February 6, 2013

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  1. Val says:

    Hi David
    I have fingers crossed as pre ordered your limited edition Wolverhampton concert as I was there, It is a present for my birthday and I hope I will be one of the 1000 to receive the signed photo by you, been a loyal fan for years. I was at Manchester 2012 when you where given your award, amazing night, still talk about it even now.

    Val xx

  2. Ana says:

    Good evening
    I’m trying to source touching the ghost cd, without much luck. ITunes has no reference to it niether YouTube and Spotify . Where can I get it from please . Do you have a more upto date version cd etc I originally had the album but it got lost during my many house moves .

    Hope you can help,
    Small suggestion ….. how amazing would it be if you released it and made it current few changes it was good when first released but just think what you could do with it now ummmm food for thought

  3. Susan says:

    Hello David I just order your Tour Merchandise now sorry I didn’t get all some wasn’t there no more from Susan

  4. Karen says:

    Hi was just wondering if you are performing at bogner regis butlins in september saw it advertised on facebook but theres nothing on your website thanks karen from the west midlands

  5. Steve Shine says:

    Dear David and Essex Admin Team
    My Sister Julie is now 56 and has been a massive fan since the early days. She has been to every show and concert you’ve ever been in. I grew up listening to your albums and then CDs and my earliest memory is of her singing your latest hit into her hairbrush. It’s fair to say you have been the soundtrack to her life.
    She is getting married for the third (and hopefully last time) on 25th March to Allan Harper and it would mean so much to her to have a signed card from David, wishing her the best of luck. I have sent a card to the PO box listed below and would really appreciate it if David would sign if for her and Allan.
    Yours Sincerely
    Steve Shine

  6. Karen Woodman says:

    I have been a fan since I was 15, I am now 56. I have been enjoying The Traveling tinker man, along with the audio CD. I love it! I enjoy poems and have found connections to my own life, within the pages. Please may I have a signed autograph?

  7. Jenny says:

    Hi David I sent a tweet to you asking for a Happy Birthday wish for my daughter Verity’s 40th but sadly with no luck take care love always Jenny (from Dorset)xxx

  8. Denise says:

    Hello. Please could you tell me if the beautiful dog in A Winters Tale video was yours David? What was his name?

    • Essex Admin says:

      He wasn’t mine, but you’re quite right he was a lovely dog. Don’t remember the name, sorry- David

  9. Sally says:

    Hi David, Playing the Jackie magazine pin ups cd!!! With your fine self, Hot Chocolate, and part of the Osmonds, ha!ha! Sunny, Saturday morning! Nice – Love Sallyx (Essex)

  10. susan says:

    Just wanted to say that was a massive fan f Davids when younger I don’t think there would have been a more handsome man , could I please have a signed picture

  11. Karen Day says:

    Have got my tickets booked for Birmingham Legends Live Tour looking forward to it immensely

  12. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David -Just booked glasgow cant wait so looking forward to seeing u and can’t wait for DVD.Love Jill Cassidy xx

  13. Sandra says:

    Please please please release MP3 version of Stay With Me Baby – my favourite but only have it on original 45 !!!

  14. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David-so excited about the legends concert in Glasgow.can’t wait to see u there.Thanks so much for doing it .c u there.Love JIll Cassidy. Dundee.

  15. Hi
    Please can you ask David, if I can have a signed photograph, I have been a fan for several years.

    I know that many people also ask for a photo, but this would really make my day

    Thank you so much

    Love Jenny

  16. Janet Simpson says:

    Brought the hardback back in October soon as it came out, but have been so busy not had time to read it. At Reading sign in I got the paperback, so this last week was determined to read it finally. Thoroughly enjoyed it and as a person born in St Thomas’s Hospital in Lambeth who lived in Peckham and Bermondsey, until a forced move to the countryside when I was six and my parents’ broke up, (not the norm in the late 50’s), it took me back to places that my mum still talks about with affection now. Also other vague memories I have of things you talked about in the book. The story was so down to earth and real, with the genuine ups and downs and hardships, of an ordinary family. The girlie things you put into this story about a boxer were smashing as well, making it not just a blokes book. I felt at times like you were writing it especially for me. Total lump in my throat and tears at the end. Thanks David and again for the signing, chat and photos on the 25th February. Love Jan x

  17. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all at admin. Thank you for finding the episode of ‘Heartbeat’ for me, have finally got round to watching it!! I wonder if any other fans have viewed it? Brings back memories!! Does David remember much about it? Would like his feedback if possible. Thank you. Love. Sharon. P.s. Any news on DVD yet?xx

  18. Diana says:

    Hi David will you be doing any more book signing

  19. Julia Beeby says:

    Hi David, my Auntie (Dette) is a massive fan of yours and for her 60th had tickets to see your 2016 tour. Sadly she was unable to make the concert because of heavy traffic delays and was really upset. I’ve only just found this out and want to cheer her up. Would it be possible to have a signed photo wishing her a Happy Birthday.

    Can you also tell me when your DVD of the 2016 tour is out so I can get it her.


  20. mick lacey says:

    Hi there can you tell me if david is playing at butlins bognor regis in September 22nd 2017?

  21. Janice prime says:

    Hello David hope you are well I was just wondering when ur did will be released from the missing you tour love you always take care God bless xxx

  22. Anna says:

    Oops forgot one more thing I couldn’t resist not mentioning
    I read your twitter post about the strange object in the sky and it being the sun … it made me smile and look up today in Essex it’s pipped it’s face a little but as I walked my dog an Iranian poet of a few centuries back came to mind and his words were I quote
    Look at the sun and the amount of times it appears never once has it said to the Earth you owe me …. it has just lit up the whole sky with its beautiful golden light in that moment I just said thank you To that little pip shining through those clouds. It was something to be grateful for no matter how little or big hahahaha after all when we look up and see don’t we all smile and feel that Lillie bit more happier and positive hahahahaha I’m not sure if you read these posts maybe not but your fans will and perharps it may put a smile on there faces bye

  23. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,When will we know about the arena concerts?Lovely news!Mary.

  24. Anna says:

    Good morning David
    I missed all of your book signing … please schedule a couple more ….maybe Cambridge might be a nice place and fairly central for those a Lillie more north to be able to get to.

    I hope your not too tired and maybe think about it if you have a spare window of time in your rather busy life .

    Apologies if I’m being a little demanding as a fan … I’m not just selfish haha again apologies for that

    Have a lovely day

    Here’s a beautiful quote by my favourite person mother Teresa to you slightly adapted for you by me lol

    As many times as I have seen you …. watched you amongst the crowds of adoring and deserving fans … my soul regonises another beautiful soul within its mist …. not the physical you the higher you

    And each time I want to recite these words to you that higher you

    You are humble
    And nothing can ever touch you
    Neither Praise or disgrace
    Because you know what you are


  25. Joshua Betts says:

    just , Thanks ,, thanks for makin it ,

  26. Amanda Freund says:

    Great to see you on Sunday at Milton Keynes Book signing . My husband loved talking to you about motorbikes , you are a true gentleman thank you x

  27. Janet Simpson says:

    Hi David – Thank you so much for making my day and coming to a Signing at Reading on Saturday. After following you for 40 years it is still lovely seeing you, no matter what you are up to. Lovely talking to you, having you sign a few things for me and having photos taken with you. See you at your next adventure OF COURSE. Love Jan

  28. Francesca says:

    Hi ya
    How do I go about getting an autograph?, i have been a big fan for many years, all the best for everything you do

  29. David your the Best Rock Singer of all Time!
    “Stardust” is the Best Rock Movie of All Time!
    Please come to America! New York City!

  30. sharon prosser says:

    Thank you for finding out about the ‘Heartbeat’ query. I have yet to watch it,but,am looking forward to seeing the episode. Like every other fan,eagerly awaiting release of DVD. Love,Sharon.xx

  31. Jan says:

    Is David going to be Book signing in Reading on Feb 25th that I have heard. Been round to the store and nothing in there yet advertising. My number one Idol so don’t want to miss him !



  32. Val says:

    Hi David,
    I am gutted at not being able to see you in MK. I would have liked you to sign my book, When the Dvd comes out will you visit many locations? if so can you put Leicester on your list please. Hope life is treating you well.

  33. John Mallon says:

    Hi David
    I saw you on TV the other night. I was interested in your fruit picking experiences. I have written a book called Disorderly Fields about fruit picking in Wisbech. If you ever read it I would be interested in your thoughts. Yours John.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thanks for the info John. I actually went strawberry picking in Wisbech when I was a little boy and loved it – David

    • Anna says:

      Hi John my name is Anna I’m originally from Peterborough
      And I spent many school holidays and other days when I should have been at school picking strawberries in Wisbech in fact it was the only pocket money I ever had … being the 6th child of a large Italian family you can imagine some of the poverty we experience so strawberry picking for me was a godsend but I loved it . waking up 4 am getting into the open truck with all the others and then up and down those fields filling those punnets I loved the smell, the leaves with morning mist on them and the earth smelt amazing
      I’m going to read your book

  34. Janet Simpson says:

    Is it correct you are coming to Reading on 25th February for your book signing. Are you putting it on the Website. Thanks cant wait.


  35. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all. Iwrote on this page on feb 5th,regarding a query about an appearance by David years ago on’Heartbeat’. As i have’nt received a reply i wondered if you had’nt been able to find anything out? Love,Sharon x

  36. Jane says:

    Could you please tell me when the DVD of the I’ll Be Missing You tour will be available. Many thanks.

  37. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, It was lovely seeing you on Country File on Sunday, you look really good. I’ve recorded it so i keep watching it.

    I wondered if it was possible for you to send a signed photo to my friend Maureen, she has followed you from the beginning (she will be 70 this year) & she still follows you now. Sadly on Monday she lost her husband Jim, & a signed photo from you David if possible, I feel will help to cheer her up at this sad time. She only retired from work in Dec. we worked together for over 20 years. Take care Love Bev xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Bev, if you can leave details of where to send it, David would be more than happy to send your friend a signed photo.

  38. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, it was lovely to hear you talk so tenderly about your mom and your childhood. What a beautiful piece of film love Kay xx

  39. Patricia Baker says:

    Just wanted to say I think u are incredible love u xxx

  40. Val says:

    Hi David,
    Was great to watch you on Countryfile, looking forward to seeing the Dvd as we were at the Concert so it will have special memories, thank you.
    Val x

  41. Simon bull says:

    Hi David, we are a small social club in West Norfolk in the small village of Walton Highway. We are a committee run club, and any profits have to go back into the club to help the community.
    Would love to have you come to our club to perform some songs or maybe an ‘evening with’.
    I know we probably can’t afford you, but if we don’t ask ?
    We are about 8 miles from Kings Lynn and 5 miles from Wisbech.
    We can only accommodate about 150 people, so as I said a small venue.
    Bill Herd from the Rubettes has just moved into the village and is going to bring the group down in April so we are trying to get the club known and improve the facilities.
    You can find usher n Facebook and Twitter.
    Thanks For your time David.
    Best wishes

  42. Jane Butler says:

    Hello, please would it be possible for me to have a signed photo of David? It would mean a lot as my dear husband, Clive, sadly passed away on Saturday 31st December 2016 and for the last 38yrs he has taken me all over the country to see David in various things. My favourite song “It’s Gonna Be Alright” is giving me a lot of comfort at present. Thank you.

  43. sharon prosser says:

    Hi,all. I’ve been watching ‘Heartbeat’ sometimes as it is being shown on a few channels at different times. I know David appeared in an episode as a traveller if i remember correctly,would anyone be able to tell me if this episode will be broadcast again,and if so when and what channel,or,has it already been shown. Thank you. Sharon.x

  44. Jenny says:

    Hi everyone
    Booked for Bognor – of course! Hope it’s not as chilly as last time… Wet and windy…
    What on earth is going on with the DVD? Is there a problem or is it just taking time to get it exactly and fantastically right? Hoping for some good news soon.
    Jenny D

  45. Steve says:

    Hi David
    Thank you so much for the Signed Photo. My wife Tricia was thrilled.
    She hopes to see you when you come to Butlins Bognor Regis.
    Thank you.

  46. sharon prosser says:

    Hello, Please could you tell me when David is being featured on ‘Countryfile’ on BBC1 or have i missed it? I usually watch this on a sunday evening but am just watching last weeks episode this morning and saw Davids short clip. I can’t understand how i’ve missed it before!! Thank you in anticipation. Love to David and family as usual, and as i can see from other comments, still no news of DVD, hoping it will be available for Mothers Day gift from my kids!!.

  47. Ann says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you are enjoying spending the time with family. You so deserve it.
    Any news yet on when the DVD will be out.

  48. pasquale says:

    ciao hi david very good song coming home ciao

  49. Sally says:

    Hello David, A Song For Old Lovers, A timeless classic, been listening to it tonight, and thinking of all of our lovely Mums and Dads xx – Oh, My Love…
    Tomorrow is my Birthday, and it reminded me of sitting on My Dad’s shoulders over West Ham football ground! – When songs remind you, Good times remain! Gonna Make You A Star time!! Love Sally x (Essex)

  50. Tess Pryor says:

    Hi David,

    everything I want to say to you is in this story I wrote a couple of years ago.
    Never underestimate the power your heart has on some one….

    Kind regards

    (Melbourne Australia)

  51. STEPHEN MCDINE says:

    Hello David,
    I have a black and white photograph of an advert from the mid 1970’s of The David Essex Band endorsing Ibanez instruments and TAMA drums. I was wondering if anybody has a copy of this picture in colour?. I am a member of a forum called “Ibanez Collectors World” and the guitars and the mandolin in this 70’s advert are of interest to me. The models of guitars endorsed are now very sort after as collectors pieces. Did you ever use them live on stage?
    Have you any information about this advert?

    Thank you

    Stephen McDIne

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Stephen, yes David did use them on stage. Someone recently sent a photo of David on the drum kit. I will try and find it for you. Kind regards, Sarah – D E Management

  52. Donna says:

    Hoping your relaxation time is working out !

  53. Mary mullett says:

    David,Now reading Faded Glory for the 2nd time and am fascinated how you have included lines from your real life.Will be going to Bognor Regis in September.Mary.

