    show an amazing venue .The band were brilliant as usual. Hope to see you
    soon David.

  209. Ann Baker says:

    Hello David, thank you for a wonderful concert at Cricket St Thomas, the atmosphere felt very special as it was quite an intimate venue and your performance was captivating as usual. A big thank you too for signing my copy of your book ‘Faded Glory’ that made my evening even more memorable. See you next time, luv Ya to the stars and back Ann XX

  210. Karin Mckay says:

    The most beautiful face I’ve ever seen. Getting old sucks big time!

  211. Denise martin says:

    David and your awesome band the best by birmingham…loved it…see you next time…xxx

  212. jalil golestani says:

    i love you very much

  213. Anne Nash, Cardiff says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. I hope you do another one soon, we miss you David. I struggled getting up for work this morning after a late night but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. All the best to you, the family and the lovely band. Anne Xx

  214. Sue Lis says:

    We had an amazing time at Birmingham & Leeds, then everyone said we were mad to travel 8 hours to get to Brighton. They were totally wrong, even Storm Brian couldn’t deter us. What a night, David, you rocked Brighton Centre, amazing. So looking forward to “next time.”

  215. Mary mullett says:

    Just been to Wembley,I absolutely loved Oh What A Circus.Mary.

  216. Jan Simpson says:

    Hi David, Had my ticket for months but due to a foot injury 5 months ago that refuses to stop hurting, I am off work today and instead of going up to London to see you at Wembley tonight, I am sat with foot up in splint resting it. After a cortisone injection on Monday I was hoping it would be better but sadly I can’t walk without excruciating pain. I am GUTTED to say the least. At least I am lucky that I have met you twice, and had my photo taken with you , the last time in Feb of this year when you came to Reading for your book signing. So sorry I can’t be there tonight. You are a true Gent and have brought me so much fun over all my years of seeing you in concerts and stage shows. Love Jan from Reading xx

  217. Sue (hull) says:

    Hi David and the band,
    As always you were the best by far on Sunday night in Leeds.
    You only had to listen to the crowd to know that.
    Rock on!

  218. Shirley says:

    Hi David, we’ve just home from the concert in my husband’s place of birth, Liverpool. He married a Londoner! Really enjoyed the show but you were the out and out star of it for us. Was really sad not to have the chance to hear more of your songs as we obviously did at the Liverpool Philomonic at the end of you final tour. Adore Only a Winters tale although it makes me cry – even over the sausages if necessary! Didn’t seem right not being able to hear you sing It will be ok, it’s such a beautiful and reassuring song with your special way of singing it. I truly hope to see you again one day. Take care, enjoy life and thank you for years of pure joy listening to your voice and seeing the twinkle in those blue eyes, love Shirley (and the Scouser who took me, Steve!) xx

  219. Karen Day says:

    Hi David

    Had a great time on 14th at Birmingham. All acts were great but you were by far the best.


  220. Julie says:

    Hi David
    You were fabulous in Leeds last night. Hot chocolate, The Osmonds and Suzi Quattro were also good but your session was by far the best. Really hope you will never stop singing with your band. Take care. Love always Julie (Hull) xxx

  221. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David, Brilliant show in Birmingham on Saturday.You were by far the best artist.See you at Wembley.Mary

  222. Jill cassidy says:

    David u rocked Glasgow last nite.Just got back to Dundee.Have a great time at the other venues.Come back to Scotland soon.Love Jill Cassidyx

  223. Anna says:

    Thank you for my birthday greeting that’s was very kind of you ….

    A star Bright magical and beautiful …… haha that’s great

  224. Janet says:

    I assume this will be a no as I think we’d already have heard, but is there going to be a 2018 calendar?
    Janet F.

  225. Anna says:

    Evening David I’ve been trying to send a twitter request from me to you hoping you would kindly wish me a happy birthday Unfortunately I cannot get twitter to add the post request …. not too bright with social media ……
    So here’s a very BIG PLEASE …..wish me too a happy birthday I’d be very happy. And very grateful And it will make my day thank you Also tomorrow I’m going to treat my self and get a tattoo of the OM symbol. And was looking at your face wondering if DAVID ESSEX artist has any tattoo and what would it be haha ….. can I ask the ? Please I’d be very interested .Im trying to guess what they would be
    Hope you don’t mind me asking you this
    Thank you
    Have a lovely week

    • Essex Admin says:

      Happy belated birthday Anna. I have a small star tattoo at the top of my left arm. Good luck with yours – David

  226. Sue rowland says:

    Hi David & band, just to say a massive thankyou for the wonderful evening at Thoresby Hall this weekend. I wasn’t able to make the missing you tour as was recovering from an op but the grin from ear to ear from Saturday evening hasn’t left yet! Jerry also such a pleasant guy always willing to chat thanks.. David thanks again I feel lucky that I could have quick chat albeit up the hill lol and later on before you went on stage . All the best x

  227. Louis says:

    Everyone says I look just like you David. Were you playing in Portsmouth May 1976 by any chance?

    Could you send a few quid?



  228. Susan says:

    Hello David & D E Managemment I just thank you for your Help from Susan

  229. Jenny D says:

    Hi David
    Hope you’re keeping well and enjoying your slightly reduced workload?!
    I’m just thinking about getting packed for next weekend at Bognor Butlins – really looking forward to seeing you – actually thought I would never get that chance again so I’m “Over the Moon” about it – sorry just couldn’t resist that one – I do know it’s really corny!
    Also hope we get a chance for a quick Hello after the show – don’t know if that’s possible but I live in hopes – as always
    Stay happy and healthy and enjoy your family
    Jenny (Basingstoke)

  230. Doreen whittle says:

    Hi please can you tell me why the Manchester concert as been cancelled thank you Doreen

  231. Diane Tidbury says:

    Hi David

    I have been a lifelong fan from the beginning I have seen you in concert every year and I am going to Warners hotel in Nottingham At the end of September can I please meet you there and have my photo taken with you please it might be my last chance

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Diane, David always makes time for people after the concerts if it’s possible. Hope you have a great time.
      kind regards
      D E Management

  232. Jan Simpson says:

    Have the Legends Tours all been cancelled. Hearing they have ……. please confirm .

  233. Michael says:

    Sad to hear the Manchester legends gig has been cancelled

  234. Tracey Shearing says:

    Hi David & Management team,
    Very sad to say my friend & I have had to cancel our Warners break at Thoresby. Was so looking forward to it. But at least I have the Legends concert to look forward to! So,wishing you all the very best for these weekenders & see you in October..

  235. Tony & Family says:

    Hello David
    Did we see you in North Wales recently?

