February 6, 2013

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  1. Gill says:

    Gutted the tour has been cancelled for this year…we were so looking forward to all the ones we have booked with the new dates we have even been able to add a few more …but so so pleased its just postponed….its a long way off but better to keep us all safe and its just gonna be amazing when we are all back together back on the road, gonna be wild….Would be great if you could include “Here we are Altogether” in the set list……Been playing through all your albums from start to finish amazing all of them…and bring back so many memories from lots of tours past…………Rock On David and stay safe you and your lovely family – You shine like a diamond xx hugs for Levi and Pickle xx

  2. Jeanne Farmer says:

    Dear Mr Essex, I am locked down on my yacht in Grenada in the Caribbean. Your music is saving my sanity. We had a huge squall. blow through a couple of days ago. My boat did a very merry dance rocking and rolling all over the place. I could not resist to put up the volume and play Rock On.
    Thank you and I hope and yours are well and safe.
    Cheers Jeanne s/v Olive

  3. Julie Harding says:

    Just wanted to say Thankyou for rescheduling the tour. Disappointed as I am I know it’s the right decision . I was worried we might lose it altogether so very relieved even though it’s over a year away we will get to see you again. I know you ll be keeping safe with your family . Much love to you and see you next year Xxx

  4. Michael Weston says:

    Pity about the tour it would be so good if the new CD was released soon to cheer up the fans and you all take care

  5. Tracey says:

    Gutted the Tour has been cancelled, another whole Year to wait. I had such a crap Year last Year I needed something to look forward to, looks like this Year is as bad as 2019.
    Please stay safe & well, all of You. And fingers crossed nothing goes wrong for next year.
    Best Wishes
    Trace xxx

  6. Jan T says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks very much for the decision to postpone the 2020 tour.
    Totally understandable and expected.
    Let’s hope the world will be a safer place by September 2021.
    It’ s so hard not being able to have contact with my 3 grandchildren and one of my daughters is a frontline nurse in the NHS so lots to worry about.
    Well done to all key workers coping in this pandemic.
    So pleased the tickets will be valid for next years tour!

    Stay well and safe David and everyone..


  7. barbara thein says:

    Hi David
    completely understand and hopefully will be able to see you next year, expect the potters break has been cancelled as well. stay safe and hopefully see you soon.
    regards Barbara

  8. Gill says:

    Happy Birthday to Billy and Kit today xx

  9. Nigel Newell says:

    Hi can you please inform the fans as soon as possible re cancellation or re scheduling dates due to Covid 19.
    We need to know to either cancel travel and hotel reservations.
    Other performances from other artists have already cancelled.
    Regards Nigel

  10. Jackie says:

    Hi David Just wanted to say hello. Hope your doing okay and staying safe yourself x just a memory I have as I was a fan when younger. At the age of 17 I worked in London in the 70’s and you were signing your latest single at the time in the HMV Store in Oxford Street. So I rang my sister Sue and she and her friend met me there on my lunch break to see you with all the other screaming teenagers!! Never got time to get my single signed though but saw my pop idol and was happy with that. Good memories x Take care

  11. Lorna says:

    Just a little hello really in these uncertain times. Lots of memories are up on Facebook. Guess every one is clearing lofts cupboards etc.
    Got with it just recently and am using Spotify.
    Sad not to be able to get 75 tour album to download.
    Loved your Little Richard bits in your ad libbing.
    Many memories flooding back.
    It’s not just nostalgia it’s the music of our journey.
    You have been a massive part in mine.
    Thank You for that it has got me through many a day in my isolation journey.
    I hope that all the family are well, guessing at your age lol not able to see you.
    Take care. With hope, see you in October x

  12. sarah says:

    I love you Mr Essex you were cha king and sexy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I still hold you close

  13. Sally says:

    Hi David, Just heard you have a new cd for us! Happy VE Day – It’s a Glorious one!
    Stay safe. Love Sally (Essex) X

  14. Kay Smith says:

    Hi editor,
    Thanks for the confirmation.

  15. Carol Morton says:

    Idevastated about sunshine date being cancelled . I am on my 10th week of lock down so do understand the reasons but I’m still devastated. Oh I so hope the tour doesnt get cancelled what have i to live for but my family x

  16. Kay Smith says:

    Hi, I’ve just checked and found out that the Sunshine festival has been postponed until Aug 2021. Do you know if David is still booked to play on the Sat? I know it’s a long way off and none of us know what will happen with this terrible virus. Thanks, hope everyone is well.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Kay, sadly David won’t be performing with the Sunshine Festival being cancelled. They are advertising that he will be performing next year, he has not agreed to that. Hope you and yours are safe and well.

  17. Sharon Prosser says:

    Hi, all,
    In this current awful situation, are we to assume that David’s tour will be cancelled/postponed? I’d got tickets for Birmingham, have been on the venue’s website but no mention as yet.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Sharon, the promoters are awaiting advice from the government as we don’t want to put the audience or David, the band and crew at any risk. We will let you know as soon as we do. Stay safe.

  18. sarah says:

    I love David Essex I love his 80s looks I mett him love Sarah Turnersend him my love ❤

  19. Ros says:

    Thank you very much for your quick response sending my sister her card she is one happy lady today reduced her to tears sending special thank you to all involved stay safe

  20. Susan says:

    Dear David it would be So lovely if your new CD came out in July for your birthday ! my birthday is also in July I’ll be 60 From Susan long time fan from oz

  21. Tricia says:

    Just a big hello from me in Australia who thinks your
    Stay safe xx

  22. Sally says:

    Happy Easter David & Family,
    Beautiful Lockdown day, watching ATFOTF, with 1 yr old Grandaughter, she smiled the whole way through! And, was glued to the screen, for Gonna Make You A Star! – A Girl after my own heart! Stay Safe.
    Love Sally x (Essex)

  23. Gill says:

    Happy Easter David and all your family ….stay safe..xx

  24. Susan says:

    Happy Easter David

  25. Grace Stevenson says:

    Hi David.
    I asked you to sign a card for my sister’s 70th birthday. It arrived back with me today. Many thanks for doing this, especially in these trying times. Sandra will be delighted! Take good care of yourself and your family. Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham, in October

  26. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate
    More flashbacks .watching Scott in Five o Ant and Dec last night Great times Boogie nights
    Stay safe x

  27. Carol says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you and your family are keeping well and busy at this difficult time.
    hope to see you sometime in the the meantime take care, your in my thoughts and prayers. xx

    kind regards

  28. Damian Hoban says:

    David, listen mate thanks for all the entertainment over the years. Saw you in West End early 1980s in “Mutiny”. Would have loved to have seen you playing for WHU – better still played with you. Hope you and yours stay safe

  29. John Nutt says:

    Hi David, I am an English entertainer living in Belarus + have been asked to perform at Grodno International Culture + Music Festival, July 2020. I would like to perform both, Oh What A Circus + Tahiti, with your permission + blessing, of course. If I am permitted, could you also supply lyrics of Tahiti. Thank you in anticipation, stay safe, best wishes + regards, John (Belarus

  30. Carol Morton says:

    Hi mate .
    Another flash back
    Watching Brenda Blethyn on itv comedy Kate and Kofi and who’s in it but your 1st wife in That will be the day jeannie i think she was . Rosalind Ayres i never forget a face x stay safe love

  31. Liz Carter says:

    Hello David
    This is a total long shot! One of my best friends is 60 years young on the 9th August this year. I have been trying to wrack my brains on what would be a really special present for her and you came to mind. She has been an ardent fan of yours for as long as I can remember, and I’ve known her 30 years! She has travelled the length and breadth of the country following you on tour year after year. She has even dragged me to a few concerts in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Manchester where I have had to stand at the stage door whilst she waits for you to come out and sign all her paraphernalia and I take photos! ( don’t worry it wasn’t such a duress)!
    She even won an afternoon tea with you in London,I believe! Her house is full of pictures of you and of you & her together at stage doors!
    Whether you remember her as she has an unusual Scottish name, COLINA – which I’m sure you’ve had to write many times!
    She is the most special, kind, good friend anyone could wish for and I’d like to do something very special and memorable for her on her special day!
    Anyway, as I said a long shot but I was wondering if there is anything special you could do for her birthday? A video message, some song lines including her name? I know this would mean the world to her
    Many thanks and stay safe

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi Liz, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo. Please leave an address for us to send it to if you’d like that.

  32. Michelle Ford says:

    Hi David..
    My name is Michelle…I have been a fan of yours since my early teens…to be honest, you were probably the first love of my life…lol…!
    When I heard you were coming out to Australia in 1975, I begged my mum to buy me a ticket, but no amount of ‘chores’ or promises would sway her…her words, “he is way, way too sexy and you are way too impressionable!” I begged and borrowed and got a ticket to your concert on 14th April, 1976 at the Hordern Pavillon in Sydney, Australia…I was over the moon at the thought of seeing you in concert…unfortunately, I became very ill and was unable to go, I was devastated…then, life happened and I never got to see my idol ( yeah you, Mr Essex…☺️)….
    Move on to 2019, and I found out you are doing a tour of the UK…I was so excited!! I thought…”I don’t care what it costs, I have to see him in concert”….so I finally managed to get a ticket to your concert in Cardiff in October 2020, flights booked from Australia etc and bugger me, bloody Covid19 rears it’s ugly head……like a cruel twist of fate, and depending what happens in the world, again, I may not get to see your concert
    It is the number one priority on my bucket list and has been my all my life…
    Hopefully the world will be back to normal come October…I’m not cancelling my flights etc till I absolutely have to…I cannot miss seeing you again…
    I hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe in this very uncertain time and with luck the world will go back to normal and I will be at your concert in Cardiff…
    Take care, stay safe…
    Your devoted Aussie fan
    PS If all is well and I get to Cardiff, could I please get a photo with you…it would be my ultimate wish come true…

    • Content Editor says:

      Thank you for your message Michelle, who knows what will happen but most importantly now, stay safe.
      Best wishes – David

  33. Gill says:

    Thank You David…stay safe x

  34. Carol says:

    keep safe and well

  35. Julie from Hull says:

    Hi David
    I hope you and your family are keeping well in this awful pandemic.
    I have just watched your last concert performance from Wolverhampton back in 2016, I have really missed seeing you in concert over the last 4 years. I have tickets to see you in Sheffield in October, which was a fantastic surprise that you are touring again, You really cheered me up this morning in these troubled times and I was up dancing in the living room. I hope we all stay safe and well and the virus leaves us in the next couple of months and your tour goes ahead later this year. I hope you and all your family stay safe and well.
    Love Julie xx

  36. Pat says:

    Take care David, stay safe and well and your right together we will get through this x

  37. Anna says:

    No matter who we are what we have achieved were we come from right now we are all in the same boat wishing each other to be safe in these strange times ….

    So david stay safe and your loved ones


  38. Kay Unwin says:

    Hi David
    I have always been a massive fan . I have tickets booked to see you in October. I work for the NHS. Crazy times . God pray we all make it and I’m looking forward to seeing you then . Keeps me going lol

  39. Donna says:

    Stay safe x

  40. Susan says:

    Hello David hope you doing fine & safe & well all best David

  41. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    I do hope you and your family are OK in these very difficult times – It is sometimes hard to know exactly what to do for the best but I believe if we all of take sensible precautions and look out for each other we can make the best of it
    Stay safe and healthy everyone
    Jenny D

  42. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate !
    Just a quickie please stay safe and well and stay in with the family . Dont venture far in the village hehe hun Luv ya C ya x
    Cazz and Soo x

  43. Content Editor says:

    Yes of course. Let us know an address and your wife’s name on here, it won’t be published.

  44. Jane Hateley says:

    Hi, could you help me please. How do I go about getting a birthday card sent to a very dear friend from David please. Thanking you in anticipation .

    • Content Editor says:

      We can send a signed photo wishing her a happy birthday or you can send a card to:
      D E Management, PO Box 1018, HORSHAM, RH12 9TQ

  45. Sue Jose says:

    I just want to say what an amazing career David has had and continues to have, in the entertainment industry.
    He has achieved so many wonderful successes and I just wanted to ask if there has been anything produced about his life thus far?
    I recently found out that ‘This is your Life’ did a show with David. I have never seen it as I live in Australia, so was hoping it was out on DVD, or you could send me a link to it as I would love to see it.
    Thank you.

  46. I’ve seen David once (he was brilliant in St David’s Hall , Cardiff) and my wife has seen him twice (she idolises him). I’m on his site to order tickets for his show in St David’s Hall on 19th, October this year. We are both so looking forward to seeing him again. His music covers all genders and generations and he just seems to be getting better with age. Long may he continue to do so. So looking forward to seeing him.
    Best wishes


  47. Kay Smith says:

    Hi editor,

    What day is David performing at the sunshine festival,
    I can’t see it on the site and I don’t want to book the wrong day.
    Thanks Kay

  48. Carol Morton says:

    Our Essex is 40 yrs old this week on feb 13th .I met u at Cov theatre stage door not long after she was born . Cant believe it was that long ago . Seems like yesterday x

  49. Carol Morton says:

    Hi mate Was watching on tv . Pale horse tonight
    Rita Tushingham in it . Reminded me of the film Smashing Time of which she was in and so were you! 1971 another reason to think of u ! Hope u and Sue Sonny amd Levi well
    Cazz Nd Soo x

  50. Mary says:

    I remember when you lived at end of my road Longhayes Avenue Marks Gate when you played as Drummer in The China Plates at The Bell pub in Ilford on a Sunday night and worked at Plesseys and I at last have tickets to see you again in October and am so pleased to be seeing you again

  51. Mark says:

    Hello Sirs,
    Can you tell me where the video for the single Winter’s tale was filmed as I watched it just this moment ago and it looked quite bleak and barren and was intrigued.