  54. jane downs says:

    Hi can I just say a big thank you for all your songs films and pictures over the years. I have been a fan all of my life and had the chance to see you in concert many times both in Leicester (demontfort hall) and the Birmingham night out (many years ago ). Long may you continue. Regards jane.xx

  55. jane says:

    what date is it, that david will be appearing on countryfile

  56. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David
    Just to say thank you David for sending signed photo to Jill, it was a lovely surprise for her. Take care Bev xx

  57. Steve says:

    Would it be possible to get a signed photo of David for my wife. Who is 60 on the 27th
    Of January. She is a life long fan and it would make her day.
    Many thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, if you can leave an address and your wife name on here. Thanks.
      (It won’t be published)

  58. Denise says:

    Hi could you tell me please which Butlins will David be appearing at in September many Thanks Denise

  59. Bev Mannering says:

    H Admin, I wondered if it was possible for my best friend Jill to have a signed photo of David, he kindly signed one for me in November. Jill & I have been to quite a lot of David’s concerts & enjoyed all of them, we also enjoyed seeing David in “All the Fun of the Fair” at the Garrick Theatre, he was excellent. Take care Love Bev x

  60. Nichola Good says:

    Hi, has David ever thought of doing Mutiny again, I have followed David since I was young but I am only 33 so I never had the pleasure of seeing this amazing musical live. With technology of today I think this would a great musical to tour again. I know David is done with touring but he could direct it and then see it tour around the country. I feel it would have an amazing response xxx

  61. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin, I’ve just spotted in the national press dates for David appearing at butlins over the coming year. Can you confirm any dates before I try to book tickets, thanks Kay

  62. Linda Jones says:

    My husband used to take me everywhere to see David, as the tour dates were released we would plan where we would go, we would be in London on Saturday and Leeds on Sunday, Bournmouth the next week, then Torquay. I have wonderful memories of beautiful theatres and shows. We hadn’t been for a while but I decided to go to the very last concert in Wolverhampton (where I live) just for the memories I knew it would bring. My lovely husband passed away in May 2015, a victim of cancer, from diagnosis to the day he passed away was just 9 weeks, he was only 61 and we had been together since he was 14. I buried him just 3 days before our 42nd wedding anniversary. I really enjoyed the concert and as I thought wonderful memories came flooding back and the one song that actually made me cry was ‘it’s gonna be alright’. The words said it all, it was just as if the song had been written for the dreadful night I sat with Mike and watched him slowly go to sleep forever. Thanks for giving me some wonderful memories to hang on to.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your message Linda, I found it moving and I’m pleased that you, with Mike, have good memories and that I was a part of them, best wishes, David

  63. Graham Worthington says:

    Just read faded glory. Half way through first chapter I stopped and went on YouTube to look at clips of the east end life from late 1947 on also after staying in the area on a trip this gave great insight which bought your book to life I am 56 and never have I spent a day reading a book this has been a first and I thank you for getting me reading on my kindle .

  64. Karen Woodman says:

    Hubby bought me All the fun of the fair The hit musical, Dvd for Christmas. We had seen the musical live and loved it. The DVD is brilliant! Now we can relive it whenever.

  65. Kirsty Tritta says:

    How would I go about getting a sighed photo for my mum who is a devoted fan for many years. She will be 60 this month.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Kirsty, you can leave details on here of your Mum’s name and where to send it as it won’t get published.

  66. Teresa Boldison says:

    Happy New Year David. Thank you so much for the signed pics and the get well wishes which cheered me up. I’m making progress. You are a STAR. Hope you got my letter. Love from Teresa from Watford xx

  67. Doreen whittle says:

    Hi David sorry I miss your sighing at Blackpool I was at the wrong door . Please can you tell me when your DVD will be out for your last concert all the best to you and yours for this year love Doreen

  68. janice prime says:

    hi david hope you had a wonderfull Christmas and new year with your family well I really do wish you all the very best for 2017 and good luck with everything not that you will need it mind and have a brilliant time with your family now as you so deserve it all my love from Janice take care god bless david xxxxx

  69. Jill Cassidy says:

    Happy new year to you David all the best for 2017.Love Jill Cassidy.Dundee. x

  70. Susan says:

    David Happy New Year

  71. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, may you have a healthy and happy new year! Hope to see you in 2017, love as always Kay Xx

  72. Sally says:

    Happy New Year! and are the David Essex mugs still available from I,ll Be Missing You Tour? Thank you. Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  73. Debbie says:

    I hope David,Davids Family, Davids Staff and all of David’s fans have all had a fantastic Christmas time, and all the very best in all you do in 2017..
    Is there any news ‘re the DVD yet?…..(I am impatient !!!!) ..thank you xxx Debbie

  74. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Hope you had lovely Christmas with your family.
    I wondered if it would be possible for you to send a signed photo to my best friend Jill, Jill & I have been to many of your concerts and we have enjoyed everyone & we look forward to getting the Missing You DVD.

    Happy New Year to you David, your family & admin team.
    Love Bev xx

  75. Jill Cassidy says:

    Merry Christmas David to u and all your family so looking forward to buying the I
    Missing u tour DVD .All the best for Jill Cassidy.Dundee.

  76. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you for sending the signed photo for Jackie she really loved it a lovely surprise for her. Wishing you, your family & all the team a Happy Christmas & Happy 2017. Take care love Bev xxx

  77. Gill Gordon says:

    Just want to echo everyone thank you for a great concert. Have a lovely Christmas and a lovely New year. Enjoy your retirement. xx

  78. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,Thank you for a wonderful tour.Happy Christmas to you and your family.Mary

  79. Di Evans says:

    Hi David I wish you and your family A Very Happy Christmas, and very nest wishes for 2017. Thankyou for an amazing concert in stoke recently. We thoroughly enjoyed it as always. Lots of love x

  80. Jenny says:

    Hi David just wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to what the future holds for you love always Jenny (from Dorset) xxxx

  81. Debbie Wilson says:

    Hi David, just want to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Thank you for the fantastic tour this year, so glad you liked the table and the book. Would love to have come to your book signings but they were just too far away. Hope to see you sometime in the future. I know you will just enjoy spending time with Sonnie and watching him grow. Thanks again for the memories. Love always. Debbie xxx

  82. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, In November you kindly sent me a signed photo (which i received on my birthday, so that was a lovely birthday present) this photo is now alongside the framed photo i was able to have taken with you when you were at The Leas, Folkestone. I wondered if it was possible to have another signed photo David please for my friend Jackie who as followed you since the 70’s too like i have. I also wondered when i would be able to purchase your DVD from the Missing you Tour, something i really look forward to watching and singing along to. I’ve also got the DVD when you were at the Royal Albert Hall in the 80’s my friend Bev & I (two Bev’s lol) traveled down to see you from Leeds, Yorkshire and it was a brilliant night. David i would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year & All The Very Best for 2017. I’ll be missing you take care Love Bev :-) xx

  83. Amanda Freund says:

    I would love to wish you David and all your family a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year x

  84. Christina Poulter says:

    Would it be possible to have a little something for my daughter Nicola as she was unable to attend the London concert recently as she has had a baby is feeding him . She is a fan and was so disappointed to miss it . Thank you in advance.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family . Xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Christina, David would be happy to send a signed photo. Just leave details of where to send it on here, thank you.

  85. sarah says:

    Dear David i have been meaning to write to you since 5th dec 2016 when i got back to perth australia where i have lived for the past 8 yrs, I wrote on this guestbook to let you know i had planned a trip to go all the way back to uk where i am from macclesfield originally, so i wouldnt miss your final solo tour, i saw you in blackpool and i cannot express enough how you went above and beyond as usual my expectations x you were amazing and i cannot thankyou enough when we all went to stand at the front of the stage (very naughty of us x) i was stood right infront of you and you seemed to recognise me and as you approached the fans and touched they hands you shook mine and said hello x that is always been something i love about you is your personal touch with your fans x it absoloutely put the icing on the cake and i will never forget it. The only thing that was a little disappointing was we got directed to the wrong place for your usual signing and i believe you signed for 20 mins at another door it was a shame but i have met you many many times at stage doors and got up close it just would have been nice with it being your final tour x you look amazing and i wish you all the best for your future with your family and a very merry xmas & happy new year take care david i wouldnt have missed your tour for the world x keep on smiling your wonderful cheeky smile loads of love one of your faithful fans
    sarah broadhurst xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your message Sarah. Unfortunately a lot of people were let down by the staff at Blackpool too. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Merry Christmas to you and yours too

  86. Diana Hunt says:

    Dear David,
    I want to wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas! I love your song WINTER’S TALE. It is beautiful. Why don’t you ever come to the United States? Ok, keep in touch. Hugs & kisses,

  87. Lance says:

    David Merry Christmas

  88. Susan Wilson says:

    Afternoon David
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book Faded Glory.
    Being a private drama teacher I read avidly and your book is one of the best I have read in a long while.
    Many congratulations on a wonderful book
    Good wishes for Christmas and 2017
    Kind regards

  89. Doreen whittle says:

    Dear David wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year to you and your family and hope you will give some thoughts to filming your life story love Doreen

  90. Julie sheppard says:

    Thank you so much for my signed photo – just wondering when the DVDs will be out – thanks

  91. Jenny says:

    Re – the documentary – Ran out of money? That’s crazy! Surely someone’s going to pick it up? I reckon we could all finance it with a Crowdfunder – I would be happy to support it There’s just the small problem of getting the right experts in place to finish it…. Who has the rights and all the work completed so far? Is it still Alan G Parker? I’m pretty certain the demand is there from the public to see it and buy it – but of course we would probably need some sort of a corporate set-up and deal I guess – Any experts out there who know how this can be done???
    Jenny D

    • Essex Admin says:

      It was put on Pledge but not enough people pledged to put it forward and yes it’s still with Alan G Parker.

  92. Lance says:

    David Merry Christmas best of british from Lance & Susan

  93. Irene says:

    Hi. Just finished reading Faded Glory. A truly fabulous read. Recognized a few names :-) Keep up the good work.
    Missing you concert was fabulous.
    Enjoy your break and have a fabulous family Christmas. Irene xx

  94. Susan says:

    David have lovely Christmas

  95. Julie Waller says:

    To Dear David, Sue, Sarah and Verity,
    A few words to thank you ALL for your wonderful help after the chaos caused by the ‘bonkers’ Wolverhampton stage door security staff’s refusal to allow us access to you for the presentation of your gift which you had okayed. We were devastated to have let you down even though it wasn’t our fault. The thank you videos sent by Sarah and Verity were fabulous. The personal one you sent to me was incredibly special David, and Sue, your kindness and patience in taking photos of the Memories Book which was ‘Sally from Somerset’s’ personal gift to David, for us all to see in the DEGC was ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. You are a star Mrs Cook! Thank you all and we wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a bonkers New Year!
    Much love from Julie and the DEGC xxxxxxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words Julie. Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Best wishes from all “The Cookies”

  96. Kay smith says:

    Thanks admin, just got my post, new pic , lovely !! Kay

  97. Mary mullett says:

    David,I was in Asda yesterday writing a summary for Amazon for my new children’s book when they played A Winters Tale.Thanks for singing it! Mary

  98. Donna says:

    Hello, I’ve tried emailing the fan address a few times but have had no reply. Can you give me the correct email to contact you please. Thank you.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Donna, Apologies for not replying sooner. You can get them on or leave your message on here and it won’t be published.

      • Donna says:

        Thank you but that’s the email address I’ve written to a few times, but have had no reply. My mum went to see David’s concert in Ipswich last month. She bought a VIP ticket and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately she thinks David wasn’t feeling well as he didn’t do the meet and greet after the show. So she couldn’t get her books signed. The venue had also sold out of programmes so she wasn’t able to buy one of these either. (She thought the programme was included in the VIP package, but maybe she was wrong about that)

        Would it possible to send you her 2 books for David to sign please, as she was very disappointed she didn’t get to meet him. And is it possible to buy a programme from you please.

        Thank you, Donna.

        • Essex Admin says:

          Hello Donna,
          We don’t have any programmes to sell, sorry, but you can send the books to:
          PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

  99. Imperial Wizard says:


    Whatever happened to the David Essex Documentary Film that Alan G Parker was producing?


    Imperial Wizard

  100. Julie Ann says:

    Hello, how are you, I just ordered your “All The Fun Of The Fair DVD”…please can you sign it for me. I loved the album….”All The Fun Of The Fair”….the one from the 70’s :) Especially, “If I Could”…beautiful song. I don’t know what else to say… oh yes I watched some clips of your 2016 concerts on youtube, lots of memories…have tears watching. Thank you for the music, and I hope you change your mind about leaving. Take care, and every good wish for Christmas, good luck!

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Julie, Sorry for not replying sooner. It had already been sent before I got your message but would be happy to send you a signed photo if you can give me your address.

  101. susan eastbourne says:

    Have Lovely restful Christmas with your family hopefully see you in 2017 x

  102. susan eastbourne says:

    Thank you so much for all you pleasure you have given, seeing you saturday getting your latest novel signed I’m so proud.

  103. Sally says:

    Nice Sunday afternoon with That’ll Be The Day! Christmas tree lights twinkling! Wishing David and his family, A Very Happy Christmas!!xxx Sally (Essex)xxx

  104. Sally says:

    Nice Sunday afternoon with That’ll Be The Day!!

  105. lorraine says:

    just want to thank you so much for the GORGEOUS signed picture.
    hope you and yours have a happy Christmas.x

  106. Denise martin says:

    I wish to thank David very much for the lovely signed photo it really made my day. Thank you, also I hope he received the card I sent, wishing a very Happy Christmas to David and his family x

  107. Doreen whittle says:

    Hi David I know I said have a good rest but is there any chance that you could film your life story I know it may take 2 dvd and you would have to get some one to play a young you but I think your fans would love it I know I would Love Doreen

  108. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin, just had to get this off my chest, I’ve just got back from the Birmingham book signing, book less, they ran out. It didn’t state on the wh smith website info that it was limited availability, very very sad. David was kind enough to have a photo after he finished the signing. Thanks a very frustrated Kay

    • Essex Admin says:

      Oh how disappointing, sorry to hear that. If you’d like a signed photo to put in a book eventually, just leave your details on here and I can send it to you.

  109. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, see you this afternoon at the Birmingham book signing, can’t wait, Kay x

  110. Kirsty says:

    Hi I forgot to leave the details in my last comment the name which I would love to be on the picture is:

    I would really appreciate if you could send a signed photo to them thank you

  111. Lesley Danks says:

    Wishing David and his family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and fun 2017.