  236. Sally says:

    Hi David, Nice win for England, they just got better & better! Now for Legends! Love Sallyx(Essex)

  237. lorna says:

    Gutted isn’t the word for it but I am lying here after breaking my leg in 2 places and after 2 operations on it I am now unable to go to Butlins and Thorsby Hall. I am also booked to see The Legends tour at Wembley and it is my goal to get there. Wish me luck in my recovery and good luck with your other dates. I think the saying is break a leg? How funny !!!!!!
    Lorna xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      So sorry to hear that Lorna, hope you’re better soon – David

    • Tracey Shearing says:

      Hun, its regrettable this haopened & we had to cancel Thoresby, I’m sure there will be other things David has planned. So please don’t stress about it, just get yourself better.

  238. Trecia says:

    Hey David, I know it ain’t you that gonna answer, you have lots more important things to do, I just wish I was in your eyes reach when younger, so honey enjoy your life, just wish it was with me, friggin dreams ha, you mister love yas xxxxx

  239. Trecia says:

    Hi David
    You are a great person, I can tell, yes of course I have been out in a little village pub in Spain, but I love it, its busy but quiet in summer, tell me a song to sing and I will try to sing it for you, it doesn’t show you are with anyone, but you must be a lovely guy like you, so I will sing one for you just for you, as long as not heavy metal, nooooo I cannot do that. but hey, hello, and hope you are well and good Mr David Essex, I could love you lots if given the chance, but that ain’t never gonna happen is it, I have always kept my standards up as being a female, well try ha xxxxxxx

  240. Jeannette May says:

    Hi, I ‘ve followed your career from an early age, as a result of meeting yoi when I was 5. You were in the process of making That will Be The Day. I lived in Ilford Essex, my mum was meeting your mum and you took me out in your car for a drive. Since then I have been a fan of your music and acting. I managed to even see you in Evita. I would just like to say thankyou

  241. Brenda says:

    Dear David,
    lt’s been ages since last saw you,.lv’e played you up at so many Shows,and you were always a good sport,i.e the Bloomers you danced around stagein,bet you never wore them!….the Tiara and Wand front row at Panto….but! you did pelt me with rocks !!!
    The gift l painted …T.Shirt (Ankh)…so mant things over the Years ! ….and we both growing old un’gracefuly…l’m pleased to say.
    Our lives changed ,the Grandchildren (9),plus Great Grandchildren(6) and two little Angels in heaven.But! ..l still love going to Shows ,and try to get as much Laughter as Possible !
    How about You ! ….Hope you are Healthy,and Happy ….xxxx( don’t say you forgot Me ! )
    Love,Bren xxxx

  242. Carole says:

    Hello Coming to butlins Bognor next month as it’s my sisters 60th birthday for the 70s weekend . She has been a devoted fan from day one and has lots of old memorabilia from the concerts back in the day including the scarves and would love a shout out in butlins. Her name is Susan regards carole

    • Essex Admin says:

      Sorry David doesn’t do shout outs, but hope she has a fantastic time.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  243. Shirley says:

    Can you please tell me if David Essex had a concert at Earls Court May 1976? I am in dispute with a friend as I think I saw David Essex and about a week later the Rolling Stones at the same venue. Thanks, Shirley

  244. Sally says:

    Hi David, Yesterday, I dropped my ATFOTF mug, and it smashed to smithereens! well disappointed, and have used it everyday since the tour of the show! Is it possible to buy any of your mugs, or have they sold out?! Thanks, Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  245. Julie says:

    Thanks David for your reply to the explanation for the ‘courtesy of his mum’. A nice joke, I thought your mum had maybe bought you an instrument when your were a child that yiou used in this LP Take care and I look forward to seeing you in ‘Legends Live’ in October! Love Julie (From Hull) xx

  246. David White says:

    I have been a big fan of David since 1972.
    I have brought alot of David’s merchandise records, dvd’s,books and tour items etc over the years but their is one thing I would love to own, one of David’s old waist coats , I would have it framed and have it proudly placed on my wall. Could I obtain one of David’s old waist coats, I would gladly pay the cost for any arrangement.
    Many thanks
    Dave White.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Sorry Dave, but David has sadly neglected keeping things from his career. So as far as memorabilia is concerned, there is very little.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  247. Kevin bourgault says:

    Hi dave
    Stumbled on the web site, quiet Saturday for
    Before the season starts!!
    Delayed a trip to Italy, when a mate said you
    Would beattending a charity ball , at the curve
    Leicester, ended up on a table with Lesley
    Joseph, lovely lady, and the performing magician
    Grabbed be as his assistant….
    As soon as I was able tried to find you, Nikolai
    Was on his own, and told me you had
    remembered the football past dave Buckley
    Etc ( how’s he) ? Said you hadn’t felt too good
    And had left early, I couldn’t come to the de mont
    Gig, as had to catch the italy flight next day!
    Small world when Nikolai told me , he had
    Produced ” all the fun of the fair” in the west end’
    What a lovely guy he is…
    Goes without saying would be good to catch up
    Leicester v west ham home or away!
    Promise not to do my David Essex impression!
    Ps apparently you saw my leicester city mate
    Mac and his wife in Barbados too
    Look after yourself , hope you had a great
    All the best

  248. Bev Mannering says:

    Congratulations & best wishes to you David on your 70th birthday, hope you are having a great time with your family.

    Take Care

    Love Bev xx

  249. Julie says:

    Hi David
    Hope you are having a very happy 70th birthday today ! My partner purchased a David Essex LP from his local garden centre last week It is just entitled ‘David Essex’ from 1974 and you have your ‘Stardust’ white suit on. It says on percussion David Essex (courtesy of his mum) – I wondered if you could shed some light on the courtesy and how your mum was involved please? Love Julie (from Hull) x

  250. Sally from Somerset says:

    Happy 70th birthday David hope you have a lovely celebration.
    It will be great to see you in Somerset in October Luckily my wonderful son doesn’t mind if I miss his 21st to come and see you instead !
    Sally from Somerset xxx

  251. Sue (hull) says:

    Hi David
    Many happy returns of the day on this your 70th birthday
    Rock on

  252. lorraine says:

    hope you have had a fantastic birthday david, its mine tomorrow. x

  253. Lynda osborne says:

    Happy 70th David, have a great day. Lynda, Isle of Man xx

  254. Janet Bedford says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David – I hope you’re having a fab day and hope you and your girl will be night-clubbing! I loved that song. Janet x

  255. Sue Lis says:

    Happy Birthday David, hope you’ve enjoyed your special day.

  256. Viv Davy says:

    A very Happy 70th Birthday to you David!
    Love you forever XXX
    Viv (Hull)

  257. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,Happy 70th birthday.Thank you for singing those special songs.Enjoy your day.Mary.

  258. Denise says:

    Have a wonderful birthday David xx

  259. Anne Nash says:

    Have a fab 70th birthday David. See you in October on the tour.