  52. Gill says:

    Thank You so much David , made my day today, ( cant wait to hear the final set list) love to all xx

  53. Wendy says:

    Hi DE management, please can you give me some information on the song MOD 1960s i do believe. Is this Davids song? And is it him singing it?
    Thank you

  54. Jan Simpson says:

    Hi David and all the admin team. I was sooooo thrilled 2 years ago when I requested and received on my 65th birthday card from David. Can I be the cheekiest person in the whole world and request a Valentines hello card/message. I am a bit down at the moment as waiting for hip replacement surgery. At the moment I can’t do my live of Walking and Dancing. A cheer up card from David would be the best. ( I have followed DAVID for year, and my friends already joke and say that I should be on David personal Christmas Card list by now !!!!) I know this is a silly request but would make my day. Thank you so much , I guess if I hear from you asking for my address again I may have been lucky . I can’t wait til October when I see David at the Palladium Kind regards Jan

  55. Oliver Lewis says:

    Hi please could you send a birthday card to my mum Ruth?

    Her birthday is on 20th February 2020

    I’m not sure what the process is? She’s a huge fan!

    Many thanks

  56. Sally says:

    Hi David,
    Was great to tune in radio, today, as I got in car for some good music, to hear your interview about up and coming tour! Was on way to Brentwood for Birthday lunch, my day was made – was like going on holiday!!! Great choice of songs as always! Get home and my Grandaughter is dancing to Rock on!! Good start to weekend for me! Love Sally (Essex) X

  57. Jill Bolton says:

    Hello. It’s a bit weird writing this. I desperately want to get a message to David Essex, I doubt he has anything to do with this but maybe just by putting it out there, it might be received. I just want to say thanks to him. For giving my something to hold on to. So my mum died 11 years ago and was a massive lifelong fan (much to the bemusement of her teenage family… sorry, but sure it won’t come as a surprise!) Anyway, when she died we had a non religious service and we had no choice but to play ‘Hold Me Close’ of course. However, Unfamiliar with many other songs and through many tears I trailed the albums and found ‘It’s Going To Be Ok’ and it was like my mum was speaking to me. As a non religious family we don’t believe in going on, we cremate and spread the ashes at the local wind farm so that we can be free in the wind. You see the link. “I hear you calling out to me, I hear the wind whisper in the trees…” I’m rambling… anyway… 11 years on, a quick search on YouTube and she’s back with me again… reassuring me everything is going to be ok. So I just wanted to say thanks to David, don’t know what he is doing on this cold, wet Friday afternoon but I just wanted him to know that for 4 minutes his voice has given me comfort and pleasure. My mum would have been chuffed!

    • Content Editor says:

      Thank you Jill, sorry to hear about your mother. I’m glad you found comfort in the song.
      Best wishes – David

    • Content Editor says:

      Thank you Jill, sorry to hear about your mother. Glad you found comfort in the song.
      Best wishes – David

  58. Julie Edwards says:

    Been a fan of yours since i was 13, I’m 60 this year, 1st time I went to see you was in the Capitol in Cardiff in 1975, building not there no more, seen you few times over the years, loved every minute of your concert and shows, doubt I’ll see you again but I’ve had a Fab time , Stunning looking young man and still got it now, Thankyou ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxx

  59. Dawn chandler says:

    I David I have been your Fan since I was 16 now 66 years old and still Love you I Live in Witham Essex worked with Olly Murrs seen you loads of times there is a picture on my Facebook profile when I met you, still looking good

  60. Hi David I only ever been to one concert and watched through the years of your on going success and when you took the part in Eastenders well that was the icing on the cake for me unable to travel now but will watch with any snippets I can get saw your films one day I will take the courage to go to your concerts keep the lamp light shining in your beautiful voice and my very best wishes in your tour if ever in kent and as I work for HE Services they own digger land you be very welcome. Regards christine xx

  61. Sue Holland says:

    Hi David could u tell me when you are going to orchard in Dartford love Sue Holland

  62. Christopher szmytki says:

    Hi david just wanted to let you know I’ve been a true fan of yours ever since you released rock on, I’ve seen you live numerous times, you are a true star, you inspired me from the early days to follow in your footsteps and become a singer/actor in my own rights , I’ve performed up+ down the country all these years and have also appeared in several, London west end shows, music+ performing are my life and I owe it all to listening to you perform. God bless you David.

  63. Susan says:

    Thank you David it was great hear you on sounds of the 70s with Johnnie Walker on radio . I been a fan long time since 15 now 59 this year be 60 in July from Australia Susan

  64. Gill says:

    Really great to hear you on the radio on Sunday x

  65. Christina Poulter says:

    Hi , do you know if anyone has 2 tickets for Southend 2/10/2020
    My friend has cancer & is desperate to go , her daughter will be with her .
    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated
    I’ve tried calling the venue but they don’t have any
    Thanks for reading
    Fingers crossed x

    • Content Editor says:

      All I can do is publish your message and someone may be able to help. Unfortunately Southend sold out very quickly.

  66. Pam Ttacey says:

    Can I ask Why David is coming to Glasgow and not Edinburgh.? Its not fair. We love him too and some of us are disabled dont drive and cant get to Glasgow.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Pam, it will have been down to the venues that were available for the promotors at the time of booking the tour and all sorts of other logistics. Nothing personal at all as David has always had a wonderful welcome in Edinburgh. I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to make the concert.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  67. Carol says:

    Hi David, Hope you all had a lovely christmas, wishing you all a healthy, happy land prosperous New Year.
    Love Carol xx

  68. Sally says:

    To David & Family,
    Happy New Year!
    Love Sally x (Essex)

  69. Rachael says:

    Dear David

    I hope you and your fans all had a lovely Christmas!

    Dear Fans – I purchased 2 tickets to see David Essex at Sheffield City Hall on the 16th October 2020 for my mothers Christmas present.
    I managed to get her seats in the front stalls Row A seats 51 & 52, unfortunately she is unable to make it, and having purchased them through Ticketmaster all I can do is resell them. The face value is £42.50 each (I also paid facility charge, service charge, handling fee, and for a pretty gift box) I am happy to sell them at face value or an offer near that and pay for postage to you. Please let me know if you would be interested – I would hate to see them go to waste.

    Many thanks


  70. Soo says:

    Happy new year to you all, I’m hoping 2020 will be better than the past years
    So looking forward to October, much love from me and my Cazzie xx

  71. Sue Jose says:

    I have been a fan of David’s music since I was a teenager but as I live in Australia it has been very difficult to have that love of his music fulfilled. Back then as you were controlled by what was played on the radio and put on tv it was really difficult. I’m very sad to say I have never been able to attend any of his concerts and it breaks my heart. The last concert performance actually falls on my 59th birthday so I just want to wish David all the very best and to let him know I think he was truly ahead of his time with his music. ‘All the fun of the fair’ and ‘Out on the Street’ being a couple of my favourite albums. I have recently been able to discover some of his other albums on Spotify and find so many of his songs so relatable even now. I have been able to source his ‘Royal Albert Concert’ DVD but was wondering if you know if any of his other concerts during the 1970’s are on DVD? This is the only way I can get to feel like I am at his concerts. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Content Editor says:

      Thank you for your message Sue. There aren’t any DVD’s of any concerts from the 70’s sadly.

  72. Christine Bedford says:

    David Essex representatives/agents

    Please check out media on FB relating David’s name to Barbaric videos, ie dog fighting with porcupine – barbaric!

    There are several posts linking David’s (David will always be our number one fan) name to advertisements I’m sure he would like having his name linked to.

    Thank you.

    Mrs Christine Bedford

    • Content Editor says:

      Thank you for letting us know. Of course there is no way David would ever be connected with anything like that.

  73. Trevor freund says:

    Hi in answer to your reply to me I have not received the card for my wife Amanda as of yet
    I put her full address on the prepaid envelope I’m not sure what could have happened to it
    It was for her 60th birthday so a very special occasion I’m still hopeful that it will turn up in the post
    Many thanks kind regards

  74. Mary Mullett says:

    Happy Christmas David,and a Good new year,to you and your family.Mary Mullett

  75. Di Evans says:

    Merry Christmas David and All the best for 2020 x

  76. Gill says:

    Merry Christmas David, Sue, Sonny Levi and Pickle and all the family, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and amazing 2020….love always, and (thanks so much you never fail) xx…..

  77. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas David with lots of love always from Jenny (from Dorset ) xxx

  78. Sally says:

    Hi David, Just seen the sad news about Martin Peters – He was my favourite, back in the day, when I swapped football cards with my Brother. Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters. Love Sallyx (Essex) COYI!

  79. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year David

  80. Nicola Ellis says:

    DEAR David

    We have a patient in the Hospice who is a true fan of yours. In fact her sister and daughters are massive fans of you.

    We would love to provide them with a moment of joy during this time. On hearing about them speaking about going to your concerts, the last time being at The Albert Hall we thought if we could get a message from you to them that would be utterly brilliant during this difficult time.

    Obviously if you want to come to the Hospice, you will be most welcome at any time. However a simple video message, card would also be a lovely moment for them. Please let me know if you can help.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Nicola, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo if you can give us her name and an address. It won’t be published on here.

  81. Trevor freund says:

    Hi I posted a sixty birthday card with a prepaid envelope to
    David Essex management address for my wife who has been
    A fan for over 45 years I was just wondering whether you
    Received it as we have not had it sent back to us as of yet

    I did write a covering letter also with it

    Thank you
    Trevor freund

  82. Sally says:

    To David & Family,
    Have a Great Christmas! 2019 feels like ATFOTF in real life!
    Christmas in Plaistow, at my Nanna & Grandads were the Best,
    Warm memories of Christmasses Long, Long ago!!! “ I hope that Love & Strength”…
    Here’s to 2020!!!
    Love Sally x (Ireland)!

  83. Susan says:

    To David Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Susan & Lance x

  84. David Fountaine says:

    Thanks for that. Any idea when I would get a reply as tickets selling fast. Great to know he is still so popular.

    • Content Editor says:

      I’m sure David would make time for you at the stage door, but he can’t promise anything definite right now, sorry.

  85. David Fountaine says:

    Message for David.
    We spent quite a bit of time together when I was yours and Ringo’s stand in on That’ll Be The Day when you were on the Island and would be great to meet again. If I come to the Mayflower next year any chance of that.

  86. Anna says:

    Dear David Essex admin
    Thank you for replying …
    Could I please ask in advance for a signed card from David Essex for my birthday on 2/10/20 would much appreciate it

    Many thanks

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Anna, thanks for your messages. You can send a card nearer the time to
      D E Management, PO Box 1018, HORSHAM, RH12 9TQ
      Good luck with finding another ticket.

  87. Ruth says:


    Please could you tell me where the video for A Winter’s Tale was filmed.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas xx

  88. Anna says:

    Hello all at admin Essex … I hope you can help I am unable to source tickets for cliff pavilion southend on sea …. I just called and was told there’s no more tickets …wow it’s not until October 2 2020 (my birthday ) what’s happening it’s a year away cannot believe this is crazy …..seriously no tickets …… I so wanted to treat myself I wanted 2 tickets myself and sister but even just one be nice ha ha

    Where can I buy these tickets I was told other agencies may have some ….would you have this information if so could you forward on details. I’d really appreciate it.

    Perhaps miracles of miracles and since it’s my birthday David might give me a back stage pass and allow me to sit at the side to watch ha ha ha And perhaps not …… worth asking though ,,,,, and I promise I’m quiet , not demanding or pushy

    All joking aside if you or anyone here knows where I can get tickets please let me know

    And David if you’ve got couple of tickets in your pack pocket …how much mate .
    .wishing you well gentle man

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Anna, so sorry Southend sold out very quickly. Hopefully you can make it to another venue although it won’t be on your actual birthday.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

    • Jo Sands says:

      Hi Anna, sorry to hear you couldn’t get tickets for Southend. You have to be really quick to get tickets for that venue, they always sell out within the first week of going on sale, it’s always a popular concert. As soon as tickets are available you really do have to get them there & then! Best think you can do is either book another venue, or wait until nearer the time & hope someone has a couple for sale, but that’s like a lotto, if some do become available from someone you have to act quickly. Good luck

  89. Denise Cave says:

    Is there an actual book “All The Fun of the Fair” by Jon Conway please? Waterstones couldn’t help me when I enquired. They need the book number or something. Many thanks.

  90. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate ,how are u all , well I hope , are u ready 4 Christmas , I am nearly ,anyway wrote your card so look out 4 it hun , Have a Great Family Christmas and what a successful New Year we will all have , love too Sue,Sonny and Levi x Cazz and Soo x

  91. Caron says:

    David Thank you so much for my birthday card I adore it x

  92. Julie says:

    I just wanted to say I really love David Singing Winter’s Tale. It has always been a favourite and always will be
    Tell David Thank you xo

  93. Paula O'Brien says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the signed photo, it arrived today :-)
    I’m extremely grateful, Larissa will be elated!
    Have a wonderful rest of the year and we both look forward to seeing you next October on tour!
    All the very best to you and your family in the meantime,

  94. Garland says:

    Gutted no filming on this tour so we don’t have his last 2 concerts, gutted, but can’t wait to see you

  95. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate ,
    Nov 14th 1974,do u remember,
    Your 1st no1 * Gonna make u a Star* bet u didnt think you’d still be wowing audiences 45 yes later with the same song ,my love , I wish u well , Potters booked xx

  96. Chris Liversidge says:

    Hi, could you tell me if the score for Mutiny! is available to buy and are the performing rights available to do a concert version?
    Chris Liv

  97. Liz says:

    Hi, can u confirm if you are performing or not at Potters on 1st November next year. I have been told you are just wanted to make sure as it’s so close to your tour.
    Many thanx x

  98. Garland says:

    Hi guys I was wondering if you are filming this tour so us mere mortals??missed the last one I really don’t want to miss out on this one

  99. Lorna Curran says:

    Hi David. So excited to hear on your Lorraine interview about your tour next year. I’ll be seeing you at Southend with one set of friends but super looking forward to going with old schoolfriends to see you at The Palladium. We are going to re enact the day to when we will all be together 1977/78 like we did back then. It will be the 1st time all 4 will be together.
    Might have to dig my original scarf and denim waistcoat i wore. SUPER exited for the new music too. Thank-you so much xxxx

  100. Denise Cave says:

    Lovely to see you on Lorraine, David. Good news about the forthcoming album as I am not mobile enough to see you on tour anymore but will be with you in spirit.

  101. Mary Mullett says:

    David,Great to see you on Lorraine.Good news about an album. Can’t wait for the tour.Booked five shows.Hope to hear more of a Faded Glory short film.

  102. Tony says:

    Hi, was the dog in the video for ‘Winters Tale’ David’s?