    Lesley Danks
    Australia. xx

  112. Karen Pickersgill says:

    Hi David! Thank you so very much indeed for the lovely signed photo received today. I really do love it. Thank you for taking time out to do that for me, it is very much appreciated :-) Take care, lots of love, Karen Pickersgill xxx

  113. sid says:

    Hi, We always love the song winters tale around this time of year. Could you tell me the filming location of the video please?

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sid, it was in the West Country. Sorry can’t remember where exactly. Pleased you like the song – David

  114. Peter Eames says:

    Good afternoon David Peter Eames here from Cardiff South Wales I wish to ask Has a Date been set for the Release of the Live Concert DVD and CD’s and I wish to make a Promice that My Two Friends will have a Copy of the New Concert Footage Each to Thank My Two Friends for their Friendship that has lasted al long Time David’s Music has brought us Together and I shall also be awaiting the news regarding the Book Signing as it would be nice to see David signing his new Book in Cardiff as he has some very Loyal Fans in South Wales.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Peter, We’ve not yet been told of a date for the release of the DVD and at the moment there are no plans for a book signing in South Wales. David wanted me to thank you for your card. Kind regards – D E Management

  115. Doreen whittle says:

    Dear David just a note to say Thank you for the music loved the concert at Blackpool it was the first and last concert I have seen you in .I have seen you in other things though . I hope you film your concert at some sage and I can get a dvd from your shop hope you enjoy your rest love Doreen

  116. Shawn tillotson says:

    Dear David
    This is a surprise request for my lovely girlfriend allison.
    She is a massive fan of yours and over the years that I have been with Allison I have bought her your DVDs and books but would love to get her a signed photo for her 50th birthday which is in April 2017.
    Would it possible for you to send her a photo with her name Allison please ? Signed by you.
    Many thanks and wishing you a great Xmas and a happy new year
    Hopefully we will see you on 1 off your tours

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Shawn, I’ve made a note of the address, but was just wondering if you’d prefer it to be sent to you as her birthdays not till April?
      Kind regards
      Sarah – D E Management

  117. Janice prime says:

    Hello david hope you are well and enjoying your precious family time i dont know if you have been getting my tweets ok i just want to say thank you so much for your beautiful music its been played none stop. I hope i do the tweets properly to you lots love god bless david xxx

  118. john wallwork says:

    Hi, David, my wife and I have been fans of yours since day 1. We went to see you at the Appollo Manchester bck in the seventies, can’t remember exact dates. We now live in Canada, been here for over 20 years. My wife is true diehard fan of you and I would like to know if you had plans on coming to Canada. A great venue for you would be the arena at Kelowna, BC. We live not to far from there. Please let us know if you have plans for a visit. Thanks for your time, John.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello John, Thank you for your message. I’m sure David would love to go to Canada, but sadly there are no plans at the moment.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  119. Julie Sheppard says:

    Thank you for enjoying your concerts for 42 years, my first when I was 14 in Oxford and one of the last in Oxford as well. Would it be possible to send me a signed photograph with Julie on it please as a constant reminder of all the fantastic concerts I have enjoyed over the years. Good luck with whatever you do in the future and hope to see you on the stage in 2017. Thank you.

  120. Anna says:

    Saw you in Southend you were wonderful as usual I love how humble you are. But what always amazes me is I get to see you every time unexpectedly and I’m always on the phone haha but I always try to pretend I don’t regonise you because it’s moments when your either walking away or to something in a restuarant(by chance ) or at one of your concerts or theatre shows having a quick relaxing fag lol . And need your privacy which I would never invade. So your final tour was a must as it was in Southend that I first saw you having been dragged there reluctantly by a neighbour who’s friend couldnt make the evening and she had a spar ticket. so it started and I thought as you started to sing and talk this is a strange man but I actually like him

    Could you let me know when your signing in blue waters please
    Many thanks


  121. Anna says:

    Hi I’ve been trying to post on davids twitter but seem to have problems my user name is B9ana I’ve posted in the past it’s been ok however have not for a while tried a couple of times recently without much success. I hope I’ve always bedn cordial in my messages and polite which I believe I have.
    Have I been blocked at all and if so why or am I being completely thick and nit using twitter correctly therefore having a problem twitting on his page

    Please reply
    Is be grateful

    Kind regards

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Anna,
      He won’t have blocked you. He may not have seen your tweet.Please don’t take it personally.

  122. barbara thein says:

    Hi David
    just wanted to thank you for an amazing 40 plus years and cant wait to see what your next project will be. In the words of the song “i’ll be missing you”. have a great christmas and new year. barbara xx

  123. Dawn Rogerson says:

    Just wanted to say that both myself and my 19 year old daughter, Tahlia had a great evening in Wolverhampton. Is it possible I could have a signed photo made out to Tahlia please? She has no idea I’m asking so will be a massive surprise for her. Both of my daughters have endured many car journeys listening to David and Tahlia has seen him many times live. I think the first time I got a photo of her with David she must have only been about 6 years old. She was also the first one on Sunday evening to get really emotional and started crying as David came on the stage. Thanks again David for the music. Here’s to a quieter life :) Love always Dawn (& Tahlia) xxxx

  124. nigel furmage says:

    hi david saw you in nottingham on 5 november my wife will miss seeing you tour again as she has been a fan for over forty years she has a pillow case with your face on it which is allways on our bed we have been married for forty years next year and its been a pleasure taking her to your concerts any chance of a signed photo please

    • Essex Admin says:

      Thank you for your message Nigel. Please leave details on here and your wife name, thank you.
      (Details will not be published!)

  125. Amanda Freund says:

    Hi Just would like to say what an amazing tour it has been . I have enjoyed all the shows and especially last night at The Civic Hall Wolverhampton. It is my birthday on December 5th and I wondered could I possibly have a signed photo please as I could not get anywhere near to you last night the crowds of people were amazing. Thank you very much Amanda

  126. Jean says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for two wonderful shows on this tour. Very sad that I wasn’t able to purchase a CD at either event but have now ordered from Amazon.
    Enjoy your next adventures and time with your family.
    Any change of a signed photograph, please

  127. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David Amazing finale to your tour.Wolverhampton was the best! I’ll be missing you! Please do a one off at a later date!Your music is well just special.Mary

  128. diane shilvock says:

    fantastic night last night at civic.can’t believe it will be the last one. you will be missed. can you tell me when the dvd of the last show will be out please.enjoy your time with your family now xx

  129. sharon prosser says:

    Hello,David. Just wanted to thank you for fantastic ‘Last show’??? of the final tour last night in Wolves.Can’t believe it’s the last time I’ll be seeing your incredible presence on stage after 44yrs of following you.Eagerly awaiting release date of dvd &cd recorded last night ,which will make it even more special knowing i was there.Really hoping you’llenjoy time with your family,you deserve it for the pleasure you have given to your fans,but,secretly hoping you’ll occasionally come out of ‘retirment’.In the mean time Happy Xmas and 2017 to you and family and “I’ll Be Missing You”xxxxx.P.S. to Admin, where and what time is book signing in Birmingham,please? Love to all,Sharon.

  130. Kay smith says:

    Morning David, hope you’re having a lie in this morning you deserve a rest, its been a great tour it’s a shame its over so soon. Thanks for the last 37 years, its been a blast,, looking forward to the next chapter, see you next week, love you loads Kay xx

  131. Kaz Scott says:

    Hi David
    Just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for my signed photo. I will treasure it. Looking forward to the DVD of your last show. I have been playing all your CDs non-stop in my car since Bristol last Monday!
    Lots of love.
    Kaz xxx

  132. Donna says:

    Last one ? Never . You’re just having time out . It’s in your blood , it’s what drives you ! You’ll soon be bored , you’ll soon be back to us . It’s what you do x X
    Have a blast tonight x

  133. Cazz and Son says:

    Hi Sarah is DAVID still doing book signings in Birmingham on Dec 8th please can u let us know ta x

  134. Jan T says:

    Amazing show in Blackpool David. I’ve seen you perform live in various wonderful musicals, concerts, plays & pantos hundreds of times over the last 11 years all over the UK and you really are a one-off.
    Your talent is incredible as you displayed last night.
    Enjoy spending more time with your family – they really are the most precious thing we all have and children grow up too fast.
    Many thanks for all the photos, autographs and time spent at the stage door .
    Now looking forward to the release of the DVD being filmed tonight.

    Best wishes

    Jan x

  135. Catherine says:

    Hi David will be there to see you in Wolverhampton tonight with my sister for your last show can’t wait. You very kindly sent my sister a signed photo early this year which I asked for for her special birthday. Could I possibly be cheeky and ask for one for myself please. Would try tonight but got to get a taxi home and can’t keep them waiting.

  136. Kay smith says:

    7.15am, off to work, home at 3pm,journey home, get dressed wear something flashy and I’m on my way!! See you in Wolverhampton Kay xx

  137. Chris Storey says:

    Brilliant show at Harrogate last night ( 25 November 2016). We will certainly miss your concerts. David Essex is certainly a Star.

  138. Jan Stafford says:

    We had a fantastic night in Harrogate last night. Thank you for signing my book and many thanks for the past 40 years Mr Essex xx

  139. Denise Martin says:

    I also meant to say had a great time at the missing you tour Leicester, fantastic, happy, sad, so many memories, happy retirement David and good luck for your future adventures, I’m sure we will see you probably in the theatre, thank you, have enjoyed every show , and we will miss you

  140. Denise says:

    Hi I wish to say thank you so much for David signing a photo and sending to me, it made my day.
    Has David got a new CD ? If so is it in the shops yet. I bought calendar and program at the Leicester venue , but didn’t see a CD, many thanks Denise x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Denise, his last CD was Reflections if you don’t have it. Details are on the website. The concert will be filmed tomorrow night to go on DVD also.

  141. Val wilson says:

    Can you tell me when you can buy the cd from davids latest tour!! Saw him in Newcastle
    On 11th Nov fantastic managed to get his autograph again and he signed the calander
    I purchased but sadly was unable to buy the cd!!

  142. Debbie says:

    Thank you for being in my life for 44+ years, and thank you for a wonderful night at Hanley last night….I can not count the Times I have seen you and every time was brilliant, you are a great showman and a perfect gentleman…..we will miss you…enjoy your family time and retirement from touring..thank you also DE management for all your help over the years xx

  143. Carina Murphy says:

    hello! would it be possible to get a signed picture for my mum? shes a huge David Essex fan and unfortunately i couldn’t get her tickets in time for his show :(

  144. Di Evans says:

    Hi David just to say Thankyou so much for an amazing concert in Stoke last night. I saw you first time when I was 17, I am now 53. Having been to every tour in that time I want to say thankyou for all the entertainment over the years. Also credit to your amazing band they have always been fab. Enjoy your family time you really deserve it. Thankyou again xx

  145. Lesley Hills says:

    When will DVD be available to purchase and will it be for sale on the website

  146. Mary mullett says:

    David,I have seen four concerts now.When you sing Ships That Pass In The Night it is mind blowing .See you in Wolverhampton.Mary.

  147. MARTIN SHAW says:

    Looking forward to seeing David in Stoke on Trent tonight. Perfect timing as it’s my birthday today. Rock On was one of my first record purchases as a teenager. I heard it on Radio Luxembourg before it charted and had to order it and wait a week for it to arrive. I had no idea who David Essex was, I just new I had to own that sound. THANK YOU DAVID. ROCK ON.

  148. Lesley Hills says:

    Many thanks for the signed photo that arrived today it is now inside your latest book which my husband and myself really enjoyed hope you write some more.really enjoyed your show at Sheffield sorry we won’t see you live again but I can still listen to your music and watch your DVD,s anytime Enjoy your retirement and family.My husband retired in May and we are enjoying our time together.Bye for now and Thank you again.Lesley

  149. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    Thanks for another fab concert in Oxford last night, although some people did get a bit over-enthusiastic during a couple of songs, and also for staying so long to sign stuff for us all afterwards. Bournemouth was really amazing too , it seems you always really enjoy performing there, and it certainly has the best acoustics that I’ve heard. So that’s it now for me, as I said to you last night, I really can’t believe that it was the last time I would see you performing live. I think I must have seen you about 50 plus times and I will really miss looking forward to “the next tour”and rushing to buy tickets for as many venues as I could manage to visit. Thanks for all the great times, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. I’m still hoping to see you at the book signing in a couple of weeks, so I can face withdrawal gracefully! Good luck with the last few dates, and hope we can see the DVD before Christmas.
    Love, health and happiness to you as always
    Jenny D

  150. Nicola says:

    An absolutely fantastic concert in London. Loved every minute . Would love a couple of signed photographs for me and my mum we were unable to stay afterwards as we had a train to catch .

  151. Andrew Britten says:

    As expected chemotherapy prevented, my darling wife and life long fan of David were unable to get to Bristol. Lots of tears. Real shame. Love to all Andrew Britten

  152. June Chilton says:

    Well done in Oxford , David. I feel rude . I forgot to thank you for a great concert and signing my book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xxx

  153. Kaz Scott says:

    PS Would it be too cheeky to ask for a signed photo?

    Lots of love.
    Kaz Scott xxx

  154. Kaz Scott says:

    Hi David. I just had to thank you for such a fabulous concert at Bristol, Colston Hall, last night (21st Nov). You sang my fave DE song – If I Could – really early in the show (2nd song) and I had a tears in my eyes as I was singing along. It was really lovely to hear On and On – another of my favourites from way back then. There was a lot of love for you last night and I hope you felt it. I felt very sad when the intro to Missing You came in, as I knew it was the last song. I have been a fan since I was 12 when I first heard Lamplight and Rock On and I had your pictures all over my bedroom wall!

    I will really miss your concerts and wish you and your family well, but hope you will continue to write and release CDs in the future.

    With love always.
    Kaz Scott xxx

    • Bev Mannering says:

      Hi Kaz, Just read your review and glad you enjoyed seeing David, unfortunately i wasn’t able to see David on his last tour, but i have seen him many many times i would say round about 40. I am like you, i really love it when he sings If i could, everyone always joins in and they have a really good time, and when David sings Missing You, you know its nearly the end, bet it was an emotional night for all. Good to hear David sang On & On, not heard that one for ages, i am looking forward to getting the DVD when it comes out, i will be singing along then lol, i bet i will have tears in my eyes too. Again glad you had a good time Kaz, good memories to keep. Bev

  155. Janet says:

    Brilliant concert in Bristol last night. Can I ask why the brochures were £15 but other venues were selling them for only £10?