  260. Diane says:

    Wishing you David a most WonDErful, DElightful and enjoyable 70th Birthday today 23 July 2017 with much love from DEvoted SuperfanDE for 45 years… Diane xxx

  261. Jenny says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David ,hope you have a great day love always Jenny (from Dorset)xxx❤️

  262. Kay smith says:

    Happy birthday David, have the best day xxxx see you soon love Kay x

  263. Sharon prosser says:

    Have a good ‘Special Birthday’ David. Don’t know why everyone is mentioning a number,age is all in the mind! I’m a lady of ‘A certain age’ and have only ever followed you from the start in the early 70’s.In my head I’m back there in my late teens Thank You. ‘Rock On’ Xx

  264. Gill says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David…….Rock On and On xxx

  265. ANDREA MCLEISH says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David. Thank you for sharing your music with us. We wish you would come and visit us in Australia soon. We’d love to see you again.

  266. Lesley Danks says:

    Hello and thank you for answering my comment re not receiving the requested signed photo. My address is 39 Wolsley Avenue Frankston Victoria Australia 3199.

    Thank you
    Lesley Danks

  267. Lesley Danks says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David. Enjoy your special day. xx Lesley Australia

  268. JJayne says:

    Happy Birthday Davud. Hope its everything you want it to be xx

  269. Lance says:

    David Happy 70th Birthday

  270. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David happy 70th birthday hope u have a lovely day .Love JIll Cassidy. Dundee.

  271. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely 70th birthday, Best Wishes Beverley x

  272. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely 70th, Best Wishes Beverley x

  273. Beverley Pain says:

    Happy Birthday Hope you have a lovely 70th birthday, Best Wishes Beverley x

  274. Sally says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David! Have a GREAT Day! 70 Wonderful Years – “A Charmed Life”!
    with Love Sallyxxx (Essex)

  275. Janice prime says:

    Hi david many congratulations . On your 70th birthday . I’ve been a fan since I was 9yrs old iam 57 now been to all your concerts all been fantastic. Have a wonderful birthday with all your lovely family all my devoted love always Janice prime. I’ve also sent a birthday card for you take care god bless xxxxxxxxxxx

  276. susan says:

    To David Happy 70th Birthday

  277. Denise Higgins says:

    My woundeful mothering-law, Denise Higgins is 70 on the same day as you & has loved you forever! She been to every tour you’ve done. Any chance you could send her a signed photo or message. Apologies for the v late request, I am a rubbish daughter in law! But you are ace!

    Many thanks & enjoy your birthday!

    Thank you



  278. Wendy Stewart says:

    Happy 70th Birthday David hope you’re enjoying your evening and had a great day
    With family &friends xx

  279. Liz Doody says:

    Congratulations David Essex on your 70th birthday we will both be celebrating are 70th as it is mine two on the 23rd good year 23-07-1947 have a great day

  280. Julie says:

    Hi David
    I just wanted to wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday for Sunday! I hope you have a lovely celebration day with your family.
    I am really looking forward to seeing you and your band in Legends Live in October at the Leeds Arena.
    I have been a devoted fan since 1974 and have seen you perform many a time, I still get as excited to see you as I did in my teenage years. You are a very special man to me and always will be.
    Love always Julie (from Hull).

  281. Gill Gordon says:

    Happy Birthday for Sunday. Hope you have a lovely day. xx

  282. Susan says:

    To David Happy 70th Birthday on 23rd of July

  283. Susan says:

    To David Happy 70th Birthday from Susan & Lance x

  284. Julie Evans says:

    Since seeing David in the original London cast of Godspell I have seen a further three productions, two of which were very disappointing but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed a matinee performance at the Roedean Theatre last weekend. It captured some of the fun and emotion of the original, with a lot of energy expended by the talented young performers. The day was made even more special by having an interval conversation with the ever-affable Tim Newman. Well done to everyone connected to it!

  285. Janice prime says:

    Hello David it’s your birthday in a few days could I send you a birthday card it would mean the world to me I’ve been a life long fan for many many yrs lots love always Janice prime xxxxxxx

  286. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, just wondering what you’re doing for your 70th birthday, I can remember queuing for tickets for a show the year you were 40 and two fans had you a cake made. I hope the family will be doing something special for you, you deserve it , enjoy what ever you do, all my love Kay x

  287. Lynn maidment says:

    I have loved david essex from when I was a very young girl aged 58 now, but only got the chance to see him live once, in all the fun of the fair when I lived near to Eastbourne. Am now living in lancing near worthing, and disabled, so probably won t ever get the chance to go again, but seeing that show was the best evening of my whole life, so thank you all so much for at least making that one trip possible.

  288. Karen Day says:

    What a lovely 60th birthday present my youngest sister got for me, a copy of Faded Glory with a personal message signed by David. Thank you David and I know it is a little early but happy 70th birthday to you on 23rd.

  289. Lesley Danks says:

    Hi, Late last year I requested a signed photo of David. Up to this date I have not received the signed photo. Please let me know if I need to pay for postage as I do live in Australia and maybe the signed photos are only for British fans.
    Thanking you.
    Lesley Danks
    Victoria, Australia.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Lesley, sorry to hear that, we did send it. Would you be kind enough to leave your address and we’ll have another go. Kind regards – D E Management

  290. angie says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the missing you set a while back, it has never arrived, this morning I ordered all the fun of the fair and I sent it to a different address but I also noticed its being handled directly by you now, is that correct? Hopefully this one will arrive.

    • Essex Admin says:

      The Fair DVD is handled by us yes, but the Missing you tour package isn’t. Please get in touch with
      Nyquest who you’d have bought it from as we don’t have any record of the sales. Hope they can help, if you’re still having problems let us know.
      Kind regards- D E Management

  291. Julie Waterhouse says:

    Hi David and Team David. My mum has been a huge fan of David’s for as long as I can remember and I’m not young haha. My mum and I are going to the legends tour in October at Wembley, I was wondering if there is any chance of a quick meet and picture for her, she would be so pleased if she could. She met David briefly at a book signing but didn’t get a photo.

    Her name is Linda and she is 70 next year x Thank you

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Julie, Unfortunately the exit to the Arena isn’t easily accessible, so it’s not likely that you’ll see David after the show. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Kind regards D E Management

  292. John Holman says:

    Hi David, I’m researching a old recording released by David and Rozza “Time Of Our Life”. Written by Arnold, Martin, Morrow and Hiller. Can you confirm if this David on this release is you?
    John Holman – website researcher designer for Tony Hiller, David Martin and Chris Arnold

  293. charlie says:

    Hope you enjoyed your newspapers at Marks Gate David , I delivered them to your flat.I lived in Hutchison Court also Padnall Rd.Do you remember a friend of mine called Barry ?Probably not

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Charlie, I don’t remember Barry, but thanks for the papers. Keep well – David

      • charlie says:

        David , I missed out on West Ham too – managed to play at Chadwell Heath in front of the old wood cricket pavilion style changing rooms – great memory (local Cup final) Crazy days for them at the moment , cant quite work out whats happening.COYI

  294. Doreen whittle says:

    Hi David and team thank you for sending me my DVD and CD so quickly I will look forward to watching the dvd just glad I was at the Blackpool concert

  295. lorna says:

    Hi David
    I just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic day in London last weekend with 3 ladies I have met through social media and sharing our very different journeys as fans of yours over the years.
    We are meeting up again in September at Thorsby Hall for your show.
    Thank-you .

