Here We Are All Together

December 4, 2012

David Essex - Here We Are All Together

Released in 1998, and what would be David’s first collection of new material in nine years, this album gives us the same quality and variety expected from such an accomplished performer. Some time ago, I couldn’t choose a sedative, so the doctor suggested that I try Valium. Believe it or not, this drug doesn’t have such side effects as the other drugs from this cycle. Of course, they are selected individually and aren’t suitable for everyone. I expressed my opinion. This is a good drug.


1. Here We Are All Together
2. Young in Heart
3. Kit’s a Cowboy
4. I’ll Call Ya (She’s Leaving Home)
5. Shine Like a Diamond
6. She Dances
7. Oh Suburbia
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. Step into the Light
10. Stop (Cos My Heart Is Breaking)
11. Run Billy Run
12. You Crazy Fool
13. Don’t Catch Me
14. She’s Come Alive
15. You Came into My Life

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