  156. Rita says:

    Hi David, wanted to thank you for a brilliant concert in London on Sunday night – you were as always fantastic and forever young. Came with my two sons for my birthday treat and it certainly was the best ever. Will watch out for your next venture and hope to see you again one day on tour. Wishing you and the band, the best of health and happy days – cos you have certainly given much more to us all.
    All the best – Rita X

  157. ANGELA GRIST says:

    Just got back from seeing you at the Colston Hall in Bristol fab night loved every minute every note and every song, enjoy taking things just a little easier this is something that you have earned & your loyal fans understand this. Good luck in what is to be the next chapter of your life.

  158. Lesley Harris says:

    Hi David,
    Just to let you know I really enjoyed the two concerts I see at Southend and London the atmosphere was electric I couldn’t stop grooving and singing, this morning I woke up with a crony voice and it was also nice to see Sir Tim Rice good luck with your new ventures and hope it’s not to long before we see you again xxx

  159. lorraine says:

    dear admin, I hope my request is successful? and please please confirm that that my details are not on show because I can see them there.

    • Essex Admin says:

      So sorry Lorraine, I thought I’d answered your oops message. Yes I’ve got your details, thank you. Your address hasn’t been published.
      Sarah – D E Management

  160. Jean Robbins says:

    So disappointed I am missing tonight’s concert in Bristol despite having tickets
    I am currently on a train from Paddington returning to Bath . Unfortunately the bad weather (flooding ) effected the trains !!!! A 1 and half hour journey took approx 4 hrs Aaarrrg !!!! Hence missing concert . Is there a DVD out of the tour ( not the same as seeing you perform ) but would love to see what I missed .All your performances have been fantastic and very gracious to your fans throughout the years. Such a pity your last but understand the need for family time .
    Enjoy the change your future will bring , am sure what ever you do will successful ,

    • Essex Admin says:

      So sorry to hear that Jean. Yes there will be a DVD. It is being filmed in Wolverhampton, the last concert of the tour.

  161. Debbie says:

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for such a fantastic concert yesterday, a wonderful evening. Really wish I’d brought your CD … Xxx

  162. beverley says:

    Just wanted to thank you David for a brilliant final concert at Sarfend and wish you and your family all the best for the future. It was lovely to meet you afterwards and to get your autograph. You are a truly amazing, talented and lovely person and I will miss you. We won’t be “Here altogether anymore” but I will “Hold you Close” in my thoughts. Love and Best Wishes Bev. XX

  163. lorraine says:

    ooooops I’m not good at this lark, I thought my details would not be shown/ !!!

  164. Carol Lawson says:

    Loved your concert in Southend! Why have you decided to give up though?

  165. Nicky says:

    Not sure if this message will reach you … tried your email several times…
    Wish I could get hold of you… sorry I ‘missed you’ for this tour, had no idea it was to be the last. Sometimes hard to accept that time has passed us all by. It feels to me, the first time we met, it was just a few years ago.
    Wishing this last tour is enjoyable and memorable and that you and your family, stay well and happy. With love and hugs dear David. xo

  166. Margaret bland says:

    Thanks for the many years of music you gave us plus the film’s tv etc love you lot’s have fun love margaret xx

  167. Marjorie i says:

    Enjoy your time with your family you have worked very hard for a long time
    You deserve the rest. I’m 64 and have enjoyed your company in films, music video also live in Nottingham
    Best wishes to you and your family
    Your no 1 fan

  168. Elaine Latham says:

    Fabulous night on Friday 18/11/16 at Bournemouth BIC the show was exciting and invigorating and you are so cool in what you do. Your fans love everything you do and we are sad there will be no more but keep writing and producing marvellous books and stories and you will remain with us and in our hearts forever.

  169. Wendy says:

    David, please don’t leave us fans completely, you’ve been such a massive part of our life’s for so long as you know. This can’t be the end?
    We will also be missing you more then you will ever know. ☹

  170. Nadina says:

    Hi don’t know if this will go on in time but we are going to see David in London tomorrow night 20 November and we have VIP tickets, one of the party can’t go because her daughter has today broke her arm ! ! ! We are hoping to get £70 but open to offers, this isn’t a con and we can meet you outside tomorrow with ticket. If any takers please call me on 07548791880. By the way the ticket with charges cost £95 so we are not making any money , just trying to get some back for a Mum who has had to put her daughter first x x x

  171. Sue Thompson says:

    A great show at Bournemouth B.I.C 18th November thank you for taking the time to have a pic with me made my birthday so special xxx

  172. Sue hill says:

    What a wonderful but emotional show at the Cliffs Pavilion on November 17th. Even though I felt a bit stupid, I waited at the stage for your autograph and was a bit embarrassed as felt this was an intrusion in your life but you were very gracious. You must have been touched by the warmth of the audience. I only really started to follow you after reading your autobiography out of curiosity and thought what an interesting life you had had but Rock On was one of my favourite songs when younger (I was born the same year as you) and I thought at the time how different it was. Stardust remains my favourite. I have since seen your musical All The Fun of The Fair. (Would have loved to have seen Evita!). It is so important to be positive and continue to be creative even when we are labelled OAPs! I am always positive.
    Your family must be very proud of your achievements and as a fellow human being I would like to wish you every happiness. It must be comforting to know that you have given joy to so many people and that you will continue to be creative. Thank you.

  173. deborah burningham says:

    Hi admin, i am attending the concert on sunday in london, would david be around after the show to sign my book, have been to see him several times in All the fun of the Fair but never remembered to take the book.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Deborah, David always makes time for people at the stage door and would be more than happy to sign your books.

  174. tracy westwood says:

    saw your show in southend last night. absolutely amazing. you can still belt out those tunes and look good while doing it. enjoy your retirement from touring . time spent with family is time well spent xx

  175. Susan Peach says:

    Copyright Susan Peach 2015 for my previous comment and poems.

  176. Susan Peach says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for coming to Hull, it was so amazing to see you again. The concert was as always fabulous, they have all been. I saw you the first time in the 70’s, and have been a fan ever since, I cant help it you are so good, in so many ways. I wrote a poem for you called ‘The last Tour’, which I hope you will enjoy, and I have added ‘Your woolen Glove’, one of a few I have written, to keep you warm.

    Very good luck with your future, may all your wishes come true.
    :-) xx

    The Last Tour

    The words they read so surreal and untrue, I could not believe that your tours were all through,
    But then when I think of the years I have had, from the 70’s to now, its not quite so bad.
    You’ve kept us transfixed with your songs old and new, the films and the acting were all part of you,
    Then there was the Fun of the Fair for us all, we gonna take a ride one and all.
    The books and the writing, the poems so fine, a Traveling Tinker Man there for all time, Memories like cobwebs they grow thick and fast, your tours have such magic, in my mind they will last. :-)

    Your Woolen Glove

    Will you let me be in love?
    Hold me tight in your woolen glove,
    Fold your fingers around my hand,
    Give it a squeeze when life’s not so grand.
    You can borrow mine too,
    On the day’s when you feel,
    That life’s not so great,
    it will help you to heal.
    And if you need more,
    Then my glove for your strife,
    I offer my scarf for the rest of your life.

    Hope you enjoy this David, I wrote it along with a few others a while ago now.

    Take care :-)

  177. Sally says:

    Dear David, That was special! Fantastic Last concert on tour, at Southend! You and the band were absolutely brilliant! The sound was amazing, love the changes to the music aswell! It was GREAT to see the screen of all the videos and clips of you, so many lovely memories and Good times!!! Have fun on the rest of the tour – Wishing you all the BEST in all that you do! Gonna Make You A Star is just the best ever! To The Future with LOVE, family and friends. Flying high, I’ve got a lot of LOVE inside………..X Sally (Essex) My HERO, since I was 13, and one to Treasure ALWAYSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  178. linda bassett says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for a great show at Cliffs Pavilion Southend.. Really enjoyed it. Missing you Tour. We certainly will be missing you. So many fans loving you tonight. Hope to see you on TV. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it. I am sure they will be a comeback tour one day…yeah…
    God Bless you
    Much love. Linda…x.x

  179. Betty says:

    Hi Admin.
    Went to Concert last night at Ipswich with my sister. Thoroughly enjoyed the concert, David superb as usual but very disappointed that all programmes were sold out and we were unable to buy one. Is it possible to purchase one for each of us from yourselves????
    Also I purchased an XL black tee shirt but when I tried it on at home found it to be “very snug”. Asked my niece to try it on who is only a size 14 and she found that it only just fitted.
    Can you advise whether you do any other sizes as it only advertised XL on your merchandise website.
    Betty and Audrey.
    P.S. Audrey purchased a calendar and the photos are fantastic and she is very pleased with it.

  180. David Harrison says:

    Hi, I am Mayor of Basildon . My wife is at Southend concert tonight.
    I am raising money for two childrens charities in Basildon. If I leave a couple of A4 photos at Stage Door at Cliffs Pavilion tonight with a stamped addressed envelope, perhaps David would be good enought to sign for me for my Charity auctions in February and March.
    Many thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Sorry, only just seen your message. If for some reason it doesn’t get signed you can send it to us at:
      PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

  181. VANESSA says:

    So looking forward to seeing you Mr. Essex in Southend tonight! Good luck for the show! loads of hugs and kisses!! Vanessa.

  182. Carole Mitchell says:

    David, you have been a part of my life for over 45 years….but we’re all getting old! Memories of saving my pittance of a wage from a Saturday job to buy ‘Rock On’ the single and album and how slow the bus went on the way home because I just wanted it on my turntable asap! Saw you first time at the Liverpool Empire in the early 70s and have seen you many times since, in concert and at your shows. So it was fitting that our parting shot was at the Liverpool Philharmonic; what an amazing show. You, as always, were brilliant and the years just rolled away. Thanks for all the music and good times, you are indeed an amazing person and I wish you all the very best in whatever you do next.
    I’ll miss you but ‘it’ll be alright’!

  183. val says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have enjoyed both concerts I have been to and have one more to go, I waited for David at stage door, but run out of time, as had to be at work, hence my books never got signed, any possibilities of David signing them please.


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Val, Of course, you can send them to: PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

      • val says:

        Hi thank you for replying, I will send them to the address you have said, how do I pay for them return postage that will cost you to send back please? as there are a few items that I would like David to sign,

        Kind regards

        • Essex Admin says:

          Hello Val, If you can send a self addressed envelope to send them back, thank you.

          • val says:

            Hi Admin,
            Thank you for replying.
            I should have said the parcel will have three hard back books, would a stamped address envelope be appropriate?.

            Very kind regards,

          • Essex Admin says:

            Hello Val, I’d send them in padded envelopes, so they don’t get damaged. Are you not able to get to a book signing, as that’s a lot to post? He’s signing in Southampton 6th Dec., Birmingham 8th Dec., Bluewater 10th Dec..

          • val says:

            Hi Admin,
            Unfortunately I cant get to those places, so I guess I wait and see if another opportunity comes along. I am at another concert but wont have the time to hang around waiting for him to come out. I have a two hour drive back home, then onto work.
            Kind regards

  184. Kathleen Dempsey says:

    Hello can I ask for a signed photo please for my niece Kerry and her friend Jennifer who are going to the Philharmonic Hall tonight they are besotted with David. They are so excited,

    Thank you

  185. Kathryn Ruickbie says:

    Hi David
    Fantastic show in Glasgow. Can’t believe it’s been 45 years. The first concert I attended was @ the Odeon Theatre Edinburgh on Mon 26/3/1979. I still have the concert ticket. There was no way at that time in your career would we ever have gotten anywhere near you. It is so great to be able to meet you nowadays, even although you are still as popular.
    I have been a fan since the 70’s, love all your music, and I will be Missing You!
    Best wish for the future, whatever it holds for you.

    Kathryn Ruickbie xxxxx
    Could I possibly have a signed photo please?

  186. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Still reading all the great reviews. Can’t wait to see the DVD David with not been able to get to see you on your last tour. Do we get it from the Billinghurst, West Sussex address when its on sale?. Enjoy rest of the tour & thanks for all the great memories & I’ll be missing you. Take care happy retirement and enjoy the time with your family. Love Bev xx

  187. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David u rocked Glasgow last nite- thank you so much for a wonderful concert -can’t wait for the dvd-thanks for signing my programme at the stage door and your kind words.Hope u liked the west ham desk calender I have you I wrote a message inside for you.I do hope u do a concert sometime in the future in England I will be there.Thanks for all the magic you have given us over the years.Got back to Dundee after 1am this morning a very happy and tired lady.So nice to see all my friends from all over Scotland.Love JIll Cassidy xxx

  188. ELAINE ROBERTS says:

    Hi David
    Welcome to Liverpool! We hope you enjoy our hospitality……….. and e’re so
    looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. We’ll be celebrating my friend’s 50th birthday and it would be lovely as a surprise if you could just wish her a Happy Birthday, she has been a fan for years as we all have.! Her name is Debbie Wah and she will be thrilled…………… but we will all be amazed!! We’re in a party of 6 including myself Elaine Roberts, Debbie, Joan Lydia Carolyn and Jan

    Many many thanks David

    Best wishes Elaine

  189. Michelle Leddicoat says:

    Hi David,
    Just like to say thanks for all the memories you given me and many many more people, over the last 40 odd years. Final concert at Newcastle City Hall, 11.11.16, was very emotional as you left the stage for the last time…. Many people will agree with you that family is very precious, so enjoy your retirement and you never know, we might be lucky and get a cheeky little concert some time! (That’s me hoping)
    THANK YOU xxx


    Hiya David and your team hope you are enjoying yourself and having fun, I know many many of you fans have expressed the joy you have brought to their lives and I’m adding to the well wishes xxx I actually live in Perth Australia but I can’t believe I’ve done it but I have come all the way home to uk just to see you! Mad I know but as many have said I was 12 the first time I saw you,missed the last 8 years of your tour with moving to Australia and I wasn’t missing your last tour xx I’m seeing you at Blackpool in 2 weeks and reading the comments cant wait X can I ask are we allowed to dance? Hearing comments that we aren’t It would be sad if we can’t just wanted to check take care David see you soon hopefully at the stage door aswell X yours sarah originally from macclesfield Cheshire which I heard you popped into the tesco store a couple of years ago now and my social media went wild to me in aus everybody letting me know ha ha see you soon x

  191. Linsay Barraclough says:

    Well that’s us home safe and sound from your Glasgow concert. It was a wonderful concert enjoyed immensely by us both. I still however have a heavy heart in knowing that it was the last time Mr David Essex OBE will entertain us in a solo tour and quite a few years were shed this evening.I have followed him for 43 years during which time his songs have been a constant. Thankyou so much for those wonderful years, your music has carried and supported me and cheered me on. Mr Essex Sir – you are a legend and I look forward to hearing where your road is now going to take you. Wishing you a happy and healthy future for many years to come. In your own words this evening “I’ll be missing you ” ❤️

  192. Annette connah says:

    Hi David
    I am coming to your concert in Liverpool on Tuesday 15 Nov and and can’t wait. Front row seats A12 and 13. I have a photo with you from 20 years ago is there any way you can sign this for me.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Annette, David does make time for people at the stage door after the concerts, although it’s been pretty crazy. If for some reason you don’t see him, you can send it to: PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE
      Hope you have great night!