  296. Julie Feeney says:

    Hello all,
    Is David doing any upcoming TV shows/interviews or radio shows? I thought I would ask as I always seem to miss the ones he does do.
    Thanks Julie

  297. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Just wanted to say i got your CD’s/DVD the other week & its brilliant, i wasn’t able to come & see you on your final tour, with you not able to make it to Kent. Watching the DVD it was like i was there with you, i was singing away really enjoyed it, some of the old songs, brilliant, they brought back so many good memories. I remember you singing Ships That Pass In The Night, years ago at the Grand Theatre, Leeds, I have seen you about 44 times since 1978 & have enjoyed every show that you’ve done. Will miss you not touring anymore, you are a true gentlemen David. Take care Love Bev xx

  298. Sally says:

    Hi David, this made me happy – My Daughter works as a part time care Assistant in a Nursing Home, while at college, she loves it! Gonna Make You A Star, came on the radio, and a resident that doesn’t speak, let alone sing, knew the words and sang along! The Best ones, are always on your mind!! I’m Coming Home Soon!…. Love Sally (Essex)xx

  299. Sheila says:

    Will you ver release boogie nights on d v d

  300. Mal Richards says:

    Just wanted to say I say you in your show Mutiny in London years ago with the late Frank Finlay and Sinetta, it was wonderful, and after the show you were kind enough to take the time to sign the programme even though the show had been running quite some time by then, it’s a shame there is no dvd or blu ray recording available, I was also lucky enough to get tickets to see you in the Swansea Grand Theatre a few years back, you had us dancing in the isles, it was amazing, finally I went to see Silver Dream Racer in Swansea in 1980 with my late Mum and it has influenced me my entire life so far, i’m 53 now and still work in the motorcycle trade, I came across this whilst looking for soundtrack recordings of Mutiny and Silver Dream Racer to buy, also a blu ray of Silver Dream Racer, I already own both versions of the DVD, and I did have it on Betamax which cost £80 in 1981… crazy…

  301. Nichola Good says:

    Hi David,
    Can I purchase your appearance on ‘this is your life’ on DVD? Xxxx

  302. Maree Shrples says:

    Hello David

    I was born in 1950 and enjoyed your music in the 70s. I just happened to pick up “Over the Moon” at the library last week and absolutely loved it, your writing is another talent in addition to your music, so easy to read and so enjoyable, and you come through as a warm caring person to your family and friends. What an amazing life you have led (and I guess more to come).

    Kind Regards
    Maree Sharples
    Tasmania Australia

  303. Linda Clark says:

    Hi David, I have loved and admired you from afar, since the early 70s when I was in my early 20s. I still have your music on vinyl from those Days! Thank you for all the enjoyment and may I wish you a long and happy life. You are a very talented and beautiful man. I continue to be one of your dedicated fans!
    Love always
    Linda xx

  304. Liz Doody says:

    Hi David are you doing a show or appearing any were for your 70th Birthdayas as if you arewould love to come as it all so mine on the same day 23/07/1947

    • Essex Admin says:

      David won’t be working on his birthday. Hope you have a lovely day.
      D E Management

  305. Jenny says:

    Hi David,there is an advert on TV with one of my favourite songs you covered ,it’s Stay With Me Baby and it was one of the songs I asked you to sing on your last tour sadly with no luck love always Jenny xxx(from Dorset)

  306. Denise M says:

    Was at my mums and just happened to pick up her copy of this week’s My Weekly and you are on the cover David, very nice piece inside….enjoy the bank holiday weekend..x

  307. Sally says:

    HI David, Having a perfect Bank Holiday! Everyone is well and Happy! Watching I’ll Be Missing You Tour again, feeling emotional! – Dangerous is fab, Picture This Sky, gets me everytime, and Nearly Gonna make You A Star Time! The Band, The Lighting, The sound are FANTASTIC as Always, love it! Rock On….. Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  308. Hazel says:

    Dear David
    I have not seen anything on the website, but have just heard from a friend that you are to appear at Potters in Hopton in October. Unfortunately they are fully booked. Are you doing any other holiday resorts in additiion to the Legends tour?
    Best Wishes

  309. Susan says:

    Dear David , Thank you so much for the DVD set AND I’m one of the 1000 with a signed one! and thank you so much for doing this & thinking of all your fans in far away places like oz ! Awesome From Susan & Lance

  310. Doreen whittle says:

    HI David hope you and your family are well please can you tell me when your DVD will be out from last years concert Doreen

  311. carol godsell says:

    hi david I came to see your concert in Birmingham last November at the symphony hall .I brought a calender, tee shirt+ a brochure the man put everything in a bag for me but when I got home I have not got my brochure .is there any chance you have any spare ones to replace it thank you for my cd + signed poster
    regards carol godsell

  312. Susan says:

    Hello David I really love your new Calendar from Susan xx

  313. Denise M says:

    Just want to say a big thank you David , my CDS/DVD arrived yesterday plus the signed poster, watched it twice so far, brilliant , brought back memories of the show in Leicester….plus loving your new book, looking forward to more books!….see you again Soon, Happy relaxing Easter xxx

  314. Janet Simpson says:

    Hi David

    Its Jan from Reading. Just to say Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I received your DVD and CD’s on the 4th as we were all hoping, and I was lucky enough to be amongst the 1000 who were lucky enough to get a signed poster. I bet your arm aches from all those signatures, and as the envelope was hand written I wander if they gave the job to you to write all the envelopes out and stuff everything in em as well, now that you are a retired person that is, and have lots of spare time on your hands lol lol lol. Have a great Easter with all your Fam a Lam I shall be doing exactly the same with my kids and grandkids. Love Jan x

  315. Gill says:

    Just watched the Dvd of the last tour in Wolves…..just fantastic loved every second and brought back lots of memories of a really great tour, with some great friends….xx

  316. Kay smith says:

    Hi David , my DVD/CD has arrived this morning, guess what I’m doing for the next hour and half, happy days love Kay xx hope you’re well xx

  317. Sally says:

    Hi David, Absolutely over the moon! Just received, I’ll be missing you tour Dvd/cd, and a fantastic signed poster! Have always wanted a poster from your tours, and now I have got one! Its cheered me up, as my Mum is in hospital having tests, I will be able to tell her the EXCITING news!! She will be Happy too! THANK YOU! Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  318. barbara says:

    Hi will David be signing autographs at all when he is at Warners later in the year please, just want to no weather to take Faded Glory with me if he is. thankyou

  319. Val says:

    Hi David
    I have fingers crossed as pre ordered your limited edition Wolverhampton concert as I was there, It is a present for my birthday and I hope I will be one of the 1000 to receive the signed photo by you, been a loyal fan for years. I was at Manchester 2012 when you where given your award, amazing night, still talk about it even now.