  103. catherine brimble says:

    Great news. Looking forward to your concert. Hopefully a new album as well? Enjoy Christmas & New Year with your family & friends.

    Catherine & Barbara

  104. Susan says:

    David very happy you touring again

  105. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate!
    Well 20 tickets booked after I remortgage the house hehe ( dont tell Col) now we have to get well ,but we will be there from 1st to last like Fatal Attraction,Hinge and Bracket,Ant and Dec ,well maybe more Ad Fab ! love to Sue Sonny Levi and yourself See ya On and On Cazz and Soo x

  106. Gill says:

    So Happy 8 concerts booked 2 pending lol …..Thank You x

  107. I have just purchased my tickets for the London Palliadium for next year 2020 this will mark the 60th time i have seen David live ….. i have loved him since i was 13 and i am now 56 … i once gave him a teddy bear at a concert and i even had a West ham kit knitted for it and after the concert i seen him drive away with my teddy in the car … wonder if he still as it now ..?? love you david carry on doing wot you do xxxxx

  108. Christine St.Clair says:

    Firstly, I’d like thank David for the signed photo for my mum. Her op went amazingly! One more next week so best of luck to her. Secondly, we got tickets today for 2 of the tour shows so we are super excited!!!!! See you at the first one in Southend! Come down and say hi, we won’t bite Would love to meet you David. Stay well. Xx ❤️

  109. Julie Ann says:

    I booked for the Lowry this morning on your pre booking system. Along long long away from the front. The old days are gone when you could pick your own seat. The Lowry is at pier 8, Salford Quays. See you next year if my life and health allow me.

  110. Kay Smith says:

    What a stressful morning, with the help of my Daughter I’ve managed to get VIP front row for Brum, didn’t think this day would come when you would give us another tour. THANK YOU xxx Rock on Oct 2020 xxx

  111. Sally Lowe from Somerset says:

    Phew – what a stressful morning but delighted to say 10 tickets in the bag 1 to go.
    I messed up the london one I agree with other comments that some of us do find online booking so stressful I thought I had a good seat and then ended up with one at the back! – But still I”ll be there that’s the main thing.
    Whilst I love that you are doing this tour I really do hope this is the last time I have to do this!! I think I much prefer one off events nowadays (although I won’t be saying that this time next year – Rock on….)
    Looking forward to seeing you and the band and all your great fans all round the country next October and especially the last 3 in the South West – THANK YOU X
    Sally from Somerset

  112. Claire says:

    I am soooooo excited just booked front row seats for BIC :)

  113. Kay Smith says:

    Oh what a circus, Oh what a rip off !! I know it’s not you David but I’m very upset how much your promoters have set the ticket prices at. I purchased VIP tickets for missing you tour, that was disappointing (not the show) you couldn’t pick your ticket, it’s like booking blind. What ever happened to the days of been able to que up at the box office, or book directly at the venue so you could choose your seat. Let’s hope tomorrow’s not to disappointing .!!!!

  114. Julie Harding says:

    Hello I am so happy you have decided to do the tour next year . I am hoping to go to Sheffield and Salford . I have been thinking a lot about the song Shoulder to cry on and I just want to ask if you’d consider doing it on this tour? I have musically cried on your shoulder so many times throughout my life and this is one of my favourite songs. I know it’s very popular along your fans and I would just love to see and hear you sing it one more time . I am so hopeful you might do . Lots of love from me Xx

  115. Mandy Baker says:

    Will the pre-sale of tickets tomorrow include the best seats (i.e. front row) or will these seats only be available when the tickets are released to the general public?

  116. Jenny Carley says:

    Hi David
    Fantastic news about the tour! Saw you for the first time in Godspell – on a school trip to London and we were invited onto the stage and got your signature. Seen you lots of time since and looking forward to seeing you again at Ipswich. Pity you’re not coming to some more local haunts – perhaps you can add Norwich/Cambridge/Lowestoft/Felixstowe to your dates? Ha, ha!! Until then continue to Rock On. Love and best wishes Jenny x

  117. Carol says:

    HI just to say why does David never come back to Northampton .we miss him?

  118. Kay Smith says:

    Oh what a circus, Oh what a show it’s gonna be, I’ve got a tear in my eye remembering all the happy times you’ve given me and all your fans over the years. Oct 2020 can not come quick enough. Let’s hope tomorrow’s not to stressful trying to get tickets for those of us who are not very good online !!! Love Kay xx

  119. Gail says:

    Hi there seems to be confusion over ticket sale dates..poster says 1st November but also hearing friday 25th October..can you clarify pls thanks!

  120. Caron says:

    I am beyond excited!! I was so devastated saying goodbye to him at his last tour it broke my heart! I remember him saying ” I havent died” loool.
    I saw him again at the festival in Southend and just cannot believe he is going to do a solo tour for us all! It is the best news!
    Please tell us when the presale link will be up please as I am not with 02 and want to see the Glasgow one.
    Many thanks

  121. Nichola Good says:

    Hi Dave, I was wondering whether I could make a request please for your 2020 tour. My favourite album of yours is Stage Struck is there any chase we could here some of your more obscure songs on the 2020 tour please? Xxxx

  122. Can you please tell me how I can get 2 pre sale tickets for David Essex for October, 2020 at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff as I under I need to do this before Wednesday. Thank you.

  123. Donna says:

    Good evening . And here was I thinking you had retired !
    Have to have a chat with hubby about a ticket or 2 ? Saw your last concert in Nottingham !
    Good on ya ! Better to keep doing what you’re best at !
    Well done you and the boys !
    Xx Donna

  124. Sally from Somerset says:

    OMG! I promised myself I would not get too excited (my husband just rolled his eyes!) And here we are my office has been in uproar all afternoon, already marked 9 of the 18 dates and booked the days off. THANK YOU so much that the last three are in the South West XXX – David, you do realise how happy you have just made everyone, what a great start to the week roll on next October
    Now to gear up for the stress of getting the tickets – good luck everyone see you all next year
    Sally from Somerset

  125. Jenny says:


    Pre-sale on here Nov 2nd – is that correct??? Can’t wait!

    Jenny x

  126. Kay Smith says:

    Hi editor, have tour dates been released?, Slightly confused, because a message on the 20th Oct from Gail said she’s seen the dates ! Can we have a list asap please, thanks Kay

  127. Mary Mullett says:

    When is David’s pre sale for tickets for the 2020 tour?Best wishes Mary Mullett

  128. Susan says:

    Hello David
    I’ve been a big fan of yours 40 years seen you many times in concerts and musicals you would make my dream come true if you could possibly send me a birthday card my birthday is in December Thank you so much…Susan

  129. Angi says:

    Been a fan since i was 16yrs old now 63yrs young
    Lost count on how many concerts ive been to
    So pleased your doing tour in 2020 booking 6 oct sheffield when are the tickets on sale plz

  130. Mandy Baker says:

    I have read that O2 Priority tickets will be on pre-sale on Wednesday 23rd October. Will David’s pre-sale tickets be on this day too and from this website?

  131. Gail says:

    Hi seen tour dates great news but there seems to be some saying there is priority booking for o2 customers a week before they go on general sale is this true pls?

  132. Alison says:

    Thank you so much for my signed photo, it arrived today on my birthday. It made my day! ❤️ Just waiting for tickets to come on sale now. Thank you. Xxx

  133. Lorna Curran says:

    Dear David and Team
    Am I right in thinking there will be a tour and not a one off in a single venue say like the o2?
    Obvs we are a crazy lot of hormonal women and there seems to be rumours over a concert at the o2.
    Thanks for reading.
    Lorna x

  134. Faye says:

    Hello, Is it just David and the band touring next year? Will be great to see them all again. Love and best wishes to you David. Love Faye x

  135. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for sending the signed photo of David for my Birthday.looking forward to the Tour Can’t wait best wishes David Love Denise xxx

  136. Phil Milsom says:

    Great to see that. That’ll be the day and Stardust will be released on blu ray DVD on Monday 21st October 2019. Have ordered mine on Amazon.Lets see if the films soundtracks follow.

  137. Tammi Lightle says:

    Hi David,

    I have been a fan ever since Rock On came out in the US. I literally wore out my All the Fun of the Fair LP! I have followed your career as best as I can, and keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to meet you one day. I will be in Scotland next September, so perhaps something will work out :) You are gorgeous and so talented. I would love your autograph if at all possible :)


    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Tammi, thank you for your kind words about David. He’d be happy to send you a signed photo.
      Please leave your details on here, they won’t be published.

  138. Sophi Moore says:

    Is it true that 02 users will be able to purchase concert tickets first??

  139. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question – I am sooo looking forward to seeing you as many times as I can
    Jenny x

  140. Gail Young says:

    Hi David
    Hope you are well. Our theatre company, (The Cradley Heath Amateur Operatic Society), aka, “CHAOS” , are performing the wonderful show “EVITA” next month. As you played the character ‘Che’ so brilliantly, (and the best ‘Che’ in my opinion) in the original cast, I was wondering if you would be able to grant us a huge favour, please? I am helping with publicity and it would be absolutely wonderful if you were able to send us a signed photograph wishing us “break A Leg” . I would send a stamped addressed envelope for this purpose if required. I have always been a huge fan David, and have followed your career along with my sister who has seen you many times in concert. Many thanks David. I will provide my address if this request is possible. Thank you in anticipation.
    Kind regards
    Gail xx

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi Gail, David would be more than happy to. Please leave details of an address and we can do that for you.

  141. Gill says:

    Thanks David all over the moon xx

  142. Been a fan since the 70’s, seen David many times, but the best time was Hippodrome circus, Gt Yarmouth, Oh What a Circus, Oh What a Show !!!

  143. Debbie Parker says:

    Would it be possible to send me a birthday card my birthday is 26 th October.I feel.a bit cheeky asking for myself but there’s no one else to do it .looking forward to the tour next year xx

  144. Carol says:

    How can I get a birthday card of you for my 65th birthday in December please x

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi Carol, can you get in touch nearer the time? Unless you don’t mind it being early, in which case leave your address on here. Thank you.

  145. Jane Wilson says:

    Hi David the big 65 for me january 18th 2020. Could i have a card please to treasure. Thank you xxxx

  146. Jane Wilson says:

    Hi cant wait for 2020 tour dates xxx much love xxx

  147. Denise says:

    Cant wait for the tour next year. Really looking forward to it.Could I please have a signed photo sent to me for my Birthday Thank you so.much. Denise x

  148. pat garland says:

    Hi guys, I was just wondering yet again if you have any other way of getting David’s I’ll be missing you final tour CD dvd, I keep on trying to get and Nyquest have no intention of doing anymore, it’s down to amazon, they said no, Nyquest said they printed 2000 and no more, im more than sure David has more than 2000 fans and I know a few people have asked, pleeeeeaaassseee can you try for me it’s the only one I haven’t got??

    • Content Editor says:

      Sorry your having difficulty. Unfortunately Nyquest are the only ones who can help you, if they are still trading. We have no available copies I’m afraid.

  149. Hi David, Thank you so much for your birthday card I received on the 26th September I was thrilled to receive this. I cant wait to see you in concert and will be checking the venue near me. Next year is my 60th gonna be doing lots, to see you in concert will be a special moment to treasure after my 60th. XX

  150. Janice Moody says:

    Dear David

    I am so looking forward to seeing the tour dates on here, I am keeping everything crossed that you will be coming to London, so happy you decided to tour again. Loved seeing you at Potters this year it was just the tonic I needed as I had undergone a knee replacement operation on the 11 March. Much love to you and your family. Janice xx

  151. Alison says:

    Hi David hope you are well and looking forward to your tour next year as much as we all are. I’m so so excited to come and see you again. I’ve been a fan since the 70s and seen you many times in concerts, shows and even in Peter Pan! I can’t wait for the tickets to come on sale.
    It’s my birthday 19th October I was wondering if you would send me a card and make my day!!!!
    Thank you. Xxxx c u soon

  152. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    Fab news about the Tour of course, but I was just wondering what made you change your mind?
    Did you miss us as much as we missed you?
    Jenny x

  153. Irene Groden says:

    Please can you send my friend CAROL O’BOYLE a birthday card and/or signed photo it is her 60th birthday February 4th 2020. She is huge fan and this would thrill her to bits. Loved you all her life.


  154. Julie Ann says:

    David Essex will you be coming to Stockport on your next tour? Sadly I don’t live in Manchester anymore. There is a theatre in Stockport called The Plaza. Remember going to see you once at the Davenport Theatre, Stockport, (1981) and having to leave early when you we’re singing ‘On My Bike’….to catch the last bus into Manchester. I will try to get to see you again….tickets will be a Christmas gift.

  155. Jennifer says:

    Hi now we know when the dates are in October do we know when tickets will go on sale,will this before Christmas ?

  156. Hi David hope your enjoying being a man of leisure.
    Please can you send me a birthday card it is my birthday 26th September 2019 I will be 59 my big 60 next year. I have been to many of your concerts and lived every minute of you and your music. I went to a book signing you were there at Fosse Park. Thank you ❤

  157. Heather Thomas says:


    My Sister Chris is a massive David Essex fan and has seen him live many times.
    She is 60 in January and I just wondered how to go about trying to get a signed photo or message from David for her for her birthday.
    I know it would make her day (well probably her life!)
    With grateful anticipation!


    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Heather, yes of course. Just let us know your address and we can send you a signed photo. Your address won’t be published on here.

  158. kevin brooks says:

    hi david

    i was wondering are you touring again.
    or have you anything planned.
    my wife is a massive fan of yours and has seen you on many a occasion.
    i wanted to surprise her.

    best wishes

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Kevin, David will be doing an extensive UK tour throughout October 2020. Dates will be released in November.