  193. Hi David, I was very lucky to get a ticket for Hull City Hall last night, last ticket to sell, think there had been a cancellation. It was my first time seeing you live! Don’t quite know why I haven’t got to see you sooner, but better late than never!
    Last night was fantastic, thank you David!! Loved every minute of it. Probably the best night of my life!
    When you did `If I could`, that was so emotional, and even more so when you sang `Winter’s Tale`, it always makes me cry, I thought the set was just magical for it, the mirrorball making it look like it was snowing! Wonderful.
    It was just a truly great show, thank you so much. I will be missing you too, God bless, all the best David! xx

  194. shelley mason says:

    Loved your concert in Newcastle I’m so sorry I chucked my bra on stage I’ve had a lot on just got guardianship of my granddaughter then to get the flu took loads of tablets to get rid of it then had a few vodkas which I don’t drink done what I done which I regret coz I love you and respect you please accept my apology xx

  195. Julie says:

    Fabulous concert David at Hull City Hall tonight. A very emotional ‘it’ll be alright’. It is hard to believe that this is your final tour, the end of an era. Take care David, you will be missed so much. Love Julie and daughter Emma xx

  196. Janice prime says:

    hi david just would like to say you where fabulous last night at city hall newcastle you have give me so many happy memories it was very emontional i felt my heart sank when you said godbye. I love you forever sincerly for over 43 yrs and that will never change. I wish you well and i know family is most precious things in our lives to so all that remains is enjoy yours and your retirement you so deserve it thank you so much take care god bless david xxxxx

  197. Vall says:

    Hi, I was lucky enough to see David last night night at Newcastle City Hall. An amazing night with a gorgeous man, what more can a girl ask for. Rather emotional as David left the stage for the last time.. I for 1 will be missing you. Enjoy your retirement David. Love and very best wishes to Vall xx

  198. Gillian Salmon says:

    I’m feeling very blessed after seeing David in Newcastle last night. It was a great show and I’m so grateful to David for giving us all the opportunity to see him again and say good bye and thank you. I totally understand that David wants to spend time with his wife and baby and that he also turns seventy next year, so isn’t planning another big concert tour. I would never have expected that I would still be able to see David on tour throughout his sixties and feel very lucky that he has been so dedicated to his fans. I think David’s willingness to come out and sign and speak to fans after his shows is way beyond what any of us could expect. David, thank you so much – I don’t need a picture, I don’t need to touch you, but the chance to say thank you in person really means so much, especially this one last time. It is so very kind of you to say “I love you” to all of us – I’ve not heard you say it before, but it’s a lovely good bye present to us all. I’ve also never said “I love you” to you before, but had to take my last chance to say it to you. I fell in love with your voice on the radio when I was about 8, then fell in love with all over again when I was about 15 and shed many tears over you. I never did grow out of you or stop loving you although I’m happily married now. I feel very lucky to have fallen in love with someone so talented and with such good values and principles. I no longer want to ask anything of you David, I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for everything that you’ve meant and mean in my life. I said to you last night that I hope the happiness you’ve given to so many of us is reflected back to you one hundred fold – that’s a truly heartfelt wish. I wish you a long, happy, healthy life – I hope you’re able to enjoy watching your young son grow up. Thank you once again for all the years and all the tears and all the songs, David you’re the best <3 xxx

  199. Denise martin says:

    Hi.would it be possible for me to have a signed photo of David please. Im afraid I didnt have time in leicester after the show to wait at stage door as our taxi came.I had your new book ready.,but never mind.
    The concert was amazing,emotional,and happy.were going to miss you..but we have the memories that you have gave your fans…enjoy your retirement and new adventures.

  200. Wendy says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for being such a lovely part of my life since 1973 after seeing that’l be the day. Enjoyed all aspects of your work over the years and wish you all the best. Thought the concert tonight was excellent and brought back lovely memories. would love a signed photo x.

  201. Gina says:

    Cant wait for Newcastle tonight.Just been looking at my old Tahiti musical things from London. Great memories

  202. Catherine says:

    HI, My sister and me are of to see David in Wolverhampton on the 27th November we are going by taxi and was wondering if you could tell us how long the show is as we need to book taxi back. Cannot wait to see David this will be our tenth time brought the my sisters ticket as a present for her 60th birthday and she is really excited.

  203. Sian Davies says:

    Just seen you at Leicester de Montfort, absolutely fantastic (as it was in Southampton on Monday and many times previously ). We had VIP seats (stalls C 18 & 19), whilst up dancing someone stole my signed photo & program. Very upset, any possibility of replacements? Much love xxxx

  204. Donna says:

    Good afternoon , well what can I say that hasn’t already been said .
    You have been part of my life since 1975 . I have grown old gracefully with you !
    I think after all these years you deserve to hang your mike up , you have served us well !
    You dared to be different , and it worked
    Thank you and the boys in the band for being loyal , friendly and spending the time to talk and sign stuff when you can ,
    You’ve given so much pleasure , enjoy your retirement from touring ,
    I will def be missing you !
    Btw Nottingham was superb
    Take care x
    ❤️ Donna
    Please may I have a signed photo to keep

  205. Wendy says:

    I would absolutely love a signed photo if possible please.

  206. Gill Gordon says:

    Hi David, I have just read your book Faded Glory and just wanted to tell how much I enjoyed it. Is there another book in the pipeline? xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Gill, he’ll be so pleased you enjoyed the book. There are no plans at the moment for another right now…but you never know!

  207. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, I keep looking at all the reviews from your shows and it sounds that you all are having a brilliant time together. So sad that you wasn’t able to come to Kent, my friend & i have seen you lots of times in Kent, Canterbury, Margate, Folkestone, Dartford, Tunbridge Wells, and you were brilliant, i was eventually able to get my photo taken with you at Folkestone, this is now framed, all in all I would say I’ve seen over 40 times, and have so many good memories of you David. Thanks again for the signed photo & personalised too, which came on my birthday so a lovely birthday present :-). Look forward to getting the DVD of your tour. I’ve also got your Video & DVD when you were at the Royal Albert Hall, i was at that one and we came down from Leeds then. Enjoy your evening off David. Will miss you, take care Love Bev x

  208. Martyn Kenyon says:

    Hi. My dad’s sister in law is coming to your show at Blackpool. She is travelling to Blackpool from New York to see your show. It’s her 60th birthday. It would be nice if you could say Happy Birthday on the evening. Her name is Janet Buckley. That would be a massive surprise as she had been a lifelong fan. Many Thanks!

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Martyn, I’m sorry, David doesn’t do shout outs during the concert but I hope you she has a great time.

  209. Janette Rutter says:

    I am lost for words. Last night at The Symphony Hall you were wonderful. I have been a fan of yours right from the start. I came with my Daughter and my friend. Cannot believe it is the last concert . Thank you so much for all the years of happiness and amazing music. Keep in touch with us fans. Enjoy your retirement. Will always love you and NEVER forget you. Take Care xxxxx

    Lots of Love
    From Jan

  210. Jo Taylor says:

    Hi David,
    My sister and I saw your show in Sheffield on Sunday, it was a great show, thank you. We felt that “It’s Gonna Be Alright” was a message from our Mum who passed away unexpectedly a fortnight ago and who’s funeral was the very next day. The lyrics so suited our feelings at the time and will always remind us of Mum. She knew that we had tickets to see you and wouldn’t have wanted us to miss our last opportunity to see you live singing our favourite songs. Despite having been a fan for 40 plus years I’ve never managed to get an autograph to add my memorabilia despite all attempts, any chance of a signed photo? Relax and enjoy your retirement! If you do a comeback tour at anytime we’ll be there for you. Missing you already.
    Jo xx

  211. Carole says:

    As usual a brilliant concert in Birmingham.
    Could I have a signed photo
    Thanks. All the best for the future.

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Carole, Thank you for your message. Yes of course you can have signed photo. If you can leave your address on here, it won’t be published. Thanks

  212. Angela Lewis says:

    Hi David, my Daughter & I were at your Southampton gig last night, needless to say it was all we expected and more♡I like so many others have been a big fan for 40+ years and my Daughter Amanda has been a fan since she was about nine! We have certainly got to see a lot of England following your career. I had so many photographs of you on show when she was little she thought you were family,bless tour we did 20+ gigs we had so much fun,made loads of friends became friends with the band & needless we have so many wonderful memories our final gig this time is Bournemouth :-( & yes it will be emotional.Thank you David for so many happy memories, oh & the chips you couldn’t manange to eat :-) from me, Angela and Amanda. ♡♡ we will be MISSING YOU.xx
    May we have a signed photo each please.

  213. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    Fab concert in Southampton last night! Thanks for signing as always – it was pretty chilly but you stayed for ages as there were loads of people waiting to see you
    I will see you at the BIC and for the very last time in Oxford – that will be really sad for me but at least you will be able to enjoy more time with your family after giving us so much of it over the years
    Be healthy and happy – those are the important things in life – look after yourself
    I look forward to seeing more of your other projects in the future as I don’t believe you will be hanging up your creative streak altogether
    Thanks for everything – we have all enjoyed every minute and hope you have too
    Jenny (from Basingstoke) x

  214. Kay smith says:

    Happy days !!! See you later, front row & tissues xx Kay

  215. Mary mullett says:

    David,loved the Cardiff show especially Ships That Pass In The Night!I’m in Birmingham ready for the show.I know it will be good.Also I loved Faded Glory.Mary.

  216. Alison says:

    Hi David
    Thank-you for the signed photo & personalised to me.
    Much appreciated.
    Have been a fan for 40 years.
    I have 2 daughters & each of their middle names are Verity & Lea. I hope you’re proud of this! Same names as your daughter.
    Can you please say Hello to me?
    Lots of Love Alison

  217. Carol says:

    Hello David, Thank you for a brilliant show in Southampton last night and for your patience when signing all that memorabilia at the stage door. Hope you enjoyed performing as much as the audience enjoyed watching. Look forward to more books, plays, films etc. in the future. The odd concert now and again would be a real bonus.
    Best Wishes Carol x

  218. Sheila says:

    Hi, Please could you tell me if you just turn up for the book signing in Leicester, or do you have to get tickets?
    Thanks, Sheila

  219. Lesley Hills says:

    Please could I have a signed photo to stick inside David,s latest book as I was unable to stay and try to get my copy signed last night in Sheffield.The concert was amazing as always so sorry we won,t have anymore to go to but enjoy your retirement David as my husband is he retired in May.Please could David sign it to Lesley.Thankyou.Do you contact me via email for my address?

  220. Margarette says:

    Will miss you been a gentleman all your life and have always answered your fans never got above yourself.
    Have bought your latest book but as your tour is to far away for to attend I was unable to get it signed.
    I wish you luck for the future.
    The music world will not be the same without you.
    God bless xx

  221. Nigel pryor says:

    Good to see your still touring. I drove your tour bus on your 2003 sunset tour. Do you still have the same crew ? Didnt realise you were in Sheffield tonight or i would have come along.
    Best wishes

  222. Stephen Chilton says:

    David, my wife June Chilton suffers from Parkinson’s and she is having the DBS brain operation at the end of January, she struggle’s in the evening, but she is coming TG o Oxford in November to see your show with our daughter. Please could you say hello, would mean so much to her. Coyi

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Stephen, David doesn’t do mentions during the concert, but always makes time for people at the stage door after. Hope she has a great time.
      Kind regards, D E Mangement

  223. Gill says:

    Did`nt think the Tour could get any better after Manchester but once again Nottingham was just Fantastic …..Sheffield tonight can not wait!! xx

  224. Joanna says:

    We have been spoilt over the years with David’s tours having over 50 dates to choose from so I can understand the disappointment that some areas are missing from this tour but 21 dates is still a lot to choose from and I want to thank you david for the past tours and although I don’t want it to end looking forward to the final tour xx

  225. alan eason says:

    maybe should have used a different promotor how many areas have been left out

    • Essex Admin says:

      21 dates is a lot of venues Alan, when most artists only do 5.

    • Gill says:

      A lot of us have to travel to see David he doesnt go to everyones doorsetp ,but believe me its well worth it………and 21 dates in a month is amazing!

  226. Gill taylor says:

    Feel let down and so dìssapointed no tour for norwich. Left out after all support over yrs. Not missed a tour till now.

    • Essex Admin says:

      David would have loved to have gone to Norwich but unfortunately that’s just how the promotors planned the tour.

  227. Peter Eames says:

    Hi David Essex Thank you for a wonderful Concert at St David’s Hall what date has been set for the release of the DVD and the Cd I know Wolverhampton has been chosen for the Recording and Hope David will have a Good time recording his last Concert as it will be a Fitting Tribute to his Loyal Fans who have been with him from the Start I became a fan in 1987 after attending his Comeback Tour after Mutiny and I have no Regrets of being a Fan as I have many of His Albums & CD’s DVD’s & Videos in My Collection.
    All that remains for me is to Thank Ian Gerry Dave & Dave for Backing David on this final Tour and wish you Good Luck for the Future.