    Val xx

  320. Ana says:

    Good evening
    I’m trying to source touching the ghost cd, without much luck. ITunes has no reference to it niether YouTube and Spotify . Where can I get it from please . Do you have a more upto date version cd etc I originally had the album but it got lost during my many house moves .

    Hope you can help,
    Small suggestion ….. how amazing would it be if you released it and made it current few changes it was good when first released but just think what you could do with it now ummmm food for thought

  321. Susan says:

    Hello David I just order your Tour Merchandise now sorry I didn’t get all some wasn’t there no more from Susan

  322. Karen says:

    Hi was just wondering if you are performing at bogner regis butlins in september saw it advertised on facebook but theres nothing on your website thanks karen from the west midlands

  323. Steve Shine says:

    Dear David and Essex Admin Team
    My Sister Julie is now 56 and has been a massive fan since the early days. She has been to every show and concert you’ve ever been in. I grew up listening to your albums and then CDs and my earliest memory is of her singing your latest hit into her hairbrush. It’s fair to say you have been the soundtrack to her life.
    She is getting married for the third (and hopefully last time) on 25th March to Allan Harper and it would mean so much to her to have a signed card from David, wishing her the best of luck. I have sent a card to the PO box listed below and would really appreciate it if David would sign if for her and Allan.
    Yours Sincerely
    Steve Shine

    • Essex Admin says:

      Will check tomorrow for you.

    • Julie says:

      My brother wrote to you in March asking for David to sign a wedding card for me. I got married in March and have been a big fan since the 70s. I have been to every concert and every show have every album. I received the card and picture all signed the weekend. I just want to say thank you very much to David and his team. This was the best surprise I have ever had. Xxx Julie

  324. Karen Woodman says:

    I have been a fan since I was 15, I am now 56. I have been enjoying The Traveling tinker man, along with the audio CD. I love it! I enjoy poems and have found connections to my own life, within the pages. Please may I have a signed autograph?

  325. Jenny says:

    Hi David I sent a tweet to you asking for a Happy Birthday wish for my daughter Verity’s 40th but sadly with no luck take care love always Jenny (from Dorset)xxx

  326. Denise says:

    Hello. Please could you tell me if the beautiful dog in A Winters Tale video was yours David? What was his name?

    • Essex Admin says:

      He wasn’t mine, but you’re quite right he was a lovely dog. Don’t remember the name, sorry- David

  327. Sally says:

    Hi David, Playing the Jackie magazine pin ups cd!!! With your fine self, Hot Chocolate, and part of the Osmonds, ha!ha! Sunny, Saturday morning! Nice – Love Sallyx (Essex)

  328. susan says:

    Just wanted to say that was a massive fan f Davids when younger I don’t think there would have been a more handsome man , could I please have a signed picture

  329. Karen Day says:

    Have got my tickets booked for Birmingham Legends Live Tour looking forward to it immensely

  330. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David -Just booked glasgow cant wait so looking forward to seeing u and can’t wait for DVD.Love Jill Cassidy xx

  331. Sandra says:

    Please please please release MP3 version of Stay With Me Baby – my favourite but only have it on original 45 !!!

  332. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David-so excited about the legends concert in Glasgow.can’t wait to see u there.Thanks so much for doing it .c u there.Love JIll Cassidy. Dundee.

  333. Hi
    Please can you ask David, if I can have a signed photograph, I have been a fan for several years.

    I know that many people also ask for a photo, but this would really make my day

    Thank you so much

    Love Jenny

  334. Janet Simpson says:

    Brought the hardback back in October soon as it came out, but have been so busy not had time to read it. At Reading sign in I got the paperback, so this last week was determined to read it finally. Thoroughly enjoyed it and as a person born in St Thomas’s Hospital in Lambeth who lived in Peckham and Bermondsey, until a forced move to the countryside when I was six and my parents’ broke up, (not the norm in the late 50’s), it took me back to places that my mum still talks about with affection now. Also other vague memories I have of things you talked about in the book. The story was so down to earth and real, with the genuine ups and downs and hardships, of an ordinary family. The girlie things you put into this story about a boxer were smashing as well, making it not just a blokes book. I felt at times like you were writing it especially for me. Total lump in my throat and tears at the end. Thanks David and again for the signing, chat and photos on the 25th February. Love Jan x

  335. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all at admin. Thank you for finding the episode of ‘Heartbeat’ for me, have finally got round to watching it!! I wonder if any other fans have viewed it? Brings back memories!! Does David remember much about it? Would like his feedback if possible. Thank you. Love. Sharon. P.s. Any news on DVD yet?xx

  336. Diana says:

    Hi David will you be doing any more book signing

  337. Julia Beeby says:

    Hi David, my Auntie (Dette) is a massive fan of yours and for her 60th had tickets to see your 2016 tour. Sadly she was unable to make the concert because of heavy traffic delays and was really upset. I’ve only just found this out and want to cheer her up. Would it be possible to have a signed photo wishing her a Happy Birthday.

    Can you also tell me when your DVD of the 2016 tour is out so I can get it her.


  338. mick lacey says:

    Hi there can you tell me if david is playing at butlins bognor regis in September 22nd 2017?

  339. Janice prime says:

    Hello David hope you are well I was just wondering when ur did will be released from the missing you tour love you always take care God bless xxx

  340. Anna says:

    Oops forgot one more thing I couldn’t resist not mentioning
    I read your twitter post about the strange object in the sky and it being the sun … it made me smile and look up today in Essex it’s pipped it’s face a little but as I walked my dog an Iranian poet of a few centuries back came to mind and his words were I quote
    Look at the sun and the amount of times it appears never once has it said to the Earth you owe me …. it has just lit up the whole sky with its beautiful golden light in that moment I just said thank you To that little pip shining through those clouds. It was something to be grateful for no matter how little or big hahahaha after all when we look up and see don’t we all smile and feel that Lillie bit more happier and positive hahahahaha I’m not sure if you read these posts maybe not but your fans will and perharps it may put a smile on there faces bye

  341. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,When will we know about the arena concerts?Lovely news!Mary.

  342. Anna says:

    Good morning David
    I missed all of your book signing … please schedule a couple more ….maybe Cambridge might be a nice place and fairly central for those a Lillie more north to be able to get to.

    I hope your not too tired and maybe think about it if you have a spare window of time in your rather busy life .

    Apologies if I’m being a little demanding as a fan … I’m not just selfish haha again apologies for that

    Have a lovely day

    Here’s a beautiful quote by my favourite person mother Teresa to you slightly adapted for you by me lol

    As many times as I have seen you …. watched you amongst the crowds of adoring and deserving fans … my soul regonises another beautiful soul within its mist …. not the physical you the higher you

    And each time I want to recite these words to you that higher you

    You are humble
    And nothing can ever touch you
    Neither Praise or disgrace
    Because you know what you are


  343. Joshua Betts says:

    just , Thanks ,, thanks for makin it ,

  344. Amanda Freund says:

    Great to see you on Sunday at Milton Keynes Book signing . My husband loved talking to you about motorbikes , you are a true gentleman thank you x

  345. Janet Simpson says:

    Hi David – Thank you so much for making my day and coming to a Signing at Reading on Saturday. After following you for 40 years it is still lovely seeing you, no matter what you are up to. Lovely talking to you, having you sign a few things for me and having photos taken with you. See you at your next adventure OF COURSE. Love Jan

  346. Francesca says:

    Hi ya
    How do I go about getting an autograph?, i have been a big fan for many years, all the best for everything you do

  347. David your the Best Rock Singer of all Time!
    “Stardust” is the Best Rock Movie of All Time!
    Please come to America! New York City!