  159. Christine says:

    David, you are amazing! Thank you 4 the signed photo and 4 making it personal with the message 4 my mum Shirley. She is going to love it! I will send it over to her and she will probably want to write her own thank you. Much love to you. Ps, sorry 4 4s, my phone is busted See you soon!!! ❤️

  160. Debbie Cattell says:

    Can you please let me know as soon as the dates are released when David is solo touring next year please – I so want to see him, thanking you x

  161. Cazz Morton says:

    Sept 15th , means alot to me makes me think of you ,1st time I saw you, last day of Godspell , beginning of FAIR,and a beautiful little song,have a nice day hun ,Cazz x

  162. Gill says:

    Thanks David you`re a star xx

  163. Suzie says:

    Oh my goodness, doesn’t that just show the fabulous kind & generous nature of David – doing the Sunshine Festival so that his fans who have already purchased tix won’t be disappointed!! Hats off to you Mr. Essex I wish I cld be in the country for this Festival, but I’m still thrilled to have your Oct tour to look forward to

  164. Christine St.Clair says:

    Hi! Is it possible to get a signed photo or my mum please? Her name is Shirley. She’s always wanted to meet you David but has never had the opportunity (hopefully on next years tour?) The first time she wanted to go to a show was back in 1971 but she fell pregnant with me; sorry and only managed to get to the live legends show in Wembley this year with me and my daughter which made her so happy (and me although you made me cry) . She has to have an operation on her cataracts soon (risky op but they’re doing it) so I would like her to have something she can look at afterwards and what better than a signed photo? So, as she lives in Mallorca and I wouldn’t ask for you to send one there, would you please send it to me and I will forward it on? Would be nice if she can get a little good luck message on the back please if possible? Thank you so much! Much love. See you next year!!! Can’t wait!!!

  165. Sally says:

    Hi David, sounds like Gibraltar calling was good! Driving through cloudy Essex today, and, Gonna Make You Are A Star was on radio! My favourite! Hurry up 20/20 Love Sally (Essex) x

  166. Sally says:

    Hi David, Gibraltar’s calling sounded good, and such a huge following as always! Driving through cloudy Essex today, changed stations on radio, and there you were “Gonna Make You A Star”, my Favourite! Hurry up 2020! Love Sally (Essex)x

  167. Content Editor says:

    There seem to be lots of David Essex Facebook Pages,but none of them are to do with us directly. Please see my reply below.
    The dates will be released on here and venues when the dates are finalised. No one else has or will be given these details.
    Sorry to hear it’s causing upset.

  168. Content Editor says:

    The only people who have details of David’s tour next year are ourselves and the promoters. No information is given out to any David Essex Facebook groups. There are no official David Essex Facebook groups. You can find out information on here, @DavidEssexNews and venues where he’ll be performing. Hope that clears it up.

    • S K B says:

      Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought it was untrue but wanted to ask to be sure. Will look forward to hearing the dates when you announce them

  169. Chris says:

    Fantastic show on Sunday, thank you for entertaining us so well and for making the trip to Gib. Please come back soon xx

  170. Wendy says:

    Hi David, after walking through the thunderstorms and flooded streets of sunny Gibraltar and standing soaked to the skin for 4 hours to see you in the classic venue you were most definitely worth it, you were more then on top form you were fantastic as always! So many people wanted to see you but could not get in, you most definitely should be put on the main stage next time you would certainly get the crowd rocking on! thank you David.

  171. Di Evans says:

    Hi David i Just want to say Thankyou so much for the signed photo for my friend Jean. She is really poorly at the moment and the photo really cheered her up. So Thankyou once again it’s much appreciated. X

  172. Tracey Shearing says:

    Looks like you had a great time in Gibraltar this evening. Shame I couldn’t make it, but the pics & videos I’ve seen are fabulous as always. Hope you all enjoyed it. Safe travels home. Xxx

  173. Lizzie says:

    Hi all i see you havent replied to my query regarding the sunshine festival next Year. Apologies if you feel what i was saying was negative, it wasnt meant in that way at all. There is so much controversy surrounding whats going on. They are still insistant David is the headline act, yet youve replied twice that he isnt. And not answering my query it makes it look very weird as to whats going on. August is a busy time for most of us with kids, it would be nice if we could have some idea if David intends on doing this or not.

    • Content Editor says:

      Not at all Lizzie. Unfortunately details were released before contracts were signed. David is conscious that tickets have been bought so has agreed to do the Sunhine festival. Details will be put on the website when David is ready.

  174. paul swanton says:

    The sunshine festival are still showing David as being the first headliner for their festival in August 2020.

  175. Gill says:

    Enjoy Gibraltar on Sunday..we will be Missing You x

  176. Jenny says:

    Hi David
    Fab news about the tour BUT we really need those Dates ASAP so we can all plan our trips! Not to mention the saving up part to make sure we don’t miss any!
    Love to you and yours
    Jenny (Basingstoke)

  177. Denise says:

    Hi David
    Just want to say good luck to you and the band for Sunday at Gibralter.afraid I cant make it. But will look forward to your tour next year Denise xx

  178. Susan says:

    Just booked to see you next August in the Sunshine Festival.My sis so excited,she saw you in 1976 and still got her ticket and was going to bring it with her. Today on their Facebook page, somebody said your management said you definitely not doing it ☹️ Please say your going to be there, really looking forward to seeing you

    • Content Editor says:

      No, David won’t be performing at The Sunshine Festival as he’ll be touring later in the year. I’m sure the organisers will be able to help you.

      • Susan says:

        Thanks for the reply. The Sunshine team are insisting
        David Essex is 100% booked. I’ll message them again

  179. Steve says:

    Hi david,
    My mum is dying to be honest,she is such a fan, but I’ll but don’t want to bang on there
    She saw you in Wimbledon and many other she is obsessed!
    My husband and I love the tunes as well

  180. Gill says:

    ….can`t wait to see it, so looking forward to the tour next year too..Rock On and On, love to all xx hugs to Levi too.x

  181. Mary Mullett says:

    David,please give more details about the camping festival next year.Are tickets available? I’m not sure I would go as I have a bad foot.Thanks Mary.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Mary,
      David is not doing any festivals in 2019 or 2020,but is doing a national tour in October 2020,

  182. Carol says:

    Hi David @co
    Hope all is well haven’t been on here for a while my mind’s been all over the place since Losing mum an dad. Getting there slowly tho.
    Any chance of a calender for 2020
    Hope all your family are well . Thanks for all the joy I get listening to your music xxxx

  183. Cazz Morton says:

    Hi Mate hope you all enjoyed your holiday x seems an age since we saw you, since Bournemouth I’ve been plagued with illnesses ,maybe shock of losing my Jo , anyway fed up with it now, I’ll as I speak with fluid retention and on antibiotics that have horrible side effects. . Ta 4 being there. Going to get so Well for next year cant wait . Love u hun and To Sue,Sonny,and Levi as usual x

  184. Linda Jones says:

    Please thank David very much for agreeing to send a signed photo to Paula. she will be so thrilled. Her birthday is on the 28th August. Please send it ………and i will make sure she receives it. Thank you.
    Linda Jones x

  185. Joe O’Connor says:


    I received my signed picture today which is really appreciated, over the years I’ve been very lucky in being able to get to a number of your concerts & shows and also meeting you at various locations, even once when you were heading into rehearsal for Evita, all I can say is you’ve always been a true gent and I fully understand why your still so popular with your fans

    Best wishes & thanks again


  186. Linda Jones says:

    Hi, I have sent a message to you to ask if it was at all possible for a signed card to be sent to a lovely lady called Paula who will be 70 very soon. She would be absolutely thrilled and it would make her day.

    I haven’t received a reply and wondered if you had received my message.

    Thank you so much

    • Content Editor says:

      No I don’t think we have.
      If you can leave an address on here, David would be more than happy to send a signed photo.

  187. Shirley says:

    Hello David, Hope you had a lovely birthday and were totally spoilt. I would like to thank you for a wonderful show April this year in Bournemouth. It was worth watching the other acts just to see you for a short time. I was the devoted lady who through the lit up red rose onto the stage just as you were walking off. I was so pleased when you picked it up….. I hope that you kept it. I am so looking forward to your tour next year. I could hardly believe it when my daughter Katie told me that you would be touring again, she is 24 years old and loves you almost as much as I do……………. I hope you read this message and it makes you smile, until we see and meet again, lots of love and hugs Shirley and Katie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  188. Mary Mullett says:

    I have just discovered Godspell on cd. This is special as I was at the Roundhouse right at the start .Thanks David!

  189. Alice says:

    Hi there, i have already messaged but my comment seems to of disappeared so cannot check to see if anyone answered me? I was asking if it was possible to get a signed card for my mum’s special birthday soon from David as she is a huge fan? Hope to hear back from you :-)

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Alice, David will be back later in the week and will send a signed photo for your Mum. If you can let me know her name and an address that’d be great, thank you.

  190. Mary Mullett says:

    David Essex Silver Dream Racer was filmed at a car dealership in Beaconsfield ,Hughes,where my husband Phil Mullett works.

  191. Lorna says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather.

  192. Ruth Lewis says:

    Happy Birthday David! Have a wonderful day! X

  193. Nadine and Jack says:

    Happy birthday David xx

  194. Marilyn White says:

    Morning David – A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Hope you have a lovely day whatever you are doing. A loyal fan for years – Marilyn xx

  195. Cazz Morton says:

    Hello Mate ,Happy Birthday darling man ,have a wonderful day with the family xxx

  196. Mary Mullett says:

    Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a lovely day.

  197. Diane Woods says:

    Just want to wish David a very happy birthday…… Happy birthday David, hope you have a lovely day spent doing all the things you enjoy the most surrounded by your lovely family, wishing you many many more, take care x

  198. Sally says:

    Happy Birthday David! Have a Wonderful Summers day!
    Love Sally (Essex)X

  199. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday David hope you have a great day love always Jenny (from Dorset) xxxxx

  200. Sally from Somerset says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday
    Thanks for all the joy you give your fans with all that you continue to do
    Sally from Somerset

  201. Gill says:

    Happy Birthday David, hope you have a great day, can`t wait for the 2020 Tour. Hope Levi had a great birthday too….xx

  202. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday David…have an amazing day with your family
    Best wishes from South Africa

  203. Di Evans says:

    Happy Birthday David enjoy your day x

  204. Sharon Prosser says:

    Hope you have a lovely birthday however you plan to spend it. Xx

  205. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday David x From Susan & Lance

  206. Tracey Shearing says:

    Happy Birthday David, wishing you a wonderful Day, health and happiness for the forthcoming Year. Thank You for all you have given us in the past 12 months. And Thank You for being You.
    Love & best wishes
    Tracey xxx

  207. Julie says:

    Wishing you David a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. You have certainly got a lovely hot sunny day to enjoy with your family. Age is only a number, you will always be young to me, I have been a massive fan for 45 years! You mean the world to me and I am so grateful for all the joy you have brought to me over the years. I can’t wait for your tour! Love Julie from Hull. Xxxx

  208. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday David on 23rd have great one from Susan & Lance x

  209. Lorraine says:

    I was at belle vue manchester for the filming of the concert scene. Can you tell me what date that was, I can’t remember.

  210. Joe O’Connor says:

    Would it be possible to have a signed photo please

    Thank you


    • Content Editor says:

      Yes of course. Please leave an address on here, it won’t be published. Is it for you or someone else?

  211. Tracey shearing says:

    I want to go to Gibraltar, lol. Last time i was there an Ape nicked my jumper & i missed my flight home, ( not on the same Day)! Have fun, i know your fans in Europe will have a blast! Hope some closer to home make the trip.
    Best Wishes to all

  212. Karen Ulrichsen says:

    Come to Denmark :) :) :) <3 <3

  213. Lou Wallis says:

    I saw recently on Instagram of all places that David was doing a concert in Gibraltar, it was then on Twitter posted by the organisers ,which David then retweeted a few hours later. My question is,why is nothing ever posted here on the website first? Surely it’s inevitable David’s fans visit here first,especially those with no Instagram or Twitter accounts,it’s not the first time this has happened, Legends,Elf, Potters,all were posted elsewhere before any information was posted here,David’s website. As of yet,still nothing here regarding the Gibraltar Calling Weekend! Yes a lot off fans rely on word of mouth,but not all. It’s stupid to think none of you here know what David is doing next,so why is nothing posted until it’s too late to obtain decent tickets or too late in general? And generally after most fans have gained information elsewhere,isn’t this the whole point of having a website? For the fans?

    • Content Editor says:

      David’s a bit slow in telling us unfortunately!

      • Content Editor says:

        Your point has been taken.
        David is more or less retired now and wishes to spend more time with his family. He has never and still doesn’t take his fans for granted.

  214. Cathy Reevell says:

    Can anyone help me please? Heard a song sung by David on SILVER DREAM RACER film… Looking for Someone… does it feature on an album apart from the Soundtrack to the film? If so which album? Thank you. Cathy Reevell

  215. Cathy Reevell says:

    It was wonderful when you brought your show ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR to the Wycombe Swan Theatre where l work… As l was a 1970s girl, l LOVED the show! Still do! Still play the CD now! I was also honoured when your friend Jon Conway who was one of the Wycombe Swan’s Directors, asked if l would make the cake for your shows opening night in the West End! When l asked Jon what had he got in mind… he said ‘oh just a fairground on the cake’! And so there was! And you liked the cake and the working carousel etc which adorned it, as did the rest of the cast and crew! Thank you David for all the music, films and shows you have given us all over the years. And here’s to many more! Cathy Reevell.

  216. Sally from Sxomerset says:

    Just on train home and spotted “Gibraltar calling’ wishing it could have been Glastonbury Instead – a bit closer !! Still I am sure it will be fab s always – when is David on stage does anyone know yet? as it is a long way to go but I imagine lots of us will be there if we can

  217. Sally says:

    Hi David, Just wondering, after watching Harry Redknapp on Piers Morgan, that as he grew up in Canning Town, and was born same year as you, if you & The Lads played football together?! Roll on 2020 – Looking forward to your tour! Love Sally X (Essex)

  218. Jordan Davies says:

    A shot in the dark… however would David recall playing at Savvas Club in Usk? Late 80’s / early 90’s. My mum used to work there along side her husband and was telling me about the place. So I was wondering would David remember it too.

  219. Glenda Dunn says:

    Please could you tell me how to get a signed birthday card from David Essex to my daughter many thanks

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Glenda, if you send a card to D E Management, PO Box 1018, HORSHAM, RH12 9TQ
      David will sign it for you. He’d be happy to send her a signed photo if you’d prefer, just leave an address on here as it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  220. Sarah says:

    Excellent article in today’s MCN. I remember being outside the Dominion on opening night. I’m shocked it was 40 years ago, seems more recent than that!!

