Sunshine Festival 2020

February 11, 2020












We’re sorry to say that the ‘Sunshine festival 2020’ has been cancelled due to government guidelines.

Please note that David has not agreed to perform in the 2021 Festival that is being advertised on their website.

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Statement from the Sunshine Festival Website:

Tickets will automatically be transferred over to 2021 and we will be constantly promoting all of the additional good news as the year develops through our various social media platforms.
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We cannot thank you enough for all your support especially for your kind comments as without you, there will not be a Sunshine Festival.

If you have any questions relating to your order then please contact us on the ticket enquiry e mail : Please contact us before Monday 1st June 2020 and we will answer all enquiries.

We will continue to make our twelfth year in 2021 the best ever and we cannot wait to welcome you back to party with us.

Please stay safe and take care

Steve and the Sunshine Festival Team