    The Future Looks good for David with his Books and maybe some Acting we’ll have to wait and see what Happens.

    All My Love and best wishes

  228. Jill Haynes says:

    I was very happy to see you looking so well in Cardiff yesterday, David. I really enjoyed the evening and you played all my favourites. It was emotional, of course, but it evoked wonderful memories as well. You still have it, that’s for sure, you sounded just the same. I wish you the best of everything in your retirement and I want to thank you for decades of fabulous music that made us all very happy. We will miss YOU.
    With much love, Jill Haynes xxx

  229. wendy williams says:

    David oh what a show it was in Cardiff last night. I loved every minute of it, just did’t want the night to end. You sang my favourite song ” Dangerous” loved it. Thanks for a great night xxxx

  230. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi , would David be able to send me a signed photograph please, i have been a fan for many years and would love it if it is at all possible. Thank you.

  231. Valerie Whaite says:

    Brilliant concert at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on Wednesday.
    Loved every minute!

  232. Gill says:

    Amazing Concert at Manchester and brilliant song choice`s …loved every second. x

  233. Devastated as missed your concert in Cardiff last night had concert tickets and rail tickets already but became ill yesterday morning so wanted to see you do your last tour anyway good luck for the future x

  234. Anne Nash says:

    Hi David, I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night at Cardiff St. David’s Hall and you’ll never know how much I’ve missed your concerts and will miss them even more now.
    Through illness of family and bereavements, just watching your videos has been a real pick me up and looking forward to your shows was a huge tonic (no gin!!) I was holding it together quite well last night until you said the words ” thank you for the past 45 years”, then I shed a few tears!! I’m grateful for the photos we had taken together and I will treasure them, especially the one you signed at Swansea several years ago. Thank you so much.
    I fully understand we are all getting older and time with families is precious and I would like to wish you all the best with yours.
    Take care all the best and if you do any ‘one off’ shows in the future I’m sure I’ll be there. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the tour as your dedicated fans certainly will.
    Love always

  235. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David
    Thank you so much for the signed photo which i received today, made all the special i it received on my birthday, what a lovely birthday present :-) x. Again so, sad that my best friend Jill & I wasn’t able to see you on your last tour, (in Kent) will miss you, but we have so many, many good memories of you and your music really love, if i could, missing you, friends, wind beneath my wings, winters tale and many many more. Thanks again David, take care enjoy your retirement with your family love Bev xxx

  236. Denise says:

    Just wondering if the calendar will be on sale at your concert venues, many thanks,
    Good luck with the tour, see you Leicester..x

  237. Jan T says:

    Hello David,
    Great first concert of your final tour at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.
    Very impressive set-list too – some nice surprises!
    You seemed to be soaking up the atmosphere last night – enjoy the next 20. x

  238. Mandy says:

    Went to see David in Manchester last night, Wow he was fabulous and as good as ever. managed to catch him coming out after and got up close and personal and autograph. Thank you David for all the pleasure(i wish) over the years, you have given yourself to so many and I for one love you for it. Will miss you so much.

  239. Lucy says:

    Hello, sorry ill try again.

    Thank you very much


  240. Bev Jones says:

    Just wanted to say that I saw David last night at The Bridgewater Hall and he was amazing. His voice is as good as it ever was

    I felt 15 again. And when he sang ‘ It’s gonna be alright ‘ I cried like a baby.
    That song means so much to me.

    So thank you so much for all the wonderful music and so many memories.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  241. Denise says:

    Hi could you tell me please can we buy the calendar and merchandise from the tour at all venues
    Many thanks

  242. Mrs A Hibbins says:

    Hello David
    Can you please send me a signed photo & please put Alison if that’s ok?

    Have been a fan for 40 years.
    Love Alison xx

  243. Gill Gordon says:

    Had a great time last night you were brilliant as always. Thank you xxx

  244. Roz says:

    Hi please can you tell me if David will come out at Ipswich to sign our books,
    Also would he send a signed photo please for me and friend
    Love and best wishes david
    Thank you
    Roz and Janet

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Roz, David always makes time for people at the Stage Door and will be more than happy to sign your books

  245. Valerie says:

    Hi David just wondered will you be book signing in either Norwich or Ipswich, I live in Lowestoft so it takes me a while to travel some area’s. PS looking forward to seeing you in Ipswich. Many thanks Valerie xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Valerie, There are no book signings he but will be signing after the concert in Ipswich. Have a great night.

  246. Alison says:

    Hi David
    I would love to have come to your last tour but i used to go with my eldest sister each time & unfortunately she passed a way a few years ago (57). She loved Silver Dream Machine & Missing you & i know you will be singing them & i don’t think i could handle that. The last time i saw you was at the Cresset Peterborough & i went with my daughter as my sister became very ill to go. I was very lucky to have my photo taken with you though. The 1st one had the light shining on it & you let my daughter take another one which now sits in my living room. I was able to show my sister this & she was pleased as she knew i was desperate to get a photo with you, I have 2 grown up daughters & the eldest has the middle name Verity, the youngest has Lea, not spelt the same as your daughter’s I know. I have been a fan of yours for 40 years, Your autographs are in a frame. Any-way thank-you for all the lovely concerts my sister & i came to. You have given me very special memories. I wish you all the very best. Thanks for being you. Lots of love Alison xx

  247. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, you’ve made my day, I’ve just seen conformation of the Birmingham book signing I can’t wait. Have a great 1st night, see you next week in brum with my tissue’s xxxx

  248. Hi
    Are you signing books in WHS Cardiff ?????

  249. Anita Peel says:

    Hi David, have a great time tomorrow night on your tour Love Anita xxxx

  250. Michael Weston says:

    Hi do you know if the merchandise will be available online, good luck for the tour

  251. Jenny says:

    Hi David,just wanted to wish you good luck for your first concert in Manchester tomorrow night,look forward to seeing you in Southampton on Monday take care love Jenny xx(from Dorset)

  252. Lucy says:

    My mum has tickets to your show in Ipswich and she is so so so excited! She’s been a fan for so many years and until recently I thought you were my uncle.
    She’s had a pretty rubbish year this year, any chance she could have a personalised signed photo? Would make her day/month/year/life :)
    Thank you very much

    Lucy x

  253. Paula Hayes says:

    Coming to see you in Nottingham on Saturday would love a signed photo of you been a fan for years first concert was commodore international a very long time ago xxxxx

  254. Denise martin says:

    Hi David, just to let you know whilst you are in Leicester, it’s the annual Loughborough town fair from Wednesday to Saturday, if you have time visit because it’s so beautiful , scattered around the market place and town, well worth a visit…
    See you Leicester, Denise x

  255. paul says:

    hi we are travelling from west yorks for the book signing at Leicester, will there be any objections asking for a photograph to be taken whilst he is signing the book or a photo next to my wife

    regards paul

    • Essex Admin says:

      Not at all, David would be more than happy to do that for your wife at the Stage Door. Have a great time.

  256. Jill Cassidy says:

    Looking forward to seeing u 2 weeks 2 nite David.I am also hoping to see my Scottish David Essex tour pals it’s going to be a great nite Glasgow rocks and then a big sing song on the bus home to Dundee.Lol.Hoping to see u again in England wherever and whenever-I will be there love Jill Cassidy xxx

  257. wendy williams says:

    Hi David can’t wait to see you again in Cardiff. A friend and I have VIP tickets to see you. See you Thursday xxxx

  258. Bev Mannering says:

    Thank you that you will be sending me a signed photo of David, much appreciated. Good luck to David and the Band for the tour, not that they will need it. Really sad that can’t get to see David for his last tour, wish he could have come to Kent, but wish David all the love and best wishes, will miss not seeing him Take care Bev xxx

  259. jade says:

    Omg David have just seen u on top 1982 singing Me And my girl night clubing . What memories and those that appeared with u. How the years have flown by. Here I 44 years on and can’t wait to see you in Stoke next month. Not only will we be missing u but the band, Mick ,the crew and everyone involved such a sad time for so many of us. From the bottom of my heart David I cannot thank u enough for the years u have given me and to so many people I am only one of those who has felt such a part of your life . I don’t believe in goodbyes just see you again some time. Will be Missing u. Jade. Red carnations yellow roses. X

  260. Michael Weston says:

    Do you think the merchandise will be available to purchase online, good luck for the tour

  261. Kay smith says:

    Hi admin, any idea what date if any will David be doing a singing in Birmingham ? Thanks kay

  262. Susan says:

    To David While it is sad about the finish of touring I always love & support all your other works, e.g. books! Thank you so much for when you came to a Australia! love from long-time devoted fan Susan x

  263. Paula Hof says:

    WoooHooo !!!
    This time next week we’ll be with you in Cardiff, 3 college friends for 43 David Essex years !!

  264. Carol Barnard says:

    Hello David really looking forward to concert at Southampton. Just got Travelling Tinker Man audio version to go with my book, lovely to hear your voice whenever I want. Have followed you for many years. Please may I have a signed photo to go with my collection of stage door ones. Enjoy the tour!

  265. Peri says:

    Hi David, I bought tickets for my mum as a surprise she’ll be seeing you in Southampton. Is there any chance I could get a signed photo to her? Would make her year!

  266. Sam fumagalli says:

    Is there any chance of being able to make a request for a mention by David at his upcoming hull event

  267. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David, Sorry to hear this will be your last tour, unfortunately not able to get to see you for your last tour, I’ve followed you since 1978 seeing you first at Leeds Grand Theatre and many other venues over the years must have seen you about 40 times in all and every time you were brilliant, will miss seeing you for the last tour. Good luck to you David not that you will need it. Wondered if it was possible to have a signed photo. Take care Bev x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Bev, David thanks you for your message and yes of course you can have a signed photo, just leave your details on here (It won’t be published)

  268. Sal B says:

    Hello David, Can you send a signed photo to My Mum, she will be 80 on Sunday 30th! Been listening to Missing You cd, the last couple of days, its a gooden! Will you be singing “Friends” on this tour? Love it! Thank You, Sal B xx Suffolk

  269. Carole jones says:

    Hi David can’t wait to see u soon at the Regent theatre Hanley, been loads of your concerts, yes and I ‘will be missing you’ :(( but I’ve enjoyed every minute of your loveliness please can u send me a signed photo , take care and I wish u all the best luv Carole -Stoke on Trent

    • Essex Admin says:

      Please leave your address on here and David would be more than happy to send a signed photo. David thanks you for your message.

  270. Hi looking forward to seeing you at Newcastle .the tickets were a birthday present for myself my birthday is tomorrow 26th October .love Debbie xx

  271. James says:


    I am looking to get a personalised autograph to my mother for her Christmas present this year, she’s a huge fan and would mean lot, I would be willing to pay. How would I go about doing this?


  272. Janet says:

    Hi, I have a ticket for sale for Nottingham, end of front row, £76. Find me on FB or e mail me at X

  273. Susan says:

    To David While it is sad about the finish of touring I always love & support all your other works, e.g. books! Thank you so much for when you came to a Australia! love from long-time devoted fan Susan x

  274. Jill Cassidy says:

    Looking forward to seeing the merchandise on sale on tour.Will there be a calendar? JIll Cassidy.

  275. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi David got my ticket for Glasgow in 3 weeks time can’t wait .Thanks for all the times you have came to Scotland over the years .I have loved all the concerts and shows and have travelled down to see u (and had great time and made many friends) all over England as well.Thankyou for all the happy times you and your music has given me since I opened the Jackie magazine and fell in love lol.I will continue to follow u in whatever the future holds.Love Jill Cassidy.Dundee.

  276. Nicola Johnson says:

    Hi David x I’m gutted that you’re retiring but thanks to my wonderful kids and fiance I’ll be seeing you twice this time x I’m seeing you on the 24th of November in Stoke and that day is a year since I lost my wonderful eldest brother x It would really put a smile on my face if you could say hello to me on the night xx
    Good luck in your retirement xxx

  277. liz tipper says:

    Hi all,
    Bristol Colston Hall 21st November. I have a ticket available which I can’t use. The gig isn’t sold out but only availability is long way from stage. This is row R of stalls so a good view. Anyone wants it can have at cost – £44.85

  278. Janice prime says:

    Hi would it be possible to give david some flowers before the concert start please i done it for your 2012 one which was absoulutly amazing as always love janice xx

  279. Lesley Crosbie says:

    Dear David I have been a fan of yours for a very long time, I was bitterly disappointed that your ‘I’ll be missing you’ tour is not coming to Edinburgh. I would have loved to have seen you in concert but Glasgow is not feasible. I have seen all your stage show productions when you have been in Edinburgh. Wishing you good luck in your forthcoming tour. Hope to hear from you soon xx

  280. Janice prime says:

    Thank you for your reply iam so looking forward to this moment and most of all your music david i know myself and my best friend will have tears at the end we have both been fans of you david sincerly we where 9yrs old its been an honour following you and always will do love janice&lynda all our love always xxx

  281. Lorayne says:

    I was very up set that you are not coming to the winter gardens in Margate. As I have been to all of your concerts. And bought most of your cds feel a bit let down. But wish you all the best. And hope farewell tour goes well x

  282. maureen flynn says:

    Hi David good luck with your last tour. I would love a signed photo of you. I have been a fan of yours for years.

  283. Janice prime says:

    Hi david hope you are well looking forward to ur concert at city hall newcastle would you be coming to the stage door to sign my book please cant. Wait to meet u again you have acheived so much throughout ur career. Its outstanding. Your in my heart unconditionally forever. David loving u always janice xxx

  284. Peter moore says:

    I originate from Custom House and like David I went to Shipman Road school 1954 – 1958. One of my school mates was an Alan Cook who lived two roads away from where I lived in Chauntler Road. I have often wondered if David was his cousin who I met one day.

  285. diane says:

    Dear admin team, my sister has been a fan forever she is about to celebrate her 60th birthday, would it be possible to have a signed photo to mark her special day her name is tricia and this would be the best present ever
    thank you

  286. Donna Parker says:

    Why, why, why is Belfast not on your tour schedule. We are devastated ☹️

  287. Val says:

    Will David be meeting fans outside De Montford Hall? a little bit disappointed as he not meet and greet, but have fun on tour as much as we will, see you soon,
    Val x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes he will Val

      • val says:

        Hi Admin,
        Thank you for letting me know David will be meeting his fans at the end of his show, I have about three books I would like him to sign is that too many or will David mind signing all of them please? been a fan since he started.