  221. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate please dont announce tour dates till I come back off my hols in July ,cant trust Soo to cope as I’ve always done it b4! Hehe . Happy Birthday to Joseph 14 today where has that time gone ! Love ya Cazz and Soo xxx

  222. Donna says:

    Looking forward to the Tour dates 2020
    No time to retire yet Mr Essex

  223. Sophie says:

    Hi there,
    My mum is a huge fan of David’s but unfortunately hasn’t been able to go to any concerts or shows for over 10 years due to personal circumstances. It’s a big birthday coming up for her the end of this year and I was wondering if David is doing any shows, gigs this year perhaps I can take her too, or any tours are coming up in the near future? I was also wondering if theres an email or address for David’s fan club? Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but worth a shot, Thanks in advance, sophie

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Sophie, there are no plans for the end of the year at the moment. Any news will be on this website or David’s Twitter @DavidEssexNews

  224. Gill says:

    Thanks again, David Much appreciated they will over the moon x

  225. Paula says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for kindness in signing for my friend Larissa, safely received back up north :-) She will be over the moon!
    Have a lovely, relaxing summer following on from Legends and I hope you’ll be nodding your head to another creative project soon. Massive hint 😉
    Take care in the meantime,

  226. Denise Wolverhampton says:

    Thanks for clarifying Will be watching this space! Many Thanks to David and co xx

  227. Gill says:

    Thanks David – Chuffed to bits x

  228. Sharon Prosser says:

    Is it true David going to do another solo tour in September 2020( as seen on FB). Really hope so & PLEASE do Wolverhampton. Xx

  229. Tracey Shearing says:

    Thank you for the brilliant night at Potters, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Great atmosphere & lovely to meet up with Friends. I’ve ended up back in hospital, overdid it a tad, but it was so worth it, & I’d do it again in a heartbeat, as I know, ” it’s gonna be alright”. Please say thanks to the band & will look forward to seeing you all again soon.. Again thanks for everything.
    Best wishes to all

  230. Denise says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that there’s going to be a mini tour Sept 2020??? Or is this just wishful thinking ???

  231. Vanessa says:

    Just got back from potters. Great show but two things David refused a friend of mine a selfie (twice) once when leaving the restaurant and also outside. Also did not do a encore which was a shame. Lovely to see him eating in the restaurant with his adoring fans at dinner and breakfast. Will wait to see where he is performing next year excited

  232. barbara says:

    Hi David what a great night at Potters you and the band where amazing an what great news you announced, have started saving already can’t wait exciting times.

    Thank you xx

  233. Anna says:

    Hi David well what a great show at potters. Really enjoyed the show and the resort was amazing .
    And thank you for answering my question about opera ha ha …..
    Also please say a hello to your keyboard player from the lady who had trouble parking a fiat 500 in a bus space with loud music blaring out ha ha he is a cutie ..

  234. Sally says:

    Hello David,
    Outstanding performance as Always!
    The Band are incredible – Gerry “O’Moffatt’s” choreography
    The best!
    Loved choice of songs – Potters is the place to be, on a Sunday Night!
    And, with West Ham’s win, this weekend, Another Glorious, Good Day!
    Love Sally XX

  235. Mary Mullett says:

    David ,A magical time at Potters .It’s yes to a tour from me!Mary

  236. Gill says:

    Have fun at Potters -We will be missing you x

  237. Anna says:

    Well ….
    Who says no such thing as universal magic……..

    Dear David
    I was stressing for ages about potters and having to go on my own.
    Every day, during my meditation practice I set my intention … please please universe let something amazing happen help me to get my sister Caterina a room … ha ha I even bargained with the universe …I’ll give up this ,that and the other all important things that mean a lot to me …. ummmm to no avail so I resigned my self to …o well not this time and so on good Friday during my meditation I said ok universe I’m not going to go I dont feel totally comfortable . I’m going to give my place up and donate it to someone as I didn’t want to waste the booking . It had been part d and just seemed silly to waste it.
    so I thought ok on Tuesday I’m going to either paste here or your twitter page or potters and say can I donate my booking I wanted to give to someone who maybe wanted to see you but either couldn’t afford to or just missed the opportunity to purchase a ticket .so that was it mind made up ..
    Sorry David essex see you another time have a great performance and night and wishing you well . Ha ha …
    Anyway on the Saturday was at Caterina house in Peterborough preparing a typical southern napoletan Easter dish so hands full of eggs Parmesan cheese pepper pasta mixing all up , phone starts ringing and I look was just about to ignore it when suddenly I felt wave pass through me and I thought answer It … It’s potters resort And it was. They had a room come available that morning and would I like it …

    Yes …
    wow booked and payed it so now Caterina is coming with me much to her delight and mine so you see… power of disire ha ha I’m so happy and want to thank all here who kindly asked me to join them if I got lonely …thank you so very much .

    So see you Sunday xxx

  238. Marie Lester says:

    Just wanted to tell David that he is still an amazing songwriter and performer – I have been a huge fan since 1972 I was 11 – I am now 58 and the song If I Could is still one of my favorite songs today – such conversational lyrics – and a beautiful meldy – you should have had a lot more Grammy nominations over the years – but we all know that is so pol itical – live you David – don’t stop what you’re doing – I live in Florida now hope you and your family are well – Thank You for 50 years of awesome music – Marie

  239. Sally from Somerset says:

    THANK YOU David for a fabulous show @ Bournemouth last night, you and the band looked like you had really good time and we certainly did. Looking forward to Potters – How lucky are we that you keep on doing shows – love and appreciate all that you do x
    Sally from Somerset

  240. Kathleen Howland says:

    Hi David saw you in Leeds last week you were brilliant as usual

  241. Pat says:

    Hi guys again I’m like a penny, went to see the legends tour last night, what a fantastic night!! You where even more fantastic than ever smokey les mcewin Bay city rollers suzi quotro how does she do that.?but you was the star David, so funny and your voice has just got stronger didn’t want you to end at all,shut your eyes and back to the 70s,you signed a birthday card for me to give my sister she sobbed her heart out with disbelief I want to thank you for that so much, I spoke to you last time about trying to get the i’ll be missing you final tour CD /DVD and told you that David from Nyquest had put off doing anymore till October but seems like they have gone into liquidation for the 3rd time as much as I have to say I would give my right arm to have it fans and I are gutted we won’t only saying it to maybe not using that company

  242. Denise martin says:

    Hi David just want to say what a fab evening it was last night at Nottingham, thank you for the memories, it’s a shame it wasn’t longer.and thank you to your wonderful band, see you in future events xx

  243. Gill says:

    Nottingham last night just one word WOW!! roll on Liverpool!…x

  244. Gill says:

    Another fantastic night in Newcastle !! thanks so much xx

  245. Lynne says:

    Brilliant night at Legends Live in Brighton last night and lovely to see your family sitting in the row behind us x

  246. Mark Saunders says:

    I wonder if anyone can help us at Shanklin & District History Society. We know that David stayed in Shanklin for six weeks during the filming of That Will Be The Day. Does anybody know the address of where he stayed? Any help much appreciated, Mark.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Mark, he rented a house in Binstead, Isle Of Wight. David doesn’t remember the address, sorry.

  247. Ann says:

    David, thank you so much for your performance in Cardiff tonight. You and the band were amazing as always. You were such a gentleman to us after whilst we waited for you to come out. I know you were only kidding last year, but I can dream of riding pinion with you. By the way we weren’t following you afterwards, we saw you dive into the Park Hotel. Perhaps it was just to get away from us, but Sylvia was going for her taxi and I was headed for my train home. Until next time, God Bless XXXX

  248. Gill says:

    Amazing night in Leeds you certainly “Shine Like a diamond” xx

  249. Ann says:

    Sylvia and I will be in the front row at Cardiff tonight. So very much looking forward to it. You and all the band give such a wonderful performance. It has been a joy growing up alonside you even though sadly we’re like Ships That Pass In The Night. Rock On.

  250. Julie Ann Dever says:

    Amazing fun time last night at legends live Manchester, Thank you for the memories David x

  251. Pat says:

    Hi guys I thought you might want to know, for 6/7 months I’ve been trying to get the i’ll be missing you final tour CD dvd, off David meehen at Nyquest to no avail, I have just received another email saying it may be October before there presumably printing some more then, that would mean I’ve been waiting for over 12 months, he is arguing I had refund but he told me he was getting more in so stupid me paid again then had no refund but I have proof anyway that I couldn’t care about, I know I’m not the only one who has desperately been trying to get this, I know I would want to know if it was me, it has really upset me because it was a very personal reason for this wich I know I won’t ever get now and other fans of David’s, I apologise for going on as I have but it’s upset to say this c’mon wolves on Sunday

  252. Di White says:

    Thank you xxx will get the card sent off to you for signing xxxx

  253. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Welldont know how u and band feel but we are dead nervous x we will be there Saturday so look out mate x

  254. Di White says:

    Hi, how much notice do you need to send a signed Birthday card please? My Sister would lurve one…

    Many Thanks


  255. Sally Lowe from Somerset says:

    Message to Anna – echoing Tracey’s and Caz’s replies – you are never alone at a DE show, always someone to share a tale or two with!

    “Here we are all together” sums it up nicely eh David? All of us here together, by plane and car and train, we’ll make it all the same, we’ll catch his smiling eyes, we’ll laugh until we cry – what a day, what a time ……… Don’t worry Anna, just look out for the gang at the front of the stage.

    I stopped taking my wonderful hubby to tours years ago so I could use the money I saved on his ticket to go to more shows ! The things we do eh? You could almost write a book!!

    Can’t wait to see you and the band on stage again ……… not long now, counting the days.

    Sally from Somerset X


    • Tracey Shearing says:

      Hi Sally, hope you’re well, was just thinking bet you will be at Potters, see you there.
      Love Trace. Xx

  256. Anna says:

    Thank you
    Tracie I appreciate your offer and will try to find you to say hello .

    • Tracey Shearing says:

      Anna, it’s no problem, you will probably hear me before you see me! But we’re like an advert for Specsavers, Cazz included, lol. We will keep an eye out for you, don’t be on your own, we’re a likeable bunch. X

  257. Anna says:

    Hi cazz
    Thank you and I will say hi to you and id love to join you both (Was feeling little apprehensive) your both very kind but then again your david essex fans I wouldn’t expect you not to be . Like attracts like
    And apologies David Essex this is your guest book so just to say looking forward to seeing you at potters

  258. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Well I’ve watched the two England games and I’m well impressed
    Especially Our Declan Rice and Callum Wilson from my town Coventry went to same school as Hubby who played regularly for Cov boys x so will be good comp I think 4 a change x Rock on x

  259. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Hi mate hope u and Sue Sonny Levi all ok x looking forward to tour also dreading it cause lots wrong with both of us so think we will be worn out but so worth it and wouldn’t miss you 4 the world xx
    Anna u can always sit with me and Soo 4 dinner etc u must know us Cazz and Soo I have mobility scooter and red I’m my hair and Soo is the dark haired pretty one x please say hello if nothing else x hope rehearsals go well David luv ya c ya x

  260. Anna says:

    Hello David
    Hope your well
    I’ve just provisionally booked for potters unfortunately when they first called me to book for 2 I was in New Zealand so with the12 hr time difference It was awquard to get through and book . However today sitting in my car waiting for my ayvedic appointment I suddenly thought about you and potters so on impulse phoned them thinking they will be sold out of places rooms and tickets to my amazment they had one room left so I was stunned thinking wow thanking universe god whomever thank you …..thought I’d treat my sister Catrina too however whist I was put on hold channel the receptionist/booking lady says I, really sorry only have place for one person noooooooo so I was desperately trying to get Catrina in can we share a single bed can you put a cot in the room we can top and tail ha ha ha in my head I’m panicking please please please say yes so off she goes trying to fit Caterina in . And I’m sitting panacking how do I go on my own it’s a 5 course dinner then a disco then breakfast along with the use of facilities … she returned with bad the room they have can’t accommodate a cot …
    She kindly held the ticket for 48 hours . So now I have to bite the bullet and think it through driving from Essex to potters that’s ok no Biggy but then I’m going to be there alone sitting at a single table having dinner ha ha then watching you which in itself is ok as there will be 100s of lovely ladies there .so I’ll just mingle in between the crowd breakfast I’m ok with I think ha ha ..during the day after check in I can have a walk about do my meditation and yoga maybe visit the spa I don’t really know but I’m in a dilemma because I don’t want to stand out and look like a sad person ha ha or worst a stalker or even strange so if anyone else is on there own and are braver then me please let me know I’d feel better I really want to go so if you happen to see this one person on there own I’m not strange I promise …ha ha I will think this through more likely I will just call back bite the bullet and pay that’s it then have to do it …..ha ha ha you see David the things we do to see you preform ha ha ha

    • Tracey shearing says:

      Hi Anna, you’re never alone at a DE concert! My friend & i met a lovely lady last year that was on her own & she teamed up with us. If you want your more than welcome to sit at our table with us. All you need to do is contact Potters, give them my name ask to sit with us & they will call me to confirm.

  261. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Feeling forgotten Boohoo xxxx

  262. Sissy says:

    Was listening to the previews for the new Robin Hood movie and noticed that the intro music – baseline – sounded a lot like your song “Rock On”. If you get millions from the lawsuit I get half . Just kidding…. looked it up but have not seen anything that you have a proved it just thought you might be interested after all these years you still rock on.

  263. Ian Cooper says:

    Where was the Video for the David Essex song a winters
    tale filmed?

  264. CCazzie MORTON says:

    One more I grieve for the loss of site of u x that’s enough I’m off x

  265. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Oh and selfishly I’d like to mention it’s my birthday 2nd of March so bit older when we see u in Cardiff Nottingham 02 Birmingham and Bournemouth mate xx special mentions are always gobsmacking hehe cheeky as always eh!!

  266. CCazzie MORTON says:

    Hi Mate Hope u Sue Sonny and Levi good , just a thought after radio reading between the lines I think a little tour say 10/15 dates would do u God mate not to mention the medical benefits to me and Soosie hehe Bless u anyway x

  267. Sally says:

    Nice Surprise on Radio 2 this afternoon. Cool choice of music, Especially Baker Street. Was good to hear Lamplight as always. Great interview, love the 70’s, and trip down memory lane in April with Legends Tour! Rock On David! Love Sally (Essex) x

  268. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    Hi I was wondering if there are any
    plans to play in Scotland in the future?