  348. sharon prosser says:

    Thank you for finding out about the ‘Heartbeat’ query. I have yet to watch it,but,am looking forward to seeing the episode. Like every other fan,eagerly awaiting release of DVD. Love,Sharon.xx

  349. Jan says:

    Is David going to be Book signing in Reading on Feb 25th that I have heard. Been round to the store and nothing in there yet advertising. My number one Idol so don’t want to miss him !



  350. Val says:

    Hi David,
    I am gutted at not being able to see you in MK. I would have liked you to sign my book, When the Dvd comes out will you visit many locations? if so can you put Leicester on your list please. Hope life is treating you well.

  351. John Mallon says:

    Hi David
    I saw you on TV the other night. I was interested in your fruit picking experiences. I have written a book called Disorderly Fields about fruit picking in Wisbech. If you ever read it I would be interested in your thoughts. Yours John.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thanks for the info John. I actually went strawberry picking in Wisbech when I was a little boy and loved it – David

    • Anna says:

      Hi John my name is Anna I’m originally from Peterborough
      And I spent many school holidays and other days when I should have been at school picking strawberries in Wisbech in fact it was the only pocket money I ever had … being the 6th child of a large Italian family you can imagine some of the poverty we experience so strawberry picking for me was a godsend but I loved it . waking up 4 am getting into the open truck with all the others and then up and down those fields filling those punnets I loved the smell, the leaves with morning mist on them and the earth smelt amazing
      I’m going to read your book

  352. Janet Simpson says:

    Is it correct you are coming to Reading on 25th February for your book signing. Are you putting it on the Website. Thanks cant wait.


  353. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all. Iwrote on this page on feb 5th,regarding a query about an appearance by David years ago on’Heartbeat’. As i have’nt received a reply i wondered if you had’nt been able to find anything out? Love,Sharon x

  354. Jane says:

    Could you please tell me when the DVD of the I’ll Be Missing You tour will be available. Many thanks.

  355. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, It was lovely seeing you on Country File on Sunday, you look really good. I’ve recorded it so i keep watching it.

    I wondered if it was possible for you to send a signed photo to my friend Maureen, she has followed you from the beginning (she will be 70 this year) & she still follows you now. Sadly on Monday she lost her husband Jim, & a signed photo from you David if possible, I feel will help to cheer her up at this sad time. She only retired from work in Dec. we worked together for over 20 years. Take care Love Bev xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Bev, if you can leave details of where to send it, David would be more than happy to send your friend a signed photo.

  356. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, it was lovely to hear you talk so tenderly about your mom and your childhood. What a beautiful piece of film love Kay xx

  357. Patricia Baker says:

    Just wanted to say I think u are incredible love u xxx

  358. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Was great to watch you on Countryfile, looking forward to seeing the Dvd as we were at the Concert so it will have special memories, thank you.
    Val x

  359. Simon bull says:

    Hi David, we are a small social club in West Norfolk in the small village of Walton Highway. We are a committee run club, and any profits have to go back into the club to help the community.
    Would love to have you come to our club to perform some songs or maybe an ‘evening with’.
    I know we probably can’t afford you, but if we don’t ask ?
    We are about 8 miles from Kings Lynn and 5 miles from Wisbech.
    We can only accommodate about 150 people, so as I said a small venue.
    Bill Herd from the Rubettes has just moved into the village and is going to bring the group down in April so we are trying to get the club known and improve the facilities.
    You can find usher n Facebook and Twitter.
    Thanks For your time David.
    Best wishes

  360. Jane Butler says:

    Hello, please would it be possible for me to have a signed photo of David? It would mean a lot as my dear husband, Clive, sadly passed away on Saturday 31st December 2016 and for the last 38yrs he has taken me all over the country to see David in various things. My favourite song “It’s Gonna Be Alright” is giving me a lot of comfort at present. Thank you.

  361. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all. I’ve been watching ‘Heartbeat’ sometimes as it is being shown on a few channels at different times. I know David appeared in an episode as a traveller if i remember correctly,would anyone be able to tell me if this episode will be broadcast again,and if so when and what channel,or,has it already been shown. Thank you. Sharon.x

  362. Jenny says:

    Hi everyone
    Booked for Bognor – of course! Hope it’s not as chilly as last time… Wet and windy…
    What on earth is going on with the DVD? Is there a problem or is it just taking time to get it exactly and fantastically right? Hoping for some good news soon.
    Jenny D

  363. Steve says:

    Hi David
    Thank you so much for the Signed Photo. My wife Tricia was thrilled.
    She hopes to see you when you come to Butlins Bognor Regis.
    Thank you.

  364. sharon prosser says:

    Hello, Please could you tell me when David is being featured on ‘Countryfile’ on BBC1 or have i missed it? I usually watch this on a sunday evening but am just watching last weeks episode this morning and saw Davids short clip. I can’t understand how i’ve missed it before!! Thank you in anticipation. Love to David and family as usual, and as i can see from other comments, still no news of DVD, hoping it will be available for Mothers Day gift from my kids!!.

  365. Ann says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you are enjoying spending the time with family. You so deserve it.
    Any news yet on when the DVD will be out.

  366. pasquale says:

    ciao hi david very good song coming home ciao

  367. Sally says:

    Hello David, A Song For Old Lovers, A timeless classic, been listening to it tonight, and thinking of all of our lovely Mums and Dads xx – Oh, My Love…
    Tomorrow is my Birthday, and it reminded me of sitting on My Dad’s shoulders over West Ham football ground! – When songs remind you, Good times remain! Gonna Make You A Star time!! Love Sally x (Essex)

  368. Tess Pryor says:

    Hi David,

    everything I want to say to you is in this story I wrote a couple of years ago.
    Never underestimate the power your heart has on some one….

    Kind regards

    (Melbourne Australia)

  369. STEPHEN MCDINE says:

    Hello David,
    I have a black and white photograph of an advert from the mid 1970’s of The David Essex Band endorsing Ibanez instruments and TAMA drums. I was wondering if anybody has a copy of this picture in colour?. I am a member of a forum called “Ibanez Collectors World” and the guitars and the mandolin in this 70’s advert are of interest to me. The models of guitars endorsed are now very sort after as collectors pieces. Did you ever use them live on stage?
    Have you any information about this advert?

    Thank you

    Stephen McDIne

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Stephen, yes David did use them on stage. Someone recently sent a photo of David on the drum kit. I will try and find it for you. Kind regards, Sarah – D E Management

  370. Donna says:

    Hoping your relaxation time is working out !