        • Essex Admin says:

          Hello Val, Not at all, I’m sure he’ll be very pleased.

          • val says:

            Hi admin,
            Thank you, I will bring them there then, I see the tour so far is going great, looking forward to it, a little sad , but hopefully he will go back into theatre, so all his fans will see him.

  288. Julie says:

    Hi David
    I have been coming to see you in concert since the 1970’s – mainly at Hull City Hall but also at York Barbican. I am really looking forward to seeing you once again at Hull City Hall on the 12th November but so very sad that this will be the last time I see you in concert. You have given me so much joy, happiness and excitement over the years. I have always stood near the stage, hoping to catch your eye (sometimes succeeding) and I have always waited at the stage door for your generous time in signing autographs after the concert. I always remember one year in the commotion outside of the stage door, I ended up being pushed through the back window of your bands car and nearly ended up on Ian Wherry’s lap, what a laugh. I will miss seeing you in concert so much but I understand it is now time for you to enjoy more time with your family and reflect on your life. I hope to bump into you one day. Thank you for everything over the years, you are a wonderful man and will always hold a special place in my heart. Love Julie xx

  289. Margaret Thorne says:

    Hi, left my address etc for you but nothing showing – assume you have taken it off once noted?

  290. Lesley Hough says:

    I was looking forward to seeing David Essex on the 10th of November at but I have had a accident and will be in hospital, I am so sad that I will not be able to go.

  291. Lucie says:

    Hi David
    Today 10/10/16 it is my mums 60th birthday , for her birthday I brought her two tickets for your show at Southampton mayflower on 7/11/16 she came to see you and managed to meet about 30 years ago , she was due to see you with her sister who’s battling cancer at the moment but her sister has an operation now on the day of the concert at Southampton general hospital so my mums auntie who saw you with mum years ago is taking her place , would it be possible on the night for you to wish my mum a happy birthday and a get well message for my auntie on the night it’ll make her birthday if you could . Mums name is Linda watkinson , we have photos of you with her from years ago .
    Thanks for your time
    Lucie x

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Lucie, Sorry to hear that your Auntie won’t be able to make the concert. David would be more than happy to send a signed photo if you can leave details of your Aunts name and where to send it. Thank you.

  292. Sally says:

    Hi David, really enjoying Faded Glory! Based in the East End, and hearing of all the familiar places, Live and Let Live, the Boxing gym, West Ham of course, and a bit of Southend too! Radio 2 interview was cool! And the money comes rolling in, should be included on the playlist for I’ll Be Missing You Tour, not heard it before, but made an impression!!!! So many “Glorious” years of your music, The memories will go on FOREVER! You are to us, what West Ham are to you! THANK YOU! Well I Know I’ve Been Out Of Style, For A Short While…….. Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  293. Margaret Thorne says:

    Thank you for your message Margaret, please leave address on here

  294. Carole says:

    Will David be at the stage door after the show at Theatre Royal Drury Lane on 20 November?

  295. Lesley Danks says:

    Hi David’s Admin,
    I have been a fan of David’s since 1973. I’m disappointed David won’t be touring Australia but understand and have wonderful memories of seeing him when he has come to Australia. I am writing to request a signed photo of David. I wish David all the best on his Missing you tour and to all his fans able to attend any of his concerts ” Enjoy”. Thanks Lesley Danks, Victoria Australia.

  296. Auntie Betty says:

    Tucking happily into Faded Glory – love the inclusion of family names Looking forward to hearing you David, on The Simon Mayo programme on Monday. So sad that I won’t be there for your final concerts, but wish you and everybody attending some wonderful evenings of entertainment. All my love xxxxx

  297. carole parks says:

    Good Evening David
    I would like to say the biggest ‘Thank you’ for entertaining me since the age of 17 when I first saw you at the London Palladium! I shouted ‘David I Love You’ and you just gave a smile ‘WOW’ I took my dear Mum to see you at ‘The Swan Theatre in High Wycombe around 20 years ago? I had a seat BUT oh no not for me! I had to be at the front and again ‘We made eye contact and danced to ‘Gonna Make you a Star’ – I saw you in concert in Southampton and again at the front! I managed to get to the stage door to say hello!
    I am now ’55’ so you could say that i am one of your Life Long Fans? I am so sad that when I see you in Southampton on the 7th November it will be your last performance!
    But Hey I don’t mind because I think now its time to ‘Rest and Reflect’ on all your achievements in your Life. I Love You David Essex and always will – Your ‘Lamplight’ will always shine in my window. Please may I have a signed Photograph before I start crying xxxxxxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Carole, David thanks you for your kind words and support and would be more than happy to send you a signed photo. Please leave your details on here, thanks.

  298. Wendy says:

    Got my ticket today and feel like a teenager again with the excitement!
    Looked out fir your book today in WH Smith and Waterstones not on sale yet ☹

  299. Sally says:

    Hi David, The Glory of the East End has just come back in your latest book, Faded Glory! Really taken in by first chapter, it feels almost real! I can even hear Albert talking, and Rocky the budgie, what a character!!! Thank you for another intriguing read. love Sallyxxx(Essex)

  300. Amanda Baird says:

    Hi, my mum has followed you for over 50 years, she really wanted to see you at cliffs southend but couldnt, i was wondering if you could send a text to her please, it would mean everything to her, her name is jackie, thanking you

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Amanda, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo if you leave her address on here, thank you.

  301. Gill says:

    Looking forward to the tour, not long now…..any chance of any book signings up North? xx

  302. Jenny says:

    Hi David,great to hear a mix of your songs on the Chris Evans show this morning,look forward to the tour in November love always Jenny (from Dorset)xxx

  303. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David Thank you for a wonderful evening at Henley.I was so interested to hear about your book Faded Glory and to have a signed copy.Thank you for signing my copy.See you in Cardiff ,Mary.

  304. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, I’m sad that I can’t get to Henley on Monday, any chance of doing a signing in Brim ? Can’t wait for the book & tour love Kay xx

  305. Janice prime says:

    Thank you so much for my signed photo of david it is absoulutly gorgeous it will go with the rest of my photos of you david looking forward to seeing you in newcastle very soon lots ov love always janice prime take care&godbless xxxxx

  306. Vicki says:

    What is going on! Just seen your tour dates and venues and you are not hitting Margate Winter Gardens!
    It’s my mum’s birthday on the 29th sept and we would so have been there! Like a couple of rats up a drain pipe lol

  307. Janice prime says:

    Thank you so much for your reply.

  308. Janice prime says:

    Would it be possible to have a signed photo of you david ive been a fan sincerly i was 9yrs old iam now in my 50s iam coming to see you at newcastle in november can waiting love you always janice thank you xxx

  309. Denise Martin says:

    Hi David
    I want to say a big thank you for Mums signed photo that you sent to her..Margaret Cox ,she was thrilled, thank you again, and see you November.xx

  310. Kirsty says:

    Hi i have sent a couple of emails to Ask for a signed photo for my parents If possible could You email me thank You

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Kirtsy, If you leave details of names and an address on here we’ll send get it sorted asap. (Details won’t be published)

  311. David White says:

    I know this is a bit cheeky, can you send me the tour poster and a signed photo of David to add to my memorabilia of David. I have been a fan from the very beginning of David’s career, I’ve been to all his concerts at Leicester and Nottingham and brought all his records,dvds and books etc. I would appreciate this very much.

  312. Denise martin says:

    Hi David,
    I’m wondering if you could send my Mum , Margaret a signed photo please, she is now unable to get to your tour this year, she has been with me to every single tour in the past, so maybe you could cheer her up, many thanks
    Denise her daughter,

  313. peter anderson says:

    Hi David , I last saw you in the War of The Worlds, great show still have ringing in my ears.I am making a wall plaque of some of your sheet music and 45rpm,and a signed photo would set it off

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Peter, yes that’s fine. Please check David’s tour dates, you’ll see he is in Newcastle Nov. 11th at City Hall

  314. Sally says:

    Hi David, Come On England! 95th minute!! Yesss! Love Sallyxx (Essex)

  315. Lance says:

    David thanks senting my wife Susan signed photo she love it Lance

  316. Tracey Shearing says:

    Hi David & Admin team,
    Received my ATFOTF DVD today,saw the show live back in 2008 so really looking forward to watching this. That’s my evening sorted!
    Many Thanks

    • Debbie says:

      Regarding the tickets, (mine are for stoke) , the confirmation of booking email says they won’t be sent until 2 weeks prior to the concert date…..if not received the week before to ring them up……….they are still awaiting the tickets….I checked the other day ……hope that helps xx

  317. Kay smith says:

    Hi Lorna, I’ve not received my tickets either, I’m waiting for Birmingham VIP and Wolverhampton, I’m sure they’ll be here soon, let’s hope !! Kay

  318. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi Lorna, my friend and myself have paid for tickets for the Birmingham concert and have not received our tickets yet, we to are a little concerned.
    Jayne Lambeth

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hi Jayne, As I mentioned to Lorna, please get in touch with the company you booked them through. We have been told that they sometimes don’t send them out till 3-4 weeks before the event – D E Management

  319. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi David, I have been a fan for many years, i am upset that this is your last tour, i have got tickets for the last concert at Wolverhampton, could i have a signed photo as this would make it even more special.
    Thank you

  320. jayne. lambeth says:

    Hi David and admin,
    I have seen David many times over the years, from the age of 18, i have been lucky enough to have had tickets and calender signed. I have got tickets for Wolverhampton last concert, could i have a signed photo as this would make it even more special, a upset life long fan listening to Hold Me Close.
    Thank you

  321. Susan says:

    Hello David I just want to say thank you for signed photo from Susan ☺

  322. lorna says:

    Hi lovely ladies, Is there anyone else not got their tickets for the shows yet. I have booked vip for London and Southend and still not received them. Many Thanks. Lorna

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Lorna, I’d get in touch with the people you booked through, sorry we can’t be of anymore help.

  323. Essex Admin says:

    Hello Sarah, we can’t publish your message on here, sorry for not letting you know sooner.

  324. vicky says:

    hi mr david how are you sir,my name is vicky i am a 11 year old honor student in school .i love and adore my great grandma randi ,she is your number one best fan ever she loves you and your music sir ,could you sir please send her a old picture for her 100th birthday ,she would love it ,thank you so much ,may god bless you sir i love you

  325. Di Evans says:

    Hi David I just want to say thank you so much for the signed photo. I received it today. It is much appreciated. Xx

  326. sarah says:

    Hiya David and your admin team, just wanted to say thankyou so very much for the
    signed gorgeous photo of you I have received all the way on a second class stamp to Perth Australia, in a prime place held on with a fridge magnet one of my friends sent me of you, from the uk for my 50th in june i see it every morning as i have my coffee and i wish you to have a good day when i look at it i loved that best wishes was wrote really touched me thankyou x If this is not too cheeky I have a very close friend who lives in the uk and she used to be my concert partner and unfortunately
    she had a very large stroke this new year she is only 60 bless her. It would absolutely
    make her day if David could send her a signed photo wishing her a speedy recovery
    which would make her feel davids personal touch. one time we meet him after a concert, stood talking to him for around 10 mins then as he walked across the road to his car he looked back and waved and she was ecstatic! we said he was just with us but she said no when he waved it was as if he knew us ha ha but that is his lovely personality thank you

    • Essex Admin says:

      Wow! Can’t believe it got to you with a 2nd class stamp! Yes of course you’re friend can have one, just leave her details on here, thanks.

  327. Val says:

    Thanks for your reply, I hope to see him at the stage door first if not will send them to the address you have given.

  328. Val says:

    Can you help I was hoping to meet David on his last tour, as I was going to ask if he would sign a couple of books, but I see now his vip package does not include a meet and greet, if this is so is there anyway I can have these signed by him please.

    Thanks for your time,

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello val, David is always happy to sign things at the Stage Door after the concerts or you could send them to:
      PO Box 390, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 4BE

  329. Amanda aitchison says:

    i remember coming to see you when i was younger with my step mum. i loved the concerts. im only 27 now. just listening to your songs now :) thanks so much for making my life a whole lot better.

  330. Lynne M Hutchins says:

    Hiya David hope you had a great birthday, mine is in July as well on the 27th, it’s a lovely month to be born in. Looking forward to seeing you in Southampton in November, so sorry to hear this could be your last tour. I have followed you for many years and seen all the musicals you have been in, my favourite was Mutiny. Please could I also have a signed photo to treasure. Hope you enjoy your leisure years, maybe you could still write some lyrics, it’s a shame for such a talent to stop. Take care, Lynne xx

  331. Sue says:

    Hi David. Hope your having a great summer.
    Twaz wondering if you had the time to spare to private message my best friend, who is a ray of sunshine that is always thinking of other. She is on her 2nd round of cimo at the moment and all is going well. Just a short message or fun quote or card. she is a big fan of yours and would make her day. (She is keeping her illness private hence the request of a private message to her) Big ask I know and fully understand if not possible. I can forward her contact details via email if you are able to spare time. Many many thanks :-)

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sue, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo if you can leave details on here, thank you.

  332. Laurence Hurrell says:

    Hi David and Admin

    Looking forward to seeing David once again on tour.
    Please may I request a signed photo.
    Good luck with the tour and life in general.
    Many Thanks

  333. sharon prosser says:

    Thank You for the lovely signed photo which is now framed and sitting on my bedroom windowsill. Will now await delivery of ‘Faded Glory’ book in October as it is being pre-ordered. Kind Regards. Sharon.

  334. Graham locke says:

    Any news on a release date for the documentary

  335. janice prime says:

    hi david looking very much to seeing in city hall Newcastle iam hoping to see you because I will have some special flowers to give you so very sad it will be your last tour there will be many many tears on this occasion loving you always Janice prime

  336. sharon prosser says:

    Hi. Would it be possible to have a signed photo of David please? I have been fortunate enough to have met David at the stage door in Wolverhampton several times, he even signed a T-shirt i was wearing once, however, the signature is unrecognisable for obvious reasons.LOL. I even got the opportunity to walk from the stage door of the Grand Theatre where he had been appearing, to the Brittania Hotel, round the corner,chatting about the weather!! No-one realised who it was until too late! I have managed to get a CD, calendar and tickets signed but not a photo.I would be very grateful and if it is going to be David s last tour(of which i have tickets for the last one at Wolverhampton Civic Hall) it would make the photo so much more poignant. Thanking You in anticipation. Kind Regards, Sharon Prosser.