    • Tracey Shearing says:

      Hi Guys, has Glasgow now been added as an extra date for this Year’s Legends tour? Only it’s not being advertised anywhere! I know it wasn’t on the original listings & the arena were telling us that Tony Denton promotions hadn’t approached them for the tour to go there this Year.
      Any info would be welcome.
      Thanks Tracey.x

      • Content Editor says:

        So sorry, I think as David has always gone there with his own personal tours we totally forgot the Legends tour doesn’t. Sorry to disappoint

  269. Denise Cave says:

    Hi David just to let you know that my beloved cat Twinkle passed away. She was a good friend and saw me through some dark times over the past twelve years. I shall not have another cat or dog as its hard to look after them in a wheelchair. So I will share my love at a distance with Levi and who is Pickles please? Love from Denise xx

    • Content Editor says:

      David was sorry to hear about Twinkle, it’s so hard when these pets are such a big part of our lives.
      Pickle is his very chilled tabby cat.

  270. Pat says:

    Hi guys hope to find you and your family are well, I was wondering if there is any chance i could send you a birthday card for David to sighn please to Jackie and let me know where to send it, if it wasn’t for Jackie I wouldn’t be here,she is my sister, carer and best friend anyone could ask for,she helps me with my MH and physical health,she has saved me from not wanting to live anymore when I’m in hospital every single day she is there,she is my life, could could David put a special thank you to her please, we have gone every where you are from top of the pops to Elf, much appreciated thank you so much for taking the time to read this see you in your legends tour..?

  271. Rina Sugden says:

    hi so thrilled you are to tour again along with other great acts. We will be at the Leeds concert and cant wait. It will be wonderful to see you again after being at your final concert we thought that was it! See you in Leeds 5th April and thanks for all you have given us over the years. love Rina X

  272. Gill says:

    Thank you so much David…and Levi… really made my day!! Chuffed to bits ! Love Gill n Lexi x

  273. Paul says:

    Hi just found a Jackie magazine in my garage Valentine’s Day one 1975 signed love David if I took a picture of it and sent it to you could you clarify it’s your signing it’s been kept in the dark for years and is like new thanks Paul

  274. Sally says:

    My Birthday has been made today, have the best present Ever! A full size cardboard cut out of David Essex!!! A “Legends” concert in my own front room! Hilarious! Thank you! Love Sally (Essex) x

  275. Doreen Whittle says:

    Hello David looking forward to seeing you in April hope you had a great Christmas and a good rest Wishing you and your family all the best in 2019 Doreen

  276. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi Guys, really sorry to be such a pain. I did email you as again I don’t want the relevant People to see the post regarding Birthday cards. Can you please let me know if you received the email?
    Many thanks

  277. I love your films tv work and music david the 70s was a golden time.

    love your films tv work and music the 70s was brilliant thanks david .

  278. Sally says:

    Hi David, My daughter gave Birth to A Beautiful Baby Girl last
    Night! Harley – She is absolutely Beautiful, I had to share the News!
    So Exciting! Gonna Make You A Star…. FOREVER! Love Sally (Essex)x Oh. My Heart Beats Like a Drum, crashing like a cymbal, Burning like the SUN X

  279. Paula says:

    Hi, I know you probably get thousands of messages like this but my mum is the big 60 in February. Would it be possible for you to send a birthday card?
    My mum missed out meeting you years ago when you were stuck in the snow outside her sister’s house. My aunt helped dig you and your manager at the time out of the snow just outside Kington. For years, my mum held this against her sister Vera, saying if she’d of rang she would have walked the 6miles to see you, to which my aunt always laughed and said don’t be silly it was snowing.
    My mum would be so chuffed with a birthday card if this is possible?

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Paula, David would be more than happy to send her a signed photo wishing her a happy birthday. Just leave an address on here or you can send a birthday card to us for him to sign.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

      D E Management,
      PO Box 1018,
      RH12 9TQ

  280. Jackie says:

    Hi thank you so much for getting back to me. I’ve literally just checked my emails and was coming on here to leave a message for you to say Nyquest have emailed me aid they are getting some more sorry to have troubled you. See you in legends David. X

  281. Gill says:

    Thanks so much for mams lovely card, much appreciated means a lot ! xx

  282. Tracey Shearing says:

    Hi All & especially David,
    Just like to say thank you so much for the Birthday Card. Taking time out from your busy schedule during the Elf run to sign a card for me is so appreciated. Hope you had a great New Year & are having a well earned rest, again thank you.

  283. Jackie says:

    Happy New year guys.. Sorry to bother you I really am but I’ve messaged you before because I was trying to get David’s I’ll be missing you final tour CD /DVD I tried again in November but I haven’t had a refund so we assumed it may be on the way because at that time they had them in we tried pats daughter that time, but she has emailed them numerous times. The main reason I’m telling you is incase any other fans seem to get the same problem they have still said they are waiting for David to release more. I’m so sorry to bother you..

    • Essex Admin says:

      They are out of stock and more will be pressed, but don’t know the date sorry. Nyquest should be able to let you know when.

  284. Denise martin says:

    Elf was spectacular thank you and everyone else that was in it, we saw the last show in Nottingham, fabulous, the whole family came.
    Myself and my daughter will see you Legends live Nottingham, .happy healthynew year to you and all your family, xxx

  285. Liz Dyer says:

    Hi , Happy New Year to you David and family.
    I would like to know if you are performing at 70’s In the sun this July?
    Skiddle ticket agency confirmed you were in the line up so I bought tickets I also shared the info on the f/b group past present future of which I am a moderator! I have now been Informed that you are not by “in the park”.
    Skiddle still confirmed you were to me this morning. Apparently myself and any members of our group will not be able to get refunds as line up is subject to change!

    • Essex Admin says:

      Happy New Year to you too Liz.
      We don’t know anything about Skiddle ticket agency, I’m so sorry.
      Always check this website and David’s twitter for any future shows or concerts.I know it’s too late now, but please check with us in future if you’re not sure.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  286. Susan says:

    Happy New Year David

  287. Jenny says:

    Happy New Year David love always Jenny (from Dorset) xx❤️

  288. Sally says:

    Happy New Year! Gonna Make You A Star, Playing in The Railway in Stratford!! Love Sally X (East London)

  289. Emma Scargill says:

    Thank you and all the cast for a fabulous show and your time after. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2019. X

  290. liza morris says:

    hi david, hope you are keeping well? – thanks to talking pictures TV for showing grimaldi: the funniest man in the world, mini movie yesterday – you looked and sounded amazing as Charles Dickens – merry xmas and a happy new year to you and your family xxx from Liza

  291. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas Dear David love from Jenny (from Dorset ) xxx❤️

  292. Jackie says:

    Merry Christmas David to you and all your family thank you for everything you have done for my sister pat and me you was fantastic in elf the musical spectacular we both loved it..we was talking about Christmas 1982 you on top of the pops singing winters tale you were fantastic then as you are now..

  293. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David,loved Elf was a good happy feeling show.Looking forward to 2 Legends Live.Happy Christmas to you and your family.Mary

  294. Michael Weston says:

    Elf was a brilliant show, I was wondering if David was going to be in the next production of Scrooge
    Many Thanks

  295. sylvia says:

    how i loved to hear you sing winters tale….. it is the most lovely and seasonal music and left me feeling so calm and relaxed….. wish it was played more, so much rubbish not enough class and style. thank you

  296. Gill says:

    Merry Christmas David, Sue, Sonny Levi and Pickle hope you have a fantastic Christmas along with the rest of your family……..Really hope we make it to Nottingham next week to see Elf….love Gill n Edith xx

  297. Sally says:

    Happy Christmas to you David, Susan & Family, Have a GREAT one! Love Sallyxxx (Essex)

  298. Denise Cave says:

    Happy Christmas David and a Healthy, prosperous New Year.

  299. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas David from Susan & Lance

  300. Carol Morton says:

    Hi Mate ELF was spectacular and u were as always fantastic x Won’t be at Brum Sunday as I’m really ill with Gastro Enterhituis .might even have 2 be hospitalised x So think of me missing you please x Soo will be there with some of our gaggle of Kids and grandkids x God bless you heard u wernt well x Love to Bronia Barry and all Elfs anywhere x Cazz so so sad and Soo

  301. Julie Ann Dever says:

    Best wishes for Christmas David Essex. I will never forget you, lots of happy times, all tucked away inside my special memories box.

  302. Jackie says:

    Hi guys any chance i could have a signed Xmas card for my sister pat we hoping to see you on Friday in brum if pat is up to going please..merry Christmas and a prosperous New year..thank you for all you have done for us this year good will to all your family..x

  303. Ann Popham says:

    David, I saw you with Sylvia in Elf at Cardiff this afternoon. You were brilliant as always. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Very much looking forward to seeing you from the centre front row in Cardiff for the Legends Tour on 6 April. Wishing you all the very best for 2019 xxxxxxx Pinion pal.

  304. joan says:

    Can anyone tell me how long the performance of elf is please

  305. Sally from Somerset says:

    Great show tonight and thank you so much for signing programme. Looking forward to seeing you again in Nottingham meanwhile wishing you and all your family a wonderful Christmas xx
    Sally from Somerset

  306. Denise Davies Parsons says:

    Please please can I have a signed birthday card for April 20th I’ve been a fan since the 70s I will be 59 followed you to many of your shows Thanks ❤️

  307. Paul Clarkson says:

    Hi David
    I used to live in Percy Road Canning Town. I think you lived in the street next to mine Clarence Road.
    I remember when you revisited Star Lane school in the seventies with a camera crew and was also filming on Peggy Leggy steps.
    What was that documentary called as I would really love to see that again as I was young at the time maybe eight to ten years old.
    Paul Clarkson

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Paul, I remember doing it but don’t know what it was called, sorry. Good luck finding it.
      Best wishes – David

  308. Gill says:

    Good Luck With Elf looking forward to seeing it soon.. and lots of faces we know too in the cast…hope all goes well xx…Thanks so much again xx

  309. Anna says:

    Thank you

    Wishing you a magical Christmas

  310. Carol Morton says:

    Hi mate we doing Cardiff Elf and Brum and 4 arenas so far x your cards on the way x hope u have lovely Xmas and new year not too well myself and Soo struggles too bit we keep trying x send is a card fpll x much love Cazz and Soo x

  311. Anna says:

    Hi David an elderly friend of mine called Gwen whom had wanted to meet you for years came to one of your concerts in Southend on sea It was her first visit after years of being a devoted fan she was so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you I’m not sure if you remember ….
    And just wondered f you could wish her well today

    Best wishes

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Anna,
      It’s quite possible that I would have met Gwen, but to be honest I get to see so many people and couldn’t say for sure.
      Best wishes – David

  312. Pippa says:

    Thanks again for your help answering where A Winter’s Tale was filmed. I had an email from Simon King yesterday, confirming that his Dad directed the shoot and he was cameraman. It was filmed near Hexworthy on Dartmoor in Devon – I thought it looked familiar! Really appreciate your help.

  313. Please send me a signed Christmas card as ive been a fan since the 70s first seen you at the globe Stockton-on-Tees seen you several times at Darlington Newcastle & Harrogate I have you a gift of a West Ham wallet last year have a great xmas wish I could see you in Elf but I’m not well enough to travel as I’m waiting to have surgery but when I’m well I will find you haha love from a loyal fan take care Denise Davies Parsons x❤️

  314. Denise Cave says:

    I enjoyed reading the interview in ‘Yours’ magazine this week. Is David planning on writing any more books in the near future please. I realise these things take time LOL! xx

  315. Beverly McCready says:

    Hi David, it’s my 60th birthday on Christmas Eve, it would make my day receiving a card from you. I once walked down the street with Susan and you after ATFOTF in Glasgow. Been a fan since Rock on. .
    – it’s on its way

  316. deb seward says:

    Hi David family from Tasmania Australia. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

  317. Sally says:

    Hi David, Just to say, have lots of fun in Elf this Christmas! “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!” Love Sallyx (Essex)

  318. Jackie says:

    Hi guys that’s a shame but won’t stop trying..i have to share this with you pat (my sister) who we both adore david but pat listens to David’s music all the time..her daughter took her (pats) grandson shopping and in the one shop they were in David’s winters tale was playing she said to her 3 year old who is singing this he shouted David essex the woman in the shop said blimey David Essex’s fans are getting younger..ha ha we thought it was hilarious ..

  319. Pippa says:

    Hi. I was interested to see that you answered a question earlier about the location of the video for A Winter’s Tale being somewhere in Dorset. Bits of the video look like they could be set on Dartmoor or Exmoor. I present a radio show in Devon and would love to clarify this – so that I could mention it when we play David’s song this Christmas. Many thanks in advance.

    • Content Editor says:

      It was directed by the late John King and the brilliant film maker Simon King, his son, who was known for his nature films. Unfortunately David doesn’t remember where it was shot exactly.

  320. Jackie says:

    Hi I’m not a stalker I promise you but yet to no avail I don’t suppose you know anywhere else I may be able to get the cd/dvd from..david did send a lovely signed photo with some lovely words and she is so grateful thank you..David essex OBE you are one fantastic and 100pc popular man..thank you so much for your time and effort to help me much appreciated..

    • Content Editor says:

      This is the only company that is selling them, sorry.

    • Tracey shearing says:

      Jackie, it really does take a Month or more to receive the DVD! Just looked at my invoice from when I previously ordered it & from order to delivery it took 5 weeks, 3 Days to get here. With it coming up to Christmas as well it may take longer. Be patient cos it will get there providing you ordered it correctly. I had an invoice from the Company confining my order, hope that helps.
      Best wishes to you & Pat

  321. Bev Mannering says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you are keeping well. I had to write this, when you do Elf the Musical in Cardiff in December, my nephew Kian Swainston is going to be one of the dancers, i’m so proud of him he is really good & its even better knowing that he is on stage with you David. Good luck with the Musical not that you will need it, it will be a hit. I’ve followed you since 1978, first time at Grand Theatre, Leeds & 45 times since then & enjoyed every show that you have done you are a true entertainer & gentleman.