  371. Mary mullett says:

    David,Now reading Faded Glory for the 2nd time and am fascinated how you have included lines from your real life.Will be going to Bognor Regis in September.Mary.

  372. jane downs says:

    Hi can I just say a big thank you for all your songs films and pictures over the years. I have been a fan all of my life and had the chance to see you in concert many times both in Leicester (demontfort hall) and the Birmingham night out (many years ago ). Long may you continue. Regards jane.xx

  373. jane says:

    what date is it, that david will be appearing on countryfile

  374. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David
    Just to say thank you David for sending signed photo to Jill, it was a lovely surprise for her. Take care Bev xx

  375. Steve says:

    Would it be possible to get a signed photo of David for my wife. Who is 60 on the 27th
    Of January. She is a life long fan and it would make her day.
    Many thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, if you can leave an address and your wife name on here. Thanks.
      (It won’t be published)

  376. Denise says:

    Hi could you tell me please which Butlins will David be appearing at in September many Thanks Denise

  377. Bev Mannering says:

    H Admin, I wondered if it was possible for my best friend Jill to have a signed photo of David, he kindly signed one for me in November. Jill & I have been to quite a lot of David’s concerts & enjoyed all of them, we also enjoyed seeing David in “All the Fun of the Fair” at the Garrick Theatre, he was excellent. Take care Love Bev x

  378. Nichola Good says:

    Hi, has David ever thought of doing Mutiny again, I have followed David since I was young but I am only 33 so I never had the pleasure of seeing this amazing musical live. With technology of today I think this would a great musical to tour again. I know David is done with touring but he could direct it and then see it tour around the country. I feel it would have an amazing response xxx

  379. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin, I’ve just spotted in the national press dates for David appearing at butlins over the coming year. Can you confirm any dates before I try to book tickets, thanks Kay

  380. Linda Jones says:

    My husband used to take me everywhere to see David, as the tour dates were released we would plan where we would go, we would be in London on Saturday and Leeds on Sunday, Bournmouth the next week, then Torquay. I have wonderful memories of beautiful theatres and shows. We hadn’t been for a while but I decided to go to the very last concert in Wolverhampton (where I live) just for the memories I knew it would bring. My lovely husband passed away in May 2015, a victim of cancer, from diagnosis to the day he passed away was just 9 weeks, he was only 61 and we had been together since he was 14. I buried him just 3 days before our 42nd wedding anniversary. I really enjoyed the concert and as I thought wonderful memories came flooding back and the one song that actually made me cry was ‘it’s gonna be alright’. The words said it all, it was just as if the song had been written for the dreadful night I sat with Mike and watched him slowly go to sleep forever. Thanks for giving me some wonderful memories to hang on to.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your message Linda, I found it moving and I’m pleased that you, with Mike, have good memories and that I was a part of them, best wishes, David

  381. Graham Worthington says:

    Just read faded glory. Half way through first chapter I stopped and went on YouTube to look at clips of the east end life from late 1947 on also after staying in the area on a trip this gave great insight which bought your book to life I am 56 and never have I spent a day reading a book this has been a first and I thank you for getting me reading on my kindle .

  382. Karen Woodman says:

    Hubby bought me All the fun of the fair The hit musical, Dvd for Christmas. We had seen the musical live and loved it. The DVD is brilliant! Now we can relive it whenever.

  383. Kirsty Tritta says:

    How would I go about getting a sighed photo for my mum who is a devoted fan for many years. She will be 60 this month.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Kirsty, you can leave details on here of your Mum’s name and where to send it as it won’t get published.

  384. Teresa Boldison says:

    Happy New Year David. Thank you so much for the signed pics and the get well wishes which cheered me up. I’m making progress. You are a STAR. Hope you got my letter. Love from Teresa from Watford xx

  385. Doreen whittle says:

    Hi David sorry I miss your sighing at Blackpool I was at the wrong door . Please can you tell me when your DVD will be out for your last concert all the best to you and yours for this year love Doreen

  386. janice prime says:

    hi david hope you had a wonderfull Christmas and new year with your family well I really do wish you all the very best for 2017 and good luck with everything not that you will need it mind and have a brilliant time with your family now as you so deserve it all my love from Janice take care god bless david xxxxx

  387. Jill Cassidy says:

    Happy new year to you David all the best for 2017.Love Jill Cassidy.Dundee. x

  388. Susan says:

    David Happy New Year

  389. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, may you have a healthy and happy new year! Hope to see you in 2017, love as always Kay Xx

  390. Sally says:

    Happy New Year! and are the David Essex mugs still available from I,ll Be Missing You Tour? Thank you. Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  391. Debbie says:

    I hope David,Davids Family, Davids Staff and all of David’s fans have all had a fantastic Christmas time, and all the very best in all you do in 2017..
    Is there any news ‘re the DVD yet?…..(I am impatient !!!!) ..thank you xxx Debbie

  392. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Hope you had lovely Christmas with your family.
    I wondered if it would be possible for you to send a signed photo to my best friend Jill, Jill & I have been to many of your concerts and we have enjoyed everyone & we look forward to getting the Missing You DVD.

    Happy New Year to you David, your family & admin team.
    Love Bev xx

  393. Jill Cassidy says:

    Merry Christmas David to u and all your family so looking forward to buying the I
    Missing u tour DVD .All the best for Jill Cassidy.Dundee.

  394. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you for sending the signed photo for Jackie she really loved it a lovely surprise for her. Wishing you, your family & all the team a Happy Christmas & Happy 2017. Take care love Bev xxx

  395. Gill Gordon says:

    Just want to echo everyone thank you for a great concert. Have a lovely Christmas and a lovely New year. Enjoy your retirement. xx

  396. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,Thank you for a wonderful tour.Happy Christmas to you and your family.Mary

  397. Di Evans says:

    Hi David I wish you and your family A Very Happy Christmas, and very nest wishes for 2017. Thankyou for an amazing concert in stoke recently. We thoroughly enjoyed it as always. Lots of love x

  398. Jenny says:

    Hi David just wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to what the future holds for you love always Jenny (from Dorset) xxxx

  399. Debbie Wilson says:

    Hi David, just want to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Thank you for the fantastic tour this year, so glad you liked the table and the book. Would love to have come to your book signings but they were just too far away. Hope to see you sometime in the future. I know you will just enjoy spending time with Sonnie and watching him grow. Thanks again for the memories. Love always. Debbie xxx

  400. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, In November you kindly sent me a signed photo (which i received on my birthday, so that was a lovely birthday present) this photo is now alongside the framed photo i was able to have taken with you when you were at The Leas, Folkestone. I wondered if it was possible to have another signed photo David please for my friend Jackie who as followed you since the 70’s too like i have. I also wondered when i would be able to purchase your DVD from the Missing you Tour, something i really look forward to watching and singing along to. I’ve also got the DVD when you were at the Royal Albert Hall in the 80’s my friend Bev & I (two Bev’s lol) traveled down to see you from Leeds, Yorkshire and it was a brilliant night. David i would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year & All The Very Best for 2017. I’ll be missing you take care Love Bev :-) xx

  401. Amanda Freund says:

    I would love to wish you David and all your family a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year x

  402. Christina Poulter says:

    Would it be possible to have a little something for my daughter Nicola as she was unable to attend the London concert recently as she has had a baby is feeding him . She is a fan and was so disappointed to miss it . Thank you in advance.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family . Xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Christina, David would be happy to send a signed photo. Just leave details of where to send it on here, thank you.