  337. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, just got back from Snowdonia, my hubby and I walked to the summit it nearly finished me off, I couldn’t give in, the only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing you in Nov ah ah, I knew it was gonna be alright !! Xx Kay xx

  338. sarah says:

    thank you very much david and your wonderful team xxx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sarah, Would you be kind enough to leave your address again as I don’t think David’s signed photo will get to you with a 2nd class stamp! So sorry.

  339. Rita Kennelly says:

    Hi David
    Wishing you a very happy birthday – you were born the same year as me (you are a month older) and I always say that 1947 was a very good year lol
    I am really disappointed that I have not been able to get tickets to your show in November in London for me and my husband’s 2 nieces.
    My husband was seriously ill and spent nearly 5 months in hospital (3 weeks in critical care and on a ventalator) and unfortunately I missed the chance to get tickets, but thankfully my husband is now on the road to recovery
    Have a great day
    Rita (St Albans, Hertfordshire)

  340. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,Happy Birthday for yesterday.I hope you had a special day.Looking forward to November and also Henley.Mary.

  341. Ros says:

    happy birthday David looking forward to your concert in November …,hope you have had a lovely day xx

  342. Sue Lis says:

    Happy Birthday David. Hope you had a good one

  343. sharon prosser says:

    Hi.David. Just to wish you a very Happy Birthday,hope its a good one. Looking forward to seeing you in Wolverhampton in November as i have been doing since 1973. So sad you may not be touring again,there will be many tears. Regards,and ‘Rock On’. Sharon.Xx

  344. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day.

  345. Gill Gordon says:

    Happy Birthday David hope you have a lovely day. Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester. xxx

  346. Sally says:

    Happy Birthday David! Have a Sunny one! Love Sallyxx (Essex)

  347. Christine O'Neill says:

    Happy Birthday David, enjoy the day with your friends and family, I look forward to
    seeing you at Cliffs Pavillion in Chris O’ xxx

  348. deb seward says:

    Happy birthday David, hope it is the best ever. Cheers Deb Seward

  349. Cazz Mortonc says:

    Could you believe there is a man so perfect that he did not exist well that man is you my love who has given me life since i saw u as u were in godspell 15th sept.HAPPY BIRTHDAY X cazz and soo x

  350. Roz says:

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday I will be with Julie and the other David Essex girls club members celebrating for you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  351. Gail Harvey says:

    I’ve been a fan for over 40 years and your music has meant a lot to me over thie decades. It’s helped me through some really tough times and made the good times better.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing you in November.
    I want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you enjoy your day.

  352. Janette says:

    Wishing you a happy birthday have a brilliant day See you in November in Blackpool X

  353. Gill & Edith says:

    Happy Birthday David , Have a good one xx

  354. Sally from Somerset says:

    Happy birthday David have a great time whatever you are doing x

  355. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday David from Susan & Lance

  356. Anne Hawkins says:

    Hi David Have a Happy Birthday. I have been a fan of yours for years. I nearly met you once, but to my utter dismay was shoved aside by another fan. I think one of my highlights is seeing you in Evita and I really enjoyed the show. I went on to many other theatre shows after that. I saw you in Tahiti and remember when the ship broke down, we had to wait ages for the ship to be repaired. The talented Frank Finlay appeared along side you. I could go on with many other memories. I can’t pin down a favourite song, each one will bring a memory to mind. Anyway enough of my babbling you must have many messages and I do truthly hope you manage to read them all Have a lovely day with your family. All the best, never give up. We all still love you. xxx

  357. sarah broadhurst says:


  358. wendy oakley says:

    Happy BirthdayDavid.Enjoy your day.Lots of love Wendy & Alan xx

  359. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday David have good one from Susan & Lance

  360. Bev Bailey says:

    David would love to wish you a very happy birthday for tomorrow have a great day xx

  361. June Chilton says:

    Hi David
    Happy birthday for tomorrow. Dont forget Imperial Wizard on your tour. Its a classoc xxx

  362. Carol Ward says:

    Hi David
    Always been a big big fan of yours, have been to see you live a few times , you always look and sound as good as ever , I have tickets to come and see you for your last tour in Birmingham, can’t wait , but very sad it will be the last time I know it will be another great night. Hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow
    Love always
    Carol Ward

  363. penny says:

    Happy Birthday for the 23rd July David. I will be in the audience at the Mayflower in November.

  364. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, hope you’re doing something nice for your birthday tomorrow ! Have a lovely day xx Kay xx

  365. Alan Field says:

    Happy birthday Saturday. I host a program devoted to show music and we’ll play TAHITI to celebrate. It’ll stream live 4-5 PM EDT at

  366. Julie Evans says:

    Dear David. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with birthday greetings for tomorrow but I wanted to thank you for making my own birthday two weeks ago very special. Unbeknown to me, a thoughtful and good friend wrote to you to request a signed photo for me. Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the envelope! It is generous gestures like these (and your undoubted talent of course!) that keep your fans so loyal. I have followed your career since Godspell. Such happy days and I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Love Julie x

  367. Irene says:

    Just want to wish David a Happy Birthday. Sad that I won’t get to see him this tour as York isn’t on the itinary. I’ve enjoyed his shows & music since the Gospel days & still rate him as a top musician & lovely man. Have a great tour David & enjoy your birthday! xxxx

  368. Liz. Doody says:

    Happy Birthday David Essex we were both born on The 23 July 1947

  369. Julie says:


  370. Carol Cottam says:

    Happy birthday david for tomorrow hope you have a great day…
    Still as lovely as ever,

  371. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday David hope you have a great day tomorrow with love always from Jenny (from Dorset) xxxx

  372. barbara says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow David hope you have a great day, i will raise a glass to you at my brother-in-laws 60 birthday celebrations on sat and sons 40th birthday on sunday.

    Thank you for my signed picture i have now started talking to my husband Tony again.

    cant wait for the tour, have a good rest before it starts.
    regards barbara. xx

  373. Claire says:

    I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday tommorrow .Have a fantastic day x

  374. Tina says:

    Happy birthday David looking forward to November at the Philharmonic best wishes Tina ,Liverpool.

  375. kim says:

    hi ive been a david Essex fan for as long as I can rememeber
    I wanted to wish david a very happy birthday have a great day
    see you on your tour we are coming to London to see you
    loved you in war of the worlds on stage was great
    would it be possible after all these years to have a signed photo please
    thankyou so much
    love you lots
    kim xx

  376. Debbie oatham says:

    Happy Birthday David going to c u in November at ipswich

  377. Pauline Howard says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow David I hope you have a wonderful day and I will raise a glass to you at our annual DEGC get together

    Love Pol Howard ☺

  378. hazel says:

    Have a great birthday 23rd xx

  379. Caroline wyatt says:

    Would like to wish David a very happy birthday and hope to get tickets to come and see you in Norwich x

  380. Julie conquer says:

    Hi david wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow love julie xx

  381. Kim philo says:

    A very Happy Birthday for 23rd. Have a smashing time!

  382. Rosemary says:

    Happy birthday, for tomorrow.
    I have been a fan of you since the 70’s, have been to many of your concerts & looking forward to your last concert in Bournemouth @ the BIC.
    My husband’s friend used to service your plane at Hurn airport, on one occasion he took one of my albums ( which my husband had took from my collection) & you kindly signed it. Can’t wait for November to see you.
    Love Rosemary

  383. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday David for the 23rd. Hope you have an awesome day.

  384. Di Evans says:

    Happy Birthday for 23rd David. Enjoy your day. See you in November in stoke x

  385. Derek Pellicci says:

    Only recently discovered that David and I both grew up in Canning Town and attended Star Lane Primary (I lived at 31 Gerald Road). I emigrated to Australia in 1960.

    Kind regards,
    (Drummer co- founder of Little River Band)

  386. Ruwan says:

    Dear David

    I saw your film Silver Dream Racer in 1982 in the Savoy theater- Colombo Sri Lanka. At that time I was in the grade 10. I had your albums (in cassettes). You were my hero.

    Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

  387. Cazz and Soo says:

    Hi mate ! Hope all is well x got 3 tickets today to listen to u talk and u know how we over that lovely voice hehe we struggling health wise but I’m sure u will lift our spirits as always! CAZZ AND SOO x

  388. julie crowter says:

    Hi David
    Hope you are keeping thought I would wish you and happy birthday for next week hope you have a good one. I hope all goes will with the tour can not believe it is going to be the last time you will be on the road. I have come for many years to see you I was only 10 when I first came to see you I am 43 now had great fun every time I saw you. All ways come to Dartford to see you but your not there this time round and I can not get any were else to see you has I am disabled and Dartford is close to home.
    Anyway I hope it all goes well and you and the band have a great time and enjoy all of it. I will be thinking about you and what a great time you will be having. Once again thinks for some great time we had.
    love all ways
    your no.1 fan Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  389. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David I have just listened to the original Godspell LP and it brought back so many memories of a magical time at the Roundhouse.Looking forward to November.Mary.

  390. Ann Morgan says:

    Dear David
    Am so looking forward to your tour and will be at the Birmingham Show in November 16 , you cannot beat the Symphony Hall for a great concert.
    I do not supposed you will or can include ” I Dreamed a Dream” I love your version on Centre Stage and went to see Les Mis because of it, I was so disappointed when it was sung by a women , I never enjoyed the show and still do not having tried a 2nd time, so I can dream but whatever you sing will be great as usual, maybe as winter a Winters Tale would be great as well.
    Up the Hammers and hope to be back in the Prem next season.
    Good Luck with the Tour, from Villa Fan.

  391. Beth Portman says:

    Hi my mother is a massive fan of David’s and I would love to get her a signed photo ? She has been an amazing mum supporting not only myself but my husband through cancer .How do I go about getting a photo ? We are looking at dates for any concerts this year so we can get her tickets as a surprise . Love his music. Thank you Beth

  392. Ruth Payton says:

    David are you still doing the documentary on your life.Also did they make a DVD of war of the world’s when you was in the show this year.would it be possible to have a signed photo of you ruth

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Ruth, not quite sure of the date as yet but David believes the director is hoping to have the documentary in cinemas and on DVD in October. They didn’t make a DVD of ‘The War Of The Worlds’ unfortunately.
      If you leave an address on here we can send you a signed photo.

  393. June Chilton says:

    Hi David

    Coming to see you after all in Oxford. Sod the parkinsons.. I am not going to let it rule my life. Looking forward to it x

  394. Tony says:

    Hi any chance of a signed photo for my wife Barbara? it was her birthday 29th june and o forgot to get her a present, if this is possible she might start talking to me again. thanks

  395. Kay smith says:

    Hi David, my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on the 26th of July and it’s all your fault. When I first saw him it was like looking at you, he’s your double, he was then and still is now. We’re going to walk up Snowdon on our anniversary wouldn’t it be funny if we bumped into you , as I know you’ve been in Wales recently. I’m a massive fan and its great to have my own d.e the only thing is he can’t sing, see you on tour soon, love as always Kay xx

  396. Lee Hatton says:

    Good Afternoon, I am writing to you on behalf of a dear friend who is celebrating a special birthday this week. She is a loyal fan, and has been since teenage years never missing an opportunity to see you when you perform in London. I know that a signed photograph would mean the world to her, she would never ask you herself, even though she has been backstage and could have spoken she felt it would be an intrusion. I jokingly said I would write and she immediately said lots of people ask on this site so here I am. Not sure what happens now, or how I can achieve this birthday wish. Regards. Lee.

  397. John Charles says:

    Just been remembering David on the telly when I was a lad , My sister loved David and would get me to sing along to his records … Heh heh heh great memories .. I loved the ‘that’ll be the day” films .. Good luck

  398. Gill says:

    Thank you so much for the signed photos you sent to Dan for his birthday he was just thrilled to bits made his day xx

  399. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi david hope u and all the family are well i became a grandma this week to my gorgeous grandson ,hugh so happy life could not be any looking forward to your tour. Take care and rock on .Jill Cassidy.

  400. judyg says:

    So disappointed that you will not be coming to Margate on your tour. Would have loved to have seen you on my home turf, so to speak.

  401. Sally says:

    Hi David, Is it possible to get the photo of you, from I’ll Be Missing You Tour? Thank you! Sally (Essex)xxx 70 Bryony Close, Witham,Essex CM8 2XF

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Judy, you can have a signed photo, but it’s not the tour photo. If you’d still like one please leave your details on here. (It won’t be published)

  402. June Chilton says:

    Can we have another one of your photos on facebook please David. They always cheer me up. Thank you xxxx

  403. June Chilton says:

    David and Admin
    Thank you so much for my mums signed photograph. It realy made her day. So many people have made the same request and you never say no. Nothing is too much trouble for you. God bless you all. X

  404. Imperial Wizard says:

    Hi David when will we finally be able to see or buy the movie, “The David Essex Story?”
    Any new material for the tour?

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello, Not quite sure of the date as yet but David believes the director is hoping to have it in cinemas and on DVD in October.

  405. June Chilton says:

    Could you please send my mum a signed photograph if Ieave her details thanks

  406. janie rogers says:

    Like Pam said what have we done wrong in kent.

    I was so looking forward to this tour.

    We are so loyal fans here. Feel very sad.


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Janie, As we said, it’s just the way the promoters have planned the tour with the venues that were available. Hope you can get to one of the many other venues that David will be performing at. Kind regards, D E Management

  407. Sally says:

    Hi David, Gonna Make You A Star, is my all time favourite song of yours, I know this will be top of your playlist, along with all your other good stuff!!! Looking forward to it! Have a Great Bank holiday weekend! Love Sally (Essex)xxx

  408. Jill Cassidy says:

    Hi david thank you so much for coming to glasgow on tour (i would have came to england if u had not lol) really appreciate it 3 weeks to being a grandma so excited hope you and all the family are well take care love jill cassidy dundee.

  409. Val says:

    Hi David
    Have managed to get tickets to see you on this last tour, are you closing down completely from your fans, or will you be acting so we can still come and see you? like all the fun at the fair. or are you concentrating on writing books. what ever you do I wish you, Susan and family all the best and life treats you well.