    Love & best wishes

    Bev xx

  322. Katie Gray says:


    I sent a card into you for David to sign for my mums birthday, this was sent in over 3 weeks ago and i haven’t received it back. I just wondered if you had received it.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hi, you sent it to the old P.O Box address I think. We did send one off today. If you don’t receive it, please let us know.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

      • Katie Gray says:

        Card still not received, it was sent to the below address as instructed by yourselves,
        thanks Katie
        D E Management, PO Box 1018, HORSHAM, RH12 9TQ

        • Content Editor says:

          I’m so sorry Katie, if you’ve not received it we definitely haven’t had it. David is back and forth at the moment as he’s rehearsing for ‘Elf’. I can get him to send a signed photo for her? If you can leave me her name and an address.
          Kind regards
          D E Management

  323. Lorna says:

    I’m coming along next year after poor health. Watched 2 very different documentries 1 being the hype of Evita before it staged. I saw Evita as part of my history written exam It taught me more in 2 hours than 6+weeks in a term. I can thank Tim for that and the fact he states you were the best ever Che.YOU distant cad yourself.
    I sadly watched the cassidy documentry as he was on my 1st OIALT tour. I simply love your music. The poppy bits but the darker bits you listen to on your headohones

  324. Anna says:

    David , Your more the than welcome . Thank you for taking the time to read and replying to my messages

  325. Mary mullett says:

    Hi David,Just watched the documentary about Evita and some rare footage of you in this.I never saw the show but wished I had.The programme was very imformative.Well done for playing Che.Looking forward to seeing Elf.Mary

  326. Jackie says:

    Hi guys and thank you Tracey have done so again they have taken the money again but not received it yet waiting to see if they refund me again then I don’t know what to do thank you so much for trying to help me just gutted because I really wanted to give it to my sister she is in a bad place at the moment and I know how much much david means to her..our brother passed away and left all his collections of David lps to her and she won’t play them they mean so much to her will se what happens..thank you so much for your time

    • Content Editor says:

      I do hope it gets sorted. If you’d like a signed photo for you sister just leave your address on here and we can do that for you.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

    • Tracey shearing says:

      Jackie, last time I ordered from them it took over a Month to receive it.x

  327. Anna says:

    Hello David

    I love visiting this site after work lim fortunate and lucky to live in a 500 year old cottage on 6 aches with a lake in front , open fire in lounge and my lovely Arga in the kitchen keeping the winter chill at bay’s where I’m sitting right now with a hot cuppa. my 3 dogs curled up by my feet … it’s peaceful it’s quiet and perfect time to read all these lovely messages that are sent to you . Some sad others hopefull some happy but most of all the kindness and love all your fans send your way . How very Lucky you are, definitely a charmed life but how very Lucky are we all to have had you touch lives in such a wonderful positive way ….. and have you here in our life time …… you are truely blessed, and so are we ha ha and your humble and kind, thank you David essex ha ha as my neighbours , (local Irish travellers, ) say …ahh ther’ll be a place in heaven fer yer….. ha ha ha Xxx Anna

  328. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi Jackie the link is working for the DVD cos I’ve just bought one for a friend. If you scroll down the link & click ‘add to Cart’ then scroll & click ‘checkout’ the link will take you to where you fill in your details. Hope that helps.

  329. Jackie says:

    Apologies if you need to contact me then please use my email..sorry for the inconvenience…

    • Content Editor says:

      Not at all Jackie, will you try as the Tracey suggests and let us know if it works.

      Tracey Shearing:
      Hi Jackie the link is working for the DVD cos I’ve just bought one for a friend. If you scroll down the link & click ‘add to Cart’ then scroll & click ‘checkout’ the link will take you to where you fill in your details. Hope that helps.

  330. Jackie says:

    Hi guys I’m hoping you can help me I left you a message asking where to get David’s I’ll be missing you last night and you left a link for me to go there I’ve tried twice but apparently they haven’t any and are waiting to see if David releasas anymore..

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Jackie, not sure why they’ve said that, as it’s nothing to do with David releasing more. I’ll get in touch with them and forward your e-mail.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  331. Mark says:

    Hi David Essex where was the winter’s tale video location

  332. Fred Woodrow says:

    Basildon Operatic Society have just been granted the licence to perform the regional amateur premiere of Evita. It an incredible achievement for us and it’s going to be extremely expensive for us to produce this magnificent show. As you can imagine we are absolutely thrilled to have been allowed this privilege. We will be needing to promote this show as much as is at all possible. In short, with David’s highly successful involvement in Evita, we wondered if he could help in any way whatsoever with the promotion or publicity. Our production opens on 22nd May, 2018 at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon, Essex and if there is the remotest chance that David could attend the opening that would be totally amazing, or any performance come to that. If this is not possible perhaps a brief note of encouragement to our cast as this is the biggest thing and by far the most expensive show that this Society has ever put on. I hope this is not too much to ask, so please forgive me if this is so. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards.

    • Content Editor says:

      To the cast and crew of Balsildon Operatic Society,
      Every good wish for your production of Evita – go well
      David Essex

  333. Jackie says:

    Hi David I have to tell you how grateful I am for what you have done for pat.ive literally left her and for the first time in months she has sobbed with happy tears she said ” that’s it I will be going to see elf and legends tour” and ive surprised her with a booking at potters she is so poorly and sometimes finds it hard to put one foot in front of the other,you are a true legend and a pure gentleman, thank you thank you so much..

  334. Alfie Lawrence says:

    Hi David, it is my partner Janice 60th Birthday on the 8 December, she has always been a huge fan of yours, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send a signed photo with a birthday message on it to her. Her and her best friend will be coming to see you at Potters in April. Thank you for taking the time to consider this. I look forward ,to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Alfie, yes he’d be more than happy. Please leave your address, it won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  335. Liz says:

    Hi David,
    So looking forward to next April! Booked to see you in Brighton for Legends(although I do think you should be headlining!) and now husbands booked up to see you at Potters! Unfortunately failed to get him to book Elf but it is a long way from us! My poor husband(Essex overload)So excited! Can’t wait!
    Best wishes
    Liz ❤️

  336. Jackie says:

    Hello David I’ve just realised I put my address for all to see I’m sorry but didn’t know another way to do it apologise for my mistake..

  337. Liz Dyer says:

    Hi, I left my address but don’t know if you’ve seen it! Not great with computers so don’t know if I’ve done it right!
    If you could let me know that would be great!
    Thanx Liz x

  338. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi David & All,hope all is well, just to say another huge thanks for doing Potters again next Year, it’s all booked & my friend & I are thoroughly looking forward to it. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as this Year though,we all melted!
    Best wishes Trace & Lorraine.x

  339. Sally says:

    Hello David, haha! Nice interview on
    Lorraine! Looking forward to
    Seeing you in the Legends Tour! Also, you must have known Twiggy, just as my Aunt made her famous in the modelling world!! The Glitz & Glamour!! Love Sally (Essex) x

  340. Gill says:

    Another big Thank You David all over the moon!! xx…hugs to Levi and Pickle x

  341. steven drury says:


    Please could you send, a signed photo for me of David

    ” To Patty”

    All the best.
    It would be so much appreciated,

  342. Jackie says:

    Hello David do you know anywhere that I might be able to get the dvd and cd of the i’ll be missing you final tour and last sister pat wants it partly because we live in Wolverhampton..she has been through hell and back with her physical health and mental health so could I trouble you and ask if I send you a card for her could you sign it please? I’m trying so hard to give her a reason to fight all this and getting the dvds and cds Im sorry to ask you but I’m trying so hard to help her but every day is a battle for her..we have followed you for years way back to seeing you in top of the pops if you help I would be so grateful.m

  343. Judy Norton B.A. says:

    David’s music touched me when I was around 10 years old, his eyes used to melt me. Most of the kids I knew didn’t even know who David Essex was but I didn’t care, I really had the biggest crush on you and my heart used to flutter every time I saw those eyes. Well, I saw those eyes again for the first time today, I haven’t really looked into your career or what you have been doing for 30 years or so but I just wanted to see what you had been up to and wow you have been a busy man. I found my heart fluttering when I saw your website photo. So its good to know that you still make my heart tingle after 44 years. Thank you for all of your music, congratulations on your OBE and I wish I could attend your concert tour next year but I don’t live in England. Anyway, good luck with it all and best of luck. Where can I get copies of your early albums (the remastered ones). Thanks again for all of your efforts and you have aged really well. You are a very good looking man and I am sure that hundreds of women must tell you that every day. Thanks again. xx

  344. David de Roeck says:

    Hello David, I left a message a few days ago but haven`t received a reply.
    I am not very good at computers so I don`t know if you received it.
    Best wishes
    David de Roeck

  345. Denise martin says:

    Sadly my mum passed away Margaret, you sent her a signed photo one year and she treasured it, next Monday is her funeral and we are having A winters Tale which she loved.
    Thank you for sending the photo.
    And I will see you at ELF with all our family in Nottingham. And Legends Live Nottingham,.cant wait.
    My very best wishes Denise , from Loughborough.

  346. Lynsey says:

    My Mum is a (very) big fan of yours and it is approaching her 60th birthday. I woundered if you could possibly share what you where doing or a memory from 1958 as I putting together a gift for her. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Lynsey,
      David remembers being introduced to Rock and Roll by his cousin Eddie, Little Richard etc.

  347. Liz says:

    Hi David,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for over 40 years. Seen you many times over the years! Will be seeing you at Brighton Legends. Sadly I’ve never met you to get your autograph It’s my 54th birthday at the end of the month October! It would so make my day if I could have a signed picture of you! It would take pride of place in my house! I will understand if you can’t as I know you are a very busy man!
    Liz x

    • Content Editor says:

      Hello Liz, please leave your address on here and we can do that for you. You’re address won’t be published.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  348. Anna says:


    Nais Tuke

  349. Please come to Cincinatti, OH area for a concert!!!! I have Stage 3 liver disease and it has always been my dream to see you in concert!!!!

  350. Sally says:

    Hi David, Great to see you, looking well on Good Morning Britain recently. My Daughter asked last night if I had seen the advert with David Essex in his Christmas cardigan for Elf! I haven’t, as I live out in the sticks, and don’t get London adverts! Anyway, telling Mum the story, she hasn’t seen it yet! And then she says it will all be alright!!! What’s the song?! It’s Gonna Be Alright Mum!!!! Would love to see Elf at Christmas! Let’s hope Santa has got me on his Nice list!!! Love Sally (Essex) x

  351. Janet Hocking says:

    Hi i am wondering if it would be possible to have a message from David as its my birthday & i have been unwell. A message would cheer me up.
    Thank you.

  352. david a. COWART says:


  353. Angie says:

    Hi David
    Hope you and your family are well, it’s my birthday today and my husband gave me a great gift to go ahead and buy tickets for elf or legends or both…so after nearly 40 years I will finally get to see you live, and travelling all the way from South Africa (my parents wouldn’t let me come see you at sun city) can’t wait to be on holiday in the UK in Dec and see one of my idols.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  354. Pj says:

    Hi my step dad claims to be David Essex cousin can you confirm this?? It would make good reading on our family tree if it’s true

  355. Lee Jay says:

    Hi I am trying to make contact with David Essex management in the hope of recording an interview for broadcast on Radio 1 Malaga Spain

    Please could you advise an Email address


    Lee Jay

  356. Thank you so much David for your signed card received yesterday it made my Birthday very special :) xxxxxx Cheryl Williams, Nuneaton

  357. Anna says:

    Good afternoon David
    Thank you for your reply. Ha ha wow …you really did go strawberry picking ..
    Bet you were busy eating those big strawberries and your mum told you off… ha ha
    I only just read your reply and sadly my brother died on Sunday so couldn’t say ahhh you were right … How on Earth he knew that I’ll never know …
    He wasn’t a fan of yours he was mostly into Santana I drove from Essex to Peterborough in my fiat convertible with the roof down playing samba pa ti in memory of him . He did like you and always complained that his wife liked you too ha ha ha

  358. Gill says:

    So pleased to hear about the Legends Tour it`ll be 2 years since we saw you last and just cant wait….seems like forever for us , also bringing some new “Paws” fans with us to the local concert who have never seen you live and are so excited – Great to see you on Tv too looking fab and great Radio interview ……! Went mad and booked 6…..sometimes you just have to travel to see the best well worth it….(and will be great to see Suzie again .) Take care love to all… extra hug for Levi xxxx And Thank You ….Rock On and On x

  359. Denise Cave says:

    What a great 6oth birthday week I’ve had. Firstly they reprinted our photograph in the all our yesterdays page of the Coventry Evening Telegraph and then I saw you on ‘This Morning’. You have inspired me to embrace my age and look forward to my NHS pension this month. Thank you my friend xx

  360. Tracey shearing says:

    Thank you for doing all those interviews David, lovely to see you looking so well, you sounded like you were enjoying them too. Much appreciated.
    Best Wishes Trace.xx

  361. Lesley Edgar says:

    A new legends tour (2019) and NO Scottish dates again!

    What is wrong with Scotland?

    Do you know the additional cost of going to Newcastle or further south are
    prohibitive to many!

  362. Katie Gray says:


    My mum has been a fan of David for over 40 years, and i am also ! Her 60th birthday is coming up and i wondered if it would be possible to arrange a birthday card to be sent and signed from David ?

    Thanks in advance !
    Katie x

  363. Julie Harding says:

    Hello I posted a message yesterday about trying to get tickets for the Legends Live tour..Well I managed to get some this morning in Leeds and it is thanks to a fan of David’s who posted a link on fb. David has just the best fans ever and the support and help so many have given to me over the years and still do is exceptional xx

  364. Julie Harding says:

    Just want to let you know that ever since I found out that David was going to be on the Legends Live tour I have been trying to get tickets for it. This has been very difficult because I knew about it but the venues didn t. Or rather it was not on their websites. I spoke to someone on Sunday on the Leeds Direct phone number and he told me it wasn t showing on his screen . Now it has appeared on their website and I spoke to someone earlier who told me that to get presale you had to be registered on the legends live page a week ago. However a week ago this was impossible as it didn t exist. I am going to try and get tickets on Friday but I will be very disappointed if all the front rows are taken. This is not Davids fault but I just thought you should know that his real fans who try and get to see him wherever he goes are not always being given a fair chance.
    Lots of love
    Julie x

  365. Denise Cave says:

    It’s been 37 years to the day that you and I made headlines together on the front page of the Coventry Telegraph. I still have the large black and white photograph in my lounge that you kindly autographed for me. Happy memories indeed!