  403. sarah says:

    Dear David i have been meaning to write to you since 5th dec 2016 when i got back to perth australia where i have lived for the past 8 yrs, I wrote on this guestbook to let you know i had planned a trip to go all the way back to uk where i am from macclesfield originally, so i wouldnt miss your final solo tour, i saw you in blackpool and i cannot express enough how you went above and beyond as usual my expectations x you were amazing and i cannot thankyou enough when we all went to stand at the front of the stage (very naughty of us x) i was stood right infront of you and you seemed to recognise me and as you approached the fans and touched they hands you shook mine and said hello x that is always been something i love about you is your personal touch with your fans x it absoloutely put the icing on the cake and i will never forget it. The only thing that was a little disappointing was we got directed to the wrong place for your usual signing and i believe you signed for 20 mins at another door it was a shame but i have met you many many times at stage doors and got up close it just would have been nice with it being your final tour x you look amazing and i wish you all the best for your future with your family and a very merry xmas & happy new year take care david i wouldnt have missed your tour for the world x keep on smiling your wonderful cheeky smile loads of love one of your faithful fans
    sarah broadhurst xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your message Sarah. Unfortunately a lot of people were let down by the staff at Blackpool too. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Merry Christmas to you and yours too

  404. Diana Hunt says:

    Dear David,
    I want to wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas! I love your song WINTER’S TALE. It is beautiful. Why don’t you ever come to the United States? Ok, keep in touch. Hugs & kisses,

  405. Lance says:

    David Merry Christmas

  406. Susan Wilson says:

    Afternoon David
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book Faded Glory.
    Being a private drama teacher I read avidly and your book is one of the best I have read in a long while.
    Many congratulations on a wonderful book
    Good wishes for Christmas and 2017
    Kind regards

  407. Doreen whittle says:

    Dear David wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year to you and your family and hope you will give some thoughts to filming your life story love Doreen

  408. Julie sheppard says:

    Thank you so much for my signed photo – just wondering when the DVDs will be out – thanks

  409. Jenny says:

    Re – the documentary – Ran out of money? That’s crazy! Surely someone’s going to pick it up? I reckon we could all finance it with a Crowdfunder – I would be happy to support it There’s just the small problem of getting the right experts in place to finish it…. Who has the rights and all the work completed so far? Is it still Alan G Parker? I’m pretty certain the demand is there from the public to see it and buy it – but of course we would probably need some sort of a corporate set-up and deal I guess – Any experts out there who know how this can be done???
    Jenny D

    • Essex Admin says:

      It was put on Pledge but not enough people pledged to put it forward and yes it’s still with Alan G Parker.

  410. Lance says:

    David Merry Christmas best of british from Lance & Susan

  411. Irene says:

    Hi. Just finished reading Faded Glory. A truly fabulous read. Recognized a few names :-) Keep up the good work.
    Missing you concert was fabulous.
    Enjoy your break and have a fabulous family Christmas. Irene xx

  412. Susan says:

    David have lovely Christmas

  413. Julie Waller says:

    To Dear David, Sue, Sarah and Verity,
    A few words to thank you ALL for your wonderful help after the chaos caused by the ‘bonkers’ Wolverhampton stage door security staff’s refusal to allow us access to you for the presentation of your gift which you had okayed. We were devastated to have let you down even though it wasn’t our fault. The thank you videos sent by Sarah and Verity were fabulous. The personal one you sent to me was incredibly special David, and Sue, your kindness and patience in taking photos of the Memories Book which was ‘Sally from Somerset’s’ personal gift to David, for us all to see in the DEGC was ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. You are a star Mrs Cook! Thank you all and we wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a bonkers New Year!
    Much love from Julie and the DEGC xxxxxxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words Julie. Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Best wishes from all “The Cookies”

  414. Kay smith says:

    Thanks admin, just got my post, new pic , lovely !! Kay

  415. Mary mullett says:

    David,I was in Asda yesterday writing a summary for Amazon for my new children’s book when they played A Winters Tale.Thanks for singing it! Mary

  416. Donna says:

    Hello, I’ve tried emailing the fan address a few times but have had no reply. Can you give me the correct email to contact you please. Thank you.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Donna, Apologies for not replying sooner. You can get them on or leave your message on here and it won’t be published.

      • Donna says:

        Thank you but that’s the email address I’ve written to a few times, but have had no reply. My mum went to see David’s concert in Ipswich last month. She bought a VIP ticket and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately she thinks David wasn’t feeling well as he didn’t do the meet and greet after the show. So she couldn’t get her books signed. The venue had also sold out of programmes so she wasn’t able to buy one of these either. (She thought the programme was included in the VIP package, but maybe she was wrong about that)

        Would it possible to send you her 2 books for David to sign please, as she was very disappointed she didn’t get to meet him. And is it possible to buy a programme from you please.

        Thank you, Donna.

        • Essex Admin says:

          Hello Donna,
          We don’t have any programmes to sell, sorry, but you can send the books to:
          PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

  417. Imperial Wizard says:


    Whatever happened to the David Essex Documentary Film that Alan G Parker was producing?


    Imperial Wizard

  418. Julie Ann says:

    Hello, how are you, I just ordered your “All The Fun Of The Fair DVD”…please can you sign it for me. I loved the album….”All The Fun Of The Fair”….the one from the 70’s :) Especially, “If I Could”…beautiful song. I don’t know what else to say… oh yes I watched some clips of your 2016 concerts on youtube, lots of memories…have tears watching. Thank you for the music, and I hope you change your mind about leaving. Take care, and every good wish for Christmas, good luck!

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Julie, Sorry for not replying sooner. It had already been sent before I got your message but would be happy to send you a signed photo if you can give me your address.

  419. susan eastbourne says:

    Have Lovely restful Christmas with your family hopefully see you in 2017 x

  420. susan eastbourne says:

    Thank you so much for all you pleasure you have given, seeing you saturday getting your latest novel signed I’m so proud.

  421. Sally says:

    Nice Sunday afternoon with That’ll Be The Day! Christmas tree lights twinkling! Wishing David and his family, A Very Happy Christmas!!xxx Sally (Essex)xxx

  422. Sally says:

    Nice Sunday afternoon with That’ll Be The Day!!

  423. lorraine says:

    just want to thank you so much for the GORGEOUS signed picture.
    hope you and yours have a happy Christmas.x