  366. Anna says:

    Dear David
    Just quick question please …and of course if you are able to answer it ….

    I went back to my roots yesterday from Wickford Essex to Peterborough cambs where I grew up …to spend quality time with my family and sadly my beautiful kind spiritual brother Salvatore who sadly does not have long to live … but in my attempt to entertainer him with one of my over exergerated funny story’s your name popped up I told him I’d stalked you but not intentionally ha ha that put a smile on his face as I was telling him I’d gone to watch war of the worlds couple years ago in London on my own and you passed me we both went to same tube station and I was terrified to look at you in case you thought I was following you and so I moved away to the next carriage and got on there I did laugh because there you were few feet away from me you looked so normal so relaxed as any other commuter I just couldn’t say can I have a picture with you or an autograph it was your private time you’d finished your job for the evening so my brother looked a me and Said ahhh you missed your chance and I replied no I never because I stood right near him that was special anyway and I get to tell the tale it’s a moment in time out of the ordinary for a laymen person and that makes it a special memory he then looked at me and laughs weakly, and said you know what Anna I heared he use to go strawberry picking in wisbeach like you did, when you were young with mum ,so there you go , your doomed, missed him again ha ha ha we did laugh but I was gobsmacked naaaaaah no way I can’t even imagine mr David essex doing that you are pulling my leg you might be dying but your not going quietly are you want to leave me pondering on that one ha ha

    I remember I was about 10/12 going strawberry picking with my mum in wisbeach (it was my only pocket money ,) we would all hurdle in the van very early in the morning then stop at the gypsy camp somewhere about there and pick up a few of the travellers/ Romany gypsy so there we were load of Italian immergrants and Romany gypsy. I made friends with a young Romany gypsy girl of my age she use to say can’t come to your house your not a gypsy ha ha ha and of course I couldn’t go to hers but I so wanted to the camp always looked welcoming and mysterious …. ha ha anyway you might have been there in that same place somewhere some time …
    if it’s true
    How mad would that be you of course weren’t David essex then ha ha ha
    So is it true did you really go strawberry picking in wisbeach ????????????

  367. Lee Jay says:

    Hi I want to try and arrange a pre record radio inter view with David Essex, is there an email address for DE Management please



  368. Angela Smith says:

    is there any chance of David Essex coming to Australia – it’s been a long time between drinks.

  369. Tracey shearing says:

    Hi all, just a quick enquiry, something showed up on my Twitter feed saying #rhithemusical alongside David’s name, it then went on to say David had signed up to play the part of Jonathan. Is this true? And if so what is Rhi The musical? Cos I can’t find any info on it!
    Thanks & best wishes Trace, xx

  370. Michael Weston says:

    Many thanks for signing my 60th Birthday card it means a lot to me

  371. Brian Shearing says:

    I have no idea if David has any concerts planned for next Year & if my Daughter knows,shes not saying anything,probably because of what I told her earlier. After almost 46 years of being driven mad by David’s music,films,books etc, (I had a brief respite when Tracey left home), I’ve now decided I want to experience for myself what all the rumpus is about! So at 78/79 years old,my Daughter has very reluctantly agreed to take me to a concert,so hopefully,fingers crossed David will do something next Year, my curiosity at this stage really is getting the better of me. But by all accounts, its something I should look forward to, so heres hoping.
    Regards to all, Brian

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Brian, there are no plans at the moment, but any news of tours etc will be on here.

      • Brian Shearing says:

        Thanks for your reply, as you can see from my Daughters reply,i put up with a lot! But happy to say, she is going to take me to the Legends concert in April & shes paying for the ticket,what one yet we don’t know but been told to ‘get my finger out & decide’ because she’ll be booking the tickets asap,so by the time April gets here,i’ll be 79 & going to my first ever Rock Concert,never thought it would be to see David Essex though! Wonder if I still have my white suit from the 70’s? No, Tracey would have me committed.
        Regards to all Brian

    • Tracey shearing says:

      OMG Dad!! I didn’t know you knew David had a website,much less knew how to post on here. I said you could come with me, not sit with me, oh no, you can sit at the back, quietly & in disguise!

  372. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for finding the time to reply.. You will never believe the happiness you have brought me and pat the arguing who had the best posters going to see you for the first time Trust me whatever you was doing we was there that was me and her shouting “i don’t think so” yep you thought it was the crouds no we have very big mouths lol.. Thank you thank you so much..xx

  373. Mary mullett says:

    Dear David ,There is a paperback book for sale on Amazon called Rock On.Is this an official book? Please let me know.Regards Mary.

  374. Sonia says:

    David thank you so much received my signed photo off you this morning thanks for Birthday wishes sonia xx

  375. joe goyer says:

    love your music

  376. Jackie says:

    Hi there hope to find David and family are helped us so much by doing a signed photo for my sister trying so hard to keep her happy she isn’t well at all…anyway could you tell me if David will be doing a meet and greet at the end of the musical elf at all doubt she will be well enough to see him you think David will ever tour again??..take care of yourself..Jackie..xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Jackie, As it’s Arena’s it’s very difficult to do meet and greets and unfortunately we can’t promise anything, sorry.

  377. April barker says:

    Firstly, Thank you very much for your response. I actually found out myself yesterday night when my boyfriend bought me the album! We looked up the wrestler too! How funny! Many thanks again

  378. Sonia says:

    David ive always been your fan but never been able to see you live i was wondering if i please could get a signed photo autograph for my birthday on August 27 i wont treasure it for life xx

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Sonia, David would be more than happy. So sorry for this very late reply, please leave your address on here, thank you.

  379. Marc Harris says:

    Dear David,

    Hope you are well. As an amateur singer-songwriter-guitarist, I’ve always admired your talent, seen you in concert and loved your songs for many years. I wondered if you would be able to assist me please?

    I have been looking for sheet music for your wonderful song Myfanwy – one of my favourites! I have searched on many websites and sheet music sites but unfortunately I have not had any luck so far.

    I have recently noticed that it was released originally on the Arista Records label (according to the info from the cd single available on amazon), which I understand is part of Sony. I emailed Sony over a week ago but have had no reply. Is there any way it would be possible to find out please if this particular sheet music was ever published?

    I would be grateful for your help and will look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    All the best,


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Marc,
      With regard to the song Myfanwy, I don’t think there is sheet music published, the song was a poem by John Betjeman ,set to music by Mike Read, perhaps Mike can help,
      Kind regards,
      D E Management

  380. Phil Milsom says:

    Paul McCartney’s new song. Come home to me sounds just like you !!!!

  381. E donaldson says:

    I remember seeing “all the fun of the fair” on a Guide pack holiday in London back in 2010. My guide leader was a fan so we all waited at the stage door and I got a photo with David Essex just to show my mum. She’d been such a huge fan of yours as a teen and wanted to go to the show too but it never came to Leeds. Her adoration has never changed. My mum is terminally ill now and little brings her pleasure. But today for the first time in ages I cried happy tears as i watched my mum try to sing along to “hold me close” with a big smile on her face. I found this website while trying to find some more songs to play her tomorrow and I just wanted to thank you for making her happy all these years. It’s made such a difference to see her smile again.

  382. April barker says:

    “I never knew when, I never knew how I’d see your face again. Yours was just a face I’d seen in a magazine, no chance to meet but oh Wotta treat….. ”
    These are words from one of David’s songs. I think it was called The Boxer(!?)
    But I can’t be certain. I’ve looked everywhere online for clues but no joy. It’s driving me crazy
    Music I’ve had for years was all stolen so no chance to check from my past collection, sadly
    Many thanks

    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello April, sorry for the late reply, it was the “Zebra kid”. It’s on the “Hot Love” album.

  383. Gill says:

    Another Big Thank You David x ..your a star x

  384. Frances Melvin says:

    Dear David

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I’m emailing on behalf of my friend and colleague, Sue, who has just undergone a gruelling round of chemotherapy. She is on the mend now but is very tired. She is a super fan of yours and has followed your career throughout the years. Sue and I came to your concert when you were last in Oxford and had a wonderful evening (we both saw you previously a few years before that in Oxford) but Sue has seen you lots more times over the years too.
    I wondered if there was any chance at all of a signed photo to cheer Sue up at this time in her life? I totally appreciate how busy you are and how many requests you must get of this nature.
    In any case, thank you for all the years of music and for the happiness you have given so many people over the years.
    Very best wishes.
    Frances (on behalf of Sue)

    • Essex Admin says:

      Yes of course, David would be more than happy. If you can leave an address on here we can do that for you. Details will not be published.

      • Frances Melvin says:

        Thank you so very much for sending the signed picture for Sue. It has meant the world to her and will really boost her recovery. So grateful for your kindness. Very best wishes.

  385. Karen Good says:

    Wanting to thank you so much for meeting up with us after Garons Park.
    Amazing day of music entertainment.
    Your performance was just the best.
    Seen you at many venues but this my favourite by far.
    Thank you , hope to see you again soon.
    Love Karen x

  386. Gill says:

    Thank You so much David….”Paws” was over the moon! lots of love x

  387. Anna says:

    Well we waved our bithday banner At the concert, Although got bit fed up after 20 mins arm was aching so put it away. Good news a few nice ladies behind me asked who’s birthday is it , David essex I replied happily , his birthday is tomorrow . so off started something similar to Chinese whisper, I just about heared …

    its his birthday tomorrow etc etc ….

    Ha ha But what was really amazing ….was what happened at the end unfortunately had to leave as you ended your last song avoid the volume of people and cars exiting the park my sister and our friend had to get back to Peterborough and Wisbech as we got mid way to the exit. Heard every one singing you happy birthday I stopped turn back o look and just saw 100 100 of amazing fans both in the tent and outside the sourrounding area ..
    It was incredible and I laughed to myself thinking bet not even the queen has had so many people all in one moment sing happy birthday absolutely wonderful I wonder how that must feel can’t even imagine, most of us at the most will in one life time have about 10/20/50 possibly 100 people in one go sing it …. must admit I always feel slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable when I’m at the receiving end I usually shy away and want to hide ha ha ha ha

    It was a great day and my friend carlamaria who has never seen you live but always been a fan (was visiting from Dubai) loved it and thought you were amazing and so eloquent …so thank you for such a great evening in Southend

  388. Mary mullett says:

    Will there be a recording of David at Garon Park please?Mary

  389. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday David , hope you have a lovely birthday :)

  390. Lesley says:

    Happy birthday hope you had a lovely day celebrating with your family xx

  391. Linda Cooper says:

    Hope you’re having a Wonderful Birthday David,you well deserve it.Thanks again for all the years you’ve made us all happy …much love …Linda xxx

  392. Helen McCombie says:

    Happy birthday David, have a lovely day,

  393. Jill cassidy says:

    Happy birthday David.Hope you have a great day.Love Jill .

  394. Eric says:

    Happy birthday David hope your having a great day and thank you for your music best wished Eric

  395. Mary mullett says:

    Happy Birthday David. Great show at Garon Park! I really loved Picture This Sky! Mary

  396. Ruth Mansey says:

    Huge Birthday Wishes to you today. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Raising a glass to wish you many more. Take care. x

  397. Carol says:

    Happy birthday David. Hope you have a lovely day. Love carol xx

  398. Pauline Kingman says:

    Happy Birthday David xx

  399. Tina Henley says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday David, and many more to come, xxxxx

  400. lorraine bayliss says:

    Hello David,i would just love to wish you a very “Happy Birthday” hope you have a great day with your family.Look forward to seeing you again later in the year.All my love Lorraine Bayliss xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  401. Wendi says:

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday today David with your family and friends, have a wonderful day x

  402. Wendy says:

    Would like to wish David a lovely birthday we hope you have a fantastic day with your gorgeous family and friends all the best lots of love from The David Essex Past Present and Future #throwback70thbirthday group on Facebook ♥ #thebiggestinderpendentfanbasegroupontheinternet

    • Essex Admin says:

      Sounds good Ray, but I have no plans to record at the moment and I write all my own material. I wish you every success. Best wishes – David

  403. Marilyn White says:

    Hi David,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!! Hope you have a lovely day.

    Sending love and a kiss,
    Marilyn xxxxxx

  404. Jade says:

    Hi David
    Wish I could have been with you in Southend-on-sea yesterday it was my birthday but was unable to make it. Missed seeing you so much since your last concerts. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday today, hope you are having a great time. Best wishes to you and your family. Hopefully will see you in the near future. Love Jade. (Red carnations and yellow roses) XX

  405. Sallys says:

    Happy Birthday David! Have a Wonderful Time – Love Sallyxxx (Essex)

  406. Janet F. says:

    Happy birthday David and thanks for the great shows at Potters and Southend – hope you have a lovely day! Janet F. Xxx

  407. barry mitchell says:


    have enjoyed you work for many years. wondered what u were working on [musically] at the moment n in the immediate future?


    • Essex Admin says:

      Hello Barry, David is not working on anything at the moment, but maybe in the future.
      Kind regards
      D E Management

  408. Faye Dodd says:

    Hello David, Have a lovely Birthday, Love Faye xx

  409. Lesley Jayne DANKS says:

    Happy birthday David, enjoy your special day with your family. Love Lesley Australia

  410. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Dear David with lots of love always Jenny (from Dorset ) xxxx

  411. Janice Prime says:

    Hi david just would like to wish you a very Happy birthday today hope you have a fantastic time with ur family you certainly deserve getting spoilt love forever Janice xxxx

  412. Carole Lawrence says:

    Happy birthday David. Have a fantastic day. Xx

  413. Karen Day says:

    Would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday David. Enjoy your day.


  414. Angela says:

    Happy birthday

  415. Susan Riley says:

    A very happy birthday David x

  416. Gillian Moreton says:

    Happy Birthday David, Hope its a good one – love Gill n Edith xxx hugs for Levi and Pickle too xx

  417. sharon prosser says:

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday,David,hopefully spent with family & friends. Xx

  418. Joy says:

    Great Performance in Southend David.
    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday x